Dear Reader,
Alcar wanted me to make myself known.
I told you about André, which is however my own life.
When I started to tell about my experiences, suddenly I could not go further and was continually disturbed by the word 'I'.
Alcar also made the divisions for the first part and everything is as you have read it.
Many people have recognized me, because I live and work in The Hague.
The parents of Doortje, Wim, Louis and Annie, and they too, are still alive.
We have the original drawings hanging in our house and anyone who is interested can see them, as well as my other pieces obtained mediamistically.
I was able to experience everything which you have read through my master Alcar.
I will set to work, because the third part is already finished.
We are convinced of an eternal life and hope that it will support you as it has supported us and many others in our difficult earthly life.
And however difficult it is, I would not want to miss my gift for all the earthly gold.
The Hague, December 1935
(End of Part 2)