The purpose of healing mediumship

One afternoon André was visited by a gentleman who asked him if he would come and take a look at his son who had been in bed for seven days with a high temperature, while the doctor who examined him daily was still unable to diagnose the illness.
In a flash the following words came to his mind: ‘The right lung is infected’.
And when he then asked Alcar how he could make this diagnosis without having had the slightest contact, his leader answered that he would explain it all later.
‘But tell him now’, he continued, ‘that the cause of the illness is known to us.’
André passed this message on to his visitor, who thought this very strange and almost incomprehensible.
That evening he rang the bell at the given address, and immediately examined the boy, who was seriously ill.
He took his hand in his to subsequently diagnose the illness in trance, which the seventeen year old Wim patiently consented to.
Then he asked him, while he simultaneously touched the spot, whether he felt any pain to the right, underneath the shoulder blade, but the patient felt nothing there and hadn’t had any pain there for all those days.
But André felt, when he held him, a piercing, burning, sometimes stabbing pain in his right lung and afterwards he clearly saw that it had become infected, as Alcar had already told him that afternoon.
He now told this to the startled parents, who requested him to take on their son’s treatment, as they had gained confidence in him after he had been able to diagnose the illness within ten minutes, something the doctor had not been capable of in seven days.
Of course André gladly wanted to comply with this request and he asked his leader what he should do.
‘Listen, my boy’, he answered, ‘if the doctor had been able to diagnose this a week ago, he would immediately have started to apply Priessnitz compresses, but due to his omission we will have to postpone that a bit as the inflammation has meanwhile turned inwards.
Now it’s up to us to give the boy a strong magnetic treatment. The illness will surface after three or four treatments, which will make it clear to the doctor too, that his patient has got pneumonia.
If Priessnitz compresses were to be applied now, the process would develop too rapidly; we can achieve much better results with our strong magnetic flow.
Submit yourself completely, my boy; there are many intelligences who are helping us.’
After a treatment of about twenty minutes Alcar made him stop and told him what would happen.
‘First of all Wim will start to perspire heavily after this treatment, which will support the healing process.
This perspiration will set off the inflammation, and in two days time he will feel the pain you just felt.
That will be the moment the doctor will begin to hear something.’
Again André passed on the message to the parents, who immediately the next morning informed him that their boy had perspired heavily during the night.
Two days later he started to complain about pains and when the doctor again carefully examined him, the latter found that his patient’s right lung was affected, just as Alcar had said previously.
He wanted to X-ray it in the evening.
When Wim’s parents told André about this, he heard Alcar say: ‘Before the photo is made we will give them a drawing which will clearly show where the lung is inflamed.’
This highly pleased André, and it interested him, as a clairvoyant magnetizer, to be allowed to once again convince medical science of spiritual help from Higher Spheres.
After he had treated the patient again, Alcar took possession of his arm and drew the promised drawing which clearly showed that he, André, who knew nothing about illnesses, was nonetheless capable of making a correct diagnosis by clairvoyance.
That evening the doctor took the X-ray and later he came to tell them that it had shown how the right lung was inflamed.
As he hadn’t brought the photo along, the mother asked if he could make a drawing of it.
She wanted to compare it with André’s, which of course the doctor didn’t know.
After he had complied with her wish, the parents presented the first drawing and asked him not to get angry for also having consulted a magnetizer in their anguish, after the boy had been suffering for seven days from an illness of which the cause could not be determined.
The doctor, who carefully examined the drawing, found it very remarkable that both drawings matched completely; he didn’t understand this at all.
‘Yes, doctor’, the father said, ‘we think it’s very curious too, because when I went over to see the magnetizer, who had never set eyes on our son before, the cause of the illness was already known to him.
I can’t understand it, but it’s the honest truth.
And later on, when he examined him in our presence, which only took ten minutes, he pointed out the spot where he would begin to feel the pain two days later.’
The doctor could only repeat that he thought it was very remarkable.
‘But’, he also asked, ‘that magnetizer isn’t going to turn up again, I suppose?’
How narrow-minded can people get!
Of course Wim’s parents had gained great confidence in André and they safely left the treatment of the patient – who, as he said, preferred the young doctor to the elderly – in his hands.
The young doctor would surely heal him, Wim said, because he placed his hands on the exact spot where it hurt most, and that did him a lot of good.
One morning he greeted him with the words: ‘Hello, doctor’, but André who wanted none of that, said he wasn’t a doctor.
To him he was and remained his doctor, whom he had put his trust in and who had assured him that he would be completely cured, as long as he took things easy.
Four more days went by and the boy had grown very weak during his illness and had lost weight; his high temperature, which had worn him out considerably still hadn’t gone.
For nearly twelve days this young life had battled against the fever and still the doctor hadn’t been able to say when to expect the crisis.
So André put it to Alcar and immediately received a clear explanation.
‘We’ve now been busy with him for five days’, he said.
‘So the crisis will set in coming Tuesday and will last until Thursday afternoon.
Get me right: Thursday afternoon the crisis will be over.’
Not doubting this for a second, André accordingly passed on this message.
And on the Tuesday the temperature rose to such an extent that the patient became very restless and finally lost consciousness.
He kept on raving and pulling at his blankets, so that on the Wednesday morning, André found his condition very alarming.
But Alcar, who made him feel his great love and yet again watched over the young life day and night, instructed him to concentrate with all his strength and to treat the boy intensely.
What a holy, universal love there was in all of this!
If only people could sense it!
If only they could feel a mere bit of the enormous power that enabled his leader to attract every life and link up with it.
During the treatment André felt and saw various intelligences standing around the sickbed.
‘What could this mean?’ he thought.
It made him feel uncomfortable, as he knew that the presence of many intelligences around a very sick patient usually signified the latter’s passing on.
They come to guide the spirit who is about to leave the body to the place in the spheres which his earthly life has attuned him to .
He therefore asked Alcar why they had shown up at the sickbed.
The latter immediately set his mind at rest and said he would explain later.
So this time he wasn’t going to worry needlessly again, because the lesson which he had received during Doortjes illness, had been a lesson for life for him after all.
Nothing should ever scare him again; he should be as steady as a rock, and even the heaviest storms could no longer shake his self-confidence.
Nobody could influence him, not even if he had to face ten doctors, because he could trust in his Alcar for all eternity.
He therefore firmly assured Wim’s parents that however grave the situation may seem, they must trust that their son would stay alive.
After he had treated him that Wednesday evening and repeated his reassuring words, he went home to return the next morning, on the Thursday.
By then the parents were so happy they could have embraced him out of gratitude, as the temperature had gradually gone down to 38.4 degrees during the night.
After the treatment the thermometer showed no more than 37.9, and in the afternoon Wim was completely free of fever.
The crisis was over, just as Alcar had predicted, and this young life had been saved too.
His parents didn’t know how to thank André for this and even less how they could ever show their deeply felt gratitude towards Alcar.
Alcar, they had already read about so much in ‘A View into the Hereafter’ volume I.
But Alcar wanted no tokens of gratitude.
‘Listen, my boy’, he said, ‘give them this message.
That afternoon, when Wim’s father came to see you for help and advice, he was accompanied by his own father, who had long since passed on and who watches over the ups and downs of the family, and so he was familiar with the serious illness his grandson was suffering from.
By contacting him I learned the cause, and so I was able to give you the correct diagnosis before we had any contact with the patient.
The grandfather also told me that he had been busy for some days exerting influence on his son, which he fortunately fully managed by evoking a feeling of fear in him.
I will explain this to you later by letting you experience, after you have consciously disembodied, how influence is exerted on man from our side.
During his life on earth the grandfather had always shown deep love towards his grandson. He had retained this love for him in the life after material death and was allowed to help him.
So he is the one whom thanks is due, but he won’t accept it either, as spiritual love is universal and is granted in abundance by every intelligence who dwells in the light.
We don’t claim any gratitude, and it already makes us happy when man is willing to submit to us in complete trust, in order to receive our love.
We live for him, to reveal Life to him through proof, and to convince him that mediums who heal in good faith perform useful work by working through us and for us with their magnetic power, their vital force, a natural human tonic.
Through them we who died on earth, as they say, are able to cure his illnesses and his complaints without failure.’
‘You, children of the earth, who are spiritually still asleep, doesn’t this set you thinking?
Do you find the thought so terrifying that the ‘dead’ would help you?
That the ‘dead’ save a nearly dying for the sake of his loved ones, to let him live on, so frightening?
The ‘dead’ help you in every way, with everything, but those ‘dead’ are indeed alive, whereas you believe that they cannot return to you and convince you of their nearness.
The word ‘death’ ought to be erased from your dictionaries; it merely evokes disharmony because truly, we spirits, who have shed our bodies forever are with you, in and around you, we see through matter and are watching over a young life right now again.
Doesn’t this prove that we possess intellect?’
‘And what did you do, physician, engaged in studies on earth which do not stand for wisdom of the spirit?
You, whose task it is to try to save human lives?
You who sought but could not find?
You attempted to drive our instrument away from the sickbed after we had taken all the fear and unrest away from you which had caused you sleepless nights, so that you regained your peace and self-confidence.
Is that true charity?
For sure, your time has not yet come.
But know that there is only one power that links all things, that makes all things come alive, that guides you and us, that gave life to all of us, and that will melt down your science and your learning when you will be shone upon by its light.
Then all your possessions, your wisdom, your power, all earthly knowledge will fall apart, because God knows only one power: the power of love.
And that love you sought to drive away from the sick room, the pure love which you don’t yet sense, but which you should amply possess if you want to come to life, the life that is God, the life that helped us to spare the young life for its loved ones.’
We generally seek our instruments amongst those who haven’t accomplished some study or other, because if this were the case, then they could become unmanageable and pretend to know better than we do.
Their earthly learning would clash with our knowledge, since the former is not developed in the spirit and therefore isn’t wisdom.
We have no use for pseudo-learned instruments. If they ever climbed a pedestal, they would fear to be pulled down again by us, because their structure contains no strength of the spirit and the slightest storm would make their pedestal collapse like a house of cards.
It’s the truly simple at heart who serve us best for our sacred task, because we can work next to them, in them, and through them.
Therefore accept our instruments, you men of science, because they are the funnels through which we can reach you.
Examine those through whom we speak.
Test them as often as you wish, but accept them when they come to you in love.
Sift the wheat from the chaff, that’s even necessary, because there are still too many mediums, or so-called mediums, who won’t fully discover until later how much harm they did to our work.
Don’t oppose us; examine seriously and without prejudice, because in time, when you are one of us, you will exert all your strength to reach your loved ones, just as we do now, to convince them of your undiminished love.
Imagine the happiness you will feel when you are allowed to offer help and support to the loved ones you left behind.
The many intelligences our instrument saw standing around the sickbed were once scholars on your earth. Now, in the life behind the veil, they are being taught like children how the spirit exerts its influence on the physical human being.
Don’t you understand?
Then wait until you too have arrived on our side.
We will then prove it to you.
On our side only will all the things you were taught on your earth turn into wisdom, because earthly things lose their value in our domain.
These intelligences are now fully convinced of this, and that’s why they are deeply grateful to God that they may now learn how they, once they themselves search for such an instrument, can influence him and use him to reach their loved ones.
They impatiently await the moment this will be granted to them, and they in their turn may spread their message.’
‘Friends, lateron your time will also come.
It may take long, but it may also be very soon.
When God calls you, you must come.
So take care that you are ready, and commend your spirit into His hands.
Life is eternal, remember that, and learn to know your own life.
Free yourself from all selfishness and crush your own ego, because there is only one I and that is the Supreme Being, the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth; He alone.
Let yourselves be roused by us.
Our spiritual nourishment is poured out over the whole earth and gradually we see the light getting brighter.
Thousands who were allowed to reach and develop their instruments come to you to help you.
Climb down from your pedestals, friends, bow your heads deeply, spare God a moment of attention and trust, and think of your eternal salvation, your eternal bliss.’
‘It’s Wim’s serious longing to become a physician one day.
May he then be a blessing to many, and may he always fulfil his task with great love.
We call out to him: Let everything that happened to you during your illness remain a lesson for life to you from which you can always draw wisdom.
Devote yourself entirely to suffering mankind, spiritually even more than physically.
Lend support to the magnetizers who work for us, and link up with them.
We will then link up with you, which will make you gather knowledge, possess feeling and bear life within.
And because you will bear life within, you will be steadfast and mighty in your abilities.
You will perform miracles, because Life will lend you a hand.
Give yourself in love and always show that you are worthy to receive spiritual help from Higher Spheres!’