Physical and psychic healing

One day someone came to see André who wished to consult him about the health condition of his seven-year-old son Louis. He went into a trance and within ten minutes he was able to determine that the boy was backward and that he wet his bed during the night.
This father was just as surprised as others had been at such a quick and correct diagnosis, and he asked whether André could possibly heal the boy.
He said that he could, as Alcar didn’t warn him that this might be impossible.
Then his visitor asked how much time he would need.
‘Listen carefully, my boy’, Alcar then said.
‘After we’ve treated him for two weeks, the ailment will come to a temporary halt, but after a month the same symptoms will reappear.
Eight months will then go by before total healing sets in, and during that time he will have to be treated regularly.
In that period his feeling will also have developed, so that his ability to speak and learn will have improved.’
André passed this message on to the father, who was very glad to hear it, and he implicitly put his child in his hands.
After he had magnetized little Louis four times – twice a week – , Alcar’s prediction naturally came true, to return again after a month.
He continued treatment at his own home, and after he had helped the lad for four months his father accompanied him on one of his visits to ask him what he thought of the situation.
‘I already told you, sir, how I see and sense the situation’, was his reply.
‘Yes, the things you told me the first time I came to see you have come true, but for us that’s not much to go by, because every night it’s the same old story.’
André, who was concentrating intently on Alcar, as this situation was beyond his understanding, quietly awaited what his leader would want to tell him, and very soon he heard him say: ‘If they have no trust in our judgement, they should consult earthly science.
Our work takes time.’
‘If this is taking too long to your liking, sir, then I recommend that you consult a regular physician’, André therefore continued.
‘People have medical treatment for years on end, and they don’t care how long it takes as long as they can be cured.
But how often are they finally forced to give up because the recovery they’re hoping for fails to set in.
And yet you now expect me to bring about a rapid improvement, although I tried to make the course of events clear to you.’
But his visitor hadn’t meant it like that.
‘We have’, he said, ‘doctored around with our child for years. Medical help has been to no avail, whereas from the very first day you treated Louis – even though the complaint hasn’t been cured yet – we have been able to observe a change for the better in him.
Formerly, when he used to play outdoors, he would always be ill in bed for about four days.
He was never a normal healthy child, like my other children.
And now he’s constantly outdoors, come rain or shine, but it no longer has any effect on him, even if he comes home drenched.
That’s enough reason for us to continue the treatment.’
‘All right, sir’, André answered, ‘but then you must keep on trusting me.’
Shortly afterwards he heard Alcar say: ‘I’ve got another prediction for him.
We’ve been working on his little boy for four months now, so I need another four months to heal him completely.
He’ll find it hard to believe, when I tell him that for quite some time little Louis has already been physically healed, even if he still wets his bed.
This may seem rather unlikely to earthly ears.
And yet it’s the truth and I’ll explain to you how this is possible.
We must first of all keep on magnetizing him on a regular basis.
This is essential for the development of his feeling in the spirit.
We must raise his spiritual level, because if we failed to do that we would be unable to remedy the unpleasant symptom, as he is unaware of any lack of spiritual feeling on that issue.
It still lies locked up in his subconscious and will have to be roused at a later stage.
Not only will the symptoms suddenly disappear after the eight months of treatment, by that time his feeling will also have developed and have been raised to a higher level.
By then his ability to speak and learn will have improved and his powers of concentration will have become stronger too.
However, this enhanced condition, this awakening consciousness won’t only bring the good but also the less favourable characteristics to the surface.’
‘That’s not something to look forward to’, Louis’ father remarked.
Again André didn’t know what to answer, but Alcar immediately prompted: ‘Consciousness in a normal child awakens simultaneously with and in proportion to its physical growth, and the less favourable characteristics are just as prevalent in a normal child without these necessarily showing up, because spiritual and physical growth are one, which ensures the normal development of the process of awakening consciousness; and this is where the being’s power of feeling is rooted.
I could go on analyzing thousands of other conditions in the same way.
Now the part of this process of development which takes a normal child a year to go through must be dealt with by this boy in a few months.
And he will have reached that stage as soon as his feeling awakens within the normal level of consciousness.
So he will experience everything within a much shorter timespan than a normal child, and this sudden change will make him lose his balance because he lacks experience in life, sufficient power of concentration and will power.
But as far as I can sound him out and sense his spiritual condition, I wager to assure you that his less favourable traits won’t surpass boyish mischief, which will wear off soon enough anyway.
I can determine this because I feel his love.
So he won’t go to ruin, because there is enough love and a sense of goodness in him, positive traits which will guide him and lead him onto the right path of life.
His father hasn’t the slightest cause to worry about his spiritual condition.
All will be well.’
He was very happy to hear this!
‘How simple everything seems at heart’, he said.
‘Certainly’, André heard his spiritual master reply, ‘everything is simple if man is able to link up with Life.
Everything stems from the source of simplicity.
Problems aren’t problems, miracles are no longer miracles, as everything is life.
However, mortal man can’t yet sense the life which lies embedded in everything, and he doesn’t yet know how to link up with it.
Life is love; that’s why his feeling will turn into wisdom once it is attuned to the spiritual.’
André continued to treat Louis, and five days before the eight months had elapsed the said symptom suddenly stopped, and he changed into a completely different child that had much less difficulty in learning.
However, one day his father mentioned that he couldn’t keep his hands off other people’s property and brought home everything he could get hold of.
This was a strange symptom, because in the past he would never have dreamt of doing such a thing.
He often even came home with cigars, and it was a mystery to him how he got hold of them.
But fortunately this symptom disappeared too, and little Louis turned into a dear, well-behaved, sensible boy, as Alcar had predicted.
André asked his leader how it had been possible for the magnetic treatment to heal the child not only physically but also spiritually, and he received the following reply: ‘Magnetism is vital fluid, and life means feeling.
During the period in which this vital fluid was applied to invigorate his feeling, the boy was subjected to high spiritual pressure, which in turn caused his spiritual powers to increase.
If your fluid had been coarser than his, no connection could have been made and the treatment would have been useless.
However, I saw what we were allowed to achieve, which only an astral spirit can discern.
There will be sick people calling on you or asking you to visit them, whom you will believe you can heal, but this will prove impossible as they are unable to assimilate your vital fluid and therefore no connection can be set up.
This will prove that you cannot help everyone, unless the patient submits himself unconditionally and with complete trust, which enables a strong tie to be laid between the magnetizer and patient.
By providing spiritual nourishment for the lad’s psychic condition, his subconscious power had to surface and become conscious.
And this sudden rousing of his consciousness made him lose his balance.
I already made it clear to you how this can come about.
Our medication had to be spiritual in order to develop his feeling.
Your vital forces enabled us to produce this result.
This wouldn’t have been possible by administering earthly medicine, as these may be capable in certain cases of curing matter, but never the spirit.
So you share your own vital force, your spiritual gold, with others, my boy. You could compare this to blood transfusion.
If people could only realize that you give them your spiritual blood, they wouldn’t treat this so light-heartedly.
Don’t waste it, because it’s precious and should be valued for what it’s worth, although every loss of vital force is replenished from the cosmic reservoir, depending on the power of love within you.
So you can give as much as you wish, because if your love is pure, you will never become exhausted, as love comes from God and is therefore inexhaustible.
So whoever develops his sense of love simultaneously develops his vital fluid.
There are, however, also people who do not live as our common Father requires of them, and nevertheless they possess healing powers.
They too have their spiritual leaders, but these only regard them as material channels through which they are able to perform their work.
Give your vital fluid to those who suffer physically or spiritually, my boy, but let your love, which should be attuned to God, keep it pure; because only then we will be able to help the latter.’
Once again André had gained vital wisdom and received new spiritual richness.