Dark areas

‘Come, my son, there is more sadness awaiting us.
Gather all your strength, we’re going on a difficult journey, but it will mean wisdom to you in the spirit.’
They glided away from the earth.
André was deeply touched by all the things Alcar had shown him.
‘Don’t you feel well, André?’
‘No, Alcar.’
‘Well, listen.
I already made it clear to you that you cannot bear all the grief and sorrow of the world.
At the moment my son is in a similar condition.
It’s sad, but what you feel is pity, and pity is self-destruction.
That will become clear to you too shortly.
Feel love and remain in your own condition, only then will you be able to act with deliberation.’
André understood.
‘Look, there’s the earth below us.
That’s where we were, that’s where you live, that’s where all that grief and sorrow is, which you were allowed to see and experience from this side.
I already showed you this mighty image before.
You see how puny it is compared to its larger sisters that all occupy a space in the universe.
But its sorrow is tremendous, and mankind, that populates it, has fallen deeply.
God wants everything to be different.
He has happiness in store for all his children.
If they could see the earth from here, many would change their way of life.
How puny we are, and so are they, compared to God’s Creation.
And yet man believes himself to be something!
Every being does.
And what does man really signify in this awesome, eternal space?
And yet the spark of eternal light is within him and he finds attunement to God.
That is why our Spiritualism is sacred.
Everywhere on earth spiritual nourishment is poured forth so that man may change his life.
Here happiness awaits him, nothing but happiness, if he develops within.
Fratricide will cease when they know that life is eternal and cannot be destroyed.
Come on, André, we will continue on our way.
Do you feel a little better?’
‘Yes, Alcar, thanks to your help.’
Hand in hand they glided towards the dark spheres.
‘There in front of us lies the Land of Twilight, which borders on the dark areas.
But we are familiar with yet another Land of Twilight, where the light is different too because it borders on the first existential sphere, which we will also visit on this journey.
The light in the sky will keep on changing until it has taken on a reddish brown colour: the emanation which the people here possess.
So the light in which they live is their own inner condition.
We will travel through the Land of Twilight and get there soon.
Once we are there we will pause on the border of this land to make a few things clear to you.
Afterwards we will descend.
Look, André, we’re on the spot where we were during our first journey, but now you will learn to know the land.
On another spot we will descend.’
André saw how the light in the sky kept on changing.
It had finally turned into a reddish brown glow: the light of those who lived there.
Oh, what a sorrow that darkness would mean to him.
‘Correct, my boy, the hell in the hereafter.
Nothing but misery.
On earth people imagine a different kind of hell, at least those who take everything literally.
Here hell is so totally different, and it harbours the fire of passion and violence which they all radiate.
Here we will sit down before we visit them.’
‘Soil, Alcar?’
‘Soil, my son, in its spiritual substance.’
André took it in his hands.
Yes, it was soil. Just as they knew it on earth.
But it was strange and felt very peculiar.
He couldn’t describe it in words.
André looked at his leader who replied: ‘Strange, my son?
There is no life here, no warmth, no love, no sun, nothing of all the things which life offers us.
Likewise this substance has been robbed of all power; because here things have no existential condition, everything is in the same attunement.
Whatever man feels will determine his possession on this side.
I’m sure you feel how sad it is.
Here nothing grows or blooms, because life is unnatural.
They lack the vital juices which make life grow, they have no existence, and that is why everything is barren and cold.
Is that clear to you?’
‘Yes, Alcar.
Are you going to visit him, Alcar, the man we saw burning?
Because you said that this is where he would arrive?’
‘Yes, I want to look him up and I’ll find him, wherever he may be.
He will be down here, because his attunement is an unhappy one.
In such a short time he will not have worked himself up enough to enter the spheres of light.
We will find him here.
I will show you lots of attunements, all of them are human conditions.
Their attunement in the spirit matches the love they possess.’
A dark town lay spread out before him.
The spires were sharply outlined in the reddish brown glow, and things in the distance were clearly visible to him.
‘Is this the town which I saw last time, Alcar?’
‘This is the place which I showed to you; but it’s not a town, it’s a country in which you could roam around for thousands of years.
There is no end to it, until they sense their own end.
I told you at the time that this area is infinite, at least for them, because they don’t see where it ends; and they therefore close themselves off within their own condition.
People here live in a dark pool of passion and violence, and they won’t be able to ascend before they have cut the ties that hold their inner self, which entails the development of their love.
They are all guilty of their own unhappiness, because they messed up their earthly life.
They will get to know themselves, which will make them perceive the terrible situation they’re in.
Then a change will be brought about and they will pass on to a different attunement.’
It was all quiet around.
Suddenly André saw a few beings who were scrambling about nearby.
It scared him.
‘There are people over there, Alcar.
They’re coming towards us.
Isn’t it dangerous?’
‘Stay where you are, we are in a different condition, they can’t see us.
These beings are the happy ones amongst them, because they have freed themselves from the Land of Hatred in which they dwelt for quite a time.
They have gone a long sad way to free themselves.
Their sorrow has been great, and they’re still suffering.
When you get to know their life it will become clear to you how far they have already advanced on the path to perfection and how sad their situation still is.
But they will have to beseech God even more for forgiveness if they want to enter a higher sphere.
They feel that they messed up their life, but their remorse is not intense enough for their prayers to be heard.
They’re slowly continuing on their way.
On and on, until they start a new life.’
‘Will their condition change immediately, Alcar, if they want goodness to prevail?’
‘But of course.
The changes show them that it’s possible to ascend.’
‘Do they get help too?’
‘Their loved ones, who dwell in a higher condition, pray to God on their behalf. This will help them.’
‘Do various conditions exist down here?’
‘Yes, André.
This comprises seven different conditions.
In other words: seven depths of passion and violence, of sorrow and grief, of terrible misery.
Before us lies the Land of Hatred.
Then comes the demonic sphere, followed by the animal-like attunement and after that one enters the pre-animal-like condition.
Next is the Valley of Sorrows, and below these are two other attunements which we can’t visit on this journey because your powers wouldn’t stand up to it.
The deeper we descend, the worse the people are that live there.
You will shortly perceive that there are people who live on this side who can no longer move about.
In the Valley of Sorrows they are no longer aware of existence.’
‘Are they brought here from the earth?’
‘Yes, my son.
You witnessed one trivial image within the sphere of the earth.
There are many other situations, all of them even sadder than this one.
I was able to witness terrible transitions.
In the hospital where we were you saw one specific image, and there are thousands more which are even sadder, and much more intense.
They all messed up their earthly lives.’
‘Then a separation on earth is not as terrible as this one, Alcar.’
‘Very well sensed, André.
Those who are brought here are separated from their loved ones, with whom they were united for many years on earth.
It’s sorrowful for those who possess a higher attunement to mourn them.
Here their love lives in darkness and in the cold.
Lives on earth go by, then suddenly they meet their end and then they’re faced with this truth.
They all wanted it this way.
On earth the amenity of matter could have helped them to develop, but their possessions caused their downfall.
Only here do they realize what kind of a life they led down there.
But then it’s too late.
Yet if they free themselves from this way of life the conditions will change, they pass on to spheres with greater beauty, and their wisdom and their strength will develop.’
‘Isn’t it curious, Alcar, how one can still see in this darkness.’
‘Nature down here, or the light they possess, cannot be compared to the light of the earth.
Man sees by means of his physical senses, but he is either lit up within, or deep darkness prevails inside of him.
Now the inner light is his radiance, the light he possesses.
So people can perceive because it’s alive, yet in this attunement.
Is that clear to you?
When we descend into the deepest depths of their life we will still be able to perceive, because it’s life and it remains life.’
‘How simple everything is, Alcar.’
‘So the light down here is a constant condition, until they all begin a different life.’
‘Do they all live together here, Alcar?’
‘Here they all live together.
Kings and queens, princes and princesses, the nobility and scholars, in short: all are gathered here, including the poor.
Here they experience the life they lived on earth.
Later on you will get also to know their lives, because on this journey I want to make situations, attunements and connections clear to you.’
‘Are there any rulers here too?’
‘They are the ones, my son, who can influence the masses.
The weaker ones must suffer, but they bring that on themselves, because they follow them in everything.
Here you find intellectual prodigies, demons, rulers and masters of evil, and millions of other beings too.
Hundreds, thousands of years go by before they awaken, and they must suffer terribly during all those centuries.
They themselves know of no other life, they perished in their deeply unhappy existence.
For many, wealth on earth meant their downfall.
On earth they held the highest ranks, and then descended into this life, into this darkness.
Beauties of the earth had to exchange their aureole, their gold and emeralds for darkness.
Here they live together like beasts, as disfigured human beings.
They all drank too much of the poison of life, and it made them all go to ruin.
We will now descend.
We’ll go on foot here, André, and if necessary we will glide along.
But we will remain in our condition.
No being will see you, unless we were to link up.
If I think this is necessary, I will warn you beforehand.’
André was afraid.
Where did Alcar intend to take him to in this darkness?
‘Afraid, André?
Nothing will happen to you.’
The path they had to follow went down deeper and deeper towards the unknown that was awaiting them.
There before them lay the Land of Hatred.
People lived down there.
A grey mass loomed up ahead of them, right up into the sky.
It was impossible for them to look through.
‘What is that, Alcar?’
‘The separation between the two conditions.
I made you see this separation; you wouldn’t have perceived it otherwise.
It’s like a stronghold to them to hide behind.
Walls of spiritual substance.
Matter in the spirit, radiance, is that clear to you?
This condition, or substance, is coarse-material.
As we travel towards the higher spheres their density decreases and they intermingle.
There the transitory states, in other words: the spheres, can no longer be perceived.
But when you look at nature you notice how it has changed; and also by the people who live there.
On this side all things blend together, all the spheres are connected.
Likewise the highest and the lowest spheres are connected in the spirit.
This also applies to man on earth, he bears light within, but deep darkness too.
This barrier is only visible to those who dwell there because they possess this attunement.
Others, who bear a higher sphere in their possession, sense and see these connecting spheres and can enter them whenever they wish.
So I linked up with this transitory condition to show it to you.’
They slowly proceeded.
André felt at ease now.
‘Will this ever come to an end, Alcar?’
‘Yes, one day these spheres will cease to exist, because man will then possess a higher attunement.
One day holy people will live here and these spheres will have changed into spheres of happiness, because man evolves and will be attuned to God.
So everything is simple, man builds his own heaven to be happy in eternal life.
Every being holds his happiness in his own hands.
We have now approached the gates of hell in the life after death.
Look, André, I will show you a mighty image.’
André got a terrible shock.
There before him lay a burning city.
The flames leapt up towards heaven in reddish yellow, green and light red colours.
It was demonic.
His heart beat wildly when he saw this ghastly image.
He couldn’t breathe, he thought he would choke.
‘What is that?’
‘No more and no less than the power of their radiance.
Radiance of love, my son, in an animal-like attunement.
Nothing but passion and violence.
It will be clear to you now that a different kind of power is needed to be able to link up with them.
Their blazing glow will destroy those who are unaware of their power.
On we go now.’
André saw the first beings in this terrible town.
He was entering the Land of Hatred.
‘Are those human beings, Alcar?’
‘Indeed, my boy.
Once upon a time they too lived on earth and were young and handsome.
Then they grew old, because in their subsequent life they disgraced themselves and entered this place.’
André stared at them and couldn’t believe his eyes.
Wild and shifty they looked.
These were no longer human beings, they were beasts of prey.
Their bloodshot eyes protruded out of their sockets.
They were distorted, body and soul.
Human beings transformed into monsters.
Their gaze was scathing.
They were consumed by the fire of their passions.
How deeply they had fallen.
He saw men and women together.
Beauties of the earth dwelt here.
How terrible they were now.
His thoughts went back to earth, and in his mind he saw them, dressed in beautiful garments.
How beautiful a woman could be.
But what were they like now?
What kind of a life had they led on earth?
What had caused their deep downfall?
Had they been able to hide their dark souls on earth?
How could this ever have come about?
‘Oh, how terrible this is, Alcar.’
Poor people.
How deep your sorrow is, how you strayed away from life.
‘It is not even comparable to the situation of those you will meet shortly.
We’re in the second attunement right now.
Come, let’s go on, into their kingdom.’
André thought he was dreaming.
He saw a beautiful city, erected in an artful way.
He saw beautiful buildings, yet they were adorned with sculptures that depicted horrible scenes.
But everything showed their mindful thinking: the feeling of an artist.
‘How is it possible, Alcar, to be able to create in this darkness?’
‘Nothing is impossible to them; with the exception that they’re unable to enter a higher sphere, and cannot change their darkness into a radiant state.
Their powers are limited.
Here genii dwell, masters of evil.
There’s a saying on earth: ‘The greater the man, the greater the crime’, and that applies here.
Masters in all arts and sciences dwell here.
They shape their feelings with razor-sharp insight, but it’s all for the sake of evil.
Infallible, you would think, but they know that they cannot conquer goodness, which is God.
On earth they didn’t grasp the blessing of their gifts.
Here they can give full vent to their passions.
It shows in everything, it’s their life.
It’s all their own doing.
One day all their concoctions will fall to pieces, their skyscraping buildings are worthless in the spirit, like everything else they possess, like their own life.
Don’t you meet these beings on earth too?
Aren’t people a curse to one another on earth?
Don’t they kill in order to possess?
All these beings who are gathered down here once lived on earth.
Here it hits you, because on earth they can hide behind masks.
Here nothing can be hidden, they’re all naked, this is their attunement in the spirit.
On earth they can conceal themselves, that’s what they have their palaces for, but here they can’t.
There everything is possible, their masks cover up their dark souls.
Here they play their bestial games, yet those who have a higher attunement see and know their inner condition.
Here they live together and return to earth to influence others.
And woe to those who attune to them, they are lost.
When they die there they will be dragged down here and will serve them on this side.
Those on earth who seek the things on high will be helped by higher spirits.
Do you feel, André, how terrible these beings are?
They still have human shapes and know that they are alive.
But those down below no longer have any knowledge of existence.’
André saw many beings moving past.
‘Are they celebrating something, Alcar?’
‘They have festivities here too.
Shortly, when we experience life on this side, I will show you their life.
But that’s for later.
Everything is malicious, my son, just as their life is.’
The streets and squares had been planned in an artful way.
‘What’s that over there, Alcar?
Is that a bridge I see?’
‘You saw correctly, they have bridges here too.’
How was it possible?
A mighty river flowed through the landscape.
They had built a beautiful bridge across.
It was fantastic.
It was like being on earth.
In the life after death he saw a replica of the earth.
But here evil was gathered.
On earth good and evil lived alongside, here attuned beings dwelt in one single condition.
On the far side he saw lots of buildings with turrets that protruded above the houses like ghostly profiles.
It was a capricious image.
There was a certain stillness; man lived here in gloom and ghastly silence.
He sensed the sorrow of life that was being lived here.
Hatred and destruction prevailed all around.
The river gushed past like some mighty ghost, ready to devour him.
Death and doom lurked everywhere.
The monster called hatred lay in deep rest.
But oh, when it awakens.
There before him, erected in a beautiful style, lay the town, the monster itself.
Everything contained hatred.
He shivered.
All this should be destroyed, and the hatred would then cease to exist.
That’s how far hatred had penetrated into life, they even built towns out of it.
It was a mighty land, this Land of Hatred.
No, this was unknown on earth.
Countless things to be made amends for.
Everything would have to be torn down, which would spell a battle against their own will to transform their inner condition into light.
The higher their buildings were, the deeper their sorrow, their misery, and the more intense their urge to hate.
Yes, he understood and sensed it all.
‘Oh, people, change your way of life.
Work on your inner condition, but in the spirit.
Work on yourself and break down your own pedestals; behold how everything is approaching its fulfilment.
Behold this truth, the same kind of life awaits you.’
‘We have been busy for ages, André, and many with us, to tear all this down.
Thousands will help us to convince the people of all this, which will make them turn over a new leaf.
I will now link you up with this sphere while I remain within my own condition.
Now focus your powers of concentration intensely, you know how strong their powers are.
Try to hold on.’
At the same moment something terrible welled up inside André.
A terrible fear came over him that it might be the devil himself.
He had no more feelings.
He glided across hills and valleys and it seemed never to end.
He wanted to call for help but it was impossible, he couldn’t utter a word or make any sound.
He resisted with all his might, but to no avail.
He felt himself falling deeper and deeper and he was unable to resist; he sensed that he was near to losing consciousness, and he collapsed.
When he opened his eyes he looked into those of his leader.
‘Feeling a little better, André?
It’s as clear as crystal what happened.
You sensed their powers, they destroyed your concentration.
I let you handle this yourself, so you would feel how terrible their hatred is.
But nothing could have happened, I was watching over you, André.’
‘Where was I, Alcar?
It was just as if I was floating across hills and valleys.
They dragged me along; how terrible these beings are.’
‘You were nowhere at all, André.
We were standing here on the bank of this river. You were gazing in that direction.
The power of their influence forced you into their condition.
So that floating sensation was only the fierceness of their inner attunement.
It was like a vision but it took your breath away.
Everything is simple.
Your powers of concentration were overruled. However, this wouldn’t have been necessary because you possess an attunement which differs from theirs.
I will let you sense various conditions during this journey.
This will enable you to receive a pure impression of these human conditions.
This wandering across hills and valleys also means that you are still connected to your body.
We, my son, are prepared for everything.
You will get to know all these powers.
Come on now, let’s proceed.
It will be clear to you that one cannot simply enter here without further ado.
To be able to work here, to be able to stand up to this requires strong powers of concentration.’
André noticed darkness steadily creeping on.
They continued to descend until they arrived in another condition.
Here everything was in deep darkness, not even a sparkle of light, yet the amazing thing was that he could still perceive everything.
‘The area we are in now is an intermediary sphere connecting the other two spheres, the Land of Hatred and the animal-like sphere.’
André saw only caverns and grottoes.
People lived there.
Everything he saw was in a slimy condition.
There were no houses or buildings here.
The streets, if you could call them that, were torn up, and everywhere around he saw crevasses like deep abysses.
One had to be careful here not to fall into a depth which appeared to have no end.
Thick masses of mud and sludge covered the ground here.
The area above was holy compared to this.
Here they lived in caverns and got their fill from their own animal-like lives.
‘We will link up and merge, André, then you will perceive.
Give me your hand, this takes a lot of strength.’
André knew that when Alcar took these measures, it would overwhelm him.
He already trembled with emotion when he imagined what he would see.
‘We will maintain this contact until we link up with a higher sphere.’
Hey, what was that he heard?
It got louder and louder, it developed into a hurricane that made life tremble to its foundations.
It was heartrending.
Now it turned into an agonizing wailing in which he sensed murder and passion, as if one life was destroying another.
It sickened him, he wasn’t up to so much misery.
‘It’s horrible, Alcar, what is that?’
‘The power of their life, their spiritual attunement: doom and destruction.
There’s not a spark of human feeling left in any of the beings living here.
They have all turned into beasts.
You hear their beastly game of passion and violence.
But all at half power.
We can’t link up, you wouldn’t be able to stand it.
No human feeling is up to it.
Look, André.’
André tried to penetrate the darkness.
Suddenly he saw various beings crawling around.
Were they human?
Surely not.
These were animals, thousand years old.
He saw neither hands nor feet.
These beings had to crawl to get along.
Their human feelings had been transformed into animal-like.
Yet they lived and were people of the earth.
Once they had been beautiful and had felt mother-love.
No, it was all too much for him.
‘Where are we now, Alcar?’
‘Didn’t I make it clear to you where we are?
You see, my son, that they are alive.
Soon you will see those who live in an unconscious condition.
I wanted you to hear and see.
Come on, let’s continue.
Our path leads down, deeper and deeper, until we get to the attunement where life has sunk into a slumber.
They are no longer aware of any existence.
Come, André, on to the Valley of Sorrows.’
Again André felt how he descended.
It seemed never to end.
Finally they got to the spot Alcar had intended.
André stood at the edge of a vast, immense valley.
Deep down there people lived.
It had grown even darker.
But here too he could perceive.
There were no streets or plains here, it was a deep crevice, and this place supposedly contained life too.
‘This depth is endless too, until it passes on to a different attunement.
It goes down even further, but we will stay here.
Nothing but misery, my son, nothing but sorrow, indescribable sorrow.
In the condition which we just left, man crawls about, and that is how he tries to find a different condition of life.
When those whom you are about to see awaken, they will try to escape from this condition.
This condition is connected to the animal-like attunement and that is where they pass on to from here.
There they live in caverns and there they will prepare to get to the Land of Hatred where their real life begins.’
‘Who are they, Alcar?’
‘Human beings, my son.
They who have awakened.’
These beings were even more terrible than those up above.
Their movement was sluggish.
They could hardly drag themselves along.
After every gait they remained lying for some moments.
These were supposed to be human beings!
And yet this beast is Divine too.
Life on earth can be beautiful, but all these creatures perished in matter.
‘Whatever did these people do to get into such a situation?
Is man capable of so much wrongdoing?’
‘What do you know, my son, about the life so many people lead?
Thousands of human lives have been slaughtered and their hearts were torn to pieces.
I could mention many other ferocities which could never enter your mind because you cannot think up such evil.
We will not link up here, it’s impossible for you to digest all this.’
André kept a tight hold on his leader, he didn’t want to let go of Alcar in this darkness.
It would be overpowering.
‘Come, we’ll descend.
We don’t need to go very far, we’ll find them soon enough.
Look, a human being lying there in front of you.’
André looked at the spot that Alcar was pointing at.
He only saw a grey mass that merged with its surroundings.
‘Come, we’ll sit down here.’
André felt a stillness growing within.
There was something here which he couldn’t describe in words.
It deprived him of the courage to pursue all this misery any further.
He lacked the strength to continue.
He felt dizzy, he was sad, utterly sad about everything he had been allowed to see.
Alcar looked at him and said: ‘Are you unable to go on, my son?
Shall we go back?
If it’s too much for you we will return to earth.
You know I always help you, don’t you?’
‘What is it, Alcar, that came over me?’
‘It’s only the influence from this sphere which my son senses.
Exert all your strength, André, you won’t be returning here soon.
Try to ask God for strength, you must want it, otherwise my powers will not be able to reach you, and then I can’t help you.
You will have to wait a long time, because your spiritual powers will have to be developed first.
If you can endure all this, it will mean wisdom in the spirit to you.
I will support you, my boy.
Know that you will have to convince many people on earth.’
André silently prayed to the Father for strength; after a while he felt refreshed, and with fresh courage he put himself out to follow his beloved leader.
‘Do you feel a little better, my son?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I received fresh strength to be able to follow you.’
‘You’re the only one, because many who were taken along had to return.
But I already told you that you’re unable to bear the sorrow of lots of people.
Connection means intuitive feeling, but feeling life doesn’t mean one has to perish.
It proves that your concentration is only at half its strength.
But you will learn all about this yet.’
After all, this was so very much beyond his understanding.
He saw nothing but sorrow, sorrow and grief.
How could a person ever commit so much evil.
It would send him mad if he didn’t get an answer to this.
Now he knew why it had taken hold of him.
His mind reeled.
Could a person wreck himself to that extent?
These were the problems he was faced with.
What kind of evil could a person ever perform on earth to have found attunement to this condition?
Was a murder not the worst thing which people on earth could do to a human being?
Were people punished so terribly for that?
Was this the attunement to the deed?
Sad it was.
He was hardly able to think.
Where hadn’t he been already?
Now he stood before a human being who lay there, smitten like a heap of dirt, unaware of his own life.
Where was the end here?
He looked at his leader, who regarded him full of love and said:
‘Be strong, André.
You’re up in arms.
Soon it will all become clear to you.
God knows all his children, no child of God is ever punished.’
‘What’s that you said?
No child of God is ever punished?’
‘Does that sound so incredible?
Man punishes himself, he wants it that way.
Is everything clear to you?
I will try to link up and tell you what I perceive.
Maybe that will make everything clear to you.
Listen carefully.’
Alcar concentrated and André felt terribly anxious.
What would his leader see?
Oh, how curious he was.
‘The one lying there before us, I see him on earth as a small child.
He is young and handsome, surrounded by lots of riches.
I’m in the Orient.
In a beautiful country place, that’s where he lives.
Many others are around him.
They’re dressed in beautiful garments.
Now I see another person; it’s his father.
Decorated with the colours of his country he sets off for battle.
He holds his child in his arms.
It takes a while before he can leave.
He doesn’t return.
Now I see him, young and handsome, dressed in a beautiful garment.
Again a different image.
He’s on horseback now and he too sets off for battle.
He is an Arab.
Many accompany him to war.
He too will perish.
I see him back on the battlefield.
Various images, all presenting the same condition in which he commits one murder after the other and destroys others.
He emerges victorious.
His terrible hatred drives him into this condition.
Murder after murder occurs.
It’s still not enough.
I see him killing hundreds in a despicable manner.
Hate and dominate, that’s his life.
Now I see a camp.
The image is blurred now.
This being, André, cannot be roused.
It will take hundreds of years before he awakens.’
‘Do you see anything more, Alcar?’
‘I will try to link up.
Again I see a camp.
And I see him too.
From a distance he looks on how his warriors murder the unfortunate ones who live in that camp.
It is all his will.
All is quiet now.
They’re setting fire to the camp.
Hundreds are burnt like living torches, not one can escape.
These are the wounded.
Their end is terrible.
He doesn’t only murder, but many of the wounded are slaughtered on his orders.
He’s a beast, André.
This human being has passed beyond the animal-like attunement.
Have no pity on him, but feel love.
I only saw images.
What will his entire life on earth have been like?
Here he lies and isn’t aware what he accomplished within a short earthly life.
Isn’t it horrible?
He was a hero, a master of evil.
But just think how many there are who destroy humanity in silence, who plunge mankind into doom and destruction inside their quiet rooms.
I see some more beings over there.’
‘Do you see anything about them too?’
‘I’ll try, my boy.’
André saw how his leader concentrated anew.
‘This being is a man too, a scholar on earth.
I see a small village, surrounded by mountains, hidden from the view of the world.
It’s lonely, as if it were dreaming.
It’s misty.
Now I’m entering a laboratory.
I see him there again, accompanied by a second person.
I hear a terrible bang, everything is flying apart.
The little village has disappeared from the face of the earth, along with hundreds of people, including children and old people.
They were inventors.
They had accomplished a great deal.
Masters of evil, my son.
They were destroyed by evil.
His talent was abused to finish off mankind.
No, that’s not why God gave man those powers.
They must serve to support man.
But how is everything abused!’
‘There’s another being lying over there, Alcar.’
André saw how his leader concentrated again.
It was quiet.
What would Alcar see now?
Poor people, who ruined their Divine gift.
How great it was to receive something so beautiful, and how few understood such a gift.
Alcar spoke to him: ‘A woman, André?’
He shivered.
A woman?
Could a woman forget herself to that extent?
God gave a woman the most beautiful and sacred gift which a human being could receive on earth.
Could this be true?
Surely it wasn’t possible for a mother to be capable of so much evil?
‘Listen, my son.
She once lived in a palace, crowned and honoured.
I see her consort too, but he lives in a different condition.
They arrived on this side a long time ago.
Her life on earth was a life intent on destroying people.
Everything around her is death and destruction.
Thrown into dungeons, as a prey for wild animals, just to satisfy herself.
Hundreds obeyed her and complied with her fancies.
She had people tortured to death to get her fill from their torments.
The sight of blood flowing made her experience her animal-like life.
She had turned into an animal.
Her passions were mightier than the ocean storms.
Her human intellect covered up her passions.
Her sensual life, her delight in destruction brought her into this condition.
A mistress of evil.
She passed on too, just as the many she had ordered to be killed.
The image I see is horrible.
Her crocodiles were fed by sacrificing hundreds of lives.
This is heartrending, André.
She killed a lot of women who equalled her in her beauty.
Her power made man serve as food for the animals.
Could anyone surpass the things she contrived?
Look at the earth, these terrible beings are still at large.
Later, on our other journeys, I will show you all these things.
Even now a single human being destroys thousands of others.
Haven’t they fallen deeper than animals?
An animal satisfies itself and then goes its way, man possesses a thinking capacity and goes on destroying.
A human being never gets his fill.’
André now understood the extent to which man could forget himself.
Everywhere he looked he saw human beings who had brought nothing but sorrow and grief onto others.
This truly was a valley of sorrows.
‘In the sphere following this one, André, man lives his own criminal life.
I don’t want to show you these conditions.
What I will let you see will be sufficient to make you realize how people can forget themselves.’
‘One ought to have pity on all of them, Alcar.’
‘Pity, my son?
Does my son feel pity again?
How often did I make it clear to you that pity means destruction?
On this side we know no pity.
Here we only know love.
To feel pity means to link up with another being.
Linking up means passing into another life.
When you keep on lamenting for that life, you will perish along with that life.
Pity is weakness, nothing but weakness.
Pity means being lived by others.
Feeling love means following the path which God shows to all of us.
It means submitting everything, which will enable man to develop.
Feeling love for life means supporting it in all its conditions.
But that means battling, nothing but battling.
Sorrow and grief will make man attune to higher conditions.
Pity means handing over everything, their own life too, which they themselves have ruined.’
‘What do you feel for these people, Alcar?’
‘What I feel, what I would like to do for them, is this: If they would listen, I would show them the path which we must all follow.
This is the path that leads to the light, which all have travelled who dwell in the higher spheres and whom you will meet on this journey.
But the ones in this sphere must really yearn for this, otherwise my help is superfluous.
But if I were to lament for them because things are so difficult, what would become of our lives?
It’s love which enables us to sense the sorrow and grief of others.
Those who possess no love cannot be wrecked by others.
Do you feel what I mean?
I’m ready to help, no matter where, but that person must feel the urge himself, otherwise he cannot be reached.
That is love.
Follow your path and when you see that they are unwilling, then let them go; one day they will need your help.
But don’t return to them before they fervently beg for help, as you will otherwise find yourself in the same situation.
Therefore you must feel whether they can be helped; if they can’t, you will be throwing pearls before the swine.’
André understood.
‘You said, Alcar, that those who were poor on earth do not dwell here.
Why is that?’
‘Didn’t I tell you that they don’t possess those forces and powers on earth?
Their poverty on earth is their fortune on this side.
So they aren’t able to fall that deeply.
They may forget themselves spiritually, commit a murder, and some of them are even here, and yet it’s impossible for them, even if they wanted to, to send thousands to war.
They aren’t scholars, genii or rulers of the earth.’
‘What would they do, Alcar, if they did possess that power?’
‘They would act according to their feeling.
Yet there are many poor persons who would exclaim, my spiritual feeling gives me more wealth than those who abound in property.
These beings exist on earth and we know them.
And all those conditions make up the cycle of the soul, because man has attunement to the cosmos, which I’ll tell you about later when we have reached the higher areas.
Now on to a different condition, we’ve spent enough time down here.’