Mediumship; the spirits know everything

As a child, André already possessed the gift of clairvoyance, and also of talking with invisible beings.
He could still clearly recall how he felt in his youth and how he used to play with spiritual children.
He gave them beautiful names, and he always saw a tall, hefty black man with them, who brought the kids along and took them back again.
And one morning, while he was linked up with Alcar and he saw and heard him, then at the same time he recognized this tall black friend from his childhood years and understood why the latter had brought the little ones over to play with him.
It became even clearer to him when Alcar told him in his spiritual dwelling about his life, which he could compare his own experiences with.
He had been born with this great gift.
And without this gift it would never have occurred to him to pose as a clairvoyant.
It was a mystery to him that there were still so many who claimed to have this gift yet didn’t bear it within as their possession.
How did they dare to help people, to heal them, to determine the ups and downs of others without possessing this gift.
Not only did this discredit mediumship, it also defiled spiritualism and robbed those who had been left behind in sorrow and grief of their belief.
Some people even paid those who were not mediums dearly for this wisdom.
Many who had visited him and had cried like children because they had been deprived of all their belief.
It often hurt him, yet it was their own fault because they had been too naive.
They didn’t know that many posed as a medium although they knew nothing about life on the side beyond.
They speculated on the credulous and were the parasites of mankind.
Alcar told him that they were much worse than a thief who steals earthly goods.
After all, they disguised themselves as spiritual beings and knew the Bible inside out; yet from behind that they fired off their material arrows at those who were unaware.
There was no way to protect oneself against this.
Alcar had told him: ‘A thief is a misfortune to himself and to others, but those who sponge on people who are in grief and sorrow are the poison of life.’
They abuse God and would God protect their dark practices?
They talk about love and about God, and many fall into this deep, invisible pit.
All those wanting to link up with their dear ones who have passed on will first have to experience this.
This will cause sorrow as never yet before.
However, it doesn’t take long before they and their scripture fall apart and they are recognized.
But by then months of sorrow have gone by: sorrow and grief have grown, and feelings have been crushed so that everything has been reshapen into a hopeless situation.
All their trust has been destroyed, they no longer believe a single medium, and to them spiritualism has become the work of the devil.
They felt themselves to be mediums sent by God, who had got that far through spiritualistic proof.
All this was passed on during their séances, but science called it crystal-gazing and the like.
Was it surprising that they said that?
Credulous people who visited them, heard them go into raptures about the messages their surveillants conveyed to them, but these didn’t match the pure messages which came through from the hereafter.
No matter where one dwelt on earth, as long as spiritual nourishment was provided the chaff could always be distinguished from the wheat, that displayed love and stood for spiritual truth.
Theirs was coarse, in keeping with their own life and their human feeling.
Many like him, who truly carried this gift within, were hurt by this defilement of mediumship.
He knew people who had passed on and who had been full of love on earth, but when they came through during séances they were poor, fumbling little folk.
Was that possible?
Could they have relapsed in the life after death?
This was the message the surveillants conveyed.
These were doctors, who did their work through them and whom they served as instruments.
They didn’t only claim to possess a gift they didn’t have, but also defiled an earthly doctor whom they had known or had adopted at random.
Now when one of these doctors began to speak, his earthly glory went to pieces.
They had become pitiful idiots who had fallen back on the spot and had changed completely.
André saw through them and knew that these weren’t doctors but were mere products of their own fantasy.
But credulous people or those who did not know these laws were cheated because they looked up to these doctors.
In that way not only the essence of people who had lived on earth and had dedicated their lives to suffering mankind was defiled, but their names too, because mediums passed them off as their doctors.
You see, that was what he couldn’t understand.
He was visited by heartbroken mothers who could no longer get a good night’s sleep, who were nervous wrecks because of the messages they had been given.
He heard endless tales of all the atrocities and sadness that had made their hearts bleed.
There was no limit to their sorrows.
‘No’, they would say, ‘that’s not him, he was so very different.’
And when André told them that it was their own fault, they replied: ‘But, sir, they talk about the Bible and about God.’
That’s how their hearts got torn apart and their souls were trampled on.
There were some who sold guardian angels to those who could use one.
Their surveillants would take care of that, and on the way out a person could be certain that the guardian angel was walking behind him to protect him against all evil.
Wasn’t this terrible?
The guardian angels were queued up in long rows, waiting on the side beyond to be admitted and to receive a task on earth.
But no thought was given to the fact that these mediums would one day have to pay for all this.
Did they possess some Divine gift?
Did they represent spiritual beings?
Were they linked up with the hereafter?
Was this spiritual nourishment that would strengthen a person?
Was this supposed to change the world?
Their bungling?
Was this meant as support for the bereaved?
Were these assumed to be spiritual connections brought about by spirits?
It was all merely sensation to pose as something special at the expense of other people’s sorrow and grief.
As a child André had already possessed this beautiful gift and was linked up with Alcar.
Yet he knew that he couldn’t develop a person into a medium, because this was an innate gift.
Yet there were beings who set up courses and produced ten to twenty mediums within three months.
Could this be?
Was this possible?
There were lots of them.
This caused hearts to be broken till they bled.
Poor, holy spiritualism, how they defile this most sacred gift to mankind.
Links were broken, women and children were abandoned, because they allegedly had a task to perform, to which they had to dedicate themselves completely, and their children’s fussing bothered them.
It was horrible.
Others were told to do nothing else but walk about in nature to develop themselves, so that they would be easier to reach for their ‘doctors’ than amongst those crude people.
But Alcar had instructed him in such an entirely different manner.
Alcar would not have been able to use him if he hadn’t been fit for his material job or if he had neglected it.
It was the way in which he accomplished his earthly work properly and helped other people, which had marked the beginning of his development.
He had had to learn to efface himself completely, to dismantle his inner self bit by bit before he could become a good, useful instrument to Alcar.
But what did the others do?
They walk about in nature and lead a meaningless life.
People were scared months ahead by their terrible predictions.
And to top it all, this was what their spiritual helpers told them!
They were highly gifted visionaries, men as well as women.
Did this stem from the hereafter?
Were these people spiritists and mediums?
They were crude material beings, who destroyed more than they achieved.
They claimed that it all came straight from the hereafter and that it was love, nothing but love.
Did they serve higher beings?
Were they doctors who had left the earth?
Were they highly attuned souls?
Was this the way to represent the hereafter?
Was this how one followed the road which Christ once showed us?
Those who returned and were all spirits of love would never let anyone on earth wait in fear for long!
Mediumship was love, nothing but love, to be given to those who approach us for help.
One served those who returned to the earth in happiness and beauty in order to help their loved ones.
It would mean nothing but happiness for themselves and for all those who approached them.
That was the kind of mediumship that heals the sick and supports the aged and the sad ones, and that shines like a sun for others to warm themselves.
That was love, the most sacred thing God gave mankind.
Every being felt this holy fire and mediums would radiate and be able to help others, because they attuned to those who were nothing but love.
André only wanted to use his gift from God in a spirit of love to be something to others.
One of these scholars was made to cross his path, and Alcar gave that person a lesson in life.
There was an old sick lady who lived a few houses away from André’s home, whom he often saw sitting at her window, waiting to catch a sign of the life that went on around her.
She appeared to be suffering considerably, and since he passed by her house daily, he asked Alcar whether he could help her, as this was on his path after all.
Alcar told him that she would soon die, and that she only had four more months to live.
He thought it was a miracle that his leader was able to tell him this out of the blue.
The spirits knew everything about everyone.
It was a pity, but there was nothing that could change the situation, so he accepted this message completely.
He could count on his leader.
Her daughter, who lived below him, came to look at his pictures one afternoon.
Their conversation automatically turned to her mother and she asked him what he thought of her condition.
André sounded her out to see how she felt about her mother’s illness, as he didn’t want to worry her prematurely.
He was afraid to do that, because he had often felt the great sorrow of those who had received a prediction.
But when she told him that she had no more hope, he told her what his leader had conveyed to him.
‘In that case I hope that she doesn’t have to suffer too long.
I would do anything but it’s all to no avail.
She also wants to move somewhere else, but what’s the use for a few months and besides, it wouldn’t do her any good.’
She thanked him for his message and left.
Some weeks had gone by, when a gentleman came to visit him one afternoon, who wanted to discuss something with him.
As he entered, Alcar told him that he had sent the man and that André should focus his powers of concentration on him.
Whenever someone visited him and requested him for help in a certain matter, he immediately sent his thoughts to Alcar and waited for the information he would receive.
He never had to talk or ask about these things beforehand; it had always been like that.
But now he had been warned ahead of time, which was something special and would have a meaning, all the more so because Alcar said that he had sent him.
Deep within, André felt prepared, and he was curious to know why his visitor had come.
The latter immediately began to address him, and talked about the Bible which he knew by heart.
It took him a long time to finish, and then he showed him letters of recommendation from his patients, which looked more like old scraps of paper.
Well now, André thought, so this is a clairvoyant.
We’re in for something here.
Again he started about the Bible and within a short while quoted various parts from it.
He brought Christ and all the saints on the scene, and his heart wept with emotion when he thought of all these saints.
He spoke about: ‘Let the children come to me’, and pointed out that he too was still a child.
Finally he got to the point, and began about the matter which he actually needed him for.
But André sensed the man and was aware whom he was dealing with.
The Bible and the saints were merely quoted to hide his true self and to give the impression that he was a credulous person who felt love.
‘But what is the reason for your visit?’ André suddenly asked him.
‘Well, you see, I’m treating a patient who lives in this street.
My doctor tells me that she can be cured, and now her daughter said that you had told her that she has only got four more months to live.
But that’s not true, because we can still cure her.
We can definitely do something for her.’
André got a shock.
Here he was, facing one of those heroes who would move mountains.
Yet it was all a figment of his imagination, at the expense of much sorrow and grief to others.
Where did the man get this idea from?
Surely André couldn’t be wrong?
That would be terrible.
He thought first of all about those poor people who had done everything, had spared no expenses to cure the sick person.
It had cost them a fortune, and it had made them all suffer.
If it wasn’t possible for him to offer help, as the patient would pass on, then in his view it would be terrible to cause them even more expenses by dragging the patient along.
It would have to be either yes or no, help or no help at all; he would tell them everything beforehand so that they would be able to make their own decision.
And this man had the nerve to say that she would get better, which would make them scrape their last savings together to be able to give their mother the treatment she required.
This would cost money, and they were forced to turn every penny a dozen times.
Didn’t the man realize that?
Was he a good-for-nothing, although everything seemed to be so sacred to him?
André didn’t focus exclusively on the illness, he cared about his patients’ troubles too.
Night and day he prayed for the truth; was it hidden from him this time? ...
Deep within he begged his leader to solve this situation for him.
Amidst quotations from the Bible and all the saints he heard Alcar asking him: ‘Why doubt, André?’ and this assured him that he had sensed correctly.
Now the man was asking him if they couldn’t do this together.
Together, he thought, what next?
He had never experienced anything like it.
If one magnetizer couldn’t manage it, two didn’t even need to try.
Alcar told him: ‘Help her, I want to give him a lesson in life.
But it will all take place under your supervision.
This might open his eyes.’
They now agreed on the day and the time he would go and help, and the ‘clairvoyant’ left.
That same evening André talked to the daughter and asked her why she had called in someone after all.
‘Yes’, she said, ‘that old man emphatically states that she will get better, and that’s why we have all decided to contribute our little bit to give her that treatment.
When you hear him talking you have to believe him, whether you want to or not.
I do believe he’s a good person.
He talks so marvellously about the Bible, and I believe he knows everything by heart.’
She had come under his influence too, just as he had when he had started to doubt his own powers.
She called him the old ‘doctor’.
André asked her: ‘Why did you send him over to me?’
‘What did you say?’ she asked in a surprised tone.
‘I sent him over to you?’
‘Yes, he came over to me and now we’re going to help your mother together.’
He told her that his leader wanted to give the man a lesson in life and that’s why he was allowed to help.
‘I’ll be over tomorrow, and he is coming too.
I won’t charge you anything for this, but I’m curious where this all will lead to.
However, all this will be carried out under my surveillance, and you will have to help me in this.
This isn’t how we usually work, but my leader wants it this way and I’m very curious how the man is going to receive his lesson in life.’
The next morning the old man came, and he was carrying on a conversation with the patient when he entered.
If only this works out, André thought.
It would disturb her more then it would give her rest.
He thought it was strange that his leader wanted him to help.
André instructed the man that he was only allowed to treat the legs and should leave the rest to him, and he thought that was a splendid idea.
He would come to treat her every Tuesday and Friday and he, André, early every Monday and Thursday.
On the very first day of treatment the old man had already forgotten their arrangement, and he treated her entire body.
Alcar showed André that he had not kept to their agreement.
He asked his leader what he should do and Alcar told him:
‘Continue, my boy, I’m watching and checking everything.
Don’t worry.’
A few weeks went by without anything special happening.
The old man would stick to the arrangement again and treat her legs, which were paralyzed.
The ‘old doctor’, he was sixty, rubbed his hands, as everything was going so smoothly.
André was aware that he wouldn’t be fit for this kind of work if he had to submit to someone else’s supervision; he would stop doing it.
He wanted to be independent.
One other morning, before he had even entered, Alcar showed him another image.
André saw how the daughter and the old man were both trying to make the patient walk.
He asked her afterwards if he had seen correctly and she had to admit that he knew it all.
‘How is this possible’, she said, ‘you see everything.’
‘I don’t, but my leader knows and sees everything’, André replied.
‘Remember, he is present, so don’t do anything wrong.
Why don’t you do what we agreed on; you were going to help me and listen to what I should tell you.’
Again it had been the old man who had persuaded her to try her legs, as the patient had lost their use.
André thought he was a dangerous man and regretted that he had gone along with this.
What consequences this might have?
The following day the old man came to visit him, since he was in the neighbourhood and wanted to have a chat with him, which suited André well because he had something he wanted to tell him.
He immediately began: ‘If you don’t stop acting on your own impulses, I will stop immediately.
You’re not allowed to do anything on your own accord.
What prompted you to make her walk?
Who told you to do this?’
‘My surveillant’, he replied.
‘You mean your leader.’
‘Yes, my leader.’
Here we go, André thought, now what?
He can call up his surveillant in everything he does, and if he too were to say that his own leader, Alcar, had told him not to do this, then what?
This was getting difficult.
But once again he received help.
André saw how Alcar manifested himself next to him, accompanied by another spirit, and he heard him say that he ought to listen attentively.
‘This spirit, who is with me now, used to be his general practitioner.
He knows what the man is up to, and he wants to make this undone.
Tell him, André, that this spirit is not with him and never has been.
He will have to leave his name out of it.
But prepare him and give him some proof.
I will help you.’
Things were happening here which the old man was unaware of and neither heard nor saw.
André asked him whether he was very familiar with his leader or surveillant.
‘But of course, he’s with me day and night and helps me in everything.’
‘Was he your general practitioner?’
‘Exactly’, he said, ‘your seeing is excellent.’
‘That’s beside the point; to me it’s easy, because it is conveyed to me.
Are you sure he’s your leader?’
André now gave him a description of the spirit who manifested himself next to Alcar.
‘Yes, absolutely, that’s him; you think I don’t know my leader?’
André now began to feel pity for the man, because there was something deep within him that wanted to do good, but unfortunately he lacked this gift.
‘Then listen to me, I’ve got a message for you.’
He pricked up his ears, rubbed his hands again, which seemed to be a habit of his, and listened.
‘I am being told that the doctor whose name you use, is not your surveillant and never has been.
Neither did he tell you that you should help this patient.’
‘But’, he said, ‘she is making progress isn’t she?’
It seemed as if he thought that this would make up for everything.
‘I can’t understand it, after all, he always comes through at our séances and advises me in everything.’
André felt a resistance.
‘Look, I see this doctor; you recognize him, which proves that I am seeing correctly; but why don’t you now accept the other message?
He is handing you the truth, which I believe to be a mercy, because many do the same thing and they are left to carry on as they please; but your mistakes are being pointed out to you.
Don’t you think you will have to make amends for all this?
Especially since you are aware that life is eternal.
Don’t you feel how it clashes with all the things that are true in the spirit?
This doctor has come to earth to tell you that it is not him and never has been.’
‘Could I have been mistaken?’ the old one ventured.
‘How could you have mistaken anything?
Who told you that it was him?
In short, who gave you that certainty that she would get better?’
Again he tried to show that she was making progress, and André left him to his own judgement.
He would surely do what his leader told him.
Alcar now told him to continue, and again some weeks passed by without anything special happening.
One morning, while he was treating the patient, he sensed that she had severe stomach cramps and he asked Alcar after the cause of these symptoms.
‘Tell the magnetizer for the last time that if he doesn’t stop, we will leave him to fend for himself.’
What had happened?
The old man had given her spinach water to drink, to improve her bowels.
It was more than terrible; her entire condition had changed.
What had got into him to give the patient medicine of his own making?
André had never needed to administer any medicine, as he only gave patients magnetic treatment.
It scared him.
‘Why do you put up with this?’ he asked the daughter.
‘Don’t you yourself feel that this doesn’t do her any good?’
Only now did she see clearly, and the patient preferred the young ‘doctor’ to the old one too.
The old one talked to much, according to the patient.
She promised him that she would watch out now, and she would send him away if he didn’t listen.
It was a mystery how André knew everything.
‘Now I can discern the good and the evil’, she said.
‘Some possess this gift, and others don’t, although they go on as if they do.
Shame on them’, she added, ‘how dangerous those people are; I don’t want him in the house anymore, I’m finished with him.’
André advised her to do nothing, merely to watch him; he was still to receive his lesson in life.
By now André had gained an even better understanding.
It was the kind of mediumship that did more harm than good.
People were left at its mercy, and the man went from one to the other.
How many must have perished in this way?
Credulous people would not be able to see through the veil he cast over the Bible and the saints.
This kind of mediumship was easy; no effort was required and there was no responsibility to bear.
But this was not what he wanted, and in his shoes the thought would never have entered his mind to pass off as a medium anyhow.
There were hundreds just like that man.
This defiled the genuine gift.
Another week went by.
The old man was very satisfied with the patient and told the daughter so.
But she no longer reacted to his seeing and waited for André to come and tell her.
A week later the old man thought she had improved even more and he said: ‘You see, we’ve made it, we’re heading in the right direction.’
Monday morning came and André went to visit her as usual.
Her daughter went up to meet him and said: ‘The old man thinks her condition is very good indeed, but I’ve got my doubts.
She’s too well to my liking; this may be a bad omen.’
He went over to the patient and saw in a glance that the daughter possessed more clairvoyance than the old man.
Indeed, this was suspicious.
He immediately heard and saw Alcar, who told him to concentrate intently on him.
It lasted a long time that morning, and when he came out of his trance, Alcar informed him that it would soon be over.
‘She will pass on this very week.
I will warn you beforehand, but it’s this week for certain.’
André told her daughter about this, and she trusted him completely.
‘I think this would be marvellous for her, because then she needn’t suffer anymore.
After all, life goes on’, she added.
‘I won’t mourn her passing on, and I know with all my heart that she deserves the happiness over there.’
André thought she was brave and plucky, he didn’t often hear people talk like that.
She was convinced, and proved that this conviction supported her.
‘But’, she said, ‘when is that old man going to get his lesson in life?’
Well, André didn’t know either and told her just to wait.
On the Tuesday morning the old man came back again; he thought she was normal and said that he was terribly busy and couldn’t return before Friday next.
He, André, would be able to manage things on his own that week.
There were a lot of people who lived out of town, whom he had to help.
She agreed and he left.
André went to visit her every morning now to comfort her during her last days.
Her end was approaching.
Thursday came.
Her chest was full of phlegm and this made it hard for her to breathe.
Yet she was aware of everything that went on around her.
She lay there peacefully and calmly, and felt her end approaching.
On the Friday morning her condition had deteriorated and he saw various intelligences around the bed, who had surely come to fetch her.
Alcar told him to concentrate on him, as he wanted to convey certain images.
The patient looked at him and penetrated him with her gaze, just as Annie once had done, but he was able to bear it.
He spoke to her in the mind.
She too was afraid of death.
He would gladly have taken on her burden.
He was thirty-four years old, she was a woman of sixty-four.
Death was a mighty redeemer, but she knew nothing about that, although her daughter had spoken to her various times about them seeing each other again one day.
She didn’t accept; it didn’t become inner knowledge to her.
He stayed with here for a long time and saw how loving hands were supporting and treating her with their magnetic impact.
Her father and mother were with her; they had returned to earth to fetch their child.
He saw love, nothing but love that reached far beyond the grave.
Oh, if only people could accept this.
She had always been a good mother and would therefore be happy.
He told her daughter what he had been allowed to perceive, and that her end would come towards the evening.
The patient lay in deep sleep and he promised to come by again in the afternoon.
But her condition hadn’t changed when he went over to her that afternoon.
After the treatment she had gone to sleep for the rest of the morning, and she was very peaceful.
As yet, she was still aware of everything.
They showed great respect for his help and her daughter had already begun to love Alcar.
‘Truly’, she said, ‘you feel safe in these hands.’
She was deeply touched how everything had worked out.
Another week and the four months would be over.
Who could still have doubts about everlasting life?
She had become convinced for the rest of her life, and it had given her great support and a feeling of trust.
In his thoughts he wished the patient a good journey and left.
His task had been accomplished.
On the way home he thought of the old man.
When was he finally going to receive his lesson in life?
He didn’t want to ask Alcar, because he hadn’t a moment of doubt.
That evening, when he was with friends and had told them about her passing on, he suddenly got a beautiful vision of her transition.
His friends, who were watching him, asked: ‘What do you see up there?’
‘What do I see there?
I’ll tell you shortly.’
Alcar told him to pay attention; not a word was spoken.
André focussed his powers of concentration on his leader and at a certain moment he saw her passing on.
‘Look at the clock’, he said to his friends, ‘my patient is passing on, they will be phoning me. I’m already on my way.’
It was one minute before half past ten.
‘This will be a beautiful piece of proof to you how Alcar watches over me and over her too.
It will be even more beautiful when I’m gone, because there’ll be a phone call very soon.’
André left and when he got home they had already been there to inform him that she had passed on at one minute before half past ten.
It was wonderful.
Alcar, he thought, how great you are.
How true, how great everything was.
All of them, the entire family, stood in awe of his leader.
There were no words to describe it.
It was love, nothing but love.
She was buried on the Tuesday.
Thursday morning her daughter came to visit him to thank him for everything.
She brought some flowers for Alcar, which highly delighted André.
It was all his doing, he was his spiritual leader.
The invisible person was not forgotten.
Alcar told him to thank her on his behalf.
‘It’s all over now, André’, the daughter said, ‘but still I’d like to know when that old man is going to get his lesson.
After all, the opportunity has passed, mother’s under the earth; where is that lesson supposed to come from now?
These busy days kept me from thinking about it.’
Suddenly André heard Alcar say a few words and these conveyed everything.
‘He’ll get his lesson in life on Friday morning.’
They both immediately understood the meaning of these words.
They were simple, but they would lash through the soul of the old ‘doctor’ in a terrible way.
It would be a lesson to him, so that if he were able to understand it properly, he would never in his whole life dare to raise his eyes up to spirits again.
Tears of pity rolled down her cheeks.
Nothing could be done about this, because he was bound to return.
After all, the patient could be cured, couldn’t she?
How terrible it will be for him to have to receive such a lesson from the spirit.
Everything would be shattered to pieces before his very feet.
André saw him as a broken man and their hearts ached with pity for him.
And yet this was another moment in which Alcar commanded her respect.
It proved how spirits know everything and how they can see months ahead if they want to and if this is necessary.
Friday morning came and the old man was due.
Later on her daughter told him the following:
‘I was at the door when he came marching up, happy as always, and said: ‘Here I am again.’
I had my heart in my mouth.
I couldn’t say a word.
‘How are things’, he asked. ‘All right?
How is your mother?’
I was still unable to speak and I hadn’t the courage to look him in the eye.
The old man looked at me and sensed that something was wrong.
He went scarlet and suddenly asked: ‘Well, what’s the matter, can I go and help your mother?’
Poor fellow, I thought, but I said to him: ‘Mother? Mother?’ – and I felt my sorrow mounting, which I couldn’t conceal – ‘then you’ll have to go over to the cemetery, that’s where she is.’
These words lashed at his soul.
He looked at me and I thought he would collapse.
‘By God’, he said, ‘truly, truly, that man really is a medium.’
He suddenly seemed only to think of you.
He turned around, ran down the street and was gone.
I felt for him, and it hurt.’
The old doctor had received his lesson in life.
All this taught André a lot: the spirits know everything about us and they definite surpass those who still dwell in their physical bodies by far, in intelligence.
Doesn’t this give us the strength to bear the cross which God has imposed on us?
One day we will see the light and possess happiness, the same love, the same wisdom as those who dwell on the side beyond, if we too are willing to attune our love in the spirit.
They are waiting for us on the side beyond, if we haven’t messed up our earthly lives.
There’s room for everyone, because there are many mansions in God’s house.
If we are willing, eternal happiness awaits us there.