Life in the spirit; rulers of evil

They quickly left the earth.
André already knew the way his leader would take to reach the dark spheres.
Again he saw various planets and other celestial bodies which he had, many times already, been allowed to admire as a disembodied human being.
To him this was always a mighty and magnificent spectacle, because he sensed the triviality of man on earth.
Again he was afloat in the universe, his Alcar beside him.
Soon they had reached the Land of Hatred and again André found himself at the border where those dwelt who had messed up their earthly life.
‘Before we descend I must tell you a few things.
Last time we saw everything from within our own attunement; this time we will change over into their condition.
You experienced the transition in the sphere of the earth, yet here everything is much harder, which will soon become clear to you.
Gather all the powers within you so you can stand up to this too.
We will be addressed again; they will force us to accompany them, but in everything we do we will act according to our own powers.
Now we will descend.’
They slowly descended into the dark areas and once again André was standing at the gate that closed off the Land of Hatred.
Suddenly he caught: ‘Look, André: our friends; they have already noticed us and they will stop us and ask why we are here.
I will do the talking and the acting, leave everything to me.
You will gather from everything how earthly their life is and that nothing has changed.’
André sensed that they had crossed the threshold of the Land of Hatred.
How different his perception was, compared to his previous journey.
He saw various beings ahead of him who were coming towards them.
Some of them asked them where they wanted to go to.
Alcar spoke: ‘We don’t know where we’re going, but we’re trying to find the way to earth.’
‘You don’t know that?’
‘How do we get out of here?’
They all laughed hilariously, it was a sneering of horrible beings.
What did they mean by that?
Surely it was a simple question his leader had asked.
One of them was their spokesman and said: ‘Even if you knew, you still wouldn’t get away from here.
Those who leave for the earth are sent by us; the masters will explain that to you.
Be patient.
Strangers always want to go straight back to the earth.
Don’t you like it here?
You’re not familiar with the laws that prevail here.’
‘That’s right’, Alcar answered, ‘we’re strangers.
What kind of laws were you talking about?’
‘You will get to know soon enough’, and again they started to laugh sarcastically, that their bloodshot eyes protruded out of their heads.
They were all bestialized; their whole being breathed passion and violence.
‘Come along with us and you will soon get to know the way to the earth, but in our way.’
André sensed that something terrible was about to happen.
‘Follow me, André’, he caught, ‘and don’t get anxious about anything, let them be.
You will get to know their laws; it can only be done in this way.
It will also become clear to you what their life after death is like.
It’s impossible to become familiar with their lives in any other way, but don’t you worry, I’m taking care.’
André felt calm after the inner conversation with his leader, which the others had neither sensed nor understood.
He sent the thought back to his leader that he would follow him in everything he did.
‘We will go along with them as long as they don’t separate us, but if that’s what they are after, we will return into our own attunement.’
They were led through various streets until they came to a large building which they entered.
They passed through long corridors, until their escort went into a hall where they had to wait.
Everything was beautifully decorated, but in an animal-like design.
It had been built and painted like a house on earth.
He saw colourful scenes with sinister, animal-like representations.
Many beings walked in and out and lived their life; everything seemed quite normal to them.
But they were all demons, devils in human guise, who had lived a terrible life on earth and were still engrossed in it.
These were people filled with a hatred unknown even to wild animals.
What were they supposed to wait for?
A stifling atmosphere overwhelmed them.
The air was oppressive; he sensed the impact of evil.
Alcar told him: ‘We will be taken to their leader, who will ask us a few things.
He will link us up with him, just as he does with everyone who enters this place.
He is a ruler of evil and there are many of his kind here, who exert their influence on the masses and force their will onto them to follow them in their unsavoury doings.
If they refuse, they get a flogging, which you will shortly witness.
But again there is no cause for fear, I’m taking care, my boy.
They call him the ruler over darkness because he knows how to make use of his power, which no being can escape from, as I just told you.
Every being that lives here is assaulted and brought before him.
All those who live here have this attunement and if they want to free themselves they must suffer terribly for not subjecting themselves to their will.
Consequently, there are only few who can avoid falling into their hands. Most of them are too weak to overcome their ego, even if it causes them sorrow and grief.
They are tackled with violence, beaten and tortured.
One must have a determined mind to do good, to be able to stand up to all this.
But that’s what their life was like on earth and nothing has changed in this life.
That is why they willingly submit and do what is expected of them.
Everything is like it is on earth; but here only one attunement exists.
They are all bestialized, they are coarse-material beings.
Here evil is gathered; no other attunements could exist in this place.
The rulers demand slaughter and violence from them, even recurrent murder.
If you understood me correctly, André, then this life is even worse than on earth, because on earth you still find people who want goodness to prevail, with whom one can cooperate to fight evil.
But here they follow the one who dominates the masses, because they want to protect themselves and fear torture.
So if a person has already released himself on earth from the evil that he carries within, and can sense and find his way, then he will be happy when he enters life on this side.
Those who do evil on earth will be subjected to the same kind of torture on this side, because they have linked themselves up with it.’
André had been able to follow Alcar in everything and he understood that it was not so easy to get out of this condition.
If they refused to take part in their terrible life, they were flogged and chastised.
All the same, it would be better for them to refuse; they would enter a different sphere after all that misery.
Accordingly, there were many who didn’t shrink from this and they had started a new, spiritual life.
It would be better to refuse on earth already, because on this side they would face the very same situation.
He who didn’t want to take part in destruction on earth was the happy one on the side beyond.
How mighty everything was, how natural life after death.
He saw many women who looked atrocious.
They walked past him and undoubtedly belonged to the one who ruled here.
Their garb was terrible.
They wore merely loud colours, bright green and flaming red, and André was surprised that no milder colours were to be seen.
They were intellectual beings; they had been allowed to study on earth but they had disgraced themselves.
He could tell by their personality, but their sharp mind was attuned to the animal-like level.
They now lived the same kind of life in this darkness as they had on earth.
These were women, and how beautiful a woman could be if she sensed love, spiritual love.
These were blessed beings because God had granted them the holiest of all gifts on earth.
But their mother love had taken on animal traits.
These were monsters, they had all become bestialized.
Yet still they felt themselves to be beautiful and exalted, although their faces bore nothing but misery and passion.
They were all fools, they didn’t know how deep they had fallen.
He felt pity for them, because they too were humans and children of God.
Who would believe them to be beautiful?
Were there people here who thought they were beautiful?
At that moment he heard Alcar say: ‘All those who dwell here think they are beautiful, because they know no other beauty.
Amongst them are princes and princesses, and all circles of society can be found gathered here.
They still know what they were on earth, and here they still brag about their descent.
Here too they sense and know degrees and classes, but they are united in evil.’
It took a long time before they were shown inside.
A few of the escorts had remained with them and kept watch over them as if they were murderers.
They neither sensed nor heard anything of their inner conversation; they were deaf to this language and didn’t see – they were spiritually blind to it – that Alcar came from a higher sphere.
André thought: It looks as though we are to be received by a king.
‘Precisely’, he heard his leader say, ‘something similar is awaiting us.’
André looked at Alcar.
Here stood a spirit of light waiting to be admitted to someone living in deep darkness.
He thought of his leader’s inner powers; he could give them all warmth, and disappear before their eyes.
But he willingly let himself be taken along and led before him who wouldn’t reach his attunement in a hundred years.
And all of this was for him, for the human being on earth, in order to convince the earthly being of this life.
For that reason the higher spirit descended into this darkness.
Oh, if Alcar were to dissolve before their eyes, how they would rant and rave.
Again he heard Alcar say: ‘That too will most probably come true, but prepare yourself; I sense that they are coming to call us.’
The same moment Alcar told him this, the door opened and they were allowed to step into another hall.
What would he experience now?
What was he in for?
They entered a beautiful hall where many beings were gathered.
An atrocious monster was seated on a dais.
He was surrounded by women and guardsmen who were all armed to the teeth.
He, who was sitting on the dais, wore a turban and was draped with precious stones, wore heavy jackboots and a lurid red garment.
André thought: I’m visiting the devil in person here.
There before him sat a ruler of evil who reigned over thousands, all subjected to his will.
He saw nothing but violence; they all were wild and savage.
Where did they get all these things and weapons from; he saw them distinctly, although they lived in the life after death?
He had perceived all this in a flash.
They were taken up to the ruler, where they had to remain standing, stared at from the right and left by all those who were present.
André felt fear growing inside.
How would all this end?
How dangerous all these people looked; they would shirk for nothing at all.
Again Alcar spoke to him, but now there was a power within his leader’s words which told him to concentrate his thoughts solely on him.
‘There’s danger lurking from all sides here, we’re visiting an animal-like being.’
André kept now his thoughts focussed intently on his leader.
Yet he still felt scared and he heard Alcar say: ‘Don’t show anything of your inner fear; don’t let them know anything, and no harm will befall you.’
The ruler penetrated them both with his gaze, yet not a word was spoken.
André sensed that the man was trying to break down their concentration, to catch them off guard and subjugate them to his will in order to disarm them.
‘If he succeeds, we’ll be flogged.’
Gently, befitting Alcar’s life, these thoughts came to him, which made him understand that here too his leader was watching over him.
This took away all his unrest.
Just you try to penetrate us with your gaze, he thought; he would never be able to fathom Alcar’s depth anyway.
A deep silence fell.
The beast was trying to make his leader yield.
But Alcar couldn’t be influenced.
He felt satisfaction that the monster would never succeed in doing this.
It was getting harder all the time; all those present had their concentration focussed on them.
The thoughts that got through to him were murderous.
His mind reeled, but he also felt that he was getting help from his leader.
As a child, Alcar looked at the ruler and he also attuned himself as if the event did not concern him.
Suddenly the beast looked at him, and he thought he would choke.
He felt his fear returning but he heard Alcar say: ‘For heaven’s sake, André, no fear, you can stand up to him; use your powers.’
André thought of the third sphere, became released from his influence and looked him straight in the eye.
His impact on him weakened immediately.
‘Splendid’, he heard, ‘that’s better.
You will witness how a ruler of evil exerts himself to reduce us to harmlessness through his concentration and his strong will power.’
André gazed into his cruel eyes but looked straight through him, saw the darkness in which he dwelt, but linked up with the higher spheres.
The monster got terribly angry, he was foaming at the mouth.
This went on for quite a while until he felt that he wouldn’t succeed to make them both harmless.
He roared and uttered terrible sounds, because he sensed the counteraction of André’s leader.
The monster wasn’t used to this kind of treatment.
Suddenly he raised himself to his full height and shouted at Alcar: ‘Who are you, you dog, that you dare to resist me?’
André was trembling; they were in for something now.
Alcar didn’t respond and an enormous tension came through to him.
‘Speak, or I’ll have you beaten up, you dog, answer me.’
Still his leader said nothing, but kept on looking at him, and he acted as if he didn’t understand him.
‘What language do you speak?’
Alcar remained silent.
André felt his fear returning.
Whatever had made them enter this place?
How would this end?
The monster went wild, his terrible claws grabbed the whip lying beside him and he stepped down from his throne to approach them.
He would soon start to beat them up.
Why didn’t his leader answer him?
As long as he didn’t harm Alcar.
Again he shouted: ‘Who are you to resist me; I’ll teach you.’
Now Alcar spoke to him: ‘I expected to be received in a different manner.’
Utterly amazed, the ruler stopped short, and André understood that he recognized Alcar to be a powerful personality.
All the others listened in suspense.
It wasn’t a daily experience for them to hear their master being contradicted.
‘Oh really’, was his reply, ‘so you expected a different reception?’
Alcar put his left hand on André’s shoulder, which completely surprised the ruler. He didn’t understand what this meant.
André heard his leader tell him: ‘Concentration, my son, the end has come; we will withdraw into our own condition.’
The whip flew upward and like a devil the monster charged at his leader, but both had disappeared before his eyes.
Enveloped in a haze Alcar remained visible to him and like a furious animal he cut through his leader with his whip.
All those who had followed this scene rushed over to the spot where they had be standing.
Alcar drew himself up and above their heads he called out to them: ‘We know of other laws than those you are familiar with, we know of laws and powers that destroy your laws, even make them cease to exist.
We know God.
God’s laws are ours.
Farewell, ruler of evil, our visit was only short, but it was powerful.
It showed you how insignificant you are and that your power is limited.
Farewell, we only know love.’
‘Damn’, André heard him say, ‘it’s that scum that dwells up above us.’
He charged at the escorts and beat them up until they lay there, motionless.
‘He’s killing them, Alcar.’
‘That’s impossible, my boy, that could only happen on earth, but they will enter an unconscious state from which they will awaken after a long time.
It will set them thinking too, and they will never escort any strangers over to him again.
In this way some learn from goodness, others from the evil they inflict on their fellowmen.
They know no other laws than those of violence.
They all live for the sake of destruction.’
‘Has he been in this darkness for a long time?’
‘Hundreds of years have already gone by and still he holds thousands in his clutches.
Here everything is passion, hatred and violence; we will encounter nothing, absolutely nothing else.’