The power of prayer

In this situation André learned to know the power of prayer.
A friend of his brought along a gentleman who was in need of help.
‘Perhaps,’ he said, ‘you are able to help this gentleman.’
André asked whether he had come for spiritual conditions, as he wasn’t allowed to give himself for material matters.
It proved to be a spiritual condition and he waited what Alcar would convey to him.
André took the gentleman’s handkerchief between his hands as a kind of ‘influence’ and played with it for a few moments to adapt himself.
He sensed Alcar next to him; his leader would surely know why the man had come to visit him.
He suddenly felt his right arm being pulled upward.
This must mean something, and he looked up whether he could perceive anything.
They both looked at him and wondered what would happen next.
Alcar told him to pay proper attention; he was going to show him something.
‘Look,’ he heard.
Suddenly he saw a ray of light shining on the handkerchief and some words appeared, that lit up on the handkerchief, which quite surprised him.
It clearly stood out before him: ‘You’re not allowed to leave.’
Whatever could this mean, he thought.
‘Pass this on, André,’ he heard Alcar say.
But first he asked his friend, who also practised magnetizing, whether he had perceived anything.
‘No, nothing,’ the latter replied.
‘Listen,’ he said to his visitor.
‘I don’t know why you have come to see me, nor do I know whether the following words will mean anything to you, but I’m telling you that what I am about to say to you is given to me from the hereafter: You are not allowed to leave.’
The man burst into tears.
It was terrible, he had never seen a man of forty cry like this before.
Those simple words had hit him hard.
His heart was shattered.
He seemed a broken man.
André still didn’t know why these few words had upset him so much.
His friend also had tears in his eyes.
He still couldn’t say a word.
He sensed that his seeing had been correct and that it had implied something terrible to the man.
Finally he related what these words meant.
The man had been married for years and lately things hadn’t been working out between him and his wife.
He had got to know another woman whom he wanted to marry.
But he didn’t quite have the courage because he was convinced of an eternal life and therefore wanted to consult a reliable person to help him in his situation.
He had two little daughters, and if he broke that tie he knew he would have to pay for it.
He thought he could be happy with that other woman and considered in his mind what he wanted, yet didn’t have the courage to carry it through.
But he hadn’t counted on this, it had completely caught him off guard.
What should he do now?
The tears were still running down his cheeks.
He truly loved, but André sensed that this only meant physical love.
This kind of love would shortly collapse too, and then he would be entirely lost.
His social situation was such that if they heard about his divorce it could mean he would be fired.
And then what?
No-one could tell where this would lead to in the end.
André said: ‘I advise you to listen to this message.
It is given to me from the side beyond. There will be friends of yours who dwell there and who will watch over you and protect you against disaster.
My leader tells me that this message is from someone who loves you and your wife and children very dearly.’
It calmed him down a bit.
‘Look,’ he said and reached over to hand André a photo of the other woman.
‘Isn’t she sweet?’
André looked at the photo and sounded the woman out. Within a second he knew who she was and what she wanted.
‘Listen, my good man, I’ll tell you how I see her.
You are convinced that I possess a gift and that I see and feel more than other people, aren’t you?’
The other nodded and made him understand that this was the case, since he had just experienced it.
‘You are a very sensitive person who, at present, is longing for a bit of love.
And when someone is in that kind of condition, he can’t see things as clearly as he does under normal circumstances.
You have already given up your entire personality.
You have switched yourself off, because you’re under her spell and you therefore see nothing but her figure.
But that too is only matter, nothing but matter, without feeling.
There are millions like her.
What you are looking for and want to find is only seldom found in a person on earth, but you believe to see it in her.
So what attracts you is her figure and therefore you don’t see anything of her inner condition, which is, after all, what counts and that, please get me right, isn’t worth making your wife and children unhappy.
Do you sense what I’m getting at?
All she wants is a good, beautiful life and in return you’ll receive a bit of matter, merely matter, and would you want to leave your wife and children for that?
You with your splendid job, you could attract thousands of this kind of women in one go.
But is that what it’s all about?
Some of them have even more beauty than she has, but inside they’re all alike.
Your happiness wouldn’t last long.
Is it necessary, is it fair to look after your own happiness at the cost of the sorrow and grief of others?
Do you want your happiness at the expense of much sorrow and grief?
Try to be honest, is that what you want?
Is she worth it?
Does her love make up for the sorrow and grief of your wife and children?
You may even leave your wife out of it, but your children didn’t ask for this.
Is your wife a bad person?’
‘No’, he replied, ‘there’s nothing I could hold against her.’
‘Well then, what is it you want?
Is it because she doesn’t understand you?
Is that a reason to leave her and your children?’
André sensed that he had got through to his soul and that his leader was helping him.
Full of zest he went on; he wanted to make the best out of a bad job.
‘If that woman had a good character, she would have sent you back to your wife and children, and it wouldn’t have entered her mind to take you away from them to satisfy herself.
If she possessed that holy love which makes a person glow within, then she would have sent you back where you ought to be.
This love which is being offered to you now is coarse-material, indeed it’s a love which means the downfall of mankind, it’s crude selfishness.
That love is passion, nothing but grief and sorrow, which destroys hundreds. It’s nothing but poison at the cost of human lives.
It’s the kind of love that flares up for a short while and then goes out like a candle in the night.
And then, sir, you will live on in deep darkness.
Is that what God intended?
Is that a sign of strength and ability?
Is that virile strength, is that the greatness a woman will look up to?
Are you capable of killing?
This will be the end of her and your children.
Have you got the courage to deprive those who love you of their love?
Are they to blame for their lives?
Did they ask to come into this world?
Didn’t you want this yourself?
Must you shake them off now for the sake of that woman?
Oh man, think before you act, but don’t do anything foolish.
The woman who wants to take you away from your wife and children isn’t worthy of you.
If she were a person of high morals and had been led to cross your path, then everything would have been different, but in that case it wouldn’t have been your will, but God’s will.
Then this love would have been given to you and she would have come to you in a different way, which we people know nothing of, because these are God’s ways.’
Now he heard Alcar say that he should stop.
It had completely sobered the man up.
He asked André whether he could return if he needed him.
He shook his hand warmly and left, together with his friend.
When André was alone again, Alcar told him: ‘The root is deeply anchored in his soul and has therefore poisoned the most sacred thing of all.
His soul is infected by her influence and if you don’t exert all the powers you possess, he will perish.
I therefore ask you on behalf of the person dwelling on this side, do everything and try to save him.
Many will help you in this and support you in their prayers.
They all want to rescue him from his downfall, which is why you will be hearing from him yet.
We’re standing by, André.’
André took him into his prayers, and a dozen or more times a day he sent up his prayer to God for all of them, that he might be released from these demons.
He often prayed with such intensity that he would spend all his energy and be tired out.
Those he prayed for were never out of his mind.
He kept on sending his thoughts to them without ceasing, to support them in this way.
Often a power would descend into him of great intensity and beauty, which made him feel that he was being helped.
There were so many whom he had been allowed to help with his prayer.
How great the satisfaction was after everything was over and had changed for the better.
He prayed until the situation he was praying for had solved itself; never would he give up, even if it took years.
Now he prayed to God that the man’s eyes might be opened.
They asked this of him from the side beyond, and he wouldn’t disappoint them.
The man could only be released through a higher power, as his soul had become too deeply influenced.
His soul had been poisoned and it was worse than the most dreaded disease known on earth.
It spelt his spiritual downfall.
Those poor children were not to perish; that in itself would urge him to do everything he was capable of.
From the very bottom of his heart he sent him his powers; he was, in a way, inside of him, and he didn’t intend to let go of him.
It was a battle between good and evil.
Who would win?
He would soon come back to André; he returned after only a few days.
André saw when he entered that he was far from being healed.
He had hardly sat down before the tears came rolling down his cheeks again.
Yes, André thought, this man truly loves.
Poor man, how deep your sorrow is.
What is still of value to him?
No wealth, nothing belonging to the earth, can compensate what he would give his life for, if that were necessary.
How deep, how inhumanly deep his sorrow was.
André went up to him and took this man, who was eight years older, into his arms like a child and let him cry his heart out.
And while he was entirely one with him he heard Alcar say something which made tears roll down his own cheeks too; he had heard this before and in those moments it had supported him too:
‘Have a cry, have a good cry, it will do you good; your heart is brimming over with all this.
Everyone fights his own battle, everyone is trying to find his own way.
For some that way is the road into darkness, for others it’s the twisty road that leads towards God’s Light.
My boy, I have pointed that way out to you so often already, and now tell this to him who is lying in your arms like a broken man.
Tell him that it’s God’s will, which he is experiencing, but that it will be also God’s will, to give it to him.’
I tell you all:
‘Man, you who are searching, searching for the road that leads to the light, you so often wander and err because your road is a road with many twists in deep darkness.
But God tells you to do His will and then you can’t and you don’t want to listen to God’s voice.
But when everything gets too burdensome for you in life, then pray, pray.
Love is the highest and the most sacred, yes, it’s the sacrosanct, but there is no love that will destroy you.
Man, conquer your passions.
God will bless you for every victory you gain over yourself.
But it’s difficult and many times you will face almost insurmountable situations.
Then God says, you must, my child and you answer, my God, I cannot.
But God tells you unrelentingly that you must, and again and again you sense His irrefutable will.
You must, my child, this is the way. And if you listen to God’s severe yet holy will, then you will have gained a victory over yourself, even if the battle made your heart bleed.
And then God gently lays both His hands on your head and tells you: ‘Well done, my child, I am with you!’
Look this righteous battle in the face and don’t try to evade it.
Not your will but God’s will shall be done, Amen.’
‘Tell him, André, it will support him.’
André told him what his leader had spoken.
He sensed the pure love which poured forth from everything.
‘I’ve had it’, he said, ‘my life is ruined and it has lost all its value.
I can’t go on living like this and if it isn’t allowed anyway, then where do I find my peace of mind?
I’m no longer able to work!
Where is this leading to, how can I be released, and what is this burning feeling I feel here?’
He pointed to the spot where the solar plexus is located, man’s centre of feeling.
Love made that spot burn, he was consumed by love.
This wasn’t passion, it was a mature kind of love, a fruit full of sacred juice that would make him happy.
A fruit of love, which should be picked by gentle hands not to defile its purity, which stood for beauty in the spirit.
It lay open like a rose, in full ripeness.
Every gust of wind made it tremble and this violence would make it go to ruin.
It had ripened gently, cherished by the rays of sunlight, and now it lived its full life.
The earth, where it thought it would awaken, absorbed it and it was driven along by the wind, to East and West, from South to North, until it returned, broken in body and soul.
It begged God to be released from this strange power.
Never before had anything like this entered, it never thought that love could be so great.
How great then, would the love be from Him Who called Himself God.
It prayed to God to be released from this torment.
Behold, this is what man accomplishes.
He had listened attentively to the vision which André had conveyed to him.
And when he had calmed down a bit, André began talking to him again.
He sensed where he could get through to him.
‘There you are with all your love.
How can anyone cry if he senses such happiness within.
God gave you this holy power, that holy gift; He made you waken up and now you say: My God, take it away from me, I’m going mad, I don’t know where to turn to!
Do you really know what you’re doing?
All your life you have yearned for this love.
God made another life cross your path to rouse you, and now, all at once, you simply want to possess it.
How ungrateful you are.
Do you want the one to make room for the other?
Isn’t all of life God and equal before Him?
Why do you want the other one and not her whom you have shared all those years together everything with?
What did she do to offend you?
Is it her fault that she doesn’t understand you?
Do you think you have no flaws or that God would have given you this gift so you could make use of her in this way?
Is that what you desire, your strength, your love?
Do you know whom you are attuning to?
To the most terrible being that dwells on earth, to the one who satisfies itself at the cost of others.
Again, do you want happiness through the grief and sorrow of others?
Are you a father of love?
An animal looks after its young ones, yet would you cast them from you?
You are tearing their young life apart and picking it to shreds; you’re only thinking of your own love and you’re forgetting their love, to which they have a right.
Would you reject a person who is willing but not yet able?
I’m telling you now, your task is to stay with them, because they love you and because you gave them a place in this world.
Those who destroy human lives, who satisfy themselves by tearing bonds of love apart, they must suffer after this life and will have to live in darkness.
Just imagine your condition if you fulfilled your present desire, and then got to know her as I see her.
Then a sorrow would be born of such terrible depth, that it would make your unhappiness even greater.
But then it would be too late, because you would have destroyed everything.
You would want to crawl back on your bare knees to make amends, but it would be useless, because she who you left behind would rather take on the most menial task than to accept charity from you.
Only when you sense and perceive that you fooled yourself, that this was all for the sake of a life in luxury, of beautiful clothes, of pleasure, then you will have fallen even deeper and everything is lost.
And all this for matter, just matter.’
‘We’ll have to wait and see about that yet’, the other replied.
‘Oh, is that what you think?
You still don’t seem to be convinced that she is a physical being.
Listen, you told her that you’ve got children, didn’t you?
She know this and yet she wants you to leave them.
Is that love?
No, it’s crude selfishness.
Imagine yourself to be in a similar situation with her, and she were faced with the same situation as you are now and left you.
Because this is a law: don’t do to others what you don’t want to happen to you.
So what it boils down to is this: she expects something from you, that is inherent in her, and it’s part of her personality.
You admit that it’s crude to want you to leave your children, don’t you?
And your wife would never do this.
Now who is on a higher level, she or your wife?
Man, what you have is good, although she doesn’t entirely understand you; it’s something you must both still learn.
Never forget that no being in this world is perfect; you are just as much to blame as she is.
Although I’ve never seen your wife, in my opinion she is more sensitive than you are with all your love.
You say yourself that she would never do a thing like that, she wouldn’t even think of it.
A woman who abuses the love of a child, who wants to take away the love of their father, is crudely selfish, senses nothing but her own interest; it’s all scheming and self-love.
Do you really believe you could find happiness with such a being?
Don’t you think this happiness would soon burn out too?
I ask you again, does this love compensate for the sorrow of your children?
Remember what I’m telling you and think it all over; it’s for your own good.
I could go on like this for hours.
So I hope that you will once more accept life as it is, together with your children and your wife.
You must both still learn.’
Again he parted like a changed person.
All the same, André sensed that he hadn’t reached the turning-point yet; the poison had penetrated too deeply for that to happen.
He had received courage and support again from a source where André drew all his power from.
This power was real and pure love.
He prayed ardently for him and his loved ones, until he was sure that he had conquered evil.
This was a terrible battle; only through prayer would he manage to rescue him from those terrible claws.
One evening his wife came to visit him.
She was at her wits’ end and was about to give up.
‘He’s becoming impossible’, she said, ‘he’s unwilling, so this had better be the end, I can’t stand any more of this.’
André saw his work vanishing into thin air.
He spoke with her too for quite some time, and pointed out to her that he needed time and that he had not yet given up all hope.
‘Give me a few weeks, all you need do is wait, and stay.
I haven’t reached my goal yet, but am getting help from the side beyond.
Leave it all to me, but you must stay.
If you leave I might as well stop, it would break off my contact.
Think of your children and stay with them until I tell you that there’s no more chance of freeing him from those hands.’
‘All right’, she answered, ‘I will remain until you tell me that there is nothing more to hope for.’
Thank God she still felt enough love for him to make her stay.
‘Don’t forget’, André continued, ‘that he’s under a terrible spell, which is fatal.
Anybody who is under that influence is lost if higher powers don’t come and release him.
You would give your powers for the sake of a stranger if you were familiar with those powers and your help was called in.
So why not for his sake?
Try to realize that he must learn; it’s bad enough that he has to go through this.
It is burning inside of him and it’s eating him up.
Take pity on him and have faith in spiritual help.
I’m asking you, pray with me that God may give us the strength to rescue him from his downfall.’
She had also regained courage and promised to pray with him.
‘He is my brother, you have become my sister, and we will remain so forever.’
She thanked him warmly, and returned home with fresh courage to start on her new task: praying for her husband, who had fallen into other hands.
After a few days her husband came to see André again.
‘Something simply keeps drawing me over here’, he said.
André said nothing, but he was happy that he was listening to his will.
The man was profiting from André’s powers, and he wouldn’t let go of him until he had been delivered from everything and set free.
He had already won him over halfway, because his own will had been partially ruled out.
André acted consciously on people to help them in this way.
He asked how he was doing.
He felt a bit more peaceful, but that burning feeling inside hadn’t gone away yet.
André made it clear to him that this would remain forever; it would even get stronger as he developed in the spirit.
‘What did you say, it has to remain?’ he asked surprised.
‘Yes, why wouldn’t you want that?
It’s the most sacred thing a human being can receive.
Then didn’t you understand me, after all the things I told you?
I’ll try to make it clear to you.’
André felt his great leader acting upon him and he repeated what Alcar wanted and conveyed to him.
‘Every being that lives on this world will have to develop.
There are thousands of paths, which all differ from one another.
So every being has his own path and all these paths join onto God’s path, which we will one day reach.
But the manner in which this is accomplished differs from one life to another.
Yet one thing remains the same, we are all subject to one law and that is to learn to give love.
Do you understand, to learn to give.
We never give, we’re all still asking, for the simple reason that we don’t possess this attunement.
Accordingly, we experience various conditions which are all necessary in order to awaken in the spirit.
Now the people who arouse on this world, have the hardest time of all because, and this is what counts, they are not understood.
This lack of understanding causes them trouble and strife, and sorrow too, because, please try to understand what I’m saying, they want to give happiness to another life at the cost of their own.
Man says: I don’t get anything back, no matter what I do; they neither feel nor understand me. So all this happens because the sensitive person isn’t understood.
But they are the ones who must constantly pour forth, in other words, they must give in order to love others with an all-encompassing love, irrespective of all their flaws.
They bear the power, and whoever it is who possesses this sensitivity, either the man or the woman, will have to support others.
Do you sense what I mean?
But as so often happens, as it did in your case: they want to find that other person and hand themselves over to the very first one they happen to meet, thinking they have found the right one.
They think they will find happiness, but it turns out to be even cruder and more material than what they already had.
Then they forget themselves and everything around them, because they believe they will receive true happiness together with that other person.
All this means weakness.
It’s putting one life on a pedestal and destroying the other.
This is crude selfishness and nothing but self-love.
These conditions cause the downfall of mankind.
Now the sensitive person who awakens on earth is a blessed person, because he feels love.
There are yet others who are subjected to a lot of struggle and sorrow before they reach this phase of sensitivity.
However, this kind of love is still material, because they search for other lives and submit themselves to them and forget their duties.
Look, this isn’t fair, it isn’t good, it’s not powerful, and because they are more sensitive they are even worse than those they believe to be cold-hearted and aloof.
The sensitive person yearns for warmth, but don’t you think all those others yearn for warmth too?
They don’t quite know how to open up, because they don’t yet possess that liberty; that is also a question of development, yet they too have their longings, there’s no doubt about that.
And since they are willing but not yet able, the sensitive person will have to help them by giving them the warmth he carries within, to warm them, because he must give all he has.
Your feeling is a physical attunement, so don’t imagine yourself to be superior to someone who isn’t just as sensitive.
You’re in an unstable condition; this is because you suddenly began to feel something which is different from what you used to feel.
This sudden feeling threw you off balance, so that you started to look at others, which you would never have done before.
Your condition is comparable to that of a child, when matter lags behind the spirit and lives in discord.
So this awakening is a shock, which spells more sensitivity and more love, and if you’re able to hold your own ground, this feeling will spread, and you will experience entire life in spiritual attunement.
So if you have understood what I said, this fire is and will remain within you; it will even gain in beauty, because you will continue to develop and afterwards you will spread your light, enabling you to shine on others.
This means following the path which Christ shows us and will never stop showing us; the path we must all tread.
Now you want to give that love to a single person, because you think you will get it back from her, but that is not true and it’s not possible because she must possess that power; so you will receive nothing at all.
That is why I tell you that you and she are egoists and possess nothing but self-love, and that you merely love yourselves.
And now that the truth is handed down from the side beyond, you cry like a little child that goes empty-handed.
Don’t you find yourself ridiculous?
Now for a different matter.
You want to progress because you know that life is eternal, which means that you must make something out of your own life.
We know that spiritual life is love and that one must possess this in order to be happy on the side beyond, something you have already known for a long time.
But how do you want to justify all this, if you feel you are at cross purposes with everything God created, which is therefore His own life.
Surely this must result in your own downfall.
When we love, we must love all of life; only then are we following the path my leader keeps on showing me, and which enables us to get to know the spiritual life.
People are like small children; even if they reach the age of ninety, my Alcar says that they still remain children in the spirit.
I just told you that many people won’t awaken until they are on the side beyond, where they will attain this attunement, not before, and they will suffer and have to learn, which is what you are going through now if you act in accordance with the laws of the spirit.
So you are already on the path that requires you to set to work on yourself.
You will be working even harder on yourself in your case if you think of your wife and children first, and later on begin to feel love for life in its entirety.
From then on you will go further and further and one day you will receive everything, but then God’s holy time will have come.
Once you have got far enough to love all people, without taking this love away from them again in order to give it to others, and you feel that life is God, only then will you really be taking yourself in hand.
Man proceeds in this way, in order to learn how to give love.
It will be clear to you now that it isn’t very easy to mean something to others in a spirit of pure love.
But every being must learn this, whether he wants to or not; every being must learn to tread the spiritual path which leads to happiness in the life after death.’
However, the man wasn’t giving in yet and asked: ‘Couldn’t she possess that love too?
Surely I should wait and see?’
André thought: This is impossible, he simply doesn’t want to understand me; he already asked me that question.
But he went on to explain it to him.
‘Don’t you feel that a woman doesn’t possess love, feels nothing and is nothing if she wants to acquire that love through the grief and sorrow of others?
Do you call that love?
Every time you came to see me I spoke to you about this.
Don’t you sense that this woman, who wants to bring misfortune onto others, cannot be a person of high principles?
I assure you that in time, you will see her in a different light than you do now, once you have regained your peace, and your burning feeling has changed into a mild longing.’
‘You’re more familiar with her than I am; how do you know all this?
You never even saw her!’
‘That is simple enough’, André said.
‘It’s like this: only when you love all that harbours life; when you don’t feel aversion, when you give yourself completely to no matter whom, that’s when you begin to feel life in a spirit of love.
Only through love I am able to fathom life that exists at a lower level than mine; that’s what my leader taught me, and I experience daily that this is indeed the path, the way which enables us to sense life.
What I do for you, I do for everyone; what I feel for you, I feel for all people.
That’s why I don’t need to see a person.
I know him by his handwriting, from a photo, his gait, his head and his hands, from the sound of his voice; in short: nobody can hide away from me, because I sense him down to the deepest depths of his soul.
I become one with him and I feel what he feels.
The same feelings surge up in me, and it’s obvious that I then know the attunement of his feeling.
If I can take on an illness, then wouldn’t I also be able to take on the condition of feeling of a person if everything happens spiritually?
That’s why a person isn’t deep, once you sense his mentality.
As I said, my leader taught me this, but I had to acquire it on my own, which cost me a lot of struggle and still does.’
‘Can one learn this?’
‘Yes, of course, why not?
I acquired these powers within five years.
Others may need a hundred years.
Because you know just as well as I do that many a life span goes by in which man learns nothing at all; we see these conditions daily.
Man must be willing, he must take himself in hand, must keep on attuning his inner self to spiritual conditions; this is what giving love means.
Man must efface himself completely and live for others; that’s all.
Isn’t it simple?
But just you try; you’re already busy destroying one life for the sake of another and you’re acting counter to the laws, just to make something out of yourself.
No, there simply isn’t another way; I was allowed to experience this through disembodiment on the side beyond.
I set off as soon as possible because I wanted to possess these powers just as they do, and if I continue in this way I hope to possess a bit of light when I die also, and to be happy in the life after death.’
‘Is that your power?’
‘Exactly, now you’re beginning to understand me.
Many people don’t believe that I can feel just as much for others as for myself or for those who live together with me.
Yet it’s true; all I know is ‘life’, people don’t mean anything to me.
What counts for me is what they bear within, what they are deep down.
I feel and act in keeping with the way in which life approaches me. Yet I extend love and I feel one with life, and I’m no longer able to live differently.
At present I’m fighting for your happiness.
Your happiness is my happiness.
If I can’t give myself completely, I won’t be able to sense your sorrow and your grief.
But your pains are my pains; in short, it’s all mine because you are all sisters and brothers of mine.
This has now become my possession, I can’t feel any other way, even if I wanted to.
If I can do something for people that brings about happiness, this makes me feel happy; I feel it in a more beautiful way than they would.
That is why your sorrow is my sorrow and why I feel how you feel and know that the woman, with whom you think you can find happiness, bears no happiness within and doesn’t possess this love.
To feel brotherly and sisterly love means to love in universal manner, which surpasses all earthly love.
But don’t think that I feel superior to you; I’m only a human being with many flaws too.’
‘You just said that this kind of love surpasses all other forms of love.
How can that be, surely mother love is the highest form?’
‘Really, is that what you believe?
I will show you that your thinking is wrong.
One afternoon I was outside with friends and we were enjoying the beautiful summer weather.
A brother of theirs came to visit them with his wife and child and soon I was on the best of terms with the child, a little boy aged three.
I was playing with the child and descended into him.
This makes me feel like a small child, which I really am at that moment, because I link up deeply.
I like to play with children; I feel a strong attraction to children since adults often don’t understand me.
I had merged with him to such an extent that when I went to hide myself at quite a distance away from him, the child came and got me from behind the bushes, something a telepathist may not have been capable of.
What happened here was very simple: we were one, and the child could do nothing that differed from the way I felt.
But people are aware of their own personality and since they feel themselves to be something special, they will never get in touch with children, because they don’t want to climb down from their pedestal.
It makes people close themselves off from all other forms of life, including their own children.
That afternoon I descended into the being of the child.
I experienced that beautiful and sacred feeling, that pure love which a child senses, which a mother will never feel because she wants to approach the child from her own attunement of feeling.
To come to the point: later on I was told that I had hypnotized the child.
Just imagine me hypnotizing a child!
The child called for me during the night and so they wanted to call the police.
Don’t you think that’s terrible?
I’m telling you this to point out that the child felt my love, because I was childlike too and yet acted according to my human intellect.
I am not only able to link up with children, it works with adults too, whom I can help just as well as children.
I open up and I feel no difference in either condition, I am just as I am and remain that way.
My love for the child was sensed by the child, but not by the parents; they looked on me as an intruder.
Her mother love is marked by the possession of the being.
It’s not a universal form of love, as she would otherwise have sensed me too.
Yet another reading, a more apparent one.
In a cinema – this really happened – hundreds of children were gathered.
Suddenly fire broke out and the mothers who heard it rushed inside to save their little ones.
But many of them trampled on other little ones just to save their possession.
Is that universal love?
Weren’t all those little ones they trampled down God’s life?
No, only their child; they took no notice of the other beings.
Fortunately they weren’t all like that.
Isn’t this a coarse-material kind of love?
They crushed lives in order to save the one life that belonged to them.
Why did they do this?
Merely out of self-love.
I could go on like this and describe various situations to make it clear to you that we human beings are still unloving.
I would give my life for any human being.
This is not a virtue, because it would be a great mercy for me to be allowed to die, since I know that life on the side beyond is more beautiful than here on earth.
And yet for us on earth it is the greatest thing one could give and bestow on others.
But one can also be useful in other ways and I accomplish more by being something for people in general and helping them than if I were to give my life for one single being.
It’s the smallest deed which encompasses the greatest power.
That’s why I tell you that I will be happy if I can make you happy again with your loved ones.’
‘You are a person to be envied.’
‘Yes I am, and I assure you that if you follow my advice, it will bring you nothing but happiness, which some day you will thank God for.
If you start now, you would be performing a deed which you could be proud of.’
‘You’re like lightning, swirling and whizzing all around me and hitting me wherever you please.
You’re hammering away at me, and I’ll have to accept it.’
‘Thank you for your compliment, but it doesn’t mean a thing to me.
I told you already that I’m only a human being too with a little bit of love, and my leader says the same.
But I do want to tell you this: whatever you may come up with, I will unravel it with the help of my leader and destroy your pedestal.’
‘Then how do you see me and my condition at the moment?’
‘You’re not fishing for compliments, are you, because I haven’t got any; but I can tell you in a few words how I feel you.
You’re a good fellow and you haven’t got a bad character, but the only mistake is that you love yourself a little too much.’
He gave in and thanked Alcar and him for the terrible lesson.
He was afloat in space and yet he was glad to feel at least a bit of solid ground under his feet.
‘I want to follow your path and I’m determined to do so.’
He extended both hands and shook André’s warmly.
‘I think that’s great; now you’re a man one can be proud of.
Your wife will begin to really love you the way you are now, it will command her respect.
But first you have a lot to make amends for and you must try to regain her confidence.
These next days you will still have to put up a fight because you are not yet free from this terrible influence.’
‘Oh, you feel that too?’
‘Yes of course, you’re not free yet, but we’re on the right track.’
He now wanted one of André’s pictures as a lasting memory.
André had a very beautiful water colour which he could have sold many times over, but Alcar hadn’t wanted him to.
‘I made this for someone’, his leader said, ‘let it hang, sooner or later it will be fetched.’
At that moment Alcar said:
‘André, this water colour is for him, he perceives his own life in it.’
It was fabulous how the spirits knew everything far ahead of time, because for months already André had been in possession of this piece of work.
How great Alcar was, what a revelation this was to him.
The man was exuberant.
This piece symbolized his own condition.
He took it along and both he and his wife were happy.
He had promised André on his word of honour to remedy everything.
A few weeks went by.
André got the feeling that he needed to give them a call and he did so.
Alcar had told him that he had fallen back; his heart was bleeding like it never had before.
This is terrible, André thought, how could this happen after everything he had received from his leader.
The wife informed him that things still weren’t well at all.
He told her to bear up for a little while yet and that he would phone again that same day or the following.
Alcar told him to stand by.
He would receive a message from him to go over and exert all the strength he had.
He still prayed for him, day in day out; he would persevere and he understood that what he had felt in the man that last time had been correct.
He waited in silence and remained linked up with him.
He prayed fervently for their happiness.
He often knelt down and asked God for strength with such ardency that he felt all his bodily powers subsiding.
Tired, dead-tired after all the praying, he dragged himself along, tunnelled his way through everything, enveloped himself in a field of force that no devil could have penetrated.
He had to win, no matter how.
At night, when he suddenly awoke, he would see the poor little ones in his mind’s eye and he sent them his thoughts, to urge them to pray for their father.
Later on he heard that they had indeed sent up a prayer for their dear father without being aware of anything.
How strong thoughts were, when they were accurately focussed on a person.
It still took a whole week before he was allowed to phone, and when he made an appointment with the woman to come over that evening, she was happy.
They had become brother and sister.
André got ready to visit them in the evening.
He would stake everything he bore within.
He felt that the man was avoiding him and understood that he must still be linked up with that women.
How deep the poor man had been hit.
What poison had crept into his soul.
This was the end, he felt that very clearly.
It was either yes or no.
He wouldn’t be able to give more than he had, he would exert all his energy; there would be no power left afterwards to keep on helping him.
This was the final round.
Then he could go to ruin; after all, that’s the way he wanted it.
But was that the answer?
Whatever am I doing, he thought.
If I start to think like that I would be giving way, and evil would triumph.
No, never, either he would kill everything within him or he was lost.
His love he felt for that other woman had to be destroyed, otherwise he would keep on yearning and their life wouldn’t be worth living.
It would mean hell for them and that could not be allowed to happen.
But he also realized that a higher power would have to help him.
An earthly human being couldn’t possibly accomplish this.
Only God could help.
Did this mean that all his prayers had been for nothing?
Would his months of work be destroyed?
Hadn’t Alcar told him beforehand about all those who would help with their prayers.
But even now he felt that all would be well, since everything within their power would have been done to help him.
Yet he got scared of his own thoughts.
How could that love be cast out of him if he himself was resisting?
I will pray, he thought, like I never prayed before; I’ll be steadfast to the very end, and we’ll see what happens this evening.
He went to his little corner, where he always prayed to God for power to protect him against evil influences during his work, so that he might always carry out his task accurately to serve Alcar and his spiritual friends. He knelt down, and while he made his appeal, he descended into the man and felt how deeply his soul was still infected.
He lay open to him like a book, and André knew that they were linked up again.
He gave me his word of honour; so words of honour didn’t count!
He thought he was weak, very weak, not a man one could look up to with respect.
Now they were one, even if he moved away to another continent.
Determined after his ardent prayer to do everything he could for him, he heard his leader say: ‘Give everything that’s in you, my boy, he’s worth it.’
André trembled with emotion. So much love for a human being was very seldom found.
Shortly before seven on this stormy evening he walked over to his home.
The wind was howling, the rain splashed in his face, nature was up in arms.
It gave him a good feeling, it spoke to him of power and violence, and it made his heart beat faster.
Alcar was walking beside him.
They had become one, after all these years.
With his help he would be able to move mountains.
Not a word was said; they were linked up spiritually.
Alcar let him feel everything, and despite the rain and the wind he sensed and saw the power of his leader.
Alcar spread an intense light all around, which made him determined to give the man everything he had.
He didn’t take long to get to their home and he received a very warm welcome.
When he shook his hand, André had already taken on his inner condition and he knew that he could start all over again.
The first moments were enough to choke, it was almost unbearable.
Oh, if this woman had to go on living in this hell she would soon waste away with sorrow.
How this all clashed with everything that stood for pure love.
Because of his love, he was embittering her life. He was sitting there like a dummy.
He would have liked to grab hold of him and call out to him: ‘Don’t you see, man, how precious every minute is?
Don’t you feel that you can hardly breathe in this place?’
It nearly choked him.
Everything about him felt cold and his life light was clouded.
A man who loved was letting another life chill to death.
Love meant radiant warmth, but this was more like the North Pole.
It was ridiculous, sad and pitiful.
It was all pure selfishness; he was stealing her happiness, as well as that of his children.
André followed the course of his thoughts.
His thoughts darted off like blazing fire from him towards the being who had infected his inner life and his feeling.
How could this be, after all the things he had discussed with him?
How many hours had he spent on him?
Had it all been to no avail?
Was it a hopeless task?
What was he interfering with; he clearly sensed that the man would rather be rid of him.
Why had he entangled himself in their lives?
He suddenly felt as if he had disturbed the peace, and a very strange feeling flowed through him.
It was the feeling of being unwanted.
He cried inside, it hurt him, he hadn’t expected anything like this.
There he was, all his help had got them nowhere.
Where did this feeling come from? From him?
From her?
He sounded her out. No, she was open and he felt love beaming at him.
It was him, he would rather that he kept his mouth shut about everything and didn’t interfere with his affairs.
Again he fathomed him and felt how he had just recently been in contact with her, which he later affirmed to be true.
How was this possible; it was no good helping here because he refused to cooperate.
No wonder she also lost heart.
Would André have to surrender after all?
Was evil stronger than goodness?
Had he prayed so long for this?
Wasn’t his prayer being heard?
Was there anything left of value?
He begged for help from his leader, who told him to remain calm and peaceful.
‘Look around, André’, he heard Alcar say.
He saw dark clouds covering the man’s body and he began to pity him.
He was in the hands of evil.
How deep would they plunge him into darkness?
Poor, poor fellow, how terrible to be under these influences.
Who incited them to this?
The devil himself?
A few minutes later he heard Alcar say: ‘Attack him while he’s in this condition, we’ll help you.’
The man was still sitting there, all huddled up, acting as if he and his wife weren’t present.
André prepared himself to battle him.
If ever he had any feelings for him, now was the time to show it.
He would either be outside within five minutes, or he would go on talking endlessly.
He therefore asked the man point-blank: ‘If you would prefer me to leave, just give the order and I’ll disappear.’
It gave him a terrible shock.
His wife backed him up and said: ‘André is right, you’re sitting there as if there’s nobody else around; what’s up with you, man?’
Tears were rolling down her cheeks.
André continued: ‘Come on, answer me.
Do you want me to leave?’
‘What a thing to say’, he replied.
‘That’s ridiculous.’
‘Shall I tell you,’ André continued, ‘what’s ridiculous?
That you’re turning your wife’s life and that of your children into a hell in your own house.
Is that a way to go on?
You forget that you have your duties.
Are you a father?
Do you deserve things to work out for you in this world?
Have you forgotten that there are thousands who have nothing to eat?
Yes, who don’t even have a bed to sleep in?
Without a home to protect them from the cold and the rain?
Do you know what’s wrong with you?
You’re too well off.
God ought to let you starve for a while.
You ought to get to know a bit of trouble and misery, that would stop you looking for it.
Follow me on my path, then you will get to see some of the terrible conditions that exist.
You want to throw away the things you still possess.
Don’t you understand that earthly possession means happiness too?
Must all the things you have built up over the years be destroyed just because you love someone else?
You know that if this is found out you will be dismissed.
What will happen to your children, not to mention your own misery?
Again I ask you to think before it’s too late.
Think back to years gone by.
How difficult it was to get to this height.
When will you get it back again?
Never, I tell you.
Then must this be ruined beyond recall?
What will be left over of all this?
Fight for your happiness, but not in this way.
It will mean your downfall.
If it has to be wrecked, then set fire to the lot, but don’t make them drain their cup of misery to the dregs.
Stop wanting to get in touch with her, man.
Stop it, it’s ruining you.
Your misfortune is waiting at your doorstep.
All you have to do is open your door and your house will overflow with misery, and within a year you’ll be lost.
They won’t need you at your office anymore.’
He didn’t contradict a single word and let everything pour over him.
André went on, all ablaze.
He sensed that he should show him his property, the possession of all material things and at the same time the glaring contrast, the deep misery, which would make him repent.
‘Do you feel what it means to be rich on earth?
Don’t you value your property?
Do you no longer feel what you once were?
Have you always known this wealth?
Come along with me to families where the father and the children are out of work, to others who are willing but can’t work; yet others who are going mad with sorrow because they have lost their loved ones.
Here, everything is present, nothing but happiness, but the master of the house is out for sorrow, grief and misery.
Isn’t it terrible?
The things others sometimes receive with terror and perish because of it, you’re looking for of your own free will.
What wouldn’t many people give to possess what you own.
Oh man, what are you smashing to pieces, what a lot you’re destroying, if you persist in having it your way.
What do you want to destroy all this for?
For a bit of love which is only material, which one can obtain from so many and makes the world go to wrack and ruin?
Is that what you want your wife and children to starve from?
Is that what you’re after?
Again, do as you please, but I predict your downfall.
Just as I gave you those four spiritual words that first morning, as surely as that, I now see your downfall.’
His wife looked at him when he said that, and André felt that he hadn’t told her anything about this.
He kept on going.
He took him along across the earth, made him feel wealth and poverty and then returned him to his own condition.
Hills and dales of society passed his mind’s eye, he compared everything with his own property.
He showed him love, material and coarse-material, right down to the animal-like attunement; it made him tremble within, because in this way his downfall was being shown to him.
During his plea, he heard Alcar telling him to continue like this.
He could be reached in this way.
He started again.
He had been talking to him for two hours already; he was almost out of breath due to the power he put into it.
Suddenly the man got up out of his chair and took both his hands in his.
Unexpectedly something had started to thaw inside of him.
Evil had nearly been conquered.
But André immediately continued, he still wasn’t satisfied.
Deep down he would have to give in completely; he wanted to see tears, deep sadness, a plea to be forgiven.
That’s what he wanted to get at.
Now he went on in the spirit about the things he had already and frequently mentioned to him.
Again he let him feel what this love meant.
He raised him up to great heights and then brought him down again, as Alcar had taught him.
He linked him up with hills and dales, planets and stars, only to lead him back to the earth to show him his condition and attunement.
André begged God to help him, because he felt that he would conquer evil.
He had melted down inside.
At last he burst into hot tears, and they both went up to him (André) and knelt down beside him like little children.
The wife to his left, and to his right the one who had now been beaten by him (André).
He (André) lovingly put his arms around them.
Tears ran down their cheeks, love flowed into their hearts.
It was a great and sacred moment.
André felt a beautiful influence that strengthened him and made him understand that he would be able to move mountains.
God was with him, and with the help of His holy Power he would set him free.
God’s will would make their happiness return.
Both were older than he was, but at that moment he felt a thousand years older.
Suddenly he freed himself and left them sitting there alone on their knees.
In a flash it came to him what he could achieve at this moment.
Again he changed to another attunement and paced to and fro in the room while he told them what he perceived around them.
They looked at him and were no longer themselves.
Their hearts were one, their hands were clasped in each other’s.
He went over to them, made them fold their hands, and told them to repeat after him the words he heard being spoken and then said aloud.
‘Listen’, André heard.
‘Listen’, he said to them, ‘to what I will tell both of you and ask of you and which you will comply with.’
He made them bow their heads towards each other and repeated what a sonorous voice told him from within the spirit:
‘Father, great Father, we ask for your support to guide us and to protect us.
Father, give me the power to watch over my wife and children, and set me free from these evil powers.
I want to, Father, I want to so very much.
I want to, I want to. Amen.’
Word for word, clearly and softly, putting all their feeling into it, they repeated after him every word with which he lead them in a prayer that came from the spirit.
They were at their wits’ end, both were broken.
His soul had been opened as it had never been opened before, and all this love flowed in and eradicated the last remnants of the poison inside of him.
‘This evening something beautiful has taken place here, and woe unto either of you if you defile this happiness during the rest of your life.
God is with you and with all of us.’
He went on talking for a while, this time, about the things that now lay ahead.
Nothing but happiness was awaiting them, a new life was to begin.
He spoke about that happiness and made them feel its warmth, until they started to cry aloud, at the top of their voices.
All their strength had been used up, they gave out.
Exhausted, with happiness this time, they sat down again in their chairs.
They both felt rejuvenated, as if they were children again.
André was happy with their happiness; peace had returned here and evil had been conquered.
His prayers over the last months, sent up in humility and love, had been heard by God.
He had gained a sister and a brother.
A miracle had occurred, but an even greater miracle was yet to take place.
He didn’t even feel tired; in this way he could have gone on talking for ten hours.
It was a miracle.
While he spoke he saw beautiful images; he saw his dear leader who conveyed the words, saw many other intelligences who were invisible onlookers on the battle which a human being fought for another person’s happiness.
Half past twelve, he had to return home now; where had the evening gone to?
He had spoken at great speed for four and a half hours without interruption.
It was difficult to have to part with them.
He now felt sisterly love and brotherly love and understood that these were superior to mother love.
At the door, about to say goodbye, he heard Alcar say these beautiful words: ‘Love is the richest treasure given to mankind. Love makes life sparkle and tremble with emotion.
Love is all. Love is God. It makes the poor rich.
Without Love, what a destiny. It would be without value.
Spirit of Love, guide us onward. Penetrate us with Your Being, we will await the End untroubled, without fear.
Whether Life be short or long, God’s Love brings on no dread.
Love is the most sacred of all, it’s sacrosanct.’
They had both listened attentively and André quickly vanished; they stood there with their heads bowed.
Their hearts overflowed.
Back home he knelt down on the spot where he had prayed so fervently that afternoon, and again he sent up a long prayer to thank God for the mercy that he had been allowed to help them.
He felt that Alcar was beside him; they prayed together, and now André felt that the time had come to cut the ties with him.
Yet deep down he would remain within them forever.
But now he needed to be able to breathe freely again.
Tired but happy that he had managed to conquer demons, he fell into a deep sleep and dreamt of their happiness.
He saw them both as little children still, playing and laughing, with a garland of flowers around their heads; nothing but happiness, love and bliss.
He awoke in the same condition of happiness.
That morning flowers had already arrived. On the card it said: ‘From your sister and brother, your grateful children.
For Alcar, for André.’
André wept, he let his tears roll freely.
He wasn’t ashamed of them, these were tears of happiness.
Who wouldn’t weep with happiness after so much love, so much happiness given to others?
Those who believe they must destroy all this beauty with one stroke of the pen because they don’t sense it yet, should do so. One day their hearts will also melt and feel the greatness of all this.
André laid down the flowers in tribute to his leader, to the one he had all this to thank for.
He phoned that same morning.
A miracle had happened.
The man had woken up and did nothing but cry.
There was a feeling of such beauty, such sanctity in him, which he couldn’t describe in words.
His wife thought that it was all going to start anew, but when he told her how he saw something in her, felt something he had never felt before, when he knelt down before her and took a long time begging for forgiveness, when his heart cried with happiness, then she too understood that a miracle had happened, something that was beyond their feeling.
He had gone to his office, but had to return because he couldn’t stand it there.
He was driven back home.
He felt newly born, he had entered the ‘Openness’, he felt the quietness of the spirit; there was a sun in him which made him, his wife and the children, even the whole house glow.
All the love which he had felt for the other one had returned to his own wife.
He saw something beautiful in her, something sacred that moved him, that hadn’t ever been there before.
A radical change had taken place in him.
These were mysteries to him; he said to her: ‘What could André have done to me?
What did he put into me, what is this I feel now and which bears me up and makes me happy?
He has put me under a spell!’
André was familiar with this kind of spell and he knew what it was; it was nothing but holy love; he had gained peace within.
He felt reborn; new life was smiling upon him.
He sent them on a journey and said: ‘Come on, off you go to the south; compare your inner feeling with the southern warmth and when you come back, tell me which was warmest and what, most of all, gave you the feeling of happiness.’
They both set out on their journey like people reborn; they were linked up anew; they were bound for a new life.
‘H and B., a few words to both of you from this spot.
Alcar wanted me to take this down, because more people ought to know this.
I thought it over for a long time and I have decided to comply with Alcar’s wish and to record everything as it really happened.
You see, dear brother, that not a single word of our talks was lost.
Alcar made this into a spiritual film, in which your life has been recorded, and he reeled it off.
Nobody will disturb your happiness.
On the contrary, feelings of compassion will come to you from those who read about your struggle, and this will bring you nothing but happiness.
Live, children, and bear these hours in mind if ever dark clouds appear that obscure the light, and let it spur you on to watch over your happiness.
Again, this is what Alcar wanted.
It will show mankind what a sincere prayer can achieve if it is sent up in love.
Only in love man can perform miracles.
Happiness to both of you.
Your André.’