Healing and the value of positive energies

Shortly after his aunt had passed away, André was asked to attend to a child.
The parents were worried and called in his help.
The doctors who had treated the child had been unable to heal him.
The fever, which had forced the fourteen year old boy to stay in bed since quite some time, would not ease off and they were unable to find the cause.
When André’s help was called in, he was with friends who lived about four miles away from the patient’s house.
The boy’s uncle had been looking for him that evening and finally found him there.
He had brought a photo, from which André was to diagnose the illness.
He held the portrait in his hands for a few minutes, then he told the visitor: ‘Listen, try to understand what I say.
At the moment the boy has got a temperature of 39.4 C°. This was taken five minutes ago.
Please note the time. What matters to me is to prove to you that I see clearly.
Would you be so kind and phone to ask if this is correct?’
The uncle called, and André’s statement was found to be true. Some minutes previously the temperature had indeed run to 39.4 °C.
Together they went over to the house of the sick child.
Their arrival caused a nervous situation.
Some believed him to be a doctor and when they heard that this wasn’t the case, a few of them moved away from him.
The boy’s mother offered him a chair, but he saw the spirit of an elderly lady sitting there.
He soon made contact with this spirit, who told him that she was the sick boy’s grandmother.
This spirit who clearly manifested herself before him, also told him where the patient was lying and how he should go to find him.
‘I have come here’, she said, ‘to help them. He won’t pull through this way, sir.’
This had come to him in a flash, so that when the mother offered him the chair he immediately answered: ‘Thank you, ma’am, but I’d prefer to remain standing.’
This enabled him to wave the offer aside.
He didn’t want sit down where someone else was already seated, even if she wasn’t visible to the others.
The tense situation lasted for a while and he got the impression that some of those present would rather see him go than remain.
He felt that they had no faith in him.
He decided to put a stop to this and asked: ‘What am I expected to do here, ma’am, why was I called?
Let your brother-in-law tell you what I was able to determine from a distance.’
The man then related what André had seen, and it impressed some of them for a little while but the others, he felt it, would have nothing to do with a quack like him.
What would the doctor have to say?
He picked up their thoughts.
But suddenly the mother said: ‘Sir, please come with me.’
André stopped her in her steps and said he knew how to get to the sick-room.
‘Do you know my house?’ she asked.
‘Have you been here before?
Or did my brother-in-law tell you about it?’
‘Your brother-in-law did not tell me anything, madam, and I have never been here before, and I don’t want to know about it.
But tell me whether my description is correct.’
‘Yes, it’s correct’, she answered.
Then he told her that her mother had informed him, but this didn’t impress her either.
She smiled and didn’t comment.
Life after death was unknown to her.
André led the way to the room where the sick child was lying. The others followed.
‘Look, ma’am. Your child has got a temperature of 39.4 °C.
I will help him and then, when you take his temperature again, it will have gone down to 37.6 °C.
I tell you this in advance, to convince you. These things reach me in advance too.’
He went over to the child and laid his hands on the boy’s head.
Then he fervently prayed to God to send Alcar strength, so he would be allowed to help the boy.
The treatment lasted for about ten minutes.
They then returned to the front room.
André spoke a few words with the mother and asked her to take the boy’s temperature.
They were all curious whether the prediction would come true.
The thermometer showed 37.6 °C.
‘Another beautiful piece of evidence for you, ma’am, that you weren’t listening to empty words.
Everything I told you was first given to me.
Otherwise I would not have known.
There’s a spiritual doctor standing next to me, whom you can’t see or hear, but I can.
This person, who formerly lived on earth and now dwells in the Hereafter, has taken on the task to heal the inhabitants of the earth from the spheres. He also wants to convince them of the enormous value of spiritualism and the riches it offers them.
I am his instrument, and my gifts enable me to hear and to see him.
The spiritual doctor sees through things because he is a spirit.
A material being cannot do this.
So he can see what is wrong with your child.
So could he determine ahead that the temperature would go down to 37.6 °C.
You saw that this was true.’
‘I tell you this to convince you.
Like you said, you have never ever heard about these things before and so it’s something you can’t just give yourself over to.
You’re worried, and I want to provide you with enough proof to take this worry away from you.’
He said good-bye and promised to come back the next morning.
At that moment the temperature amounted to 38.4 °C.
After the treatment it immediately rose, and a quarter of an hour later, when the mother applied the thermometer again, it showed 40.1 °C.
She and the other members of the family got terribly worried; they would have nothing more to do with André and his magnetism.
But he didn’t intend giving up as easily as that.
He felt that if he didn’t exert himself and make every effort, the child would suffer for it, and he certainly would not let that happen.
‘Listen, ma’am, I want to tell you something, all of you.
When I treated the boy yesterday, the temperature immediately dropped, you witnessed that, and while I treated him today it rose again.
I’ll tell you what this means.
You know the doctors were unable to banish the fever.
Your child has been in the same condition now for three weeks and nothing, nothing at all has helped.
But what happened yesterday?
Immediately after the treatment the fever dropped, which we accomplished by magnetizing him.
The doctors tried everything science made possible. Yet all their endeavours and all their medicine were to no avail. The fever didn’t subside, whereas it did after those ten minutes yesterday when I magnetized him.
Now the fever has risen and you are worried.
This is because you don’t know, you don’t understand what happened.
But I’m extremely glad that the temperature has deviated from its steady reading.
What caused it to do so?
Due to the magnetic emanation the illness is boosted.
The temperature rose because the powerful magnetism attacked the germs.
And this automatically causes a counteraction in the course of the illness.
This happens to many people, but not to all.
It has to do with the patient’s nervous condition.
Now your child is too weak to handle this.
But you can rest assured, my energy is too strong for the fever to resist.
However, if you don’t trust me, then there’s nothing more I can do.’
He left, but after two days they came to fetch him again.
‘Please come with us, sir. We spoke with our doctor and he had heard about you.
When he heard your name he said you might be able to help our child.
‘Is his name André?’ he asked. And when he heard that it was, he said: ‘I’ve heard about him. He’s supposed to be very good.’
That’s why I’ve come for you again, sir.
Please don’t take offence at what happened. We know so little about these things.’
He went along immediately.
On the way he spoke to the mother and said he realized that they weren’t acquainted with these phenomena.
‘The world is ignorant, ma’am, and even many learned people keep on dwelling in the dark.
So I’m not surprised at all at your disbelief, although I did give you proof of my gifts.
I’m not a quack, I heal on a small scale, just as Christ once did on a large scale.
Two thousand years ago miracles were performed, but nowadays they also occur.
You can see and experience this for yourself if you care to knock on the right person’s door.
They are able to help you by a prayer and their magnetic energy.
I can do nothing by myself, I do my work with the aid of my spiritual leader.
This work is a gift from God. To me it’s sacred, and I won’t let people who neither know nor believe in these things make fun of it just because they’re not clairvoyant themselves and don’t understand anything of the power which a medium possesses.
This is a sacred gift, ma’am, and if we wish to make good use of it we will receive all the help from above which we need.
Physical man only believes what his physical senses tell him, because his spirit isn’t tuned in yet to the things on high and so he’s unable to accept the existence of spiritual things.’
When André got back to the sick boy, the little lad still had a high temperature but he was very glad to see him again.
He told his mother: ‘Mum, this man can cure me’, which set her crying.
The boy looked at André affectionately.
His eyes begged for healing.
He felt moved, because this young child sensed the beauty within the energy he had given him.
Need more be said?
To the parents this must surely mean everything.
Their sick child instinctively felt that André could help him.
But his parents’ ignorance was in the way.
They loved the child and wanted to do everything possible to save it, but their ignorance was playing up.
André wasn’t a doctor. They had never experienced anything of its kind and didn’t realize that a magnetizer of high moral standing will never do anything he cannot answer for, as he is under spiritual guidance.
Deep down André cried when he saw the poor child lying there and looking up at him, pleading for pity.
It hurt him.
He suddenly heard Alcar say: ‘That’s the world for you, André.’
For the third consecutive time he laid his hands on the boy’s head, and after the treatment the temperature was down to 38.6 degrees.
The next morning he received news from Alcar that the fever had again risen to 40.2 and that he would soon be called for, which he immediately told his father and mother.
‘Listen, mum.
If somebody comes, repeat to that person what I have just told you. I want to give these people all the proof I can, because they cannot be convinced.’
A quarter of an hour later the uncle who had come to fetch him the very first time rang the bell and requested him to come again.
André asked him to first go and see his parents, as they wanted to tell him something.
The man had no objection.
‘But’, he said, ‘I don’t need anymore proof myself, and I regret that you can’t get through to my brother.
I can’t understand why they’re so stubborn.’
André took him to his parents and what the uncle heard was added proof to him, though he needed no more convincing of André’s special gifts.
Together they set off to the sick boy’s home and when they arrived André immediately went to see him.
In the midst of all the chattering people standing around him, he heard Alcar say: ‘André, I will examine the child again and I want to do something now.
Pay close attention.’
André took hold of the boy’s right hand and sat down on the edge of the bed.
Next to him the members of the family were gathered, all of them very anxious.
Whenever the need arose to diagnose a case, he usually went into a trance so that Alcar could look inside the body of the patient and then André would take over the patient’s ailments.
This enabled him to sense the illness.
The trance never lasted more than ten to twelve minutes.
In this condition he didn’t only sense the patient’s illness, he also saw what he or she was suffering from.
And every time he came round out of a trance, he would hear Alcar talking and checking him out what he had seen concerning the illness. This always happened very quickly.
Now, while he was holding the child’s hand, Alcar told him that there was an infection in the right lung, something he himself had already sensed.
Alcar, as his leader and supervisor, made it clear to him that he had seen correctly.
‘This is an infection, André, which causes neither coughing nor phlegm. There are no symptoms that point to the cause, and it’s not surprising that the doctors were unable to find it. They had no indication to diagnose an infection.
Action must be taken soon, and we will now hand the little one back to them.
But before we withdraw I will give his parents something.
Get a piece of paper and a pencil, André.’
André did what he was told.
Alcar claimed his right arm and a few seconds later a lung was drawn, with a black dot in the upper right-hand corner, with circles around.
André knew what he had to say, because Alcar had already conveyed it to him.
‘Come with me’, he said, and they all went to the other room.
‘Sir, ma’am’, he continued, ‘I can do no more for your child, and I hand my task over to your family doctor.
Act quickly.
Do everything you possibly can and make sure an X-ray is made of the right lung before twelve o’clock tomorrow.
Don’t disregard this advice because the consequences would be incalculable.
Your child has got an infection in the right lung, which the doctors were unable to discover.
Act as fast as you can and hand them this drawing.’
Would they take his advice?
If they didn’t, they could expect the worst to happen.
The next day, at four o’clock in the afternoon, they came to bring the good tiding that he had seen correctly, as the infection was exactly on the spot he had indicated in the drawing.
It had been confirmed by the X-ray.
The doctors had asked who had made the drawing and the family doctor, who had brought it along, answered: ‘This drawing was made by a carpenter’s son, who is a clairvoyant and a magnetizer.
This is very remarkable indeed.
Here we have incontestable proof that such forces exist.’
André was very happy to hear this, and he went up to his room to thank God for the great help which Alcar had received.
He prayed from the bottom of his heart that he, as an instrument, had been allowed to present this plain proof to science.
Four weeks went by without further news, but one day they came back to see him and requested him to visit them again.
At first the boy had made wonderful progress.
He was up and about, playing again, and he would sit in front of the window looking outside.
He had been ill for a long time and yearned to go out, so that his mother had asked the doctor if that was allowed, now that he was feeling so well.
The doctor had agreed. If the sun was shining and the weather remained as fine, he was allowed to spend five minutes outside, between twelve and one o’clock.
‘But remember’, he had added, ‘not more than five minutes, and he’s not allowed to stand about, he has to move around.’
The mother was glad, and around half past twelve she had taken him for a five minute walk.
Her son thought is was wonderful and he was quite content when they were upstairs again.
But in the afternoon he felt off-colour, became increasingly quiet and finally, towards six o’clock, he wanted to go to bed.
The next day he didn’t want to get up and this had gone on for three days now.
He was also running a slight temperature.
André sat down and again took the little lad’s right hand in his. He stayed in that position until he heard Alcar say that the child was lost.
He got a terrible shock but restrained himself.
He got up and washed his hands to rinse away the child’s influence, in order to get rid of the pain which he had taken over from him.
Then he said good-bye to his little patient and told the mother he would phone the doctor.
‘Do you think he’s worse, sir?’
‘Not really’, he fibbed, because he didn’t know what he should answer.
It hurt him.
Alcar had shown him that the lad would pass on, but he didn’t want to hurt the parents ahead of time.
‘Don’t you worry yet, ma’am, I can’t say anything definite yet.
But I can tell you one thing: the child should not have been outside.’
He was sad when he left.
He could imagine the parents, shattered by the tremendous sorrow that was awaiting them.
He suffered along with them and tears came to his eyes.
‘Yes, it’s hard’, he thought.
‘It will be very hard for them, but the dear little boy will be happy.
He will arrive in the Hereafter, where he’ll go on living.’
He phoned the doctor, but got no answer.
He would try again in the evening.
In the meantime he tried to contact Alcar. There was something that worried him.
He wanted to know what it was and what it meant.
With his inner voice he called out urgently: ‘Alcar, Alcar, please come, help me.’
Immediately he heard his faithful leader and, as always, he calmed down instantly.
‘Why the worry, my boy?
What is there to fear?’
‘Alcar, I’m afraid I didn’t see properly.
What should I tell the doctor?
My inner voice tells me that the child is going to pass on. And yet I’m afraid.’
‘Come, André, let’s pray.
You know that prayer helps us in hard times, in fearful moments.
We will beg God for strength and send that same simple prayer up to Him, which we said on our first journey.
I gave you that prayer.
It will strengthen you and take away your fear.’
André prayed fervently and when he finished, Alcar added: ‘Great Father, Almighty One.
There was a time when we swayed in our belief in You.
There was a time when the storm made our little boat drift off course and made us into a plaything of the waves in the ocean of troubles and suffering.
But now we know that we hold the compass in our hands, and that He who is raised above the storm will lead us safe and sound into His Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven.
We are very grateful for this knowledge, but we are still lacking in so many things, we have so much to learn and we have so much to bear.
There are times, Great Father, when the staff we lean on bends, when life becomes hard and we feel like children whom something has been forbidden.
But the search led us to knowledge and knowledge ended the search.
Oh God, let Your veil of love cover us.
Raise us up to Your great love and Your magnificent Creation.
Father, hear us, forgive us, help us and give us Your truth. Amen.’
André sighed deeply. His prayer, and Alcar’s, had cast all his fears away, and granted them both strength again.
Then he heard Alcar say: ‘Now see carefully, André.’
Again he saw the little boy, but this time he saw him being carried away.
There were wreaths on the bier and everyone was dressed in black.
‘Tell the doctor that this will happen within four weeks, André.’
‘Yes Alcar, but now I also know what made me so afraid. I was scared to predict.’
‘Predict now, my son.
Not to the parents, but to those who should know.
I conveyed my fear to you and wanted you to feel how I detest those who abuse this gift for the sake of matter.
I detest those who force a medium to predict a future for them which he can’t vouch for and thereby ruin many noble souls and so much beauty too, merely out of greed for gain and out of lust for sensation.
These mediums obscure their gift. This is what I wanted to show you.
It gladdens me that you felt this too.
Never lower yourself to predictions for a material cause.
We can and will predict, but only on spiritual grounds.
This is open to us, and it allows me to ask my master for help.
I too have my master, André, and I wouldn’t dare bother him with questions that are soiled by earthly dust.
I may ask spiritual questions, I may ask God for strength, and it will be given to us.
Remember, André: never tell the future or give answers where matter is at stake, even if they offer you the greatest treasures.
We will see far ahead, but only where the spirit is concerned.
Then we may ask God for support, and we will arrive safe and sound in spite of any storm.
Never forget this, my son, if you don’t want to cause me sorrow and anguish.’
André promised Alcar never to forget this, come what may.
‘This is what I have seen, André, this is what the higher Leaders have shown to me.
My question goes forth, and the answer returns in a flash. I see it as they saw it and as you also saw it now.
This is the great chain in which we form the links.
Again, tell the doctor what you have seen.’
Towards the evening André phoned again. The doctor was at home.
‘Hello doctor, this is André.’
‘What’s the matter, André?’
‘Doctor, I was called over to the child again.
What a thing to do!
You allowed him to go outside.’
‘Yes, that’s correct.
Does that trouble you?
Come and see me some time, André.’
‘I haven’t the time, doctor, but I just wanted to tell you this: You let the boy go outside, and he will therefore die within four weeks.’
He heard the doctor laughing on the other side.
‘Here we go again’, he thought. And then he heard the doctor say:
‘You may have seen correctly in the past, André, and you may at times even see correctly in the future, yet now you see wrongly.’
‘Oh, is that what you think?’
‘Certainly, my patient is doing well!’
‘Then let me tell you, doctor, that the little lad will die of consumption.’
The doctor hung up.
Once again André felt that he wasn’t being taken seriously, but at that moment he heard Alcar, who supported him in everything and was with him at all times, say: ‘Well done, André, let him wait. He’ll see what will happen.’ This chased away his discouragement, because he believed Alcar and not the doctor.
Two weeks passed.
Three weeks, and still no news about the child.
A few more days went by and he was getting anxious whether the prediction would come true, or whether people would have reason to ridicule him.
But two days before the end of the fourth week, at nine o’clock in the evening, the little boy passed on.
And the doctors who had treated him, as well as the director of the hospital where he had finally been taken to, stated that he had died of consumption.
Two weeks later the mother came to bring André flowers and to thank him for the loving way in which he had helped her little son.
She was in deep sorrow and was weighed down with the grief and distress which André had felt beforehand.
He thanked her from the bottom of his heart and expressed his wish that God may fit her back to her burden.
She returned home and trudged along sadly, because although André had spoken with her and told her that the little one was happy now, he hadn’t managed to console her.
This sad event clearly demonstrates the value of positive powers, and it shows how suffering mankind badly needs doctors and high-minded clairvoyant magnetizers to cooperate.
It’s true that in some places a little ray of light has started to penetrate the darkness, but the time for spiritual gifts and science to go hand-in-hand is still very distant.
May the full light one day penetrate the darkness.
What a blessing for countless people this would be!
With God’s help Alcar and André will continue on the road they are on.
May they be allowed to bring spiritual and physical healing wherever this is needed, and to help to guide the world on the road leading upwards.