How Alcar watched over André

A lady who lived in Geneva wanted him to come over and diagnose her.
She had been examined by various doctors, yet she wanted to consult him before deciding to follow their advice.
Her handwriting already enabled him to make the diagnosis, but he wrote back that he would like to have a photo of her because her letter had passed through many hands.
He soon received a reply.
She wrote to him that everything had been correct and that she wanted to come to Holland to be operated on by her brother who was a surgeon in Gr.
However, before she departed for Gr. she would like to meet him.
André visited her in the hotel where she was staying and agreed to support her from a distance.
The next day he tuned in to her and stayed linked up until his leader would tell him to stop.
A few days afterwards Alcar informed him that the operation had been successful and that he should stop, as the impact would now be too vigorous for her.
She was not to be disturbed in any way.
Alcar was watching over her too and helped her in silence.
His leader had been present at the operation and told him that the diagnosis had been correct.
Later on, he was to experience these conditions, as well as all the transitions of feeling, through disembodiment.
He would be allowed to witness how the disembodied human being was guided by help from the side beyond, which simplified its return into matter.
Moreover, Alcar wanted to make it clear to humanity that amongst scholars there are also instruments who serve as mediums.
His leader would also demonstrate the great benefit of partial anaesthetics, to protect the vital organs and to maintain their strength, when the spiritual body would recommence its activity in the physical body. He would reveal to him the great secret to science, when the physical body was anaesthetized and the spirit had left it.
Many people who had undergone an operation had disembodied, and they were helped in the spirit.
Very little was known about this on earth.
The patient had promised to write to him, yet after having waited for ten days, he had still received no news from her.
How strange, he thought; after all, everything seemed fine.
Had something serious occurred?
Why had nobody written to him, wasn’t he with her in his thoughts, and hadn’t he helped her with love?
He asked his leader whether something unexpected had happened, but Alcar reassured him.
In that case I had better wait, he thought.
One afternoon a gentleman and a lady came to visit him.
He asked him to diagnose her.
But at that moment he heard Alcar say to him: ‘Tell him that it’s her left knee, and that she has waited too long.’
André conveyed this message and they both found this very remarkable.
‘Can you heal her?’ the gentleman asked him.
‘I can alleviate the pain, but I’m not able to cure her completely.’
André heard him talking about diathermy, which meant nothing to him, but again he heard Alcar say: ‘Heat rays, my son, but it can’t cure her.
We can ease her condition by giving her magnetic treatment.
The only possibility is to make her pains cease by means of vital fluid.’
André also conveyed this message, which satisfied them.
Suddenly Alcar told him to pay attention.
‘Concentrate on me and let me talk.
Not a word, not a thought is allowed to suppress mine.
Listen as you never did before.’
André had never heard his leader talk in this way.
What did this mean?
Was there any danger?
‘Soon’, he heard, ‘everything will become clear to you, now pay attention.
You will be seeing in visionary attunement.
I will show you what I see and perceive.
You see via me, I will convey it to you.’
Alcar had spoken clearly, and the man hadn’t heard a word of it.
‘Calm and collected’, André heard, ‘open up, and now: look at him.’
He did what Alcar told him.
That very moment he understood what this was all leading to.
Alcar was watching over him like a mother over her child.
He saw the lady from Geneva appear in the gentleman.
He clearly saw how she became manifest in him, and he understood that this gentleman had something to do with her.
But in what way?
The next image, which appeared immediately afterwards, made him understand who and what this man was, who had come to visit him.
‘Well’, he thought, ‘so this gentleman wants to put me to the test.’
He looked at him sharply and asked him point-blank what Alcar dictated to him: ‘Are you a doctor?’
‘Yes’, was the reply.
‘But I see even more’, André continued, ‘namely that you were your own sister’s surgeon.
Is that so?’
The man went red in the face and said that it was so.
‘Splendid sir, and what do you think of all this?’
‘Peculiar’, he said, ‘it’s peculiar.’
André sensed that the man was at a loss.
He felt trapped.
But he silently thanked his great leader for his protection.
This person who was believed dead could read the living like a book, they knew all the things which he, André, would never have been capable of.
How great everything was and how simple.
How delicate and pure they were in their abilities.
This proof ought to be sufficient to convince anyone of the eternal continuation of life.
But the scholar had soon recovered and clothed himself in a cloud of mystery.
André continued: ‘Doctor, do you believe that I am a quack?
Isn’t this real clairvoyance?
Couldn’t I help mankind in this way?
Am I doing wrong things?’
He got no response.
‘Have you any doubts about your sister’s condition?
The operation was a success, wasn’t it?
I was to receive a message from her, but I still haven’t heard anything.
And now you come here to check on me?’
André felt that this was very unpleasant for the man and he continued: ‘Will I be hearing anything from your sister?’
‘Absolutely’, was the reply, ‘you’ll be hearing from her.’
‘Can I talk to you, man to man?’
‘What do you mean?’ he asked and André saw how the cloud was getting denser.
Yet he continued: ‘I mean your sister’s health condition.’
‘But what do you mean by that?’ the doctor repeated his question.
‘What I mean’, André went on, ‘is that I would like to know from you whether my vision was correct.
You’re a surgeon, so you can tell.’
But the scientist didn’t respond and evaded the matter.
Alcar told him: ‘Talk to him about degrees, my son, it will arouse his curiosity. This will enable you to penetrate the cloud of mystery.
I’ll help you in this.’
‘Look, doctor, you removed something from your sister, didn’t you, but you didn’t get down to the core of her disease.
Isn’t that so?’
He still wouldn’t speak and asked again: ‘What do you actually mean by this?’
André said: ‘I mean that you cannot change her inner condition because she is in-between the third and the fourth degree of her illness.’
‘What did you say?
‘Yes’, André replied, ‘degrees, doctor. Are degrees not known to you?
She happens to be in this condition, but she can grow old in spite of it.’
He now explained her condition to him, but he sensed that the doctor took no notice, because he said: ‘I don’t know yet, we’re busy investigating.’
But Alcar told him that the man certainly knew about this, yet didn’t want to talk.
Still he wanted to venture a last try and continued: ‘If you don’t know about degrees, then may I come over to Gr. and tell you scientists how I see this illness and what could be done to fight it?
It’s not my intention to teach you anything, but maybe I see something which may be of use to you to treat this illness.’
The answer he got was: ‘I find this extremely interesting, and I will report it. You will also hear from my sister.’
The scientist left and didn’t return.
Alcar told him that he would hear nothing from either of them.
He waited for a long time but there was no message.
He had helped through love, but the scientist had broken off the connection.
Alcar said: ‘There are scientist who possess love, but he isn’t one of them; this one cannot be convinced.’
André thought of Alcar’s words: ‘What does it mean to be learned on earth and poor in spiritual feeling?’
The spirits know and see everything.