Feeling, and the spirituality of the earth

They glided along.
André could breathe again.
He was glad it was all over.
He nevertheless felt happy that he had been allowed to experience all this.
To him it meant wisdom in the spirit.
How true all the things were which he had perceived until now.
How great God’s Power was, Who governed all this, Who knew everything about man, down to the very deepest depths.
God fathomed and knew all His children.
This was impossible to man.
André saw a light that was different from the one he had seen in the dark.
‘Where are we now, Alcar?’
‘We’ve passed into a different condition and we’re in the Land of Twilight now.
The human being who dwells here is in a higher condition of feeling, and as we get higher we will see how the spheres and the people, in short, everything changes.
We’ll keep on seeing different attunements of feeling.
That’s why feeling is the essence of man’s existence, as I have explained to you so often.’
‘Could a scholar of the earth analyse feeling?’
‘Certainly, if he possesses attunement in the spirit.
But there are those on earth who have operated on people and say that they have yet never seen the soul.
That’s very sad.
They’re poor in feeling and yet they’re learned.
Their own power of feeling is dormant, and yet they are living dead.
Feeling is life, it’s soul and it means love.
And now that we know that love is God and that God means feeling, it’s evident that they won’t perceive God in an earthly body.
I can already hear the first scholar calling out: ‘I have seen God.’
Others will say that he’s gone mad.
Life cannot be seen, life has to be felt.
Over there, after matter has been discarded, life has nothing in common with the earth.
It returns to the Source of all life and that is God.
God put life into all matter, which is feeling.
On earth life is one in matter, yet it’s a separate body.
We call it the spiritual and the soul body.
Life is protoplasm, the proto-power: God.
It cannot be destroyed, it cannot be perceived by material senses, because man perceives the things that belong to matter, because he himself is matter.
But man, as a spirit, is the centre of sensitivity, enabling him to find attunement to God.
Hence feeling, life and the soul will return to the Father, because feeling is Divine.
After having passed through the proto-animal-like, the animal-like, the coarse-material, the material and the spiritual condition, man, at least his essential life, will return to the Divine.
In earthly life man is already attuned to God, just as he is in all the other transitions and conditions.
Let those who want to find the soul within the body attune to us, only then will they be on the road we have all travelled and will continue to follow.
Feeling cannot be scientifically analysed.
Not until we possess cosmic attunement, will we be able to analyse the body of sensitivity.
The masters on this side are the ones who can sense feeling as a Divine power in direct attunement to life.
And everything, my son, is love.
Love is feeling, love is God.’
Meanwhile they glided along.
André saw a strange country.
The twilight had changed and he sensed more viability in nature.
It felt as if everything was awakening.
‘You sensed that perfectly, André.
The sphere we’re in now is the place where man awakens.
The human being who dwells here has finally made his way through the dark and has awakened.
It’s already a different attunement, but it can’t yet be compared to the first spiritual sphere.
His life becomes imbued with warmth, which it needs to develop.
Yet you won’t see anything growing here; no greenery, no trees, no blooming life can be perceived here.
Nothing of the kind until we enter the sphere that lies directly above.
The human being who dwells here is still attuned to the dark spheres and he may fall back again if he doesn’t fight this with all his might.
That’s why many regress into their previous state.’
‘Look, Alcar, over there, a lot of beings gliding by.’
‘They are the helping spirits from higher areas.
They descend for long spells of time in order to help the unfortunate.
Fathers and children, as brothers, they’re all from higher spheres and they have to be strong to be able to help down there.
You know their powers by now.
They travel on until they reach the border of the Land of Hatred, where everyone gets his assignment.
They’re all under one leadership and will be divided up into groups.
Many of them haven’t been there yet, and competent guides will help them to get to know their life.’
‘Will the unfortunate ones they find be brought to these spheres?’
‘Yes, my son.
If they fervently beg for help they will be helped, but they themselves must want this.’
‘What happens afterwards, Alcar?’
‘They are told how they can ascend by longing for goodness, and if they’re not aware that they passed on on earth, they will become convinced of that too.
They are taken along to the earth.
This is where the séances prove their purpose, which I showed to you.
Afterwards they are brought back to this condition to train themselves in the spirit.
If they’re able to hold their ground they will soon enter a higher sphere.
They can qualify to ascend by helping others.
In this way man continues on his path and returns to the Father, to God.’
‘Where are we going to now, Alcar?’
‘To the sphere of purification, a coarse-material condition.
It borders on the first existential sphere in the spirit.
We’ll see light there, yet in a grey, autumn-like mood, to use an earthly comparison.
Over there everything lives in a coarse-material attunement, just as the human beings who dwell there.
They have passed away on earth, yet without being aware of it.
Man doesn’t become conscious of his spiritual life until after he has passed on to the first spiritual sphere.
Is that clear to you?’
‘Yes Alcar.’
André saw how everything was changing.
He saw a sphere below, but they kept gliding on.
Slowly the spheres changed.
The further he got, the more life made itself felt, it showed in nature, and in the light within the sky too.
Everything was about to awaken, he could clearly perceive it.
Life was flowing into nature and into man.
The cold, dark spheres were far behind him now.
‘Are we going straight there, Alcar?’
‘Yes, my boy.
We will try to make a few change their ideas.
We might succeed.
I want to try this to convince you of the conditions they are in, how they feel and what their life is like.
It’s cold and bleak there too.
It has the feel of autumn on earth, when everything in nature is dying.
It’s the likeness of their inner power of feeling.
They don’t feel the warmth either, which a happy spirit feels.
Their coarse-material feeling dominates everything.’
‘Do they all live together there too?’
‘This oneness applies to every condition on this side.
Wherever you enter, all ranks and classes live together.
Those who possess the same attunement, which is love, will be one.
This has nothing to do with earthly scholarship or titles.
Here love is the only thing of value, the feeling which finds attunement in the spirit.
If their love isn’t spiritual, everything is worthless.’
‘The things people learn on earth, is that all worthless on this side?’
‘But of course, André.
I’m telling you clearly: if their feeling is developed in the spirit, they can put their earthly erudition to use here too, or after they’ve returned to earth.
They are precisely the ones who can reach the people on earth due to their knowledge of various conditions and sciences of the earth.
Many are sent there to help physical man.
Then they act upon them and convey to them what they know about eternal life.
They are the ones who didn’t forget themselves on earth.
But they cannot return before they have reached the third sphere.’
‘Is it harder to work on earth than on this side?’
‘On earth it’s harder for us to reach physical man.
The problem is, that people on earth live like spirits in matter.
They consequently perceive everything with their physical senses.
The problem facing them and us is to make them sense the spiritual within matter.
We convince them on this side by letting them experience a certain condition.
On earth that’s not as easy, because most of them possess one material attunement.
How can man sense spiritually if he doesn’t possess that power of feeling?
Therefore he can’t, and we have to keep on returning.
But here we can show them images, and when they see these, they submit voluntarily.
So it’s easier to act upon the spirit in a spiritual way than on matter.
It’s not easy to exert influence on matter, as man perceives materially.
Man must want this.
If this isn’t the case then we’re unable to convince him.
On earth people must believe, whereas here we no longer believe, we know.
This is the great and mighty difference from achieving something on earth.
Our task down there is simplified when man knows that life goes on forever.
That is when our actual work on earth begins.
Man sees his own planet, the sun, the moon and the stars, and this all belongs to matter.
They have to look beyond all this if they want to penetrate the veil and perceive in the world we live in.
That’s what’s so hard about exerting an influence on earth.
Is that clear to you too?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I understand everything you say.
Are the beings we are going over to now all from the dark spheres?’
‘Yes and no, André, so both.
Many arrive here from the earth, others have travelled the long road from darkness into the light.
Those who came from the earth live in an unconscious condition; they’re living dead because they think they still dwell on earth; their development begins here.
Is this also clear to you?
One other thing: ask me as much as you want to.
Your question is my link; I want you to understand this correctly.
I’m keeping to a set plan without any side-tracking.
Now, if you would like to know something, don’t hesitate to ask, and I will reply to the best of my abilities.
The deeper you’re adapted, the more wisdom it will mean to you in the spirit.
Your feeling will tell you what to ask and I will answer you.
So ask on behalf of all the people on earth who would like to, but can’t yet, as they don’t possess this gift.
Never forget that your gift is their gift and will remain so.’
‘You told me just now that those who live above here don’t know that they passed away on earth.
How terrible that must be; after all, they’re in eternity, aren’t they?’
‘These conditions are terrible, but it’s the truth.
They didn’t want to raise themselves on earth, and that’s the attunement in which they arrive here.
Feeling is the spiritual body, they arrive here in the condition which coincides with the way they feel.
So when man reaches this sphere, everything is and remains just as he feels.
Nothing will change.
It’s impossible.
They will possess light and happiness in accordance with their feelings.’
‘Will they get help too?’
‘Spiritual help is found in every sphere, no matter where man happens to be: everywhere, in every condition, right up to the highest heavens.
Those we’re about to visit now dwell in eternal life but still want to pay with earthly money for the things that are done for them, and for many other things.’
‘What did you say?
With money?’
‘Yes, André, after all, they believe they’re still on earth.
Their feeling, nature, everything is attuned to the earth.
After all, it couldn’t be otherwise.
It proves how true our life is on this side.
It couldn’t be true if it were at odds with nature.
There are many other conditions which are even sadder than that innocent habit of repaying things with money.
We know of others.
There are clergymen from earth here, who even in the life after death keep on talking about hell and damnation and confront others with this.
Right here, while they’re in eternity.’
‘You really mean that, Alcar?’
‘What I say is nothing but the sad truth, nothing else.
They have thousands of followers.
You will get to know them when we get there.
They set up their parishes and preach eternal damnation.’
‘It’s hard to believe, Alcar.’
‘Unfortunately it’s the truth.
On earth their followers get stuck in their doctrines and follow their preachers implicitly, whatever they proclaim.
They look down upon people of other confessions whom they would tear to pieces if they had the nerve.
Including the clergy; they’re all cold and barren.
And now that we know, that man feels in accordance with his utterances and the deeds he performs, they are all unhappy, cold-hearted beings.
How could it be otherwise?
If they acknowledge a God of violence, they neither want to see or sense a Father of love.
Hence they will possess the same attunement here as they had on earth.
That’s the way they feel and that’s all they want.
Is that love?
Is God a Father, could God be a Father if He damned His children?
No, fortunately not; the God we know is very different from the God they feel and know.
They spent their whole life on earth just preaching about damnation.
Does that offer man the warmth which makes him happy on this side?
What is their possession worth if their God is a God of violence?
Their belief and their knowledge lack spiritual power.
The way they feel, my son, makes everything cold and barren, and this applies to the clergy on earth too.
Those who speak of hell and damnation are all cold inside.
They spend their entire life praying, yet it’s void of any power.
Their prayers are cold and stripped of life.
Everything about them is dead, just as they are themselves.
That’s why we call them the living dead over here.
Indeed they’re dead, because they don’t feel life; life doesn’t damn or murder and knows no violence, because life is God and stands for Love.
Their smooth sermons are worthless too.
Their discordant singing is just a moanful plea for warmth and light and merely betokens their weakness.
It sounds like a storm, but it’s a howling hurricane, it’s destructive because it’s a fake.
Deep within they sense a God of vengeance, so everything is phoney, nothing is real, not even their own life.
Everything will appear to man just as he feels and that’s the attunement he will find here.
Their prayers will become powerful only if they’re in harmony, one with life.
At present they’re fine-sounding words which lack the feeling and the power which could offer warmth to mankind.
These are the sermons of those who preach about a God of vengeance, about hell and damnation.
That’s why their attunement equals a coarse-material condition.
One day they will know that God is a Father of love.
One day they will feel it, André, in the life on this side.’
‘So there’s no use in praying, Alcar?’
André looked at his leader and sensed that his question had been wrong.
How could he ever have been so stupid?
‘You didn’t understand what I said, my son.
I meant only those who recognize a God of vengeance; they had better stop praying.
But if man simply kneels down in humility and sends off a prayer from the bottom of his heart, then a prayer like that will be heard.
That’s when a prayer has power.
That’s when a prayer is worth something and will penetrate to the core of all truth, because the being senses God and approaches his Father with love and humility.
The devil on earth prays to God, the devil that lives in a human shape.
He cries out and hides behind his mask.
They are the hypocrites of the earth, those who pray and don’t live accordingly.
One life curses the other, one life prays for the downfall of the other.
Just because they pray.
One prays for destruction, another to win a war, and they all recognize one Father.
Is that love?
They’re devils, because they adorn themselves with holy crosses and hide behind their prayers.
Doesn’t it all clash?
Doesn’t it run counter to God’s holy life?
There’s a curse on everything.
How will they answer to all that?
They pray to win a war and yet they profess one belief.
Isn’t it terrible?
They ought to be covered up under their crosses in order to nurture that other kind of life which doesn’t possess mindful thinking and yet bears God’s life within.
Here they will get to know life.
Thousands will be awaiting them here, those whom they destroyed with their prayers.
But those who understood their task on earth dwell in the spheres of light and are happy.
That’s why you can’t call every priest spiritual.
Those who serve the Father of Fathers and approach His holy Power with love will give warmth to the children of man, because they sense His holy Life.’
‘What do you think of the clergy on earth?’
Alcar looked at André and said: ‘You’re asking me whether they’re holy, André?
No, my boy, there are no saints on earth.
Those who pass of as such ridicule God’s holy Power and abuse His Sanctity.
On this side nothing is known about saints on earth.
They don’t live there and are yet to be born.
Not in a thousand years to come will saints be able to live there, because they killed the Holy One Who once dwelt there.
I will try to explain to you why this is impossible.
First of all: Once there was a Holy man who dwelt on earth but, as I said, the people nailed Him to the cross.
They tore His flesh from His body and flogged Him.
His holy love, which served to nourish their dark souls, wasn’t understood.
The people destroyed that holy Life because they recognized a different kind of love.
His holy feeling was the spiritual truth, because He was one with all of life and in contact with God.
God was in Him, God lived in Him.
He was one in everything.
He was holy and found attunement to God’s holy Power and He possessed that holy love.
He wanted to give that holy power to material man for them to get to know God’s holy Love too.
But what did they do?
They drank His blood and stained Him.
His holy heart was torn apart.
However puny life on earth may be, however young life on earth may still be, it senses the holy power of Jesus Christ, our Master.
His holy radiance gave warmth to millions.
His love healed. His touch made miracles happen.
The sick were cured, the lame and the crippled returned to daily life.
His holy life was in them, His love healed everything, beamed forth over the entire earth.
And those who call themselves saints, what do they do?
Their holiness is nothing but self-love and vanity.
It’s crude human selfishness, it’s bedazzlement with silver and gold.
They’re the happy ones of the world, my son.
It has no meaning on this side.
Their holiness is the pedestal they place themselves on.
They’re the lepers on this side.
Their feeling contains the core of this terrible disease.
Here we acknowledge one law which every joyful being knows and which says: whatever man acquires on earth belongs to the earth, and he will leave it behind when he parts from earthly life.
He will have to shed everything.
He will enter here naked, because it has no value on this side.
Second, no-one from the earth can enter a first spiritual sphere, before they have undergone their purification on this side.
This tells us that they are not holy beings.
Again, God has no representatives in a human body on earth.
Who would dare to say of himself on earth: I and the Father are one?
Here we await their arrival and they too will be subjected to a sacred happening.
Here they stand naked, lit up by God’s holy Light.
This is a holy moment, which no human being, no life can escape.
When I still lived on earth, my son, I also thought that saints dwelt there.
But on this side I got to know their sanctitude.
Here it is known that their pedestals are erected by intrigues and the blood of others.
We know here that their mentality signifies deep darkness.
I, my son, and thousands with me have more respect for a mother who is left behind with her eight children and has to work herself to death to keep them alive.
We feel more respect for a salvation army soldier who is ridiculed for singing his songs on the street to support others, than for a saint on earth.
Third, I want to show you that saints could never live on earth.
Listen carefully and try to understand me.
On this side the mentality possessed by the earth towards cosmic attunement is known.
This is the power of feeling in the universal attunement of the life which dwells on the planet earth.
There are seven degrees of spiritual love in the universe, which is the universal attunement.
Now the life that exists in the seventh (cosmic) degree passes on from there into the All.
But more about this later.
There are thousands of other planets and bodies in the universe which harbour forms of life that possess either a higher or a lower degree of spiritual attunement and in which all are one, which means finding attunement to God.
All this marks the cycle of the soul.
It’s the course which life takes to return to the origin of all life.
Each life has its own attunement, which means that it’s in one condition of feeling which is a specific spiritual attunement, but it’s attuned to God and therefore should be Divine.
These are different spiritual conditions, in cosmic attunement.
The earth, meaning the life that lives on this planet, has reached the third degree of development.
So there are two lower degrees, in other words, there are beings in the universe who possess a first and a second mentality and exist below the power of feeling of the life which prevails on earth.
Is that clear to you, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘On the other hand there are four higher attunements, which all lie above that of the earth and have therefore reached a higher degree of spiritual development.
Now the life that exists in the fourth attunement, is manifest in holy beings with a spiritual attunement.
They can call themselves holy, because they possess these powers and are therefore beings with a spiritual attunement.
Their love is purer than what life on earth senses and possesses, in short everything is different from what life on earth possesses.
The holy beings who live in this condition are not reborn on earth, because it would destroy their cycle, and as this cannot be, they will consequently not return to their former kind of life.
They keep on evolving until they have reached the highest degree of cosmic attunement, to return to the Divine state.
So the reason why it’s not possible is because life continues on its way up and will not exist beneath its attunement of feeling.
I will come back to that in the higher spheres.
It will also be clear to you that the earth is populated by people that possess a lower attunement; since life evolves they rise to a higher state which induces them to visit the planet earth.
Is this clear to you too, André?‘
‘Completely, Alcar, but everything is too profound, too mighty for me to be able to digest it.’
‘These things are beyond us too, André, but it’s a source of happiness to us to know that a higher form of bliss awaits us.
Thus the earth will change when the beings that live in a deeper state have passed on to other planets, so that those mentalities cease to exist, because they have passed on to another, higher form of existence.
Only then will the earth be changed, since the proto-animal-like attunement will have dissolved and no longer pass on to the planet earth.
Life came from the first and the second mentality and passed on to the third, which is the planet earth.
And all the other planets have a certain location, and possess one spiritual attunement which is the love of all the life that exist in the universe, but everything is attuned to God because it’s God’s own life.
Another thing, my son.
On this side these masters are known for what they are; the life that exists in the fourth attunement can exist for hundreds of years before it also comes to an end, which means passing on to the Hereafter.
The higher we come, the longer man, or life lives, thousands of years even, before passing on.
The highest mentality then passes on into the All and life has fulfilled its cycle.
On this side powers are known, André, which could rejuvenate an old, earthly person.
These are powers that could even put an end to all existing illnesses.
But we also know that man on earth, or the life that lives there, ought to be happy that it is allowed to die there.
So get me right, that it’s allowed to die.
That may sound like a bolt from the blue in their ears, but we know what God put aside for life on earth, not only earthly happiness but the spiritual, yes even the universal happiness that it will one day enter the Divine.
What a sad existence life would be if it had to continue on earth forever.
Once again: man, rejoice that you are allowed to die on earth; a higher happiness, a higher love and bliss awaits you on this side!
It will be clear to you by now that saints cannot live on earth, nor will they ever set foot there, unless they have a Divine mission to fulfil.
Now for a different condition.
We’re in the hereafter, aren’t we?
This is where the human beings live who died on earth, as they say.
Is that clear to you too?
Now listen.
Where are or where does my son think all other mentalities live?
I mean those who possess a higher attunement than the life has, that arrives here from the earth.’
André reflected but he couldn’t solve it, and he said: ‘ I don’t know, Alcar, it’s too deep for me.’
‘It’s wonderful to hear how honest you are.
I’ll make it clear to you.
The masters on this side possess the cosmogony.
The teachings of the universe.
And psychology too, the knowledge of the soul, yet in cosmic attunement.
My boy, I was permitted to follow their teachings for a while, so that I gained a clear picture of the life which exists in the cosmos.
I’ll try to explain to you that all these attunements are one and how they are linked up.
Listen, André.
We’re in the hereafter now, aren’t we?
You’ve experienced it since I made various conditions clear to you.
It gave you an accurate image of our life.
It enabled me to show you that we are invisible to those who live in the dark spheres.
This means that we possess a higher attunement than they do.
This is all clear to you, isn’t it?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
As long as I live in my attunement, I can’t perceive the life of even higher levels, because they have reached a still higher degree of development.
That’s clear to you too?
So when they who live in the mental areas pass on to other planets and die there too, they arrive here on this side and go on living in this condition until they pass on to other bodies, which marks the cycle of the soul.
It means that all the attunements live here, right up to the highest mentality, because this is the universe.
Now in our condition the highest mentality is also present: The seventh cosmic attunement.
So, when you sense all this, you realize that we live in and with God, that we are together with God, yet are still far removed from His Divine Life.
Here, and wherever man may be, the deepest and also the highest attunements are gathered.
It tells you that good and evil are one, constitute one condition, namely man.
God is within us, but so are the darkest powers, which we must conquer in order to approach our holy Father.
God lives within us; we carry the light within us, but also deep darkness.
So it’s clear that man can be Divine.
Also that happiness awaits us if we are willing to attune to God.
It will mean nothing but eternal, yes, everlasting happiness.
Is this clear to you?’
‘Yes, Alcar, all of it.’
‘So you understand everything, my boy?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’