Disembodiment; spiritual life in the sphere of the earth

André was in his room, as he had received word from Alcar that he was about to disembody.
On his last journey to heaven and hell his leader had shown him certain conditions and attunements; on this journey he would get to know spiritual life.
He felt happy that he was allowed to visit the spheres again.
He already longed for the moment that he would see, hear and talk to his leader and would be allowed to sense his love.
What would he experience this time?
Where would his leader be taking him to?
Remote regions, deep depths had already been shown to him in the spirit.
It was quiet all around him, he still heard nothing from Alcar.
Yet he sensed that a certain influence was being exerted on him, as the silence of the spirit entered him.
This had nothing to do with the earth.
This silence was unknown on earth.
What he felt was spiritual possession, the radiance of love from a being that lived on the side beyond.
A gentle, beautiful feeling of happiness flowed into his soul.
Had he heard correctly?
Yes, it was Alcar who told him to listen.
‘André, get ready, I will release you from your physical body in a flash.’
Disembodiment was a great, blessed happiness.
He had experienced his last disembodiment consciously, but this no longer seemed necessary now.
He went and lay on his bed, fully stretched out on his back, focussed his attention on his leader and waited what would happen.
He soon felt himself sinking in the spirit, then he was drawn up; he saw himself floating above his physical body, and finally his leader caught him up in his arms.
Now he was one with Alcar.
‘Look, my boy, we’ll be together again for quite a while.
This journey is harder still than all the other ones we made.
You will now get to know life on this side, as well as various forms of art such as sculpture, music and painting, yet not until we have arrived in the higher spheres.
But before we visit the higher spheres, you will get to know the pre-animal-like, the animal-like, the coarse-material and the material attunements in the sphere of the earth and following that, we will leave the earth in order to descend into the dark spheres.
There we will visit the rulers, the geniuses and the masters of evil.
You will witness how they too have their celebrations, which will make it clear to you that these human beings who have departed from the earth continue their terrible earthly life on this side.
In the sphere of the earth, where we are now, I will show you the life these beings lead, that satisfy themselves on the human being who attunes to them.
Then we will descend into the sphere of those who commit suicide; you will see this condition too, so that man will receive a clear image what his life will be like on this side if he puts an end to his earthly life.
I will have to make terrible truths clear to you.
I therefore ask you to be strong; we won’t be back here for quite a while.
You will experience a lot of beautiful things, André, but also deep darkness and misery.
Ask me as much as you want, I will answer you to the best of my abilities.
Look, there’s your physical garment, we have now transcended all the intermediary conditions which you experienced last time.’