The Living Dead

André thought it all over, but his mind reeled.
What a wisdom his leader possessed.
Who was this man who was able to link him up with the cosmos?
He had asked Alcar what he thought of the clergy on the earth, to be allowed to receive this wisdom.
How great Alcar’s feeling was, what an enormous respect he felt for love.
He couldn’t thank God enough for being permitted to visit the spheres.
He compared himself with all these powers which life could possess.
What was he, amidst these millions of forces, compared to all this?
Nothing, he was nothing at all.
What a lot he still had to learn!
How insignificant the things were which he possessed and which stood for his ego.
And what about man on earth?
What was earthly scholarship, what was left of it all in the light of this truth?
It was still nothing and nothing of it remained.
The life that existed on earth didn’t even know that it was alive; how faraway they still were from that knowledge.
Now he understood that pure love could not be shared on earth.
We hadn’t got that far yet, we neither sensed the warmth nor knew the powers, which such a love would possess.
Everything man, himself included, ever felt was selfishness, nothing but self-love.
The human level equalled a third degree of development.
That degree stood for power of love.
What did man know of degrees, of spiritual degrees?
They knew nothing, they neither knew nor sensed the cosmic degrees of different mentalities.
That was all invisible to man, just as Alcar’s powers of love were invisible and intangible to him.
What was universal love?
Could it ever be encompassed on earth, or described?
It couldn’t, because they didn’t even know their own life.
The people there spoke of fourth dimensional conditions without even knowing their own attunement, nor did they understand what it meant or what it represented.
They gave it a guess, just as those who wanted to calculate the universe and were faced with figures they couldn’t even utter.
Thousands, millions of digits even, which they could go on expressing for years without ever reaching the end.
That’s how faraway this science was removed from them, and yet they were able to come up with figures.
That’s how distant universal love was from man on earth.
He didn’t know any of these conditions either, and Alcar told him that he was still a child in matters of love.
André understood that the greatest study man could undertake was to get to know himself.
Alcar had held up a mirror before him, in which he had come to know life.
And what a life that was!
It made his head spin.
And wasn’t it the truth?
Didn’t every creature sense that this was how it could be?
Wasn’t it a viability which life could sense?
Did life feel something else?
But what?
Could there be a different theory?
He sensed and believed Alcar, because everything was holy to his leader and he loved all life.
And those who loved wouldn’t ridicule other lives which didn’t yet sense that level.
No, he still had a long way to go, yet it made him feel happy too.
But he also felt thousands of other conditions entering his mind, conditions which ran counter to him.
After all, what did property mean on earth?
What was man?
An atom that was part of god’s greatness.
How insignificant he was, yet how great he could be, and wished to be.
Alcar told him that man on earth should rejoice that he was allowed to die there.
Do you hear?
We ought to be glad that we’re allowed to die there.
Isn’t it dreadful for many to have to hear that they must be happy to be permitted to die?
Should one be happy to be permitted to pass on?
Had he understood Alcar clearly and correctly?
Yes, because he had said that God had a different kind of happiness in mind for the life that exists on earth.
And what did people do?
They would cry, many were even heartbroken when an elderly person passed on and left them behind.
They were broken with grief and their sorrow ruined them.
How long would it last before they had got far enough to joyfully and gladly let go of their loved ones who were bound for a higher life?
To lose all feeling of self-love, how long would that take?
When would there be people on earth who bore this wisdom within?
When would people be able to call out: Greet those who have already passed on?
When, for heaven’s sake?
It would take thousands of years yet, and meanwhile they are tormented by the thought of death.
All that time they would keep on nurturing their pre-animal-like inner being with their sorrow and tears and their grief.
It robbed them of all their vital juice until they were empty.
It was an animalistic thought.
Death made them shiver and shake.
André knew better by now.
The word ‘death’ was a swearword in the dictionary.
It defiled all other thoughts that had to do with life.
The word death smothered everything and robbed the living of the strength to go on living after they had lost their loved ones.
No, there was no death, death had never ever existed.
Death was a fiction.
Death was nothing and everything, death was life.
Death lived, how could that be?
Here he beheld life after death; there it was again, that word death!
In the life after this life people kept on living.
Eternally, forever together with those who were already here and lived anew.
To him death meant life.
This life was majestic.
Oh, how beautiful he found death.
He had made friends with it, it was his greatest companion, apart from God and from Alcar.
It came next, but most of all, yes, most of all he loved death, because it gave him life.
To him death was God, one with God, that’s what death was.
Very often he silently spoke to it.
He envied everyone who passed on.
He wasn’t jealous of anything, only of those who were allowed to pass on.
Oh death, you beautiful life, hidden behind you.
You mighty liberator.
I love you because you are and signify life.
Everything within me I give to you, you feel my longing for that moment when you come to fetch me, which to me will be nothing but happiness, nothing but eternal happiness.
Death, oh precious death, your life I know, because I was allowed to accompany him to get to know you.
The people of the earth gave you that name because in you, oh death, they neither see nor feel life.
How often had he sung this song, standing at a deathbed, envying those who were about to pass on.
He felt their sorrow, their grief in those moments, yet in a different manner.
It made him one with those who would soon get to know life and death.
Oh, when the moment came when he too would be allowed to go, then he would be allowed through his power to live as he wished to live, then he would give his blood for others, who wouldn’t accept it on earth from him.
If only it wouldn’t last too long, he already yearned for it.
It was the greatest present he could ever receive on earth.
Alcar looked at him and said:
‘It will take a while yet, my boy, before the great happiness will come to you.
There are still many people whom we must convince that dying means nothing but happiness.
The people’s minds will be dazed when they hear this, but then let me call out to them, that we too recognize powers which make us bow down before Him Who governs all this.
We’re underway to develop ourselves, including those who dwell in the highest heavens.
And only after we have reached the mental areas will we sense and absorb many things that are as yet still incomprehensible to us, and we will act accordingly.
Everything will then be wisdom in the spirit.
All other things are still obscure to us too.
At the moment we’re in a different sphere, there where the living dead of the earth dwell.’
André saw a country that resembled the earth, just as his leader had explained to him.
It was enveloped in a grey haze.
The atmosphere here was cold and bleak.
There was more life here than in the other spheres, but everything was still in an unnatural state.
On earth everything was green, here all of nature seemed to be clothed in grey.
He saw people, all of them old, with bent backs.
They bore the sorrow of the earth.
It weighed on their shoulders.
It was turning them into wrecks.
He didn’t see any young, fresh-looking people here, they were not to be found in this place.
Only old people dwelt here, deep-down they were all aged and beaten.
There were no children here either.
It was strange to see only old people.
Where people lived, surely everything lived, children too and young people?
It was very strange to him.
How had this come about, how was this possible?
What was the meaning of this?
It was terrible to see them like this.
Now he thought of Alcar’s explanation of all the other spheres.
They bore this old age within.
It was their spiritual attunement.
He also saw many houses and buildings.
Churches too, and in the distance he saw a small town.
Everything was barren and old.
On earth everything had more beauty, and to think that he was in eternity.
It was a sad situation.
On earth they were a hundred times better off than in eternity.
‘Where are the young people, Alcar? I don’t see them here.’
‘They live in other spheres; I will tell you shortly what all these attunements are like.
They all have a different attunement.’
André met people who lived here.
They looked at him as if he were a miracle to them.
He noticed this clearly.
‘What does this mean, Alcar?
Look how they’re staring at us.’
‘This is simple too, my son. Do we look as old as they do?’
André understood.
‘We’re in an attunement which differs from theirs.
If we were to show ourselves in our own powers, they would believe they were seeing miracles, as you will witness shortly.
It illustrates what I told you about all the other planets.
As you see, they build their houses and churches here too.
They do that in accordance with the powers they possess, but they lack the means to accomplish something beautiful.
Come on, let’s go this way and avoid that little town.
We won’t find them there.’
There were many creatures wandering about, their heads bent as if they thought they would find something.
It was sad to see them in that condition.
‘What are they looking for, Alcar?’
‘They’re not looking for anything, André.
They are the ones who will soon go on to another sphere.
They feel unhappy.
They feel remorse and want to make amends for all the wrong they did.
They will soon be offered an opportunity to do good.
They keep their distance from the others, they’re sick of their lives; they sense a higher, a different kind of life.
Spirits will come over here to help them and to show them how to pass on.
But others live in complete happiness, which clearly demonstrates that they aren’t aware of their own life, nor are they convinced of their own sorry existence.’
The sky lay enveloped in a grey haze, and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen.
Where was that beautiful blue colour one could see in the skies on earth?
All the things he perceived in this sphere looked sad.
He saw mountains too, and plains.
Everything lay waiting for warmth; no sun here that could awaken life with its rays.
Everything was waiting for those first rays which would make life come alive and change into warm, softer hues.
Everything was shrouded, everything seemed dead, just like they who dwelt here.
Poor people they were.
It was pathetic to see them like this.
He wouldn’t be able to feel happy here, it was even better to be on earth.
There were people on earth whom he had spoken to about the hereafter and who had so often said that they would prefer to stay there because they knew what they had right now, but they would have to wait and see what they would get in return. Well, these people were right.
If they were put into this situation, they would surely feel better off on earth.
Many felt happy there.
They didn’t sense the monotony of their existence.
They were satisfied and longed for nothing else.
That’s why they were dead.
Only now that he perceived them, did he understand their condition of being alive yet dead.
‘Look, André: inhabitants of this sphere, over there.’
André saw a big valley where hundreds were gathered.
What were they up to?
He saw men and women gathered, all of them old and shrivelled.
‘We’re lucky’, Alcar said, ‘they’re holding a meeting.
They do that on earth too.
You see how natural their life is.
We will stay here, maybe they’ll listen to us.
I want to try to speak to them and you, my boy, will help me in this, won’t you?’
André looked at his leader as if he wanted to say: Must I really address them?
‘Yes, André, don’t you want to tell them what I have shown to you and will yet show you?
If we succeed, then open up; I will help you.
I want to see whether you have learnt during all those years.
Also, whether you can overcome difficulties.
If we can convince a single creature, then our work will have been rewarded, because in that way we show how grateful we are that God granted us all this beauty.
So put everything you’ve got into it, André.
Exert your influence on them and try to link them up.
Let them sense your love, raise them up and connect them with life and try to melt their cold hearts.
Remember, André, it all depends on your conviction, your concentration and your strong will power, to give something to others.
Above all: do not fear.
Let them feel what you feel, see what you see and hear what you hear.’
André felt nervous.
How would it all turn out?
Alcar told him: ‘My son, right now you’re already under their influence.
Let them think as they choose, embrace them in your heart, enclose them in your feeling, feel love for them; love works wonders.
If you’re in doubt, then we must travel on because they will regard us as intruders and attack us too.
Why fear, André?
Can they teach you anything?
Don’t overestimate yourself, but above all don’t belittle yourself.
It would mean your downfall.
There is nothing to fear if you feel more love than they do.
I leave you to it.’
André was alone.
There, before him, hundreds of creatures were gathered, and in the distance there were more to come to this place.
Would they be gathering down here?
They were living dead.
He, a man from the earth, knew more about eternity than they did.
In Summerland he had met his aunt, who had left the earth as an old woman and had arrived there rejuvenated and beautiful.
Immediately after she had cast off her material garment she had taken on her spiritual state.
She was beautiful and young in this life, but what did these creatures look like?
They had bent backs, they were old and this was all due to their lack of love.
Oh, he already longed for the moment he would be allowed to begin.
He longed fervently to open their eyes.
He felt himself growing calm inside, and a wonderful feeling of peace came over him.
There in front of him he saw a tall human being, dressed like a clergyman on earth.
Was he one of those who preach about hell and damnation over here too?
The man moved away from all the others and went to a raised pedestal.
Would he be speaking too?
And where was Alcar?
He didn’t see his leader anywhere.
The clergyman looked at him and André sensed how the other regarded him as a stranger who didn’t belong here.
He seemed to demand to know what André was up to, all on his own in this place.
His gaze was fixed upon him as if he wanted to pierce him.
He withstood the cruel gaze and sensed the man’s coldness.
Then he saw Alcar, his leader appeared right out of their midst.
Alcar went up to the clergyman and exchanged a few words with him.
He clearly heard Alcar say: ‘May we address your congregation?’
From his raised pedestal the clergyman looked down defyingly at his leader, his arms across his breast, and a few seconds went by before he replied.
André would have liked to charge at him and cry out: ‘Don’t you see who is standing in front of you?’
Must that man treat his leader with so much contempt?
Surely this wasn’t necessary.
Oh, what would Alcar feel like?
Finally he asked, in a harsh tone of voice:
‘Who are you?’
‘We’, he heard Alcar say, ‘are your brothers, and we come to you from a different country with love in our hearts, in the true sense of the word.’
The clergyman smiled sarcastically.
He was still standing there, gazing down on him, just as Nero once on Rome.
His old face was creased with wrinkles.
At last he spoke.
It was a tense moment.
How simple Alcar was, waiting in all simplicity for his decision.
André sensed a lesson in life in Alcar’s attitude; things could only be achieved with love.
‘Are you here in the name of God?’
The words lashed at his soul due to the chill in the man’s voice.
This unfortunate man was asking his leader whether he came in the name of God.
It typified the man.
How he felt himself.
Alcar looked at him respectfully and replied: ‘We come to you in the name of God, in the true sense of the word, as I already told you.’
‘I’ll give you half an hour’, was his reply.
That’s not much, André thought, his leader would need all that time for himself.
Anyway, he agreed, the ice was broken, and Alcar went up to them and addressed the crowd: ‘Sisters and brothers.
Your leader gave me permission to speak to you.
If you would all please be seated, then we can begin.’
The creatures looked at Alcar as if he were a miracle.
Even the clergyman had changed noticeably.
Alcar addressed them in his soft, yet sonorous voice: ‘Why, dear friends, is man to blame for his own misfortune?
Why, I ask you, does man not know himself, although God has given him intelligence for him to think?
God placed man above the animal, and the animal feels where it belongs, yet man does not.
An animal doesn’t fall back, it will always live in accordance with his feeling. His feeling shows him the way and tells him how to follow it.
And how does man act?
The love of the animal is a love which is given in full.
But what do we do?
Do we always give our pure love?
Do we give it at full strength?
Of course not.
Isn’t there a power in us which always takes us back to ourselves?
And isn’t that our very own self?
God put man above the animal and gave him a Divine power, a mind to a greater or smaller extent.
And do we use this mind to follow the track?
Not one of us does.
Don’t we keep on wandering away from our intention to do good?
Then doesn’t an animal offer a more beautiful kind of love than we humans generally do?
Did I say too much?
Doesn’t an animal know itself better than we know ourselves?
Doesn’t an animal live more consciously?
And are we aware of our own situation?
Isn’t it terrible, isn’t it sad that we are so often unable to resemble an animal?
Don’t we very often sense these shortcomings, aren’t we to blame for this ourselves?
God gave us intelligence to think, a power He Himself embodies.
God gave us the mercy to have our very own personality, a Divine mercy which every human being receives.
But we must watch out that we don’t perish.
God gave us the power to reason.
And doesn’t this power serve to cultivate our own ego?
Doesn’t it serve to shape an aura of self-love and selfishness?
Isn’t that our very own downfall?
Doesn’t it tell us that we don’t understand life and that we too often put ourselves in the limelight?
Don’t we feel the urge to be in the centre of attention, which makes us lose our balance?
We will be led back to the truth in accordance with our experiences.
It helps us to get to know ourselves.
Wouldn’t you admit that God granted the power to reason for other purposes?
We very often say: use your brains!
And these brains serve to connect us with God.
God intends you to make use of the Divine gift you received to find your way to the light, to His holy land of eternal love.
God gave us our thinking capacity and placed us above the animal in order to mean something to others.
But isn’t our elated feeling a misfortune to ourselves?
Man, feel your divine mercy and use your life to really come to life.
Don’t use your brains for yourself, sense your own situation and act according to your higher insight.
Man, be alive.
Awaken, friends!
God granted you that great mercy to attune to Him, which is only possible through His holy Power, which lies within all of us.
Friends, sharpen your mind towards everyone, towards everything that’s alive, try to raise yourself above the animal.
Don’t hold on to your brains for the sake of your own selfishness; become altruists of mankind to serve life.
Use your powers to save your soul from human selfishness, passion and violence, and try to emerge as victors.
There is strife in every life, a struggle to get to know yourself.
The urge to rise must make itself felt within you.
It’s your spiritual struggle which will bring you closer to God.
It’s the battle that enables you to enter the higher spheres.
Man must keep on rising.
But many have chosen a road that leads to deep darkness.
They made wrong use of their brains.
Their road doesn’t lead to God.
They go around in circles and their brains won’t help to get them out.
But the more you practice and learn to use your brains, the more your feelings will develop, which will bring you happiness and light.
Man, use your brains to develop your feeling in the spirit.
Clear the way for yourselves, friends, without flinching, and know that God placed all those hardships on your path, and that you must conquer them.
Know, friends, that spheres of greater beauty await you, which my brother will tell you about afterwards and which you can reach if you know how to use the powers God gave to you.
Fight, my friends, for your own sake, but don’t submit to the struggle.
Try to conquer yourself.
Know that God’s holy Power is in you, that He gave you His holy Life.
Awaken, for your life is eternal.
Awaken from your deep sleep, God is within you.
Call out for help, ask God for strength to help you find your way.
And when you bow down humbly and lay down everything at God’s feet, then everything will be allowed to change for you.
Pray, my friends, pray often, ask to get to know the powers which are in you.
Pray that God’s light may forever shine on you, which you will one day see in all its glory.
It is God’s will that His love be used to help others, to give warmth to those who don’t yet feel His love.
Know, friends, that it’s possible to rise.
God gave you intelligence, the mercy to live forever.
Learn to use your brains in the service of God, difficult though it may be.
Learn to trust that God, in His infinite goodness, will help you all to partake of eternal happiness.
Deep silence prevailed amongst them.
They all looked at Alcar in amazement.
They felt deep respect for everything.
In a flash it came to André: ‘Talk about nature and link them up with life.’
He began immediately and he sensed that he was being helped.
‘Sisters and brothers!
We come from a different country to tell you about the beauty there, and we invite you to visit our land.
Our country is full of beauty, even nature shows itself in a different way than here.
The colour of the sky is bright, and everywhere flowers grow and bloom and they remain fresh forever and never wither.
We build our own homes, in the way we wish them to be.
None of them look alike.
That’s because also every creature is different and possesses his very own personality.
As we imagine our home to be, so it will be.
We can build wherever we want to, between mountains, in the plains, on the waterfront or on riverbanks.
But we cannot obtain the necessary materials from other countries.
We can use anything that grows and lives in our own country.
We also know that in other countries where people also live, building materials cannot be obtained from abroad either.
We are bound by laws.
Those laws correspond to the inner condition of the person who lives there.
This means that we may not and cannot transcend our own powers.
We can’t put materials from other countries to use, for the simple reason that we have a different climate, and everything would fall to pieces.
We live together like sisters and brothers.
We live for each other with love in our hearts, and we would never lie to each other or deceive one another, not even in our thoughts.
You will think this strange, but we would immediately be aware of it, because we can follow each other’s thoughts.
That’s why everyone is honest and why a brother or sister is open, entirely open, to all others.
When we see a sister or a brother we see ourselves, because we possess one love and are one in that love, which means that our life is nothing but happiness.
We practice the arts as we wish, and we play with each other like children.
We enjoy ourselves and have fun, that’s how beautiful our life is.
We attend festivities dressed in beautiful garments and go to concerts where various masters are gathered and perform.
They don’t play from written music, they play according to nature, which radiates various hues.
The masters are one with nature, and the masters reproduce the feeling of all of life with their beautiful instruments.
It’s marvellous where we live, and compared to your land ours could be called paradise.
We have beautiful temples and buildings and, though you will find this unbelievable, our temples reverberate.
This means that sound is spread around so that you can follow the concert without being inside.
It spreads out for thousands of miles just as everything is one and reflects life.
We know and possess many miracles which all of us understand, because deep down we sense the miracle.
Therefore nothing is secret to us, because a secret is a different life, and when we experience that life we will acquire it and it will belong to us.
We keep on advancing in this way, ascending all the time, and thanking our God for everything given to us.
Fortune smiles us in the face.
We pray in the open, never inside buildings or in temples, because nature is God and because it’s easier for us to approach God through the life that lives in nature, as it’s God’s holy power which is inherent in everything.
And we link up with it and nothing will disturb us because our togetherness is one, and we want to unite in simplicity and in honesty.
That’s how we sense God and we try to approach our Almighty Father with love.
To us love is the holiest, the most beautiful and the mightiest of all of God’s creations, which He gave to us.
It’s the holy power which is God Himself, and if we can love others, we approach God because God is nothing but love.
Then everything will shine on us and we will remain happy forever.
We will never grow old.
We don’t know old age in our country.
Old age, such as you possess here, is unknown to us.
We’re like flowers, forever fresh.
Let me tell you about another miracle, but I tell you beforehand that you will think this is incredible, yet I also say that it’s the truth, as sure as you’re alive.
We, and many others with us, are already thousands of years old and yet we’re young, we’re handsome, and we can be like children, in the pure sense of the word.
Isn’t it unbelievable?
Yet what I say is the truth.
We can no longer grow old.
We are old within, but on the outside we are young.
Our old age is our wisdom, which every creature in our country possesses.
No matter whom you see or speak to over there, they all possess wisdom, which they carry within.
Our wisdom is our feeling because we sense the life that is inherent in everything and we therefore understand everything.
I could go on and list thousands of other miracles.
Many strangers came to visit us, but they didn’t want to return to their relatives.
Our beauty held them captive.
They simply couldn’t understand why we were all so young. And they wanted to know how that could be attained.
Our masters, who govern everything in our land, told them how they could be enabled to stay with us and possess a young life.
They told them: ‘All of us who live here once lived in a different country.
There we were visited by strangers who convinced us that a country existed of greater beauty, which they called the land of love.
They told us that we should all set off on our pilgrimage.
They made it clear to us how we should travel, and with their help we set off in thousands to reach their land of love.
They also told us that it would be difficult because we would have much to suffer from on the way.
But once we had reached that land there would be nothing but happiness.’
Thousands of us headed for that country, and only a handful turned back.
We asked God for strength to support us on our difficult and heavy journey.
And so we steadily moved on, further and further, and the miracle came true: the nearer we got to the land of love, the younger we became.
We shared everything on the way.
We travelled together with love in our hearts and helped those who were unable to continue, supporting them with all the powers that were in us.
After a while we awoke and understood what the strangers had meant: we were to get to know ourselves.
Many already sensed within what their attunement was, and that they hadn’t known themselves because they hadn’t felt the life which God has put into everything.
Now we got to know life as well as our own life through grief and sorrow and by overcoming hardships.
It was a struggle all the way, nothing but a struggle, but we followed and understood that a higher happiness was ahead of us.
This was evident by everything that surrounded us, because we were getting younger in the midst of the battle.
So we arrived in another country, but this was not yet the promised land of love, where the strangers lived.
We were all happy that we had left our own country.
How cold everything had been compared to the things which surrounded us now.
Yet the land of love was even more beautiful.
And with renewed courage we moved on, further and further, until that beautiful morning when we finally entered the land of love.
How happy we were.
Oh, those first moments, it was as if we awoke, it seemed like a dream, to feel the greatness of God’s powers, how much beauty God has in store for all His children.
When we were allowed to behold God’s holy light we all knelt down and thanked God for all that beauty.
We prayed for a long time, our heads bowed down deeply for all that beauty that was given to us.
We had all earned ourselves that land of love, through battle and through grief and sorrow.
We all understood that God is nothing but love.
God is light, God is life.
We were all young, fresh and beautiful.
All of us, without exception, cried out at the top of our voice: God is love, God is light, God is life, eternal, everlasting life.’
All were happy.
André had spoken passionately.
They were all linked up with him in their thoughts.
Even the priest beamed, his old face reflected the happiness and the longing to be allowed to possess all this beauty.
Their yearning looks moved him deeply.
It made him aware how they were all under his influence, and he himself sensed that he could, at that moment, move mountains.
He continued with fervour.
‘Our masters told us: ‘Go back to your country and follow the path which we and many others have trodden.
Show them the way, how they must follow it, and support each other on this difficult journey.
It’s all up to yourself.
You hold your fortune in your own hands.
And if you persevere in spite of much grief and sorrow, you will soon be here, where thousands will await you, and we will take care that everything is ready to receive you.
All those who follow our path can enter here.
There is happiness here for everyone, nothing but happiness.
Eternal, holy happiness awaits you.
But do not forget that you can never enter this place if you haven’t travelled your way with love in your hearts and didn’t feel love towards everything you encountered on the way.’
André saw how the priest descended from his pedestal and went over to Alcar.
André continued:
‘The strangers returned to their country and thousands set off to reach the land of love and start their pilgrimage.
And you, my friends, to all of you I call out: you too must leave this barren land behind; a different, a higher happiness awaits you.
Leave this valley of tears and follow the way they travelled and all will travel because it’s the road which God shows us and will always show us.
Stand up, my friends, follow the path of love.
Follow the path which will take you to the land of eternal happiness, where your friends already live.’
André felt that he was allowed to go on for the moment, and fervently he called out to them:
‘Friends, I will tell you even more; it’s the truth, as everything is true.
Listen, listen carefully and never forget it.
You have all lived on earth and you died there.
You are living in eternity, but you wasted your earthly life because your life was centred on matter, which caused you to get into this situation; you have no knowledge of a spiritual life because you closed yourself off to that life.
Pray that God may open your eyes.
Where are your children?
They too live on this side, but in other countries.
They are purer and more beautiful and they possess a higher attunement which is why you can’t see them.
Sense your unnatural state and compare your life with a higher, a spiritual life where you will one day live forever.
At present you are at odds with everything in that country, even with your own children.
You won’t see your children again here, never ever in this region.
Over there, where there is nothing but happiness, you will find them again, in heavenly beauty.
It is God’s will, my friends, that you follow His path.
God is love, my friends. God is light, happiness and life.’
They had all changed by now.
He heard the priest call out: ‘God is love, we want to follow the path of love.’
Their shouts mingled: ‘God is love, we want to go to the land of love, we want to see our children again.’
It was a memorable ending which he hadn’t dared to expect in advance.
Many were crying, the tears flowed down their cheeks.
They had all loosened up, their hearts had melted.
Love flowed in, the coldness had to give way to a warmer, a more beautiful feeling.
This was the new dawning in all its beauty.
Alcar told him to stop, and that they would now disappear before their eyes.
In a flash it came to him: ‘I will convince you too what love can do, what the powers of love are.
Prepare yourself, André, and give me your hand as our link-up.’
André felt merely happiness within.
‘What I talked to you about in the dark spheres will now happen.
Focus on me, all your powers are required.’
The priest was standing in front of his congregation and a hundred voices sounded: ‘God is love, we want to go to the land of love and happiness, we want to see our children again.’
They looked up at them for the last time; then André was told to be ready. He felt himself being drawn into a different state and they were gone before their very eyes.
They could still hear the voices: ‘A miracle has happened, Christ was in our midst, Christ was here, Christ showed himself with an apostle.
God is love, nothing but love.’
‘Hear them, my son!
They believe that God’s holy Child was in their midst.
It was the power of love, which a human being can possess and which enables him to make himself invisible to lower conditions and attunements.
So it’s nothing but the power of love, in spiritual attunement.’
Hand in hand they glided on, towards another sphere.