Clairvoyance through disembodiment

One afternoon André got a phone call from out of town requesting him to come over, as a fifty-year-old gentleman had suddenly disappeared.
His family was very worried about his absence, and they feared that he might have had an accident.
He asked his leader whether he was allowed to leave, but he was told not to go and to ask for an object instead, in order to determine what had happened.
They sent him a tie and requested him to reply as soon as possible.
Now he was about to experience some very strange things.
Alcar told him that this situation required him to disembody.
He was to take the tie in both hands and try to link up with the aura of the missing person.
He did as his leader told him, and he soon felt how he was drawn up in the spirit and then became released from his body.
Once he was free, he could go wherever he wanted; there was no hindrance whatsoever.
Disembodiment had also become a normal phenomenon to him, after he had been allowed to take part in various journeys to the spheres with his leader.
At the present moment he dwelt in the life where those live who had cast off their physical body, and where he now had work to do.
He thought of the man he was to look for; once he had become linked up with him, he would experience what had happened.
He focussed his powers of concentration on him and felt himself being carried miles away from his body.
Where could he be?
Was he still alive?
These were the first questions that came to his mind.
Had he met with an accident?
It was also possible that he had gone somewhere and didn’t want his relatives to know.
Anything could have happened and André was very curious to know where he was.
Sometimes he didn’t know where his disembodiment had transferred him to, but in this case he recognized the town and the river on which banks he was now standing.
He thought it was very strange that he had arrived on this spot, and he reflected for a moment to become aware of everything.
The aura of the missing man had brought him here and now he had to try to find him.
Where was the man?
Had he drowned himself?
Should he descend into the river?
First he searched the whole surroundings, but then returned to his starting point.
There was nothing to be seen of him.
The man must definitely have stopped here for a while; otherwise he would never have landed on this spot.
He had truly felt a link with him.
What should he do now?
Again he searched the surroundings, yet saw no sign of life.
In that case I had better return, he thought, I can’t find him.
When he was on the verge to turn back, he heard a soft yet clear voice say: ‘Why doubt, André?
Why return after you’ve gone halfway?
Didn’t I show you often enough and explained to you how to use your powers on this side?
You won’t solve the situation in this way.
I let you depart from the body to make it clear to you what happened, which is possible because you have developed that far.
During our previous journeys, including our journey to heaven and hell after our arrival in the third sphere, we returned to the darkness in a flash. This enabled me to show you and explain to you how we move about and link up on this side.
You learnt that this is only possible through concentration and strong will power.
Whenever I want to establish a connection, I keep my thoughts fixed on one point, which will link me up, and in the end the problem will be solved.
Now, are you putting this into practice?
For the present moment I remained in my own attunement to see how you would carry this to completion, but you will never find him in this way.
His aura brought you here.
Find out within yourself how you got here, but keep your concentration focussed on him; in other words: keep up your link with him.
This spot merely marks the beginning of your task.
You sensed that you were linked up, and in the spirit connection stands for experience.
This means following the road which others took.
When a medium links up with another life, he or she senses this life the way it feels the moment the connection is established.
Accordingly, you will now experience what happened to him, and you’ll be able to find him if your concentration is pure and stays that way.
I also made it clear to you that a human being has an attunement in the spirit, which is grounded on psychic laws and stands for love.
Furthermore, I instructed you in the kind of life man will have to lead on earth if he wants to acquire an existential sphere in the spirit, which entails light and happiness on this side.
Yet all this still isn’t enough to convince coarse-material man, and that’s why I will let you experience all these conditions, so that he will get to know the psychic laws.
I will show you various conditions to demonstrate how, after casting off their physical bodies, they arrive here with inner feelings that relate to their earthly life; earthly life therefore points to eternity.
Is that clear to you, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I understand you completely.
When earthly life ends, man passes on into the spirit.’
‘And I want to achieve all this, André, by letting you experience all these conditions, so that they may sense their own attunement.
This will enable me to make them turn over a new leaf, when they have realized that life is eternal and that they must part with everything that belongs to the earth.
I want people to get to know our spiritual life, I want to urge them on to their spiritual development, to make it clear to them that love is the holiest thing which God gave us, and that they must attune this holy gift of God in the spirit.
Next, I want to make it clear to them how we act upon them from our side to support and help them.
In our life, love means nothing but happiness, nothing but light and bliss.
I therefore urge you not to forget a single item of the things I will show you and explain to you.
Now concentrate fully, André, and turn to me whenever something happens to be unclear to you.
We must descend, because the poor fellow robbed himself of his life, as you will shortly see for yourself.’
André descended into the river.
What a miracle this was to him, now that he still lived in his physical body and was allowed to link up in the spirit.
This enabled him to become acquainted with spiritual life.
How great the power was of those who had shed their physical body.
However, those who had messed up their lives on earth would dwell in darkness, and for them it was impossible to experience these conditions because they lacked the light.
Love is light, and without love life on the side beyond is deep darkness.
Would people believe him if he told them that he had walked along a riverbed and had perceived his surroundings?
They would shrug their shoulders and scoff at him.
Yet it was true.
He was walking down a riverbed in search of a human being, something his gift allowed him to experience.
During the first years of his development this possibility would never have dawned on him .
He experienced all these miracles as a disembodied human being, in his spiritual body.
He could discern things within a wide range; the water surrounding him was lit up.
This was a great moment.
He heard his leader telling him to listen.
‘The light you perceive, André, is your attunement in the spirit, without it you wouldn’t be able to solve this situation through disembodiment, nor would you be able to become linked up.
Accordingly, everything will be dark for those who don’t possess love.’
They kept on going.
He glided along whenever he wished.
Fish swam by to his right and left, which was a wondrous and splendid sight for him to see.
He saw them in different sizes and collours.
If man on earth could witness this, he would surely become convinced that lifecontinues forever.
His happiness abounded, because he clearly saw and felt the life that God had laid down in everything.
The possession of love therefore equalled spiritual gold on the side beyond.
He would exert himself, put in all his powers; Alcar would then be able to give him wisdom in the spirit.
He would do his best to achieve this.
He thought he perceived something ahead of him.
Had he seen correctly?
Something was floating in the water that somehow resembled a human being.
It would be terrible if this was the person he was supposed to find.
When he had got a bit closer he saw that it was a human being who had parted from earthly life in this way.
André got a terrible shock.
How sad this truth was.
Was it the one who had got lost or was this someone else?
This was an end that saddened him.
He immediately heard Alcar:
‘He put an end to his life and it’s the man we had to look for.
Otherwise you wouldn’t have got to this spot.
You will shortly be able to sense this, when you link up with him.
Focus your powers of concentration on him, you will perceive yet another truth, one that’s even more horrible than this end.’
It was frightful to André what he perceived; what he now saw, was the most terrible part of all.
The physical body was drifting in front of him, but what is more, the spiritual body was still connected to matter.
It was sad, this final end of a human being, and he understood what this connection meant.
The fluid cord kept him linked to matter, and he would have to remain in this condition until his body had wasted away.
Alcar had already explained this to him during his previous journeys and now he understood the sad meaning of this premature transition.
Both conditions had the same attunement because the spirit couldn’t free itself.
Not only had his relatives been plunged into grief and sorrow, he too lived in deepest misery, something a human being who still dwells in the physical body could never imagine.
Many suffered at the hands of one.
He felt lots of questions surging up.
What had driven him to death?
Had it been worry, or maybe an illness?
Who had decided his fate?
Was it his own fault or had he been murdered?
What had caused him to commit this terrible deed?
He felt deeply touched and his soul flinched when he thought of the bereaved.
How cruel it was to disappear so suddenly in the prime of one’s life.
This was not what God had intended, man should await his end.
Those who put an end to it themselves were irrevocably lost, not only physically but spiritually too.
Poor man.
To him this transition to the side beyond was a heartrending end.
It might not have come to this if he had known about eternal life; that knowledge would have stopped him and he would never have gone through all the misery he was now in.
Life was Divine and this life now endured the most miserable circumstances a human being could ever experience.
When he thought of the higher regions where this man would have found happiness too, and then considered his present condition, he felt his heart sinking.
How remote his happiness was.
His sorrow was deep, inhumanly deep.
What was poverty on earth compared to this misery?
What was earthly suffering compared to his condition?
It made him shiver, and deep sadness overwhelmed him.
He asked his leader the meaning of this misery.
‘Can you see, Alcar, why his end was premature?’
‘I will try to link up with him.’
André waited for his leader to see something.
‘Earthly worries caused him to finish his life.
But not only material worries tormented him, I see that his soul was mortally wounded.
It makes you even sadder when you realize that his inner condition would have found attunement to the first sphere on this side if his earthly life had come to a normal end.
He destroyed his spiritual attunement, his entire possession on this side, by committing this terrible deed.’
‘Is that possible, Alcar?
When we were in the children’s sphere you told me that this couldn’t happen.
Can a human being fall deeper than the level of his attunement?’
‘You sensed that perfectly, André.
I will explain this to you.
This condition bears no direct relation to his earthly life; in other words, he acted against his will, under the influence of others.
This doesn’t necessarily mean that his spiritual level has changed.
This was an act which has nothing to do with his spiritual life.
Is this clear to you?
Of course, he must make amends for all this and that’s why he is now in this terrible state.
He may be a good person, but the condition he was in made him fall into the hands of evil, and he put an end to his own life.’
‘I understand everything you say, Alcar.’
‘Splendid, André, then we’ll continue.
Evil tries to destroy mankind and that is why one has to exert all his strength to keep away from its influence.
He won’t slip back, his spiritual condition remains the same, but he will have to make amends for his deed.
Accordingly, this is a different condition from the one I told you about, and don’t forget that every deed possesses a cosmic attunement.
As long as man lives below the first spiritual sphere (the fourth Sphere of Light), he may fall back because he has not yet reached or acquired the corresponding degree of spiritual development.
His inner attunement is a material condition of feeling and this makes him susceptible to those who want to destroy mankind, because he wants and pursues that connection himself.
So his transition is beyond the scope of his normal earthly life.
It will therefore be clear to you that not everyone who commits suicide must necessarily be an evil person.
Many end their earthly lives because their love remains unanswered.
This man will pay off his deed to the full in this present condition and then return to his previous attunement.
Man forgets that life is God and that it cannot be destroyed; those who nonetheless do so, sin against everything that abides by and stands for the laws of God.
They forget that God imposes this battle on them, enabling them to develop, no matter how difficult this may be for them.
Those who forgot themselves on earth descend down to those who dwell in darkness, to the unfortunates.
So his deed shows weakness, he evades his difficulties and perishes because of them.
I therefore call out to mankind:
‘Man on earth, do as you choose, live your own life as you please, but don’t put an end to it, because life is eternal and indestructible.
Life is God and will return to His holy Life.
You would destroy everything.
You would say no to the sun, the light, the moon, the stars, nourishment, and love, although you have such need of all this in your earthly life, in that life in which you feel, hear and see.
Your earthly body is material, yet your spiritual body feels, hears and sees and therefore lives in the spirit, and since its attunement is material, that is what it will keep on longing for; it neither knows nor feels any other form of life.
You deprive yourself of earthly life in order to enter the spiritual.
On this side your capacity to feel depends on the extent in which your love finds attunement in the spirit.
And when a human being closes himself off to material light, he will be unable to perceive the spiritual light, as he doesn’t possess that light within, and his deed will lead him straight into darkness.
Do you sense that life is eternal?
That you are on earth to develop spiritually?
That life is indestructible, but that you live forever; yes, that your life will continue in all eternity.
That you bear a spark within, which is God’s holy life, which represents His life?
Man, accept your battle and attune to us, to eternal life, because many along with me are impatiently awaiting your pleas to be helped.
However, you must want this yourself; otherwise we cannot help you, as you must link up with us and possess attunement in your feeling.
Know that God is love, and there is happiness for all His children if you attune to Him.
Again, follow the road which God points out to you; it’s the road of love, which we, and you too must take.’
‘Is he aware of his condition, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André.
But when he is released from his physical body, he will roam around in the sphere of the earth until his life on earth would have ended under normal circumstances.
So, for the time being he will remain in darkness and in the cold, because he will first have to undergo the decay of his material garment.
Afterwards, he will be harassed by the demons, those who dwell in these dark spheres.
You came to know their influence in the dark areas.’
‘Is he not going to get any help?’
‘Certainly, but he can’t be delivered from his condition, and he will have to go through all this.
He was too weak during his life on earth; so what will his life be like in the spirit if we know that his condition of feeling is the same?
He wanted to destroy a law, and on this side he will have to see this through in darkness and in the cold.
Man inflicts all this on himself and forgets what God gave him to bear.
It was his own will and he must undergo all this.
Later on we will descend into all these conditions and I will show you these attunements.’
‘What are we to do now, Alcar?’
‘We will return, because there is nothing we can change about this situation, and we must inform the bereaved that he met with an accident.’
In a flash they were back in his room, and he woke up in his physical body.
He had disembodied for twenty minutes; so much he had been allowed to experience!
It showed him clearly that the physical body presents an obstacle to the spiritual body during life on earth, and that in the life after death man senses his release from these ties.
In his spiritual body he could go wherever he wanted to, and he would possess light if he felt love for all of life, which represented and equalled God’s life.
André awoke in a very strange condition.
What had happened to his physical body during his disembodiment?
He had been healthy when he left and now he felt ill.
His head felt clogged-up and he had a terrible cold.
How was this possible?
What kind of problem was he about to experience now?
Where had that cold suddenly come from?
His nose was running like a tap.
What extraordinary things his mediumship brought on him.
He therefore asked his leader what this meant and Alcar told him: ‘You once experienced a similar spiritual impact, although it was different from this one.
That time the vital cord conveyed a flogging to your physical body; in this case it’s a change of temperature.’
André understood.
‘If you had thought it over, you would have found the solution.
You know that illnesses have an material impact on your body when you link up with a patient; then why shouldn’t the physical body take on that change of temperature, now that you have reached this level of feeling?
It enables me to demonstrate that man has two bodies, but that the spiritual body is the intelligent and eternal body that lives on forever.
Now write, André, that he has passed on.
Your cold will soon disappear, because the physical organs were not directly influenced.’
André thought it was terrible to have to convey this message.
He pictured the relatives, wrapped in sorrow and grief.
It was terrible, but Alcar told him to get on with it.
A week had passed, when there was another phone call asking him to go over to A. for a further investigation.
However, Alcar gave him the same message, whereupon they sent him a photo.
Again he descended down to the riverbed and with Alcar’s help he had soon found him.
He was in the same condition, which could in no way be altered, and his leader determined where and when he would be found.
It took four weeks before André was notified that a shipmaster had recovered him on the spot he had indicated.
André thought this was great.
Everything had been correct.
He had perceived with utmost precision, they said.
But would they believe him if he told them how he had found him?
Would they accept it?
If everything had proved to be true, then can’t they accept the spiritual truth?
Isn’t this all too incredible to an earthly human being.
Too profound, too difficult for the human feeling?
Dear reader, I address myself to you.
Everything was found to match down to the smallest details.
Wouldn’t you be prepared to accept the spiritual truth just as André experienced all this?
I am telling you the truth, the holy truth, this isn’t fantasy or fiction, it’s the truth, which he was allowed to receive in the spirit as a disembodied human being.
Alcar let him experience this great event, which enabled him to get to know spiritual life.
He also learnt that love is the highest and holiest gift God granted man. It stands for happiness and light in the life after material death.
Eternal, everlasting happiness awaits you all.