Sorrow and grief due to others

‘Come, my son, we must proceed to make other situations clear to you.
I want to show you that many must suffer due to what is inflicted to them by others, but also how terrible many transitions are.
I will show you those who must look on how their loved ones with whom they were linked for many years on earth are brought to dark spheres, and I will make you sense the poignant sorrow they feel because they know what darkness on this side means.’
They had passed through many streets.
‘Come, my boy, we will enter this house.’
André saw a large building that looked like a hospital.
He saw astral beings going in and out.
They were invisible to people on earth.
It was quiet in this building.
It was the power of death that reigned here.
A house of sorrow, nothing but misery.
It made him feel cold inside.
Shivers went through him now that he was entering the palace of death.
He kept close to his leader, who seemed to follow a set course.
On and on they went.
They had traversed various corridors.
Here too he saw many spirits who passed him by.
Didn’t they see him?
None (of these spirits) even glanced at him.
Strange, he thought. After all, I am on this side.
He immediately heard a clear but soft voice, from which he gathered that he was linked up with Alcar: ‘But in a different condition.’
He immediately understood the meaning of the things he perceived.
It was clear to him that he dwelt in Alcar’s attunement and that they therefore did not see him.
Alcar stopped in front of a room.
Would they be entering there?
Yes, here he would experience other conditions.
It was a large ward, where various beds had been placed together.
Everywhere sick people were lying, poor human beings.
Alcar was waiting for him.
There, in front of him, he saw a sick young man.
Beside the bed he saw the astral being who had descended from out of the spheres to help the sick one; he was the invisible helper.
Love, nothing but love.
André saw how the spirit made long magnetic stroking movements along the material garment.
His powers of life flowed into the material being; spiritual radiance, power of love given to man on earth.
It was a mighty image to him.
If only the people could see this.
This would convince them that links of love are eternal.
It was a male spirit and he who was ill could be his child, as he perceived a certain resemblance.
‘On earth, André, they know very little about these conditions.
Nor do they know the powers of them who live on this side; by that I mean science.
But it shows you clearly how we from our side can act upon material man, can help him.’
‘Is this boy passing on, Alcar?’
‘No, his time has not yet come.
He will live, he will be cured of this illness.’
The spirit laid his radiant hands on the patient’s head.
He gave the boy all his powers of love.
It was great to be allowed to experience this as a human being.
It was the love of a father for his child.
Oh, how beautiful it was.
How mighty love was.
They believed him to be dead, but the dead one was saving the life of his child.
The dead one was feeding life.
How little people knew of this on earth.
Tears rolled down his cheeks at the sight of all this beauty.
Silently the person who lived behind the veil was helping.
There was nothing but peace, happiness and love in his condition.
No-one heard him or saw him.
To man he was no longer alive.
Here he witnessed the great miracle: life that went on forever after death.
Oh, man, accept this!
Oh, how sacred this knowledge was.
How great God’s power was, bestowed on man in the life after death.
Alcar was standing a few beds away, waiting for him.
What would he be seeing over there?
He was standing in front of the sickbed of an old man.
He was seriously ill.
Beside the bed he saw a young woman who radiated a beautiful light which lit up her surroundings.
She kept her eyes fixed on the patient who lay there, plunged into a deep sleep.
He hadn’t long to live.
His death-struggle had already begun.
Nothing was visible to earthly man.
Yet André sensed his heavy battle with death, a death which meant life.
A battle which wasn’t necessary but from which he couldn’t escape.
He neither felt nor knew anything about a life that continued forever.
And in his struggle, the struggle between life and death, she descended from within her high sphere to help him.
Again he saw how great love was.
Links of love could not be destroyed.
Sacred love of the spheres, as pure as she sensed it, as she radiated, as she herself was, as life itself could be.
‘Is she his child, Alcar?’
‘No, his mother.’
‘What did you say?’
‘His mother, André.
She is a spirit of light.
Young and beautiful, whereas her child is old, physically old and spiritually old.’
André understood: His mother was young and beautiful, whereas he would be an unhappy spirit when he shortly arrived on this side.
The man had messed up his life.
André now understood the grief and sorrow caused by others.
She, the happy one, suffered because her child had forgotten himself.
What a misery.
Deeper still than he had just perceived.
There the suffering was different to what she possessed.
It was bearable over there, here it was inhuman.
The mother suffered because of her child; because she was a mother she suffered.
He would soon be taken to the dark spheres.
She had to part with him, she could change nothing.
It was his attunement.
He had wanted this himself.
Grief by the hands of others.
Did they know this kind of sorrow on earth?
No, they didn’t know this on earth.
It was icy cold.
Darkness and poverty.
Terrible it was.
It was her child and it would remain her child, even in the life after death.
That is what made her suffer.
His suffering, his pain, which he would not feel until later and which was so different from all material pains; she sensed that.
Now already, though his end was yet to come.
She knew what it meant to have to descend into the dark spheres.
They do not return until many years later.
His grief would be indescribable.
What a sad truth he saw here.
She had come to say goodbye to her child.
That is why she had come down to earth.
Oh, he sensed it as if Alcar himself was telling him this.
That is what life was like in the spirit.
There was nothing one could change about it.
‘Is everything clear to you, my son?
I could show you thousands of conditions like this.
Months ago she was already at her child’s side to take care of him, and now the moment has come that she must part with him for a long time.
Look over there, André, a young girl at her mother’s sickbed.
Beside her her father.
Both have come to fetch her.
Soon they will be together forever.
All are happy because she was a mother who gave a lot of love to all who came to her.
She has possession in the spirit.
They are happy, my son!’
‘Can’t they see us, Alcar?’
‘No, that’s impossible.
We are in a different attunement.
But I will link up with her.’
Only now did André properly understand how simple his leader was.
Immediately after Alcar had linked up with her, she went up to him and asked him: ‘Will it take long yet, brother?’
André gathered from this that Alcar possessed a higher attunement than she did, and he heard his leader say: ‘No, you will soon be together.’
She looked at Alcar with her radiant eyes in which there was love, nothing but happiness.
That look contained eternal understanding which was the love they both felt.
They were all spiritual children.
People who understood in a wink, in a glance which contained everything.
The spheres were one, wherever they might live.
Whosoever sensed love, understood this silent power.
No more was said.
Alcar went back to him and said: ‘Is everything clear to you?’
‘No, I don’t understand why she doesn’t know when her mother is passing on.
After all, she’s happy, isn’t she, Alcar?’
‘Well sensed.
Keep going like this.
I will explain this to you.
She, my son, can’t sense the moment either when the separation of spirit and matter will take place.
She feels that she will soon pass on and yet only those can determine this who possess the first spiritual sphere (the fourth sphere of light) and live in that attunement.
They are happy, beautiful and young, but still live below the first happy sphere, which I will show you on this journey.
When her end approaches the spiritual helper on this side will say so.
I made that clear to you when your aunt passed on.
It’s visible in her aura.
That’s how one sees on this side whether the person will pass on soon.
All these conditions are spiritual laws.
A law ceases to exist when we have acquired those powers which attune us to a higher sphere.
So we can’t sense those psychic powers until we possess that sensitivity.
They can link up from within the first sphere and sense various transitions.
In the case of your aunt’s transition I was able to calculate this.
And this is possible here too.
But it’s not my job.
On this side every joyful spirit has his own task.
Both dwell in the third sphere.
You have already been there.
On this journey I will tell you more about all these attunements.
When we get there you will understand more about all these degrees of sensitivity.
The first spiritual sphere (the fourth sphere of light) is the condition where man has cast off all matter.
Only there does he sense transitions, because he possesses this wisdom and has the corresponding attunement.
So it’s possession.
Nothing but love in the spirit.
All beings that live within this attunement are happy, from the first existential sphere in the spirit (the first sphere of light) onward.
So he who has reached the first happy spiritual sphere knows and feels when the end is near, because he has passed on into the spirit.
To possess spiritual life on this side means casting off all matter.
In other words: he is free from everything, able to act according to his own insight and powers.
This needs a doctor, a being with a higher attunement.
Is everything clear to you now?’
‘Yes, Alcar, perfectly.’
‘Marvellous, my son, then we will continue and visit another ward.’
They entered a little room.
André saw a lean, old woman lying there alone, awaiting her end.
‘Wherever man may be, André, spiritual help is always present.
Spiritual beings are there to help their loved ones, which is becoming clear to you since I let you experience all these conditions.
No sick person is ever without spiritual beings around him to alleviate his pains.
There are more beings on earth from our side than there are physical beings.
Where people close themselves off, spiritual beings who have attuned themselves to them close themselves off along with them.
Wherever man is, spiritual beings are present, which I will show you on other journeys following this one, when we will experience life on this side.
So there is much more awaiting you; everything will mean wisdom in the spirit.
I now want you to focus your concentration on me, because I want to make some other situations clear to you with which you are still unfamiliar.
Look over there, André.’
André looked towards the spot which his leader pointed at and saw two radiant spirits standing beside a patient’s bed.
‘Now look over there, my son.’
André got a terrible shock.
He saw an old spirit enveloped in a dark haze.
He heard him lament and shout, which he hadn’t heard before Alcar had drawn his attention to it.
The being was fierce.
It was terrible for him to have to see this.
‘What does all this mean, Alcar?
It is attacking those other beings.
Mustn’t they be protected?’
‘No, they neither feel nor hear him.
I will make everything clear to you.
We are standing at the sickbed of their mother.
Both the beings passed on a long time ago and now they come to fetch their mother.
The father who lives in a dark sphere has been brought here to become convinced of his earthly life.
‘So those are different spiritual attunements in the spirit.’
‘The condition of the father I will shortly explain to you.
He is calling them and cursing, but they don’t hear him, which means that they live in a higher attunement.
They know nothing about him because they are still children in the spirit and it is kept hidden from them.
Now they are linked up with their mother and their concentration is directed towards her, so that they won’t take in any other conditions.
They could therefore link up with their father, but they are too delicate to endure his cruel powers.
They won’t see each other again before he has entered a spiritual sphere.
So this condition encompasses three different attunements.
These are that of the mother, that of her children, and that of the father.
And all the attunements include intermediary conditions which I will make clear to you later.
The father has been brought here to witness the transition of his wife, which will induce him to begin a different life.
The experience of this situation will make him develop because the longing has been aroused in him, as he knows that she dwells on this side too.
Is this clear to you?
The father was brought here by happy spirits who skilled themselves for this task.
They are letting him experience this, just as I have made various conditions clear to you by showing them to you in visionary attunement.
In this way you were also able to perceive the life in the mine.
The sight of his loved one makes him want to link up, which however is not possible to him.
You heard how far he is still removed from this height.
My son, do you feel the great significance of all this?
The mother will be with her children and live with them in the same sphere because she too possesses attunement in the spirit.
Now look over there, André.’
‘Who are they, Alcar?’
He saw two spirits dressed in a spiritual garment.
‘They brought him here.
Spiritual helpers on this side.’
They looked at him lovingly as if they understood why he was present here.
‘Spirits of love, André, who are fulfilling a task in the sphere of the earth.
They will open other peoples’ eyes and teach them how higher happiness can be attained.’
‘Do they know what I am doing here, Alcar?’
‘They know that too, because they see your aura, and that enables them to determine everything.
Another thing: those spirits are from the fourth sphere where they possess nothing but light and happiness.
But in order to work in the sphere of the earth they will link up with that condition, which means that they pass on into that life.
They are spirits of love, even though they wear coarse garments.
How will an angel of light be able to show himself in the darkness?
That isn’t possible, is it?
Linking up on this side means passing on into a different condition.
All this will also become clear to you during this journey.
Spirits from within the light bear their power within, they bear and are connected to the order of truth.
We see all those situations daily, André, because every second thousands pass on.
And everything is and means sorrow, induced by others.
On we go, my son, I have still more conditions to show you.’
They passed through many other wards.
‘Now I will let you experience a truth which only we know.
Come, we’ll enter here.
There lies a young life that will be sent to this world prematurely.
They operated on her, which is simple on earth, but in the spirit it has a different meaning, which only we are familiar with.
The operation failed. Others are waiting.’
Many people of the earth stood around the little bed and cried.
A young life was about to pass on and all were deeply sad.
‘We’ll go on, my son, we won’t find the meaning of this premature transition here, and we will visit her.
I have seen hundreds of similar transitions happen during my tour on earth.
All these events concern those who wield the scalpel.
And yet this too harbours conditions which point to the truly guilty.’
‘Where are we here, Alcar?’
‘In a staff room of a hospital.
Look over there, an instrument in our hands.
He too is a medium and is guided and helped by us.
He owes his abilities to our help.
His honour and his fame pertain to the spirit.
What he learnt was merely material but his feeling has been attuned by them who serve humanity through him.
He wielded the scalpel to perfection until a different factor destroyed his infallibility.’
André saw two men gathered together.
One of them, the elder, was sitting bent forward with his head in his hands.
The other one was walking up and down in an overstrung condition.
‘The one who is walking up and down is his son, and he will never equal his father’s talents, even if he grows to be a thousand years.
He cannot be reached by us.
And yet he must succeed his father by hook and by crook, that is what the father wants.
And this young doctor must learn the handicraft his father is so excellent at, but dozens pass on; they are sent to this world to early.
Due to the will of the father he sent this young life here.
He had to wield the scalpel, no matter what, so that when the father passes on his work can be continued by the son.
His calculations went amiss because it takes feeling to do this kind of work.
This is feeling, and it cannot be learnt.
The father looked on how a young life was destroyed.
He is convinced that everything would have been different if he had wielded the scalpel himself.
And yet it happened because his vanity and hallucination played up.
He is guilty of this premature transition and he will have to make amends.
He pours grief and sorrow over others, which would not have been necessary because he happens to be a medium in our hands.
Listen, they are talking.’
André saw how the young doctor went up to his father and he heard him say: ‘Come on, dad , don’t let it upset you, after all we did our best.’
‘No’, he said, ‘I should have done it myself.
I should have listened to my inner feeling, I shouldn’t have allowed this to happen.
You’ll never learn it, never!’
This proved that it was his fault, which showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the child should not have had to die.
‘It drives me mad’, André heard him say, ‘the child is dying.
There is nothing we can do about it.
You are not fit for your work.’
‘It’s remorse, my boy, remorse, nothing but sorrow which would not have been necessary.
But if he doesn’t know how to free himself from this influence of his own will, then more will be sent here.
In this way life is destroyed; grief and sorrow, taken on by others.
This is not God’s will.
God had a different intention.
In this way a person will bring sorrow onto another just to tickle his vanity, to increase his property.
Many will pass on, but then everything will be different.
Then it is God’s holy time, the time of passing on.
I experienced many of these horrific situations during my tour on earth as an invisible human being.
I perceived that people destroyed animals, so these would serve man.
One life is destroyed in order to heal another.
I could name thousands of horrors, even worse than this one.
In this way one life is destroyed in order to preserve another.
I have witnessed revolting scenes.
In a laboratory I saw a dog being tied to a table.
They had starved the animal for some days, to torture it afterwards.
I saw how they cut into the animals throat to collect the gastric juices.
This is how they went to work. The ravenous animal was shown a piece of meat, causing an enormous activity in the stomach.
The gastric juices which the animal spat out were collected and then made into a serum to heal man.
It’s true that the animal received a local anaesthetic, yet it was conscious of everything that was happening.
That’s what science on earth is like, carried out by man and his Divine feeling!
Woe to them who lend themselves for such things.
Animal juices, used to lengthen people’s lives!
How can man ever forget himself like that!
A macabre kind of science.
They’re not aware of the dirt they’re wallowing in!
I saw other conditions too, which made me happy.
One of our instruments had to perform a difficult operation.
I followed him, together with many others on this side.
He was worried about the young life, whether it would die or stay alive.
He thought he had everything under control.
He lost his self-confidence and returned home.
The next day the operation was to take place.
He was convinced that life goes on and was aware of his talents.
He still had that power in him which preserved him from a lot of sorrow.
In the middle of the night he knelt down and besought God to help him keep his self-confidence.
He prayed for a long time.
And he was helped by those who dwell on this side.
While he was praying he received an image and he saw that the operation would be successful.
He clearly saw what he had to do to achieve this.
He fell asleep and awoke feeling in high spirits and remained linked to his vision.
He was supported by spirits of love that watched over him; these were his beloved.
They prayed together with him for a long time afterwards to ask God to give him strength.
The operation was a complete success.
He felt God’s holy Power and humbly accepted his task.
He was famous on earth, thanks to them who acted upon him on this side.
How very far removed that other doctor is from him, and yet he is the one they pin distinctions on, and whom they declare an honorary citizen.
One day he will be shown what was right and wrong in his life on earth.
Many who accomplish holy work will be warriors for the benefit of man and all his needs.
On this side those are awaited who are sent here too soon.
This is all sorrow and grief due to others.
And now we will leave the earth, to visit the dark spheres.’