Making a diagnosis from a distance through disembodiment

The following clearly shows that if man possesses the appropriate sensitivity he can receive thoughts that have been sent from afar, which makes him aware that others are thinking of him.
Alcar let André experience this and showed him its inherent truth.
It was very remarkable: Alcar made him diagnose a patient in Vienna.
He had already been to Vienna together with his wife to visit her relatives.
One morning he sensed how he was being drawn to Vienna, and that they were frequently talking about them and thinking of them.
He felt it so intensely that he got anxious whether something might have happened there.
He focussed on a telegram but understood that nothing serious had occurred, so that he let his feeling abate.
Yet the link with Vienna remained during the entire morning and he told his wife that they would soon be hearing something about this, as it held him captive the whole time.
That afternoon, while he was peacefully sitting in his room, Alcar let him disembody for a visit to Vienna.
Once he had been released from his physical body he moved off in a flash and entered the living room in Vienna, where his brother-in-law and the latter’s sister-in-law were together.
The previous year, he had told them so much about the conditions he had experienced that at times the room had been too small to hold all those who wanted to listen to him.
He understood every word of their present conversation.
They were talking about Marie, the brother-in-law’s wife, who had taken ill.
Before André went over to visit Marie, he wanted to make some tests and called the name of his brother-in-law in a loud voice, who nonetheless didn’t hear him.
He tried the same with the sister, who was younger than Marie, but with just as little result.
It gave him a strange feeling to have to witness this.
He was so close to them, yet they neither saw nor heard him.
They weren’t sensitive enough to be able to hear his soft yet clear voice.
This made him understand how sensitive he himself was to spirits’ voices.
This gift was far beyond them.
He sensed and saw the things which were necessary to get into contact with the spirit world.
It was a matter of adapting to the inner condition of another being.
Once again he called out, very loud this time, but this effort proved just as fruitless.
No, it wasn’t possible to reach them.
Neither to him nor to any other spirit who dwelt on the side where he now was.
How beautiful it was to be present in this attunement.
He had arrived in complete peace and deep tranquillity.
He was an invisible listener.
He saw a mighty scene before his mind’s eye.
So many had passed on and were called back by those who had been left behind in sorrow and grief, and when they came to them they would have to return because they couldn’t reach them.
Their presence went entirely unnoticed.
This was a terrible thing.
They were alive, returned and wanted to tell them about this great happiness, yet they couldn’t reach them.
All the same, if human beings opened up, each one of them could be influenced, enabling contact to be established.
He realized how difficult it was for those in the hereafter to link up with physical man.
Marie was lying in the bedroom, seriously ill.
He understood, and also perceived in the rays of light she emanated that she had been the one who had called him.
That morning, when he had still been in his physical body in Holland, he had already clearly sensed this.
He went over to her to see what was the matter with her.
His leader was also with him and said: ‘Get ready, André, we will examine her.’
André was happy that Alcar took an interest in her illness.
His leader was nothing but love.
Again miracles were revealed.
He focussed on Marie and sensed how he became linked up with her.
He was one with the patient, and Alcar let him descend into her body.
Whenever he concentrated on a certain spot this was lit up so that he could clearly perceive everything.
He saw the inner organs, which enabled him to make his diagnosis.
As he descended, his tension mounted.
It was indeed a miracle to be allowed to experience this as an earthly being.
Yet he checked himself because he didn’t want to disturb Alcar.
His leader examined her heart, which took quite a time.
Alcar’s radiance was great and powerful, so that her body lit up inside.
To possess powers of love in the spirit meant wisdom in the spirit.
Alcar told him that her heart and her nervous system were very weak and that he would now examine the other organs, which took up quite some time.
André felt something beautiful flowing from her towards him and her sister, which was the love she felt for them.
He saw these powers of love as light, which made him familiar with the pure love man senses for others.
It was a miracle to be allowed to see this too.
‘I see it, André.
At the moment she is suffering from a gallstone attack, accompanied by diabetes, which is causing the weakness of her body.
She is suffering from severe pains that well up and disappear but return from time to time.
They spring from the area around the liver and spread right up to her back and shoulders.
This illness, I mean a gallstone attack, is caused by the gallstones getting stuck in the biliary duct, and it disappears when the gallstones fall back into the gall bladder.
Thousands of people suffer from this terrible illness.
Yet many of them don’t know that they carry dozens of gallstones around with them because it causes them no discomfort until the illness manifests itself.
Many women in particular suffer from this.
She therefore has to live on food which is easily digestible, and must call in earthly help for her complaint.
Now for the diabetes.
Injections with insulin will help her, it’s a serum we are familiar with, which was received from us through inspiration, like many other medicines.
There are spirits on this side for medical science too, and their entire work consists of influencing the scholars in order to jointly conquer the many illnesses, those terrible enemies of mankind.
Gradually, step by step, they pursue their goal, and this will take generations.
Yet after a certain time cancer and tuberculosis will be conquered with our help and our knowledge.
Over here, the composition of various medicines is known.
If the doctors could remain passive, they would already possess the medicine to fight cancer.
But then followed the path shown to us by nature.’
‘What could we do to remedy an illness like this one, Alcar?’
‘We can only ease her pains.
I already told you, in this case earthly help is needed.
She already received that.
Come on, my boy, we will ease her pains.’
This treatment lasted for a whole quarter of an hour, and André sensed how her pains had abated.
If he were to write to her from Holland that he knew she was ill, she would be most amazed.
But if he were to tell her that he had treated her and had talked to her, that would be too much, and she wouldn’t believe him.
And yet it was the truth, he was with her in the spirit and saw and heard everything.
He put his hand on hers and kept following her thoughts.
He had been here last year, and he had painted for them and now she lay looking in the direction where the painting was.
Her complete concentration was focussed on him and her sister, and she was thinking of the beautiful time they had spent together.
And this power of love, focussed on one human being, wouldn’t merely be sensed by him but by thousands of others.
Wasn’t love powerful?
But she didn’t sense him, not even now, while he was sitting beside her.
These thoughts, this love had been the means by which Alcar had let him disembody.
Love was holy, and it was even more glorious to be able to experience it in this way.
At present everything beamed happiness at him.
He whispered a few words in her ear, but they went unheard.
Yet he spoke, and one day she too would be able to see this part of her film of life after she had arrived in the hereafter, because there every being got to see its own film of life.
‘Marie’, he said to her, ‘I am with you.’
But she neither heard nor felt him, no matter how ardently he acted upon her.
Yet subconsciously she did sense his presence.
She believed it to be her own thoughts; she couldn’t distinguish between the two.
One would have to be a medium to be able to keep these forces of feeling apart, because this requires a certain sensitivity.
He constantly dwelt in this condition and attunement; it had become a habit with him.
They called it a gift, and yet every human being could and ought to acquire this sensitivity.
It was nothing but love, and they had to attune in the spirit.
They had to descend down to others in love and demolish their inner self bit by bit, until their ego had been destroyed.
To earthly man this was profound, something glorious, and yet it was very simple.
As soon as their feeling developed in the spirit, they would be on the way to acquire a different condition in sensitivity, and afterwards this feeling turned into clairsentient and clairaudient and would finally change into clairvoyance.
He felt everything too, and afterwards he started to see.
Feeling enabled him to see and link up with other conditions.
One in feeling and one in being meant feeling everything, seeing what others felt.
Spirit was spirit, one in the spirit meant knowledge.
Was this so deep?
Of course not.
His gift was a product of nature, one of the most beautiful and most sacred gifts God had bestowed on all beings.
Every intelligent being possesses these powers, possesses love.
They called it the sixth sense, but to him it was much simpler.
It was love, the essence of all life: God.
Many people didn’t know how to use this gift.
They didn’t want to spread their light, because it took up too much of their power, which made it difficult.
They remained poor, and their light had gone out like a candle in the night.
It no longer burnt; no, they didn’t want to let it burn.
They didn’t wish to enrich themselves and were happy with that little bit of light they bore within.
However, that other part was nothing but power and healed the sick.
It was ‘the light’ that made grief and sorrow change into happiness, into eternal togetherness.
It was the link with those who had preceded them and dwelt on this side.
If one didn’t possess this light, one dwelt in darkness and in the cold.
Abounding happiness was awaiting mankind if they had developed their love.
Did gifts exist that were even greater than love?
Surely not.
It was God’s most sacred gift.
This gift of love equalled God Himself; it was the life inherent in each and every thing.
Therefore, man could link up with everything if he attuned this great treasure to the spirit.
And André wanted to develop this gift, to attune it to higher conditions, which to him meant happiness and wisdom.
Alcar told him to listen.
‘I will now show you another miracle, André.
I want to make it clear to you how great love can be, and how much power Marie possesses.
I sense her subconsciousness in which are mental powers, which she will be able to put into practice at a later stage, when they emerge.
So she will have to give shape to these thoughts later on to develop them
Is that clear to you?
I therefore want to sound out her subconsciousness and determine beforehand what it contains.
I see something there in which you are involved; otherwise it would be impossible to prove this to you.
I feel and see that she will write to you, first of all that she is ill, but also what she ails.
I will try to calculate how long it may take before you receive her letter.’
‘What marvellous proof this would be of my disembodiment, Alcar.’
‘That’s why I want to determine this, and then you will be able to tell Anna everything about it.’
André would never have thought of this possibility.
They weren’t capable of such things on earth, this was only possible to the astral human being.
A being with a higher attunement could sound out anyone with a lower attunement.
It took only a few seconds for his leader to tell him: ‘In four days she will comply with her will and carry it out.
It will then take another two days before she posts her letter; the letter needs two days to arrive, so you will be receiving it in eight days.’
André was very pleased and also curious whether this would all come true, although he didn’t really doubt it for a moment.
‘And now, my boy, we must return.’
André took both Marie’s hands and, as he was fervently linked up with her, had to concentrate on other things in order to free himself.
How powerful love was when it was given with a pure heart!
Before they left, Alcar drew his attention to the large painting, which he had hung there himself, and pointed out that the staples were beginning to come off.
André saw this clearly too and was surprised that a human being in the life after death could perceive matter.
Nothing but wisdom, nothing but love did he experience through Alcar.
As soon as he got home he would inform them.
He calmly continued on his way back to his physical body.
He glid across hills and valleys, and it was a magnificent and mighty happening to look down upon the earth in his condition.
He would visit the earth with Alcar, once he had shed his physical body for good.
If only people believed, that they would possess these powers after death.
How beautiful it made death appear, and what remained of its power?
The people preferred to mourn their dead, although the latter dwelt in happiness and light and led a life of much greater beauty than they could imagine.
They too would glide along wherever they wanted to.
Distances no longer existed to them, they could link up in a flash.
Why didn’t they accept this great truth; was it so terrible?
Nothing but happiness, and could happiness be terrible?
He already felt glad that he could present his wife with these pieces of proof.
He glided across Germany and would soon reach his native country.
His subdued feeling made him calmly glide on; this needed no concentration.
The mere thought of his body made him return.
Now he was home again and his material garment was still lying in deep rest.
Here he stood, next to his own body.
Who would ever believe this?
He had been allowed to determine an illness with the help of a higher being.
He would rather stay on this side.
It was peaceful there, and it nourished his soul.
It let him live as he wanted to live.
And yet he had to return, in spite of his misgivings.
These moments, when he had to return into his material garment, were always the hardest for him.
It turned life into a horror, because he was even more sensitive than usual.
Life was at odds with him in those moments, yet he had to bear it.
It was difficult, but Alcar supported him in this too.
He would often escape into nature, because that’s where he could link up again with life on earth; nature always helped him.
Afterwards, he would sense people in a totally different way.
They would seem even cruder, and he would recoil at the thoughts they spread.
Their violence scared him.
It robbed him of the courage to go on living, and in those moments his mediumship and his sensitivity were a terrible burden to him.
But he had to stand up to it, he wanted to be strong.
Slowly he returned into his physical body and awoke.
He quickly went over to his wife to tell her about his disembodiment, and about the coming events.
He had been in Vienna for three quarters of an hour, and he had received years of wisdom.
They waited whether Marie’s letter would arrive and eight days later the long-expected letter came, which literally said what he had already told her.
It was a miracle, but it was the honest truth.
The picture had been hung up in a different spot too.
For him everything was simple, due to the powers which one day all beings would possess if they wanted to attune their love in the spirit.
Dear reader, André asks you:
‘If this all appears to be true to you, then why not accept all those other truths?
After all, one day you will get to know these powers.’
Therefore André calls out to you: ‘This is only possible if you develop your love in the spirit, which means happiness, wisdom in the spirit.
Love is everything, love is God.’
He prays, and will go on praying that God may inspire this gift with that holy fire to warm others.