Healing and disembodiment

André’s gifts developed rapidly and were mostly applied to healing.
One morning a gentleman came to see him with a portrait of his wife and asked if he could tell him something about her health condition.
André took the picture, while he heard Alcar telling him to remain calm and let everything slowly sink in.
This was necessary for an accurate diagnosis.
Alcar had told him that this was possible by sensing the medium, which could only be brought about when their auras became blended. This was something André couldn’t understand yet, but it would all be explained to him in due course.
A few minutes later he felt an intense pain spreading across his lower back and shortly afterwards he got the following message from Alcar:
‘This lady is suffering from a severe kidney complaint.
I see a stone in her left kidney, and that’s the cause of the pain you felt just now.’
He was then shown the exact spot where the stone was located, which seemed a miracle to him.
Suddenly he received a very clear image of the person’s inside, and he was able to determine which part of the body was ill.
This was clearly shown to him.
Alcar continued:
‘I will show you the cause of the illness, the heart of the matter. So we’ll have no fringe or erring around, we head straight for the cause.
Now tell him in plain words what his wife’s trouble is.’
André immediately obeyed, but his visitor didn’t seem convinced.
‘Yes’, he said, ‘my wife has seen various doctors, but nobody ever mentioned a kidney disorder.’
‘Does that surprise you?’ André asked.
‘Maybe it escaped their attention.’
All the same, he didn’t feel quite sure, and he asked Alcar if he really had seen and heard correctly, to which he received an affirmative reply.
‘Trust me, André, what I see is correct, don’t you doubt that. You’ll have to pull through, otherwise we won’t make any progress in your development.
After all, you felt it yourself, and what you saw is correct. Now pass this on to him.’
For the second time André made it plain that the patient was troubled by a kidney stone.
The visitor replied: ‘All right, sir, then please treat my wife.’
André then told him a few details concerning his children and the man was surprised that he knew about them.
‘These are only small pieces of proof, sir, but I hope that they are convincing to you.’
The next morning he went to the address he had been given in order to treat the sick person, and when he arrived there she was in terrible pain.
He instantly laid his hands on her back, as Alcar instructed him to treat the kidney area properly.
She immediately felt the benefit of the wonderful warmth his hands radiated.
Alcar also told him to pray while he was busy magnetizing; in the meantime he would examine the patient.
On earth Alcar had never been a doctor, but in the spheres, during his life after death, he had finished these studies and could now claim himself as such.
The treatment was finished and had lasted for about ten minutes.
Alcar made it clear to him that the stone would soon break away.
‘Tell her this, André, and set her mind at rest.’
The same time next morning he treated the lady for another ten minutes, and they agreed that if her condition improved, she would then go to his house; otherwise he would return on Monday.
The following morning, this was Sunday, while he was sitting in his room, he suddenly saw this patient in front of him and he heard Alcar say:
‘Go to her, André, these two treatments have already produced a result.’
He hurried to her house as fast as he could, and with surprise in her voice she said:
‘You’re here already, sir?
I thought we had arranged that I would go over to see you; otherwise you would return here on Monday.’
‘Yes ma’am, I know, but just show me the kidney stone.’
‘How do you know it broke free?’
‘How do I know?
Through my leader, ma’am.
And it seems to me that your husband has received enough proof by now that my leader did indeed see correctly.
I’ll tell you how I was informed.
I was at home in my room.
Suddenly I saw you clearly in front of me and I received a message that the kidney stone had broken loose.’
‘To me this is convincing proof, sir.
Last night I had terrible pains and now I’m so glad that I got rid of that nasty thing.
But how were you able to see all this?’
At first André didn’t know what to answer, but then he heard Alcar say: ‘I’ll help you, André, just hand it all over.’
And in a flash he saw the whole situation in his mind’s eye.
Then he began to speak.
‘You wonder how this was possible, ma’am?
I’ll tell you.
I’m under the guidance of a spiritual doctor.
The moment I saw you I understood that something must have happened.
I wouldn’t have come before Monday morning if my leader hadn’t told me to go and see you and that the treatment had already shown success.
I immediately came over and on the way I was told in detail what had happened to you.
That’s why I asked you:
‘Please show me the stone.’
You were surprised.
Of course everything depends on the manner in which the medium is attuned, that is essential.
I’m talking about the link between the spirit and the medium.
This has to be flawless as we must carry out what we are instructed to do.
The spirit sees through everything, ma’am.
Of course my leader knew beforehand what was going to happen to you.
This is how people are helped, this is how they receive proof and how they find out that their illness is not looked down on.’
‘Oh, I think it’s marvellous, sir, and I’m going to tell all my acquaintances about this.
How could this ever have happened without an operation?’
‘We will have to give you a few more treatments, because you must still gain a little more strength, but your recovery will be complete after that.
The worst is over. It was the kidney stone breaking loose that caused all these pains.’
When he came home Alcar told him what had happened that morning.
‘The moment you wanted to tell that lady how you could possibly see all these things, I helped you to make it clear to her.’
André asked Alcar how he knew that all this would happen that very morning.
‘Look, my son, I’ll explain it to you.
Her vibrations, in other words her thoughts, had reached me.
This happened at midnight. She was in terrible pain at the time and I used my powers to help her from this side.
This enabled me to grant her a quiet night.
I also saw that the kidney stone was on the verge of breaking free and that it would then slowly work its way out of the body.
I made my calculations and came to the conclusion that there were still a few hours to go before it would be completely discharged.
I visited her a few times during her sleep and early this morning, as she was about to raise herself up, she again developed heavy pains, due to the stone breaking loose.
You saw the rest yourself, so you know.
When she became so eager to learn about these things, I closed down your thoughts and let mine come through.
She didn’t notice anything herself.
So you see, André, how our link of love enables us to build up a strong connection.
It would even enable me to hand you temporary knowledge of some science or other.
This would happen in semi-trance, while your spirit is still within your body.
By acting on your thoughts I can restrict your words to whatever I want you to say. But it only works if there’s a good connection.
This will enable us to help all the people that come to you.
Listen, always give yourself like you did this morning, and have faith in all the things I let you see and hear.
Follow up my orders at once, no matter how strange they may seem. It will build you up, and soon you will have reached complete spiritual development.’
Some time afterwards it came to André’s ears that this was all to be the devil’s doings.
It caused him a lot of sorrow, not only because these people were so ungrateful, but above all for Alcar’s sake, who had helped her on the quiet, without her even being aware of it.
But that didn’t register with them.
First they say how beautiful everything is. Later they call it devil’s work.
People who pass that kind of judgement are beyond help.
To André this was incontestable proof that friends who had passed away continued to exist, and that they would do anything to convince material man of their willingness to lend support and of their ability to help from yonder side.
Now Alcar had been branded as a ‘devil’, although he was the very one who had delivered the patient from pain and sickness.
It shows how ungrateful man is and how ready to judge.
‘He who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.’
These words applied here, as far as their opinion hadn’t been formed out of sheer ignorance.
André felt that he needed more strength to stand up to situations like these.
Fortunately Alcar once again helped him in all his misery.
‘I knew we would have to hear this’, Alcar consoled him, ‘but follow my advice.
Don’t expect anything, people don’t realize how stupid and ungrateful they are.
Remain superior to all these things, and keep on doing your work diligently, then you can be sure that when your time comes to leave the earth, you too can relax and be happy, knowing that you accomplished God’s work in spite of everything.
God will reward you for that, always bear that in mind.
He alone never forgets anything that was performed for the sake of love.’
This backed André up again, and soon afterwards he received news from Alcar that he would take him along on a journey through the Hereafter.
‘Make sure, my son, that you’re in your room at nine o’clock this evening.
You’ll be accompanying me to the spheres.
Tell your parents that nobody, and I really mean nobody, may disturb you!
Inform them what we’re going to do and wish them good night before you go to your room.
Then they won’t need to come up to see you and can go straight off to bed.
Make sure too, that you’re calm and collected, and give yourself over willingly.
Quietly go off to sleep, I’ll take care of the rest.’
After he had passed this message on to his parents, he prepared himself that evening to accompany Alcar.
Oh, how excited he was. He was going to travel along to unknown areas.
Alcar had told him before that on various previous occasions his spirit had already subconsciously left his body. Subconsciously, because after it had returned to the body, the material body, his spirit would be unable to handle all that novel wisdom.
One day he would return consciously and retain the memory of everything his leader had shown him.
And now the time had come.
He sat there waiting, eagerly looking forward to that moment.
He went through long hours of suspense.
Quarter past nine it was, but still there was nothing to be heard, and no sign of Alcar.
Nor did he hear any music or knocking.
Nothing at all.
He had no idea how this would develop, but he would abide by his instructions and go to bed.
Alcar wanted him to go to sleep quietly, but he wondered how he possibly could, while he was so excited.
Then he yawned, a clear sign that something was taking effect on him.
He already felt himself getting drowsy and tired.
He drifted away, ever deeper, until he was finally fast asleep.
The first words that came through to him were: ‘Come, my boy, see who I am.’
He looked around and noticed only a clear blue light, a few steps to his left.
Then he saw a large white light approaching him, and he got scared.
This was all so strange to him, so overpowering.
The white light kept coming closer.
And then suddenly he saw Alcar before him and he called out: ‘Alcar, this light, is it you?’
With a cry, he flung his arms around Alcar's neck.
‘Alcar, Alcar, now I recognize you.
Oh God!’
André fell onto his knees for joy and happiness, and he thanked God that he was allowed to behold his guardian spirit in this way.
‘Quiet André, take it easy, son.’
Alcar laid both hands on his head to magnetize him and a few moments later he calmed down slightly.
‘I did well, my boy, not to show myself immediately. Your joy would have overburdened your physical frame and that would have been detrimental.’
It suddenly seemed to André as if his blood was surging to his head at full blast.
First he turned cold, then hot, then he felt dizzy and he had to look for support to keep from falling.
But this didn’t last long.
He opened his eyes again and noticed that Alcar was still holding him tightly in his arms.
‘All right, my son, that’s more like it.
You’re all set for the things to come.
We’ve been made one, thanks to your ardent longing and willingness to carry out our task.
Too much emotion wouldn’t have done you any good, as I just said. It would have caused a shock to your material body, which you have now left behind, and you would have been forced to return into your body in a flash. You would have noticed some kind of disturbance.
But I prevented this from happening.
Now that I have shone my light on you and surrounded you with my spiritual energy, my fluid, you will be able to master all your emotions.
Within this aura you’re ready to enter the Hereafter.
Without it your spiritual body wouldn’t be able to handle things.
If there’s anything you want to know, just ask me. I’ll do my best to explain things as clearly as possible.
But first let me tell you what happened here.
Listen, André.
Before you could leave your body, I had to put it to sleep.
You were quite excited, but it’s very easy for us, on this side, to influence a person.’
Alcar laughed, André looked embarrassed and kept silent.
‘Rest assured, my son, I will tell you everything.
I didn’t want to tell you more the last time, since this was to happen soon; otherwise I would have addressed prior to your disembodiment.
I read your thoughts.
To an earthling you now seem asleep, but in reality it’s only your material body that’s lying in bed.
Your spirit is prepared to follow me now, to accompany me wherever I go, no matter where I lead you to.
These are the miracles of your mediumistic powers.
I want to show you how you can still remain attached to your body during our absence.
Look, you see the slender ray of light protruding from your left side, that’s the fluid cord which connects your spirit with your physical body.
It’s the thread of life, hardly visible, and yet you can distinguish it from the light which your body radiates.
If this cord were severed, you would be unable to return into your body.
But no matter how far we move away from here, you will still remain connected, even if the cord is no longer visible.
And yet this invisible cord is material man’s thread of life.
We also call it life itself, because it’s one with matter.
You need to remember this well.’
André had now gone over to the head of the bed and saw himself lying there. He appeared to be dead.
He looked very pale, but his breast moved steadily up and down.
From an earthly point of view it would have been difficult to determine that it was only a physical body lying here, left behind by the spirit.
‘This body must not be disturbed, as I already told you. That’s why I asked you to warn your parents, because the slightest disturbance could break the cord and for the eyes of the world you would have died.’
‘This is terribly interesting to me, Alcar.’
‘It certainly is.
Man is the crown on creation.
God created him after His Own image.
When we leave here, my helpers will remain to watch over your body.
Disembodiment can be dangerous, but when the necessary precautions are taken, nothing can or will go wrong.
All the same, the slightest interruption could lead to a heart failure, and in any case it would result in a nervous disturbance, at the very least, since the heart would not be able to stand the shock caused by the rupture of the fluid cord.
So we must take protective measures.
Look, here come the helpers who will watch over your body.’
André saw six young men come forward who had been standing behind Alcar in the blue light.
They greeted him warmly and he saw that they looked happy and that their features were handsome.
‘In reality they are not as young as they seem, as they have all inhabited the spheres for some centuries now.
Over here the spirit takes on the appearance of the inner being, and a person who leaves the earth at the age of eighty and who has led a bad life, will appear even older on the other side of the grave.
Over here a person’s appearance is the mirror of the soul and he will be marked according to his inherent power.
So those who lost control over themselves on earth will be found to have aged even more over here.
Down there one cannot tell when behind drawn-in cheeks a soul lies hidden that has sunk to a very low spiritual level.
But here that soul stands naked, and the spiritual body takes on the shape it really has.
That is why it becomes unrecognizable and terribly old.
Such a person made little of life on earth and went spiritually astray.
You see the beauty my friends possess, André. They are young, in spite of their two hundred years.
You can’t tell that here, because their spiritual power rejuvenated them.
Look at their light and their aura. These are signs of wisdom and of their love for God.
And yet there will be many who need a thousand years before they acquire this wisdom, this light.’
André looked from one to the other and he noticed how Alcar possessed the purest light of all.
This made it clear to him that his leader was on a higher level.
‘You know, André, you’re ahead of many other brothers and sisters in beholding the Hereafter.
But don’t think you’re the only visitor, because when we’re in the spheres you’ll notice that more people from the earth will come.
You will then see with all of them that they are inhabitants of the earth.
It’s the double aura that singles them out, just as your own double-light envelops you now.
This energy is transparent. That’s why your spiritual body is visible right through my own aura.
And this will make you recognize those who are now visiting the spheres in the company of their protectors, just as you are.
I’m making this clear to you because without this spiritual irradiation nobody can enter the Hereafter from the earth.
In this double irradiation there is one that shows up more clearly than the other.
The dimmer one belongs to the spiritual body of the physical human being.
You will see many who are taken along to the spheres, like you, while they still dwell on earth.
My helpers must especially guard against the danger that threatens from our side, because certain intelligences want to rob the people who have disembodied by breaking their fluid cord.
But my friends will take care of everything and will warn us in time.
It must still be a puzzle to you how that happens, and how they are able to warn us, but in time I will show you this too.
Now we will set off, André. On the way I will tell you more.
Come along now.’
Hand in hand they floated away from the earth.
‘We don’t only take along psychic intermediaries to perform the spiritual work, André, there are also supervising spirits who bring their instruments along for scientific purposes.
These people disembody subconsciously, and they always will.
You, on the other hand, left your body consciously.
But first you will only be allowed to remember part of this journey. However, the rest will gradually dawn on you.
Instruments which serve science receive only what their leader wishes to give to them, and before they return to earth this experience is first enshrined, so that they will retain this in their subconscious mind as accurately as possible.
Do you sense the beautiful influence on all things?
I mean, the abundance that is given to the earth?
It’s still beyond your understanding, but gradually this will also become clear to you.’
André nodded. Everything seemed so marvellous to him, it made him speechless.
‘What I want to tell you, my boy, is that nearly everything concerning the cosmos stems from our side.
Nobody, not even the greatest among the great amidst your scholars could ever discover anything of importance, if the road leading in that direction weren’t shown to him through inspiration from on high.
Of course this only holds for things that benefit mankind.
But unfortunately they also receive evil-minded support through those who live in the lower spheres.
They bear upon people who are receptive and open to bad influences, urging them on to evildoing and wrongfulness.
This is how people are influenced, some for the sake of good, others for evil’s sake.
It’s up to them to choose the road which must be taken.
Many people don’t stop to think this over, because selfishness and vanity make them forget, and their self-interest causes them to disregard the path that leads them upward.
Fortunately the earth is populated by many ‘scholars’ with high principles, but the majority hankers after fame and honour, tokens which are merely temporary, yet for which they’ll fight with all their might, not understanding that these honours don’t result from private knowledge but are due to Guidance from the Hereafter.
To make this clear I’ll give you an example from which you can gather how terrible the situation is on earth.
A long time ago I frequently left my own sphere to visit the planet, because I was interested in everything people did in all their ignorance, and I often had to look on and see how they misunderstood everything, and how they made it impossible for their guides to help them.
I considered myself to be an invisible onlooker, a student, and I was concerned about the things I witnessed.
I kept that up for quite a while.
Then I knew what I had to do, and I made a plan, because I wanted to deter mankind from their wrong ideas and give them pure knowledge instead and then guide them in the right direction.
I have seen terrible situations and witnessed sorrowful scenes, all due to ignorance, inexperience, unbelief and unfamiliarity with the laws of a higher life, which follows after our existence on earth.
I and many others feel compelled to save mankind from the claws of evil, and to convince them from here of the sad truth that the earth and its inhabitants are sick, which we know to be true because we see to the bottom of all things.
We want to call attention to all the misery, and we hope that people will finally realize that they are on the wrong track and that they are playing into evil’s hands, which is why everything is running counter to God’s laws.
For a long time we tried to offer help in silence, to bring happiness and create better conditions.
Many of us operate on earth with the aid of a medium, but only few can keep their instruments out of the claws of evil, as most of them are eaten up with envy. This crushes their own power and makes them renounce their guides who are badly rewarded for their efforts, since nothing is achieved.
Our work is difficult because we must constantly battle against the belief that the easiest way of fulfilling life on earth is to take things as they are.
This attitude serves neither us nor the great cause.
So I realized that no ground would be gained by silent impact, and I asked God for help and strength to enable me to do my work through a medium.
It got me support from higher spheres, as we on our side find help by praying and being heard by God, and I was allowed to see you.
There is guidance in all things, André.
However, you weren’t fit for our work yet, and so I had to be patient.
But I did visit you now and then, while my helpers whom you just saw guided and protected you; since I had other work to do at the time.
I could go on talking to you about this for a long time, but I mustn’t get off the subject.
Finally I was allowed to begin.
You know what happened since and so here we are now, together in the Hereafter.
I ask you fervently, André, remain steadfast.
I will make up to you for a lot.
I suppose you understand my goal and my plans by now.
I need you because I want to make all this known to the world.
In our first lessons I told you clearly enough that this all serves our great cause, namely to convince the people of a life after death.
We will tell them about our journeys and we’ll reveal everything we convey to you.
This spiritual charity will be poured out over the whole earth and will make it progress.
On one of my journeys I saw something sad occur.
Man lives in matter, because of it and along with it, which causes him to forget the spiritual aspect, the beautiful part that must help man’s soul to grow.
And you’ll be surprised to hear that the soul is kept from growing because man refuses to accept the reality of a life after death.
I once saw two brothers working in a laboratory who were searching for new inventions.
They studied chemistry and had already contributed a great deal to science, so that their fame stretched far abroad.
But this didn’t satisfy them, since they were ambitious and craved for new fame.
If these two men had been convinced that life went on, they would have viewed their studies in a completely different light.
When I visited them, they were on the verge of inventing one of the most dangerous explosives you could imagine, and whilst the younger brother was away for a few days, the elder went on experimenting day and night like mad.
He was under the influence of evil.
One night an explosion blew up the laboratory, and his mortal remains were extracted from under the debris.
It was made known on earth that due to an unfortunate accident professor A. had died whilst carrying out scientific experiments.
His brother thought that the chemical tests had been successful.
And they built him a new laboratory where he could continue his research.
Nobody on earth queries what he was searching for, as long as he was successful, and we believe this to be one of the greatest stupidities, because he then opens doors that lead him straight into the hands of evil. That is why everything runs counter to God’s laws.
So what happened on our side?
When the victim found out after the explosion that he was to live on as a spirit, in spite of his death on earth, he had to admit that he had allowed himself to become influenced by evil spirits.
He now realized that, as a result of wrong deeds and notions, he had passed on prematurely, and he decided to make every effort to protect his brother on earth and avert all possible calamities, since the latter was unaware of the bad influence which was being exerted on him. He invoked higher powers for help as he saw that his brother would otherwise be lost.
These are a few of the situations I have witnessed.
When man forgets himself, he is doomed to become putty in the hands of evil.
You can see from this example, André, how necessary it is to open man’s eyes.
Many were lost in this way.
And what did these people achieve?
Not much really.
Their lives turned out a failure because they forgot the spiritual part which was meant to feed their soul.
There are many like that, who are lost because of their ignorance.
We have already travelled far, André, without you noticing, and we’ve now arrived at a spot that links us up with the earth and the spheres.
We’ve been gliding along swiftly, which enabled us to cover this distance in a very short time.
Before we go on, we will take a look at the earth as the spirits see it.
Look down there, that dark-grey disc, it’s the earth.
That’s where your body lies, that’s where you exist and where you live.
But here and now you can assure yourself that you can live outside of your physical body.
It is undoubtedly one of the greatest pieces of evidence you will ever receive, for it will become clear to you by your embodiment.
You see that there is hardly any light on earth. The small light you see nearby isn’t sunlight, which you normally see with your earthly eyes while your spirit is in your body.
This light signifies the sparsity of spiritual energy which the earth emanates.
The clouds you see with your physical eyes have now vanished too.
That’s how bleak the earth looks spiritually.’
‘But I think it’s beautiful and captivating, Alcar, to see the earth like this.’
André looked at his leader who regarded him with a smile.
‘Certainly, it is worth seeing her from here.
But wait till I tell you what caused the earth to be so dark, and you will pray with me and beg God for salvation.
You’ll no longer think that it’s beautiful and captivating, my son.
Do you see that thin grey line, slightly lit up, that revolves around the earth? That’s all the spiritual radiation it possesses.
The light of the earth isn’t white, it’s turbid.
This is the badness we see from this side, the evil that spreads out upon it.
This planet has fallen incredibly low.
Just compare this aura with that of other planets.
There are people up there too, but spiritually and emotionally they attune to a much finer degree, so naturally they’re nearer to perfection too.
Isn’t their light much purer and doesn’t it make you feel happy that you may behold such beauty?
Now look again how dark the earth is.
Down there pure love is no longer known, nor faithfulness towards God.
Everything is deformed and the people only crave for earthly treasures and earthly fame, like those two brothers.
Man wants progress, but he treads the path that leads him downward.
Nevertheless we will do our best to make that light shine clearer, and many will help us.
If ever the earth lights up like those planets above, then pure love will be rediscovered there too, and people will once more begin to live according to God’s commandment.
They would shine again, just as God wants to see all His children shine.
As yet I don’t see this happening, because they’re at each other’s throats. Brothers fight each other.
They steal each other’s happiness and covet and curse the other’s very life.
And so they continue on the road that leads further and further away from the straight.
In their blindness they no longer see God’s ways, nor do they sense the delightful warm rays that lighten up these roads.
To them everything seems cold and barren, and they feel no need to raise their spiritual level.
They go on running through life, they play hide-and-seek with each other and they’re afraid to show each other their good traits.
They’ve lost the courage to do so, and they no longer carry their cross openly for everyone to see.
That’s how low mankind has fallen, how turbid the spiritual light of the earth is and how misunderstood the message became that Christ once brought to this planet.
That is why we and thousands of others, no, millions along with us try to set the earth free by convincing its people anew of a life beyond the grave, and to guide them towards the road that leads upward.
This, my boy, is the spiritual food that will bring them back to God, our common Father.
We receive His love and strength, and His love and wisdom enable us to present them with a different kind of light and a different kind of influence, the holy influence from the spheres.
We bring them the fertile seed that will nourish their soul and blossom and grow high above and beyond all evil. It will turn them back onto the right track, from which they departed long ago, in order to lead them uphill again.’
Alcar stood there like a statue, his arm raised, hand in hand with André, and it seemed as if he had been talking to God above, his heart heavy with sorrow, pleading for forgiveness for the poor earth, and asking for strength for the work he wanted to accomplish.
‘It’s not easy to improve these matters, my boy, because people prefer by far to do the things that do not require struggle.
That’s what man is like, and so he gets swept along towards the dark, because he lacks the courage to fight.
He sinks lower and lower, until he’s in danger of succumbing to misery, and so he finally asks for help and release from that misery which he himself created when he wandered away from the straight and narrow.
So then we leave our realm to come and help that poor mortal.
But he must first ask God for help. Prior to that we can neither reach him, nor can he perceive our outstretched hand.
But if he begs the Father for help, then he will not be lost, because God loves all His children, the evil ones as well as the good ones.
And at long last God will finally see all His children in perfect love and purity.
One day, when you arrive here to remain forever, we will continue the beautiful work together that aims at man’s spiritual ascent.
Come, we must go on now.’
André took a quick look back at the dark disc, called earth.
Down there he lived, there he had to work and convince the people.
And with God’s help he must bring them the light.
The little bit of light which the earth radiated as its spiritual energy had to increase, and he was to help, so that it might one day become a flame.
On they went for a while, both buried in their own thoughts.
André saw how Alcar’s face glowed, although he was still in a sad mood.
Alcar looked at him and asked: ‘Does my son think that I’m grieved?’
‘How did you know what I was thinking?’
‘I read your thoughts, André, or rather, your thoughts reached me.’
"How can it be, Alcar!"
‘Nothing is impossible to us.
We can do anything if we want to.
But to master that, we have to develop.
This is spiritual power, and so it’s something we acquire ourselves.
First of all, one must understand the spiritual language, because when man arrives here he has left all things behind which relate to the earth.
We use the earth’s languages to make ourselves understandable there, but you must understand, André, here we only use our spiritual energy, and this goes for our speech too.
I need it to get into contact with everything and everyone, my six friends included.
This can only be done by means of spiritual energy, because it penetrates everything and therefore functions at a distance too.
But it needs strong will power as well as a strong ability to concentrate.
On our side these have a close mutual connection, which links us up with on High.
Come, let’s try and get in touch with my friends.’
Alcar got out an object that slightly resembled a silk cloth and could easily be stowed away.
A loose strand with a few contact points attached ran around the cloth.
‘Look, this is my receiver. It has considerable power, so that it can unite me with the almighty cosmos that still contains so many secrets.
This gadget is attuned to human energy and integrated with our strong will and our ability to concentrate.
So it’s subject to my will.
Accordingly, the images I want to receive will be forced to become as clear as I wish.
The instrument is made of liquid metal and its secret is only known to the spheres.
A friend of mine designed it and told me that it will take some years before it’s presented to the people on earth.
Now if I want to link up with something, in other words become one with it, then I hold the left hand to the left and the right hand to the right of the cloth, with this contact point here and that button there on the right side.
All right, André, now I’m one with the cosmos.
As I said, the cosmos holds many miracles.
This is one of them, a small but useful miracle.
There are planets where the inhabitants already possess this and make use of it.
But those people are on a much higher spiritual level, so they are much nearer to perfection than those who live on earth.
I know for sure that if it were given to the earth, this noble product would be used to destroy others. So many things we bestowed on the earth are misused for warfare, which was not the intention at all.
Now I must concentrate, and everything I want to see, in other words whatever I think of intently, will appear on this cloth, in the same colour and shape it has in reality.
Here we call this instrument a spiritual mirror or a magic mirror, but my friend said - which is true - that this is television of the mind.
Now pay close attention, you will see something beautiful, but don’t talk, and come and stand behind me.
You can look over my shoulder.’
André noticed how Alcar strained himself, but he didn’t move a muscle.
He sat completely motionless for some moments and then André not only saw himself appear on the cloth, but his room too with everything it contained, as clear as on a photo.
He immediately recognized the young men in the blue light.
The image remained very distinct for some moments, then it faded slightly and finally disappeared entirely.
‘Oh Alcar, how beautiful that is.
I saw myself in my room and your helpers too.’
‘Did you like it, my boy?
This is what I wanted to show you.
I could also make contact with Adonis and talk to him in spiritual language, even though we’re far apart.
There are also other ways to make contact with our friends, but I believe this one to be the best, as it doesn’t require another person.
This method has served me well on many an occasion, and you saw how the image got weaker as soon as I let my thoughts and my will slacken off.
Those who are able to hold on to a certain thing in their mind will obtain results.
For others this instrument is worthless.
Everything depends on concentration and on strong will power.
If my friend is allowed to give the instrument to the earth, it will be conveyed through inspiration.
Try out your powers too and concentrate intently on your physical body.’
André tried, but he could merely bring about a few weak vibrations.
Then he gave up.
‘I’m no good at it, Alcar.’
‘It proves, son, that you must increase your strength.
You’re still unable to keep your goal in mind.
Not that it’s easy, but you’ll get the knack of it yet.’
‘Who is Adonis, Alcar?’
‘My helper, he’s in charge of my other friends.
You’ll get to see him when we return to your room.
I want to come back for a moment to what I just said about giving things to the earth.
There has been some minor progress on earth, but the inventors whom my friend wants to use as instruments will have to show a bit of patience yet, otherwise they will tend to pursue the wrong objectives.
We will now go straight on to the third sphere, the place I want you to see.
There are seven spheres, of which the first and the second one have a lot in common with the earthly sphere, though on a spiritual basis.
Over there, a person gradually starts to develop, in preparation for the higher spheres.
These don’t belong to the purification spheres, they rate as existence spheres.
We won’t find what we’re looking for in these spheres, so we’ll go on to the third sphere.
The people who live there are all working to develop their spiritual level.
Many of them left earth recently, others parted a long time ago.
We’ll soon be there, and I’ve got a lot of surprises in store for you, André.’
‘I hear music, Alcar, where is it coming from?
Oh, what a beautiful sound!’
‘You’ll soon have an opportunity to hear and see all the things that will be granted to us.
The intelligences which you will see are from various areas and they have come especially for this occasion.
You will have noticed that we rose very rapidly since our last stop.
But you didn’t observe anything special.
Did you?"
‘You’re right, Alcar, I only saw empty space.’
‘The earth and the other planets can no longer be seen.
We’re afloat in infinity.
Yet we went through other spheres without you noticing it. This is because you only see what I intend for you. You couldn’t possibly digest everything.
It would overwhelm you.
And we wouldn’t be able to travel as fast if I didn’t keep hold of you with my will power and my thoughts.
This protects you, and you’ll be able to stand up to everything we see and meet up with.
I already told you that we can travel at the speed of our thoughts, but of course this only holds for those who live on our side.
I want you to thoroughly absorb what you’re about to see, because back on earth you must make this known to all those who are willing to listen.
Instil it all firmly into your head, and it will gradually come back to you when you have returned to earth.
You will see everything in your mind’s eye again, as consciously as when you were allowed to experience it in reality.
All the same, you won’t be able to describe it as it really is.
It’s impossible to translate into the languages on earth. It has to be seen and felt.
Nonetheless, the people will be happy when you tell them about life after death and when you assure them that if they live the good life on earth, they will come into the light when they’re here, and heavenly happiness will be their share.
Everyone arrives here in the state he is in, deep within, and he will arrive in the sphere where he belongs spiritually.
In keeping with the law of cause and effect, man reaps what he sows.
Very many arrive here in an unhappy state and often have to spend a long time in the dark, chilly spheres before they can progress spiritually and reach a higher area.
Others however, who already understood on earth that it’s God’s intention for us to spend this life for the good of others and who act accordingly, will, immediately after their transition, feel happy and at home in the sphere that corresponds to their inner being.
I came back to this matter because it’s of tremendous importance.
People should know that those who have lived a good life will dwell in the spheres of light and love, but that those who forgot themselves will find their dwelling place in the spheres of coldness and darkness.
Tell them, André, that everything they encounter here corresponds to their inner life on earth.
All right, now we have arrived in the third sphere.
You will undoubtedly have noticed the change in the light of the heavens.
You will see this happen in all the spheres.
It increases in beauty and draws nearer to perfection all the time. Everything flows together and links up in total harmony.’
They now saw many intelligences coming and going, in large columns and in smaller groups too.
All of them glided along.
‘Are these all people who still live on earth, Alcar?’
‘Partly, my son, but the large majority consists of persons who have passed on from the areas below.
They are all on the same way to the festivity we are also heading for, since they are allowed to participate.
This is a powerful process too, a mighty knowledge, because they need no calling for, they sense this via the higher aspect within themselves.
It illustrates once more the omnipotence of God, who governs everything, here as well as on earth.
Look, we have now arrived at our destination.
We’ll find a place down there in the valley, where we can observe everything clearly.’
André saw a beautiful landscape.
It resembled nature on earth, yet it was milder, and the light, which shone with greater beauty, had a wonderful effect on him.
‘How quiet it is here, Alcar.’
‘All those who live here are happy, even if they only reached the first sphere after leaving the earth, because life in this sphere is on an infinitely higher level than on earth.’
Thousands and thousands of intelligences had gathered in the valley where they had formed a long procession that wound its way through the landscape, and its tail end was a mere dot to the eye.
‘Come, André, let’s go up to the top of that hill to see the procession pass by.’
‘How beautiful it is here, Alcar !’
‘Everything is in harmony with the Infinite, and all these people live in the house they already built themselves on earth.
This here is their spiritual dwelling.’
‘What’s going on now, Alcar?’
‘I’ll tell you.
The valley is a place of dedication, where many brethren will take their spiritual oath.
They’re in the procession and will sit for an exam in certain studies in which they will show their skill. We’ll soon be able to see it take place.
The music you heard before is being played again.’
André heard beautiful melodies, and his whole body vibrated along with this mighty music.
He felt as if he were being lifted up, as if it wanted to carry him away to higher regions.
Never before had he heard anything as beautiful as this, and it impressed him deeply.
The instruments that were being played sounded foreign to him.
Alcar looked at André and noticed that he was crying.
‘Easy now, son, there is more to come that will move you deeply.’
‘I’m crying with happiness, Alcar, and I don’t know how to thank God and you too for taking me along.’
‘You’re about to see much more, but you must be strong, otherwise you can’t possibly take it all in.’
Slowly the procession passed by.
André now saw many spirits in beautiful garments, all in different colours.
‘Do these gowns bear a special meaning for the persons wearing them, Alcar?’
Most of these spirits are connected to an order, and the clothing they are wearing symbolizes their spiritual power.
All these intelligences come from higher spheres than this one.’
André got a splendid view of everything.
Behind the music a person walked who was clad in a beautiful garment and carried a luminous cross in front of him.
‘What is that, Alcar?’
‘This is something you must hold on to with all your soul. It’s the Divine Light, it shines forth from the cross.
I knew we would see it.
This is holy, my boy.
This is the pure, holy light which the cross sheds upon us. When we see this cross, we think of our Master.
This is the Light of the perfect Son of God.
His Radiance.’
Everyone knelt down now. It seemed to them as if the Saviour Himself were in their midst.
‘Kneel down, André, and let us thank God for this glorious light.’
They both knelt down and thanked the Father for this great mercy.
‘Of all the things you will see here, this is certainly the highest and the holiest.
This doesn’t resemble the light that artists on earth paint around the cross as a symbol of Divine love, no, it’s the radiant holy Light of Christ himself.
That’s why I wanted to take you along.
It’s through Him that we have received all this wisdom, this holy light.
You’ll be able to grasp what this means, because you’ve now seen for yourself what the symbol of the cross signifies in terms of spiritual power:
the perfect happiness, the splendour of the light which the Son of God, the perfect child of God, gave to the people on earth.
André had grasped hold of Alcar. It was too much for him, to overpowering.
‘Come on, son, show how strong you are, and listen.
The glow of this light will inspire a change of heart in the unhappy spirits, so that they will try to work their way up and one day prove themselves worthy to possess this light forever.
The person bearing the cross was once my leader, and he is worthy of carrying it.
Many of those gathered here don’t belong to this sphere, they came to the valley from the first, the second and many other spheres to view the light which the cross sheds.
They were all enabled to take part in this festivity, and afterwards, when they return, the urge to develop will reveal itself in them.
They are escorted, just as you are, otherwise they would fall back to the place they came from, as they would be unable to bear the light and the warmth of this sphere.
That is why they must be irradiated by the fluid of their leaders.’
Two young men, who were also dressed in beautiful gowns, walked next to the bearer of the crosss. They immediately attracted André’s attention, as they each carried a book that was decorated with beautiful ribbons and flowers.
He couldn’t read what it said on the cover.
‘Can’t you read it, my son?’
‘No, Alcar. But once again you evidently knew what I was thinking.’
‘I didn’t only read your thoughts and the words on the books, but also the meaning of the inscriptions.
These are the books of life which they are carrying, they stand for wisdom, strength and love, three qualities which are related to the earth and various other planets.’
Alcar was very pleased that André thirsted for knowledge and that he could satisfy his eagerness to learn.
‘How can you tell, Alcar, at such a distance?’
‘Again through spiritual power.
Some day, when you’re ready and you possess this spiritual power, you will be just as able as I am to determine such things, and many others too.
You will become capable of doing this while you’re still on earth. I will develop your gifts to that extent.
I know the contents of these books purely by concentrating.’
The two young men were followed by some fifty youngsters who were all dressed in purple garments and bore many insignia on their left arm and on their breast.
‘What do those decorations mean?
They’re distinctions, aren’t they?’
‘Certainly, André, but don’t compare them to the ones on earth.
Down there they are often awarded for no reason at all, and frequently only for material feats and not for spiritual deeds.
Nobody ever asks how they were earned.
Everything is seen through physical eyes only and has nothing to do with God’s laws.
What’s the meaning of insignia if the person wearing them is spiritually low-down!
Do you understand what I mean, André?’
‘Yes Alcar.’
‘If they weren’t earned spiritually, then they’re of no value here.
Those who wear decorations in the spheres, like these men, have a spiritual right to them.
You can recognize them by their light, their aura and their energy, and by their love for all and everything.
Their degrees and titles are spiritual, sacred possessions.
I’ll come back to that later, when we visit places where there are many people from the earth, who bedecked themselves with distinctions made of metal, purely out of vanity and conceit.
I could go on about this for a long time, but let me finish by telling you that many are ridiculed when they boast about their former possessions, or the functions they once held.
Many who were held in high respect on earth have landed in the dark spheres, and what’s the use of adorning oneself in this way when all is dark within one’s soul?
No, outward lustre loses all its value here. Man must shine from within.
This alone will mark him as a person who gives, and only lives to carry God’s Light in and around himself.
Only then does beauty show in him, and he’ll bear distinctions of spiritual power and be willing to help everyone.
Therefore, my son, adorn yourself with God’s tokens: wisdom, strength and love, earned in simplicity and humility.
It will enable you to support the people who will be lead to understand that love is everything.
God granted these young men spiritual distinctions which they wear in all simplicity, because they give themselves to do good and wish to love everything that is part of God’s life.
And now they will once again sit for an exam in the mighty studies of the laws of life.
That is why these books were brought along.’
André saw radiant happiness on everyone’s face.
In the middle of the valley a few floats had been lined up, which had been decorated with the most beautiful flowers of the spheres, and which carried symbols of wisdom, strength and love.
Everything had been put together harmoniously and created a unity.
Next to the young men the scholars walked, who would test the former in the exams.
All these spirits radiated happiness and wisdom.
‘On earth, André, these men would appear old, but what does age mean here, and time?
Nothing at all, compared to Eternity.
They are all young, because they possess spiritual power.
One does not grow old in Eternity, because the spirit stays forever young.’
All this overwhelmed André.
He could find no words to describe how he felt at heart.
There was no end to all the beauty, but there was one thing he was sure of: this was indeed Eternity, it showed up in everything.
He was overcome by the certainty that God is love.
‘They know what true love is, André, and they possess it.
It is their greatest power. That is why they’re so full of happiness and harmonious, sacred thoughts.
The procession is moving on to that temple that you can see from here, so we’ll hurry on to get there ahead.
There’s something beautiful I want to show you before the ceremony starts, we won’t get the opportunity otherwise.
There is even more over there that will impress you.’
While they walked on Alcar asked if he had noticed something special about the various intelligences.
‘Yes Alcar, I know exactly what you mean.
You spoke about it on the way.
Didn’t you?’
‘Correct, my boy.’
‘I saw lots of persons, men as well as women, who were surrounded by the double light.
That’s what you mean.
Isn’t it, Alcar?’
‘It strikes me that you were able to discern this by yourself. There are spirits who have been here for ages and still can’t sense it, nor can they see whether they are dealing with the spirit of a material being or with an astral spirit.
In other words: With the spirit of an earthling or with an inhabitant of the spheres.
The lower spirits can’t sense this either, because on earth they failed to improve themselves spiritually, so when they arrive in the spheres they are very poor in the spirit.
There are many guardian spirits here now who, like me, are intent on developing their instruments, and want to show them everything as it is in reality, and to convince them of the mercy that is granted to us by letting us dwell here.
We have reached the ‘Temple of Truth’ now, which will be used to hold the exams in.
If we didn’t know that we’re in the spheres, we would presume that this building had been erected by earthly hands.
It’s very like a stone temple on earth, and yet there is nothing material about it.
I will explain this in detail to you later.
We extract everything from the cosmos.
It still harbours many secrets, not only relating to architecture but to many other arts and sciences too.
Isn’t it incredibly beautiful, André?
Would people on earth be willing to believe that houses, buildings and temples can be found in the Hereafter?
And yet here we possess all one could think of, but in a form much closer to perfection, though its essence must of course be thought up spiritually.
Just as everything on earth exists in a material form, with a coarser quality, likewise in the realm of the spirit things have their shape too, yet these are spiritual.
Like attracts like.
As inhabitants of the spheres we are astral beings, so everything must adapt to us.
And the higher the sphere in which we dwell, the more everything within that sphere will show perfection, right up to the highest areas where the truly perfect, the totally ethereal state of being is reached.
We will go into this point later too, and at greater length. At the moment there is still so much you must see, because it will further you spiritually.
So let’s go inside.’
They entered a large hall where many intelligences had already gathered.
Here too André saw many spirits who still dwelt on earth and had evidently disembodied.
There was entire peace and quiet around.
He sensed very clearly that everything was governed by a mighty hand.
There was a large fountain in the middle of the temple, surrounded by beautiful flowers of a glorious colour.
Beyond the fountain a rostrum had been set up, also decorated with flowers.
There was an opulence of beauty that again touched him deeply.
The whole setting resembled a perfect flower garden.
The centre of the fountain was taken up by a symbolic image. The water squirted evenly over all the plants and flowers.
Everything got its share, not one little plant was forgotten.
Everything was saturated with harmony and love.
The large flower got a bit more than the smaller one and the big plant slightly more than the little one. Everything was sprinkled with water and received enough to meet its individual needs.
‘There is harmony in everything, my boy, and it’s striking that something which people take for granted on earth is appreciated by everyone here in such a totally different manner.
It’s because everyone here is in tune with these things.
This is the abundant charm it exerts.
One has to feel it.
Isn’t it wonderful, André?
You see that it captivates everyone.
Those who made it are higher spirits who, without a doubt, possess an exceeding amount of the harmonious, spiritual power which they incorporated into the fountain. That is why it appeals to us and forces us to think of God, who is in everything, and must be understood in His wisdom and harmonious power by the spiritual aspect in us.
It teaches us to act harmoniously in everything we do, just as God expects of us.
This fountain certainly has a very deep meaning.’
‘Yes, Alcar, I feel that it was made with this intention.’
‘This observation of yours is also very correct.
I just told you what it teaches us, didn’t I?
You see how everyone present here is held spellbound by its influence.
This is the great mystery that is inherent in everything related to the Divine.
God’s ways and laws move in a mysterious way.
All the same, everything is simple if you wish to be whole and in harmony with God.
This doesn’t mean being on a personal basis with God, but to live as He wants all His children to live.
That’s how this fountain symbolizes man and stands for harmony, wisdom, energy and love.’
‘Now I understand it all, Alcar.’
‘I’m glad, my boy.
If we want to be one with God, then we feel that a link exists, that we love Him, and that we want to be His child, as we ought to.
We must all be God’s children, who long for wisdom, energy and love.
Then man will be on the way up, then he will shine from within.
Those who are about to arrive will also grasp the intention of this symbolic image.
For them these words were well chosen: ‘And do not forget one blade on your acre, where everything, small though it may be, has the right to exist, the right to live.’
Is this all clear to you, André?
It sprinkles everything and forgets nothing.
And everything we do must likewise be done, with love in mind.
That’s our spiritual nourishment and our strength.
The spiritual teachers will show their pupils in full harmony how the fountain accomplishes its work.
This they can do by their common love for God.
In everything they do, they tread the path of love, because love is the ultimate and the most sacred, created by Him.
In a few moments one of the leaders will speak to those who are taking their exam, to those who live here and to those, like you, who have come from earth to participate in this.
He will point out the tremendous inner power which everyone possesses.’
Trumpets resounded now, as a sign that the entire procession had arrived and that the ceremony could begin.
One of the scholars, dressed in a beautiful garment, had taken his seat on the rostrum.
Above him hung a luminous cross that had been decorated with white lilies as a symbol of purity.
This was the sacred, pure white light that Christ radiated as the perfect Son of God.
Complete silence set in and all kneeled down. The solemn, sacred moment had come.
It moved André deeply.
‘This leader is known here as a Spirit of Love, a name of honour which he earned himself through his deeds.
He will speak about ‘Self-confidence’, André. Another thing I already know.
It will give everyone support and strength for their development.’
In a clear, sonorous voice the speaker began:
‘My sisters and brothers!
You who are about to take your exam, you who still dwell on earth, and also you who already live on this side, all you who are heavily laden, I want to address you all.
When life becomes too heavy to continue and you don’t know where to turn to, have faith.
Every battle in life is difficult, but I tell you, hold your head up high, keep your eyes fixed on God, fixed on God’s Light.
Follow that road, and you will accomplish a lot, and even more.
Sisters and brothers!
Be of good cheer.
We want to help you to overcome the heavy struggle.
I come into your midst as your friend and bring you words of support and consolation.
I feel the need to imbue you with confidence in yourself, for what is a man without self-confidence!
Is he not a wreck on life’s ocean?
Self-confidence, in the knowledge that enables you to achieve something, to accomplish a certain thing, isn’t that the essence in man’s existence, here in the spheres and on earth?
And this serves to examine the higher aspect in our self-confidence.
The word is so simple.
Confidence in yourself.
This means: first turn yourself inside out, to find out what is good and what must be regarded as unusable.
And if you still have a bit of self-confidence left, then you face the heavy task of humbling yourself to make that little bit of good in you grow.
This turns the spirit and the shell of man into something beautiful.
But be careful that your self-confidence never degenerates into self-satisfaction. Watch out for that.
Self-confidence is the source of energy that should carry you towards all that is good.
Lack of self-confidence reduces you, makes you and void, and inflicts a feeling of inferiority on you.
Self-confidence gives you strength, not merely in your social status. First and foremost it is to be the source that nurtures all good things in life on earth and in the spheres.
So this doesn’t only hold for man in his earthly day-to-day worries, but also and above all in his love for God’s creation, for God’s Omnipotence, for his fellow human beings and for all that is good.
You need all of this, here as well as on earth.
And when God gives you a task, difficult though it may be, accept it and trust that you are able to accomplish it.
You will then sense the sacred element within, and you will say: ‘How grateful I am that God gave me this task and that I may fulfil it.’
Then, beloved ones, your self-confidence will have grown and become stronger, and you will feel, after all your struggle and your strife, that you have gathered enough strength to accomplish the task you were given, and that you have therefore advanced to a higher spiritual level.
Then self-confidence will have been returned to you, and you can cast away all your dark thoughts and realize that it was God who gave you this energy, and that He assigned this task to you, and it will also make you understand that your merciful Father demands nothing from you which you can’t accomplish.
Have faith in the victory of life’s battle.
Have faith in spite of the adversities you must all face up to on life’s path.
But above all have faith in the love which God gave to man as His greatest gift of all.
Self-confidence and self-knowledge inevitably lead you to God’s holy love.
Life’s struggle isn’t easy for any of you, but know that the heavier the battle is, the more splendid the victory will be.
Only those who choose to triumph in spite of troubles and worries will receive God’s blessing.
They will subject themselves to God’s will, they will accept all things.
Those who know no struggle cannot rise.
They fall deeper and deeper because they lack the one thing a person needs in order to be himself.
It’s self-confidence.
Fight your battle for goodness’ sake, but make sure that you emerge victorious and that you have the confidence to rouse the good in you and make it stay awake.
Have self-confidence, have self-confidence, then you will trust in God too.
But even though this lesson on life seems true, it’s often so very difficult to follow up, isn’t it?
Then always remember that you are children of the almighty Father, who never forgets His beloved in all their strife and worry, and Who supports them in times of darkness, on earth as well as in the spheres.
Therefore look up to Him Whom you call your Father.
And if ever you bow your head and say from the bottom of your heart: ‘Father, I can’t go on’, then lift up your head and look down on all your worries.
You will see them in a different light, because in that moment God, in all His goodness, will have given you back the self-confidence you lacked.
Man, pray frequently, for the sake of your work and your studies.
Pray in times of joy, but also in times of trouble.
Pray whenever you can, and put your will into it.
Pray for self-confidence, and know that without it you cannot be a child of God.
Pray that it may never be taken away from you, because then you would feel how small you are: no more than feckless matter.
I pray to our common Father to help you, support you, strengthen you, and to give you wisdom, energy and love.
To give you the self-confidence you need, to attain all that is good.
May God’s blessing rest upon you all.
Deep silence followed the speech and the prayer of this high intelligence.
Then another spirit in a garment of a different colour stepped onto the rostrum and spoke the following words to those present:
‘My beloved, sisters and brothers!
I also want to address some words to you.
Whenever things get too hard for you in life, either here in the spheres or on earth, then pray, pray, pray.
Love is the highest, the ultimate, sacred and sacrosanct.
God blesses you for every victory you gain over yourself.
But it’s difficult, and you’re often confronted with seemingly insurmountable situations.
Then God says: ‘Do my will!’ And you answer: ‘My God, I can’t.’
But God is unrelenting and tells you: ‘You must’, and you keep on feeling his indisputable will.
‘You must, my child. This is how it has to be, I want it this way.’
Then you think you can’t, and you want to resist to the utmost.
But God insists, and finally you’re ready and you bow your head before God’s stern, yet holy will, and you have gained a victory over yourself in this exceedingly bitter, heavy and painful battle that cost you blood and tears.
And yet, you had to.
Then God tenderly lays His hands on your bowed head and says: ‘Well done, My child, I am with you.’
You will all be confronted with these difficult times. Don’t run away, you cannot evade them.
Look this righteous battle squarely in the face and don’t try to escape, because not your will, but God’s will shall be done.
They were all deeply touched and felt the holy influence of the words that were spoken to lend them support and give them strength.
André was very moved too by the profound yet simple prayers, by the spiritual support and by everything he was allowed to behold in the spheres.
It affected him deeply, and in his heart he thanked God fervently for this glimpse into the Higher World.
‘Come André, it’s time now for us to leave.’
‘Oh Alcar, it’s so beautiful here, so holy.
If only I were allowed to stay here, how happy I would be!’
‘That’s for later, my son. When you finally arrive here for good, you will be eternally happy.
The festivity will go on and more scholars will be speaking, but we must return to earth.
Before we go, I ask you to take in everything carefully, so that you’ll be able to relate all this on earth.’
André again looked at all those standing around him and at the splendour of the spheres.
‘It’s terribly difficult for me to have to say good-bye to this, Alcar.’
‘Absorb these things thoroughly, son. The beautiful influence of these spheres must also stay with you, because for the time being you won’t get to see all this again.’
They glided back to earth.
‘We still have two hours left, which we will use to discuss and absorb a few things on the way.
Now we’re back to the same level we were at during our journey out, when we could see the earth, only now we’re facing in the opposite direction.
Look, it’s above us now, just as you see the sun when you’re on earth.
Look upward, askew.
That’s the earth.’
Again André saw the planet with its dark aura.
‘Its inhabitants keep on looking for dark things, André, and that makes them forget the light which ought to be their spiritual food.
One person begrudges the other what the latter has gained in an honest way.
People are dissatisfied with a decent profit and try to hoard as much as possible at the expense of their sisters and brothers, whom they cause so much misery and sorrow.
That’s how man trudges along through life.
That’s how he lives in a dark hell which he refuses to become aware of.
Now you can perceive the big difference between the influence you observed in the third sphere and that which the earth radiates.’
‘But people pray on earth, Alcar.
Isn’t that worth something, doesn’t that help?
Can’t the prayers that are sent up to God light up the earth?’
‘There’s a lot of praying being done, my boy, a lot, but not humbly and in simplicity, because man always prays for himself.
His prayers don’t reach God.
Of course there are people who pray, but only few send up a prayer that is free from self-love and self-interest.
Most of the prayers that pass us by – because a prayer climbs up to God and passes us on the way – are full of questions, full of selfish thoughts.
People don’t seek Him, they are primarily in pursuit of themselves.
Some ask for money, others for wisdom.
There are those who request to win a war.
That’s how it keeps on going.
Wisdom is requested, merely to abuse it for evil purposes. This is contrary to God’s laws.
That’s how they pray, my boy.
You just heard the simple tone in which the high spirits addressed us and prayed.
We too will thank God and try to approach Him in humility.
The people have forgotten how to love God, and their prayers don’t come from the bottom of their heart.
Before we part we will send our prayer to God in all modesty, as it ought to be done.
Like a child praying to his father.
Come, kneel down beside me and let us thank God for granting us the fortune that we can help the people on earth through His grace.
We will thank Him for the support and the strength we received in the spheres.’
Close together, shoulder to shoulder, they prayed to God, and André heard how Alcar’s voice trembled when he said: ‘Almighty Father.
Many days have gone by, even if they melted away into Eternity.
We have partaken of joys and sorrows, and support is our share.
We thank you, Father, for we are weak.
We are weak, because we are willing yet all too often we are unable.
Father, we are weak because we are human, but we want to rise up higher, Father, there is a holy calling in our heart, a cry for support, and we feel how the spirit embraces us and leads us upward to the things on high.
Father, have mercy on us for our sins.
You, Omnipotence of love, guide us and strengthen us.
You urge us on, unremittingly, on our path to seek and to find.
We thank You, Father, for everything in our life, for joy and for sorrow, for happiness and distress.
Father, You may burden us as You will, but do not abandon us.
We know that You have come down to us in Your almighty Love.
We know that You will support us and will forgive us and therefore, Father, we thank You.
We beseech Your mercy for our sins, and we will try to draw near to You.
Father, once again, forgive us our debts and our sins.
Cast the veil of evil from us and let us enter into Your Fatherly house.
We thank You.
Through his tears André looked at his leader.
His emotions got the better of him.
He felt how Alcar’s prayer had been simple but very profound. He couldn’t restrain himself and threw his arms around his leader’s neck, full of happiness and love for his Almighty God.
‘Just you cry, André, let your tears flow, son.
Sometimes it’s good to cry to one’s heart’s content.
Let your tears flow.
It’s a sign that your heart is full of emotion. You bowed your head and you honestly asked God for forgiveness.
It will strengthen you, be assured.
Do you feel better now?
Are you strong enough again to stand up to everything?’
‘Yes Alcar, but it’s all a bit much for me.’
‘It is indeed, my boy.
But come on now, we must go.
This was the prayer that I used to send up to God as a child when I still lived on earth, and I always felt an enormous peace and quiet come over me when I spoke from the bottom of my heart.
It always gave me strength, because when we pray humbly, without self-love, when we shoulder the cross that God gives us to bear, then we will find solace in prayer and it will give us increasing consolation.
Don’t fret or complain if ever things get too heavy to endure in life.
You will get wiser through battle, and it will make you grow spiritually, because if darkness never spread around you, you could not appreciate the light.
We could go on for hours on end, but it’s high time now.’
Within a very short time they were back again in André’s parental home.
Everything was still quiet, and Alcar’s helpers were still in his room. They immediately came forward to greet their brother.
‘Did you understand my messages, Adonis?’
‘Yes brother.’
André knew now who Adonis was.
Adonis looked at him smilingly and asked if he felt impressed by the things he had experienced.
‘I don’t know what to say.
Words fail me to describe all that beauty.’
Adonis and his friends now left, after Alcar had said that he would notify them about further work ahead.
Then André felt that the moment of parting had come, and an anxious feeling took hold of him.
Again he had to part from his beloved leader, and he couldn’t hold back his tears.
‘Be still, André, be strong, son.
We’re not parting for good.
Only a short period, then you will see me again, from one spirit to another.
I’m always at your side, you know that. After all, you can hear me and see me.
This is the end of your first journey, and you made it by leaving your body.
Be strong, we’ll go more often, we’ll make more journeys and let’s hope they all succeed.
Now before you return to your body I will release you from my fluid and my strong will power, because if I happened to forget, you would experience something strange tomorrow.
If I didn’t release you from my fluid, it would penetrate into your physical body and that would hinder you in your earthly work, as you would feel strongly.
Of course I must prevent this and see to it that you wake up peacefully after this first journey.
When you descend into your body you will experience a minor shock which can’t be avoided, in spite of all my precautions.
After you wake up, everything you heard and beheld in the spheres will gradually come back to you.’
Suddenly André felt himself getting terribly tired.
‘What does this mean, Alcar?’
‘It means that I have released you from my fluid and my strong will power.
You were tuned in to the spheres and now your spiritual body is once again prepared to descend into your material body.’
He felt shivery, and all at once the fatigue was gone.
‘All right, André.
I have now demagnetized you, like I did when we left.
It’s good-bye now!
Here’s your garment, your material casing.’
Again André knelt down before his spiritual friend, thanking him for everything that had been granted to him.
Suddenly everything turned dark in front of him, and he no longer saw his leader.
Again he felt that he was rising. It was just as if he were being lifted up.
This was followed by a descending sensation.
Then he remembered nothing more.
He awoke with a start, jumped up and saw that it was only seven o’clock in the morning.
‘Oh’, he thought, ‘that leaves me a bit of time.’
His body felt clammy and his forehead was sweaty.
He had the impression that he had slept tightly, because his eyes felt heavy, and he also felt a band around his head.
But soon he fell back into a deep rest.
After a while his mother came to wake him and he went downstairs feeling physically relaxed.
The whole morning went by quietly.
He heard nothing, all was peaceful around him. But in the afternoon, while he was daydreaming a bit, he suddenly saw Alcar standing beside him.
‘André’, he heard him say, ‘are you tired?
Listen, I have something to tell you.
I suppose you know that you were with me in the spheres last night.
That’s why you feel that band around your head. It will disappear soon enough.
Tomorrow everything will come back to you again.
By then it’ll be easier for you to concentrate and to understand the things we saw together.
Now I want to make a drawing.’
André laid paper and pastel colours ready, and within a short time he was completely absorbed.
Strange flowers were being drawn, but when the work was finished he seemed to recognize these flowers.
Where had he seen them before?
He couldn’t remember properly.
In any case they couldn’t be flowers on earth, because they had such a strange shape.
They were spiritual flowers, Alcar told him.
They had beautiful colours, and the work had been finished within half an hour.
How good his spiritual leader was to him!
‘I took possession of you with a special purpose in mind, and I could find no better way than to put you into a trance.
While I was using your organism I also acted upon your physical body. The band around your head and the feeling of fatigue have disappeared by now.
By using your organism I set you free from everything that was troubling you.
This can only be brought about by those who know how to make use of the higher energies and are attuned to these themselves.
This is the protection which we owe to God’s goodness.
One other thing, André. What you now carry around in your subconscious mind was given to you consciously while you were in the spheres.
I will help you to revive these memories.’
Alcar left.
And now this belonged to the past too.
Not only had it enriched André spiritually, he had also received a beautiful drawing, made by spiritual hands.
Following this, his ability as a medium developed rapidly within a short time.
His clairvoyance improved considerably and he made especially good progress in seeing and feeling sicknesses.
To him material things were irrelevant and only served to perceive their spiritual truths.
Alcar also wanted his psychometric gifts to help him feel and diagnose illnesses and then cure them.
The results were fabulous.
He was called on by many people whom he could show, by his psychic gifts and by facts, how beneficial it would be for mankind to accept the true energies, meaning those who possessed these gifts, and how this would provide support for many people and be a blessing to them.