The seventh sphere and back to earth

He was still holding on tightly to Cesarino’s hand.
He felt himself being raised, and again he glided forth to another attunement.
He felt exhilirated by all this.
No one would believe him if he related this on earth.
How difficult it would be for him to capture all this in language and to express it.
It was almost impossible.
Yet it had to be done; maybe it would inspire an earthly artist to create a human condition, a symphony of life.
It could be done, even if they couldn’t reach the depths and heights of the sixth sphere.
If the people on earth were able to attend a concert of this kind, they would hear how the inner life of a single individual was expressed: they would feel all his sorrow, grief and happiness, passion and violence, battle and love.
Oh, how beautiful that would be; artists, interpreting a human being in music.
One would have to approach that form of art with love; otherwise its most sacred aspect wouldn’t be felt.
Man would have to feel love towards the life that was depicted in art.
How good, how generous his leader was to him on this journey; how much wisdom in the spirit hadn’t he already received and still it hadn’t come to an end, they were letting him experience even more conditions.
They were now far away from the sixth sphere.
Further and further they went.
Suddenly the heavens tore apart and a mighty light shone on the master and him.
He was unable to move another inch.
He took his time to pray to God that he might be granted a glimpse into the seventh sphere, where Alcar’s master and the guardian angel of his child lived.
After having been allowed to see all this, those other spheres lie hidden far beneath this enormous beauty.
He felt new powers surging up in him, before he was allowed to go on.
They had soon reached the border, and there in front of him, in inexplicable beauty, he saw the seventh sphere.
A little beyond this spot man would no longer be capable of returning.
He understood it completely; this here was paradise, but of such rare beauty, so stupendous, that he couldn’t find words for it.
He didn’t want to take the trouble; all one should do here was to sense life, one should only see.
He saw flowers as through a haze, and he heard them singing from afar.
Everything was covered in gold, and in this sphere he saw colours from other spheres gathered, but only shining colours.
He would not be able to enter here.
His spiritual body would be burnt by the power of the light, or else it would return to earth at a breathtaking speed.
Here he saw the blissful Heaven, here the human children of the earth lived.
They had all been on earth once, they had lived there and had died.
Now, in this paradise, he saw earthly beings again.
‘God, oh my God, how grateful people should be to You for all that happiness, all that beauty they will find when they enter here after life on earth!’
Here Cesarino lived, the mentor of this sphere; once, on earth, dictator of Rome.
He was the master of all the areas which he had been allowed to visit with his leader.
And this spirit was guiding him, was leading him, letting him admire all this, because he wanted to convince mankind of a blessed life after earthly death.
Love, nothing but love; God was alive in everything.
He saw temples such as he had never perceived before.
The roads led the human being on towards the highest on high.
Here he saw the life that would pass on, in order to cast off its spiritual body.
The soul would continue on its way and enter the mental areas.
Then on to even higher conditions, so that it would enter the fourth mentality in cosmic attunement.
How distant earthly life was from all this!
It would take a long time, and yet the day would come when the people who populated the planet earth would attain this.
On the border of the seventh sphere André prayed to his Father and kept on thanking Him.
He had received wisdom in the spirit, and in his mind he returned to the beginning of this journey.
Where had he not already been to?
He had got to know depths, he had been shown art and spheres of love.
He had been able to see his child, one life was even more beautiful than the other.
Now he was to return to the earth.
The Angel let him sense, that he should get ready for the journey back to the fifth sphere.
‘Before we depart’, the master now spoke to him, ‘I ask of you: tell those on earth what is in store for them.
Tell the people on earth, who are our sisters and brothers, that we live in heavenly beauty.
One day they will receive all this if they want to develop in the spirit.
Tell them that spiritual life means love, that it equals nothing but love.’
‘How can I thank you for everything I was allowed to receive from you and my leader?’
‘Don’t thank us, my son, thank God, who is our common Father.
Now we will return to the fifth sphere.’
In a flash they moved on, entered the fifth sphere and went into Alcar’s dwelling.
André again wanted to thank Alcar’s master, but it was not possible anymore.
Cesarino had returned to his own sphere; people did not want any thanks in life after death.
Alcar, his leader, was sitting there, surrounded by various birds.
‘Well, my boy, back again?’
André rushed into his arms and wept with happiness.
It took quite a while before he returned into his condition.
He looked at his leader but could not speak a word, no matter how much he wanted to.
Alcar prepared himself; André took one more look around his leader’s dwelling and they speeded back to earth.
This journey would soon reach its ending too.
There he entered his room, hand in hand they had returned from the fifth sphere.
Before him lay his material garment.
André looked at his leader; he regarded him deeply within, but he couldn’t find the words, both sensed what they wanted to say, they were one in their feeling, their lives were one, they had one goal: to convince mankind and to see them happy.
‘Farewell my boy, you will awaken again in happiness, and soon you will set to work in order to make all these sacred things known to man.
Know that we will help you.’
André asked his leader to thank all those who had received him with love.
He felt himself being raised and then he descended again and with a slight tremor he awoke.
Life on earth had once again begun.
He could still hear: ‘God is love, nothing but love!
Life after death is a reality.
Live, live, you people, know that life, your life, is eternal.
Farewell my boy, more work is awaiting you tomorrow.
Your Alcar.’
He awoke in the morning, invigorated in body and soul, and he knew where he had been.
He felt great happiness within.
André goes on and hopes to receive lots more wisdom in the spirit.
He will exert all his powers to tell even more about life that continues forever.
Nothing but truth and happiness lie in store for man when he enters that life.
He beseeches God that strength and blessing may rest upon his work.
His head held high, he follows the road which they all follow, the road towards the light, towards the house of the Father, where a dwelling exists for each life and is prepared when man passes on.
Jozef Rulof
The Hague, November 15th, 1936.
(End of Part 3 )