‘Don’t forget to pray for them, André.
They need our help too; yes, those people in particular.’
In silence, both withdrawn into themselves, they left the area of the animal-like attunement.
André felt better again; now that he understood that they had wanted this themselves.
Not one of God’s children is ever lost, even if it has transgressed the animal-like condition.
They glided on to a different sphere, where new wisdom in the spirit awaited him.
Yet all this wisdom meant sorrow, sorrow and misery.
But he wanted to experience everything, because it would help the people on earth to know something about life on this side.
Finally his leader spoke to him: ‘We will now try to find the man whom we saw burning on earth.’
‘Is that possible, amongst all those millions?’
‘To us everything is possible, André, if we possess the necessary forces of love.
We know him, don’t we, and as I have known him, I will find him.
If this were not the case, then it wouldn’t be possible for me either, unless I possessed some influence or other which would enable me to link up with a different aura.
But since I met him before, I can link up by focussing my powers of concentration and strong will power.
You will experience this too.
By adapting myself I follow the way which links me up with him.
It will become clear to you soon enough.
Another thing.
I can link up with anything which is lower than my own attunement, a higher one is beyond my reach.
You will get to know these forces too during this journey.
Is this clear to you?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘But these also encompass many other conditions, because we are also bound by laws.’
‘I’m very curious Alcar, where he will be.
Is he living in the Land of Hatred?’
‘We will soon see, come on now, we must go this way.
I can see it now, he’s in an intermediary sphere, beyond the crowd.
We will find him back in an unconscious state, due to the burning of his physical garment.’
André saw how his leader was following a set target.
It was remarkable to him how a spirit could find its bearings.
Everywhere Alcar could find his way about in this darkness.
They entered some place, it seemed like a cavern.
These were subterranean corridors, and yet he was able to see.
There were scores of creatures about.
They passed through lots of corridors and caves.
In the darkness he discerned others who had fallen asleep; they were lying there, expressionless.
He saw these creatures everywhere; they slept the sleep of the dead and were alive, living in eternity.
Everything was misery, nothing but grief and sorrow.
These were wasted lives.
To the right and the left he saw coves where they had been laid down to rest.
From the earth into this darkness.
Oh, he understood everything.
And yet they hadn’t fallen as deep as those in the Valley of Sorrows.
He understood every attunement and knew the conditions of feeling of all these various beings.
He saw all the races (see article ‘There are no races’ on of the earth.
Here all were one, no matter which faith they had professed.
Every creature knew and felt mother-love.
They were all God’s children, forever.
Others roamed around and behaved like savages.
They didn’t see him, so he gathered that Alcar was still in his own condition.
Now his leader stopped.
Had he found him?
He was very curious.
‘Look, André, there’s our man, we’ve found him.’
André saw a creature, lying separated from the others, huddled up.
‘Do you recognize him, André?’
Yes, it was him, the man he had seen burning on earth.
‘He’s in an unconscious state.
My presumption proved to be true.
I’ll leave you on your own now, because I want to link up with him.
This will make it clear to you that he’s alive.
Do nothing and remain in your condition.
I’m going to link up with him just as I did in the cemetery.
You know how that’s possible, don’t you?
So listen carefully, André.
Nobody will see you.
Those who can are higher spirits who work here to help the unfortunate.
You have nothing to fear from them.
So remain in your own condition.’
André was alone.
His leader had been swallowed up by the darkness.
Strange, he thought, I could see Alcar while he was with me, now he has gone too.
What could be the meaning of this?
He kept on experiencing all kinds of situations.
There were thousands.
Hey, what was that he heard?
He thought he heard someone moaning.
Where did it come from?
Again he heard it.
I’ll move a bit closer, maybe I’ll see what it is, he thought.
Was there someone in need of help?
He heard it even clearer now than before.
He went over to where the sound came from.
What was that?
But he had no time to think, he felt that he was being attacked.
A terrible fear took hold of him.
He felt how he was being grabbed and lifted up to be flung down somewhere.
He shouted for help and then he felt that he was losing consciousness.
He couldn’t remember how long this had lasted, but when he came round again, he was lying in Alcar’s arms.
‘Well, my boy, awake again?
You were overpowered by evil.
Things will be getting through to you, now that you’re becoming familiar with their powers.
By now you will have grasped how dangerous this place is and that it takes a lot of concentration to work down here.’
‘What happened to me, Alcar?
Who attacked me?’
‘I’ll explain it all to you.
Are you feeling a bit better?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Listen, my son.
You just heard someone moaning?
It was our friend.
You thought you ought to move over a bit closer and then you were attacked.
Isn’t that so?
The moment you wanted to take a look where the sound was coming from, you abandoned your own condition.
It’s a similar attunement to the one I showed you in the hospital.
So now you’ve experienced this kind of attunement.
When you leave your own condition you enter a different one.
The creatures you were able to perceive just now, those who roam around here, attacked you.
They saw from your attunement that you didn’t belong to this sphere.
You felt their powers and that’s what broke down your concentration.
If you had kept on thinking of your powers, they wouldn’t have had the chance to attack you.
They were able to, due only to your curiosity.
Experiencing a different condition means that you pass on to a different sphere.
Is that clear to you?
So this shows you that we, on this side, act in accordance with our inner condition, our force of feeling, and also that the spiritual body stands for intelligent thinking on this side.
When I was standing next to you, in other words before I left you, everything was visible to you, wasn’t it?’
‘That’s what made it all seem so strange to me, Alcar.’
‘Everything went dark around you, but this wouldn’t have been necessary if only you had been attuned to your own inner power.
You acted involuntarily.
That should never happen here, as it spells destruction.
When I passed into that other state, the one our man was in, I let you return into your own attunement, and I warned you about that clearly.
My powers enable you to see and hear everything that’s going on in the dark spheres.
No matter where we were, I always adapted myself to you, because otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to distinguish anything; you wouldn’t even know where you were.
So it’s not possible for you to descend here into a sphere you’re not acquainted with.
For that you need to know all these transitory conditions.
You wouldn’t be able to work here yet because you don’t know how to make use of your powers.
But rest assured, one has to experience all these spheres, which means that one has to be lead by able guides to get to know them.
Those who are one with a higher sphere, can, with the help of competent leaders, descend in order to accomplish certain tasks.
Even those who now dwell in the higher spheres were obliged to follow this training.
But others who have lived here know all the transitions within the dark areas, right down to the deepest depths.
So this needs experience, the training school of life.
The man we wanted to visit is in a deeper attunement than those who attacked you.
When he awakens, he will come to live in that attunement.
He and I disappeared from your view because he lives in an even deeper state, which was imperceptible from within your attunement.
So these are two conditions which flow into each other, just as I already showed you down below.
When he awakens lateron he will also enter this attunement.
I withdrew you into my sphere and released you out of their hands.
Before the very eyes of those who attacked you, you dissolved, which will seem to them like a miracle.
This will make them realize, if they possess that conviction, that a higher spirit dwelt in these surroundings.
Everything requires exertion and strength on this side.
Over here nothing can be left out, as it is on earth.
Life in the spirit is experience, which means development of love.
An angel of light cannot descend here unprepared.
They can descend, but if they don’t want to link up, everything will be invisible to them too.
In that way we will be able to acquire everything, if we experience it.
Those who have lived here are the leaders in these conditions.
Are you feeling a bit better?’
‘I’m prepared to follow you.
Did you once live here, Alcar?’
Alcar smiled.
‘Because I am able to explain all this to you?
I didn’t live here, André; but I dwelt down here for many years to help others.
I accept that all of us, no matter who, once lived under these conditions.
Evolution enables us to live in a different attunement.
But the road we have travelled will lead from darkness to the light.
The saying goes: ‘They who never saw darkness, cannot appreciate the light.’
I worked here to help my friends.
When we have reached the higher areas, I will tell you about this.
Come, follow me now.’
For the second time André saw the poor man.
‘I will now link up with him.’
André saw how his leader focussed his concentration.
He sensed how he was linking up in order to make the unfortunate fellow return to consciousness.
After a few moments he gave some sign of life.
Did he hear correctly?
It was just as if he heard him crying.
Yes, he was moaning.
Poor fellow.
Alcar withdrew his powers from him and the moaning stopped immediately.
‘I suppose everything is clear to you, André?
I made him become aware, so he began to feel his condition.
At the moment his sleep is still deep.
His present awakening will only be the start of his life on this side, and he will begin to feel the pains which were brought on by the cremation.
Apart from the agonies due to the cold and the darkness, he will also feel the piercing pains inflicted by his cremation.
His body was burnt during a material condition of feeling, his attunement to matter.
Spiritually he disgraced himself during his life on earth.
They don’t want to accept this on earth.
The sensitivity of his spiritual body was attuned to matter.
He will therefore experience everything in the spirit too, because he was not set free from his body.
The cremation drove him into this condition because the shock was too great for his spiritual attunement.
If he had been buried in the usual way he would now experience the decay of his material garment.
But that condition is much to be preferred to cremation because certain powers, which we call the aura of life, are withdrawn from the person being burnt.
This aura is meant to support the spirit upon its arrival here and during the first period of his life.
This applies to all beings, even those who are in a higher attunement.
After five to seven days the parting spirit withdraws the aura of life from the material body, at a time when matter enters into the first stage of decomposition.
This may last longer, it depends on the attunement of the human being passing on.
In other words: the aura serves to gain awareness on this side.
The happy spirit isn’t tied to time, because he exists in a higher condition.
For those who enter a higher sphere cremation offers no hindrance, because they are released from matter before the body is burnt.
I just told you how every creature that arrives here will withdraw his aura of life, but the happy spirits do this as soon as they are about to leave the physical body.
Is that clear to you?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
Another thing: On earth people think that it’s better to burn for an hour and a half than to experience years of torture (see article ‘Cremation or burial’ on
Because, they reason, didn’t the spirit get released?
Yet many cannot sever their ties, and to them burning is a spiritual shock.
The one who is now lying there, like a living corpse, has experienced that shock.
They err when they sense a spiritual condition as if it were material. Of course this is wrong.
Those who pass on and still show rosy cheeks, which can often be observed, are in this terrible condition.
Matter has been abandoned by life, in other words: the spiritual body has cast off the material garment and the aura of life keeps that garment alive.
Not until the first stage of decay has set in will matter take on a deathly pallor.
At that moment it’s all over and the spirit has taken on its new form of existence.
So the aura of life keeps the body intact, and when matter is burnt this will cause a tremendous shock.
Ask anyone who lives here what cremation is like, they will all tell you that it ought to be discouraged.
It’s nothing but a torment.
A torture in the spirit.
I therefore advise those who intend to be cremated not to do so.
Think this over and rather be safe than sorry: choose to be buried.
Those on earth who are learned and believe cremation to be beautiful and clean bear darkness in their soul, because this ‘beauty and cleanliness’ entails material darkness on this side.
To man on earth I call out: ‘If you have followed everything so far, then put an end to your foolhardiness and try to develop yourself in the spirit.
There’s still time.
You will soon pass on and then only those things will be of value which you bear within.
Develop your feeling and make up for the wrong you did.
We who dwell on this side, all of us who have left the earth and have dwelt here for hundreds of years, were compelled to accept this truth.
We have learnt that love is the highest and the most sacred of all, and that they stand for light and happiness in the life after death.
Here, my friends, you cannot hide.
Only here does love bear value.
Develop that power, your life, learn to love.
Learn our language, the language of love, which you will have to understand on your arrival here, or darkness will be your fate.
Before we leave the dark areas, my son, I tell you: The next time we get together on this side, you will become acquainted with this life.
I will show you how the rulers, the masters, the geniuses in evil live, how they work and will destroy other people who attune themselves to them.
That is why I want to reach man on earth.
You will experience how they too continue the festivities they had on earth.
In short, you will get to know their life.
What I showed you up to now, and will go on showing you, are conditions, attunements and connections in the spirit.
Now we will part from the dark areas, the hell in the life after death.’