Geniuses of evil

‘We will now visit a different condition, in which man is backed up by certain influences and heads for destruction.
Those who invent things that destroy mankind.
When man has conquered his passions, only then will everything on earth become different.
As soon as his inventions are used to ensure happiness for mankind, this happiness will find attunement to us, and life on earth will result in happiness in the spheres.
We’re already on the spot where I wanted to be.
People live here, and astral beings assist them from this side.
We are now in a laboratory, where a scientist from the earth works out his inventions.
He receives everything from our side, but he is in the hands of evil.
I want you to see him at work because I wish to show you these conditions on our side.
I mean when we visit the dark spheres, because that is where the inventions come from which have been contrived by geniuses of evil.
The scholars of the earth are workers in their hands and only there will you get to know the masters who in turn exert their influence on them.
But this scientist is their subject, through whom terrible inventions are handed down to the earth.
In that way they hold many beings in their power who, without knowing it, are supported by demonic creatures.
It’s terrible to say this, but until now evil has triumphed over good.’
André saw a human being who sat bent forward in front of his instruments and his gaugeglasses.
On top of him he saw another being, a demon, who wanted to convey its invention to him.
They were one, closely linked. The ‘beast’ held his prey captive.
It lived inside the human being, made their feelings merge.
The human being felt nothing, absolutely nothing, nor was he aware of anything.
He saw other beings too, who were creeping around in the laboratory.
But every bit of concentration was focussed on the one who was sitting there, bent forward.
The vibrations of the gaugeglasses penetrated him down to the depths of his soul.
The scientist concentrated forcibly.
It would secure him great wealth and a lot of fame if he managed to present this to the world.
He committed his sharp intellect to serve evil.
The scientist trembled over his entire body; he appeared to have finished his invention, which could destroy thousands of lives.
He stood up with a jolt, walked over to another hall and came back with an animal that he tied onto a table.
It was a rabbit, and André understood that poison was being tested here.
There was a mad gleam in the eyes of the scientist, and he trembled with excitement.
He felt mighty and strong, as if he were about to present the world with a great miracle.
Around the animal he put a little cage, made of wire netting, so that the gas would be able to penetrate.
The animal sat there, motionless; its end was imminent.
From a small machine that he held in both hands he sprayed now, after he had put on a mask, a yellowish vapour that spread around the animal.
The little creature cringed and very soon it was dead.
His invention had been born.
They would bedeck him with distinctions and reward him in various ways.
The demon who had released itself from him made its getaway.
Where would this monster be going to?
The others also left and he understood that these were guards.
The execution had taken place in silence; it had proven its purpose.
Soon it would be tested on man.
Wasn’t it atrocious?
These monsters lived on earth.
They go around looking like humans and are honoured.
The animal’s lungs had been scorched and were shrivelled, the end of an animal life.
Poor people of the earth, these are the scientists whose hands you are in.
Scholars of evil, backed up by demons.
Alcar stood beside him in deep thought.
How would he be feeling, he who wanted to give nothing but love, who was nothing but love.
‘Is there nothing that can be done about this, Alcar?’
‘Others will come up with inventions, those who work for a higher cause and they will make every effort to counteract his.
In that way some try to save humanity, others try to prepare its destruction.
Once man will sense his former wrongdoings; then he will have to make up for everything, but at the cost of a lot of suffering and grief.
What must I add to this?
People in a pre-animal-like attunement.
In the dark spheres I will show you with whom they are linked up, and that everything is arranged from there.
That is how man links up with evil.
Man has followed this path for thousands of years and he will continue to destroy his fellowmen for thousands of years yet.
But one day goodness will triumph and man will link up with the things on high.’
‘Is influence also exerted on emperors and kings in order to help them?’
‘They too are controlled by powers and are lived that way.
A ruler who passes on and arrives on this side will try to gain possession of someone who rules, and will use him for his purposes.
They have to be strong personalities if they want to evade their power.
Once a link has been set up, it will depend on their attunement whether they are brought to ruin, and they will pour either happiness or misfortunate over mankind.
Kings are inspired by those who once reached a same level on earth, and now try to win them over to their plans, as they passed on before they were able to accomplish these on earth.
Every being will return, for better or for worse.’
‘Will this ever end, Alcar?’
‘One day it will, but as I said, it may take thousands of years before the conditions below the material attunement have all dissolved.
Man is millions of years old, and yet pre-animal-like conditions are still known on earth.
The earth would change instantly when man would part with his possessions.
How simple everything is, but how fathomless the problems appear.
By giving love they acquire spiritual possession, which will spell happiness and blessing in the life that awaits us.
Yet what you encountered during this short voyage merely amounts to lechery and violence, darkness and coldness.
Oh, if only they understood that nothing but happiness awaits them, how beautiful life on earth would be; it would make them long to be allowed to die there, and yet at the same time this would become unnecessary; the earth would then have taken on the happiness of the spheres because people would love each other.
But the animal that lives here like a human being does not love man, it will enrich itself through the sorrow and the suffering of others.’
‘Then reincarnation is useful to these beings, Alcar; moreover, it’s a blessing to be allowed to return.’
‘Indeed, to them it is a blessing.
Where could they let themselves go?
I have told you already more about that; it is only possible on earth.
They will have to free themselves from their animal-like attunement in order to enter the coarse-material one, and when they have reached the material attunement and begin to sense spiritual, then they have nothing more to learn there.
Others will return and help to work for the good cause.
When people know that life is eternal, they will no longer take part in mass slaughter.
Yet there are hardly any who are able to exclude themselves from their massacres, because if they refuse, they will be the first to die as victims.
However, it is better to be slain than to murder, better to pass on oneself than to destroy the life of another human being, whom one has never met before.’
‘You are now discussing a very delicate matter, Alcar.’
His leader smiled, but André continued: ‘There are hundreds who talk about this on earth, but they don’t know what to do if war breaks out.
I have made my choice; I will refuse.
I would rather be hit by a bullet myself than to use it against my brothers.’
‘Splendid, my son, splendid.’
‘They will think I’m a coward then Alcar, for not joining in to destroy people, but now that I know so much about eternal life, I have no choice, do I?
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
What would you do in my place, Alcar?’
‘The same, my boy, nothing else.
But I will try to answer you following my feeling, why I wouldn’t do it.
But we will continue, there is nothing left for us to do here.
The big problem is: when one has a wife and children and war breaks out, then one must defend oneself and take care of one’s loved ones.
So when there are links of love, everything gets very complicated, because one can’t simply leave one’s wife and children behind. This is what man tells himself.
Nevertheless, everything remains the same.
When a father goes to war, everyone is overjoyed when he reappears after some years and his life has been spared.
I believe I don’t have to explain to you that connections with such atrocious conditions spell destruction.
I ask you, must a father commit murder because he has to look after his wife and children?
Self-preservation is one of the biggest issues.
So it is all about this question: ‘What must a man do who leaves his wife and children behind if he is convinced deep within that he commits murder?’
Is he expected to commit murder in order to protect his offspring against starvation?
If he refuses, he will be executed, won’t he?
Now what is preferable, and which is the path they must all follow?
First they should refuse, all of them; slaughter will then become impossible.
The clergy of the earth ought to put themselves out for this, but nothing can be expected from them either.
In every country people have prayed to be allowed to win the last war (World War I), although they knew one religion, one God.
Instead of preventing the outbreak of a war, they consecrate the weapons to protect their sons.
What kind of a mess-up is that?
This is mocking with the holiest of God.
Leave it to those who want a war, let them decide for themselves and fight those who want to rule just as they themselves do.
But for the time being this isn’t possible; people do what others want them to do and perishes at the hands of others.
But what should one do if others don’t want to?
Can a mother who possesses genuine mother love require her husband to murder in order to take care of her and the little ones?
Is this the love she feels for him, who is the father of her children?
Would his wife and children perish if the father refuses to murder?
Wouldn’t a mother rather work herself to death than take the food which the father has earned by committing murder?
Would they accept that food under normal circumstances, if they knew it was tainted with the blood of others?
Would a mother who feels love and has born life want to drink the blood of other mothers to feed her little ones?
The state takes care of those who are left behind, but children and mothers live on at the cost of the suffering and grief and the blood of others.
Is this the way?
Don’t they know any other?
So it remains the same: Whether one steals or murders, one will drop to the animal level and perish spiritually.
No mercy, no excuses count here.
Murder is murder, slaughter is attunement to animal-like, even pre-animal-like conditions.
Is a human being who begins to develop spiritual feelings capable of killing?
Must a human being who knows that life is eternal nevertheless go to war?
Can he restrain himself?
It’s hard to give an answer from this side, but this is the truth and it will never be different: When man attunes to animal-like conditions and links up with them, he will perish spiritually.
If a mother still wants her husband to go to war, then he will do so under her influence, but then the mother is also an animal-like being.
If a person wants to ascend, must he then bestialize himself for someone else?
No, a thousand times no!
God doesn’t want that and never will.
Must one protect the fatherland?
But is the fatherland eternity?
Wherever man is, and no matter what country he is born in, over here everything is one. We have only one fatherland and that is the earth.
So the road is: Don’t take part in murder or in any other kind of violence.
As I said, the churches should set an example and if they don’t, then man must decide for himself.
Every being, either father or mother, must take care of its own salvation.
What did Christ do?
If He had wanted to, He could have used His Divine Power to strike down all His enemies, but He let them have their way and died on the cross, because He didn’t want to share their way of life.
So what would I do, André?
Follow your way; but let us hope that it won’t be necessary for you.
I will now show you a human wreck that wanted war and had thousands killed.
He’s alive and is still honoured, but on this side thousands are waiting for him, and that’s when his misery will begin.’
They entered a large palace.
Alcar walked ahead of him and once again knew his way around.
They stepped into a beautiful room.
‘Look: Not a scholar, but a genius of evil, a poor, terrible being.’
André saw an old man dressed in an magnificent uniform.
This was an emperor or a king, but what he perceived on the side beyond was horrible.
When he would pass on, the sorrow of thousands would be waiting for him.
All these beings were around him, he had sent every one of them to this world.
A being like this could determine the fate of millions.
They had belauded him on earth, had followed him blindly and had carried out all his orders, but their love had changed into hatred.
They were animal-like beings now, surrounded by mud and sludge; they had lost their personality.
He, the monarch, wasn’t aware what lived around and inside of him, but in time when also his end would come, the misery would then be inconceivable.
As soon as he had breathed his last breath, they would tear his spiritual body to shreds, they would drag him across the entire earth, they would make him undergo the evil he had done to them.
Everyone wanted his share, own a chunk out of his life.
He had shed blood and was guilty of war and violence.
Yet he was an honoured man on earth; he was still covered with decorations and the metal was stained with the blood of many.
Wasn’t it preposterous that such a human being, such an animal-like monster should possess the power to govern the lives of thousands of human beings?
Wasn’t it terrible, wasn’t it horrible to have to accept this as the truth?
This was a human, a Divine being, yet he wanted war and destruction and man on earth did what he wanted and all this to enrich himself and others.
Poor people, poor earth, when will you change?
All these thoughts had entered his mind and André knew that his leader had conveyed him this truth.
‘Isn’t man sick in the mind to go to war for the sake of that animal-like being and kill off others who have never done him any harm?
Look how calmly and quietly he lives in his palace.
Yet he senses how life hates him; he no longer has the courage to go into free nature.
He hides behind the walls that will keep him concealed from this life.
But that will be impossible on this side; thousands will be waiting for him.
Over there, huddled up, he ruminates on all his deeds, a feeling of satisfaction is within him.
Man watches over him, he is a precious possession.
How foolish man is to let himself be forced by a pre-animal-like being to kill.
Cursed is he who sits there, cherishing himself!
That’s what man is like, and that’s how life is, that’s how low human attunements can be.’
André saw that thousands of demons had gathered around him.
They remained in his vicinity and were waiting for the moment that he would pass on.
They walked right through him, they were inside of him, sensed the course of his thoughts and stayed linked up with him.
No being could change anything about this.
Oh, what a truth: A genius who had abused his powers was being guarded by demons.
And nothing was known about this on earth, no-one knew these powers.
People would weep at his grave when he passed on, but God would then have set man free from an animal-like being.
Honour those on earth who wish to save mankind; lock those up who want to destroy life, but don’t respond to murder with murder. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
How would a king be capable of destruction if the people refused?
What would be left of his power, his possessions?
But this was man’s own wish; he didn’t realize the horror of his deeds yet.
Isn’t it atrocious that a single human being has the authority to decree the death of thousands who placed that power into his hands?
People are needed who know how to promote national interests, but lock those up who speak of death and destruction.
No credit is given for fulfilling that kind of function on earth.
Many forget themselves and then power, lechery and violence prevail.
But this is not what God intended.
On earth, every life can find happiness.
André saw that everything around him gave off a terrible light.
How horrible the ruler’s possessions were!
He wouldn’t want them for all the treasures in the world.
Mud and sludge were his possession; he wouldn’t want to live in the midst of it.
All that gleam of gold and precious stones was mere earthly sham; it was property, obtained with the blood of others.
And that all was what man wanted!
It was horrible when you looked at it from that standpoint within this life.
Here he saw the truth, it was the poison that spelt man’s destruction.
Yet man with his intellect didn’t want to think.
He was more like a slave, a chunk of life that allowed itself be destroyed.
They wouldn’t otherwise.
They surrendered to these beings, obeyed their orders, but their orders were focussed on the animal-like traits, to enrich themselves, to obtain a piece of earth.
For that man would kill a Divine life.
He killed himself and others, they went for each other like madmen until their fury had been quenched.
Their souls were consumed, the poison of life had penetrated them, they would be lost for centuries.
And there was only one person pulling the strings, one single person could accomplish this because this power had been put into his hands.
But was that the reason why God gave him intelligence?
God wanted nothing but happiness, nothing but love for all His children.
God put man above the animal, but man descended into a pre-animal-like condition.
He forgot himself, his own Divine attunement.
Here before him he saw a human being in a pre-animal-like condition.
Man, use your brains, but not to cherish the animal-like traits.
Fight and battle for your happiness, but with love in your heart; take heed of your salvation.
Listen to your inner voice, which will warn you.
‘Come André, we’re moving on, in the dark spheres you will see those who also rule the masses, due to their ability to influence them.
There too man hearkens to these beasts.’
They glided onward, through many buildings and houses.
Everywhere André saw earthly man and around him the astral spirit, who was visible to him.
They could link up themselves, since man himself allowed this.
Some for the sake of good, others for the sake of evil.
He saw the sphere of the earth teeming with life, and man was unaware of its existence.
He saw how some beings dispersed darkness, while others spread only light, that great and sacred possession, the happiness on the side beyond.
In one house they paused, where André saw a person who was busy writing.
‘We will stay here for a little while, my boy, I want to show you how man receives help in everything he does.
There before you, you see an earthly author who wants to put his feelings into words.
But look at his aura, there is not much I need explain about it.
What he wants to give to mankind, is merely intented to raise their passions, smudge their souls and make their unconscious emerge.
At his hands, mankind is defiled, because he receives his inspiration from demons, and he allows this to happen.
To him everything merely amounts to money, fame and sensation.
He finds attunement in the spirit because, as you can see over there, André, a terrible being is close by him.’
André looked at the spot his leader pointed at and saw a horrible monster that clung to this earthly human being.
That being was backing him up; it was his own attunement.
He, who had once lived on earth, had returned and newly experienced the life of his own longing through a physical human being who tuned in to his inner condition.
The human being on earth opened up to him to acquire riches and lots of other property.
On earth people don’t query the things they receive; they accept, they take, they are happy when these beings provide them with everything.
No thought is given to other things, it makes them lose sight of their inner life.
‘He writes to provide his fellowmen with literature that is eagerly devoured.
His Divine gift is used to benefit the animal-like traits.
We will descend a little deeper so that you will be able to get a more distinct impression of the being that urges him on.’
André now saw how the astral spirit linked up with the earthly human being.
The animal penetrated the human being, it pierced its razor-sharp intelligence into him, transformed his feeling into a horrible language and experienced the bestiality of it all, because it felt one, meant one life.
Wasn’t it horrible?
How simple everything was, but what a cruel, what an inhuman way of supporting man on earth.
This was inspiration, evil itself in human shape.
These were attunements, one in knowledge, one in will power, one in passion, one in abilities.
Two human beings turned into one, two beings accomplished one work, wanted this and those who read it linked up with them.
A different world was now revealed to him, he was becoming acquainted with a new life.
But how terrible that life was.
He now saw what inspiration meant; he saw how an artist on earth should attune if he wanted to help the human level along for their benefit, in order to destroy evil.
This author didn’t think about that, he gave, but would one day plunge into this deep darkness.
Man attracted the things he desired: animal-like, coarse-material, even pre-animal-like beings.
That was the kind of life that existed between heaven and earth, the life in the sphere of the earth.
What he perceived was reality, nothing but the holy truth.
He trembled inside, it took his breath away; how real life was after physical death.
‘Is everything clear to you, André?’
‘Everything, Alcar, everything.’
‘God gave man a will of his own to be able to act effectfully and attune to the Divine.
But how does he?
He forgets himself and wants to infect others, his fellowmen, with the poison of life.
He who passes on in that condition goes down, down with them and sees his possession destroyed.
There’s no chance of escaping the consequences; only then, when he is able to attune himself to spiritual life.
Man lives in a material condition, called the earth, but he will have to attune spiritually if he wants to possess light and happiness on this side.
Those who feel released from matter on earth have already become happy beings.
Those who long for a spiritual life on earth will be happy beings on this side and will see light here on their arrival; they will share happiness with many of those who preceded them.
All these levels of human possession are spiritual attunements; it marks the life in the sphere of the earth.’
‘When are people set free from this, Alcar?’
‘As soon as they want to follow the path which we must all follow, and take themselves in hand so that higher beings can influence them, making the earth increase in light.
The astral spirit loses power when man attunes to higher conditions.
But then he starts looking again for a subject to experience his cold life, to pass all his possession onto that human being.
This verdict is carried out very very slowly until the human being is completely in his power and has lost his own will power.
Come on, André, we will move on, I want to show you a comparable, yet contrary condition, in which man receives the things from on high.’
They kept going, gliding on through lots of houses and buildings.
It was wonderful to him, to be allowed to experience all this as a disembodied human being.
‘Look André, that being over there has adopted a very beautiful attunement and does the same kind of work, but her gift is used for higher goals.
She is an instrument in higher hands.’
André saw a woman, she was very beautiful and spread a glorious light.
She too was busy writing; a lovely light was around her.
Within this light he saw the astral spirit; the two had become one.
She received help from that being.
André felt that she was aware of it; her feeling passed on into the being; their auras merged, they both had one attunement.
Here too he saw two human beings, who had melted together and were trying to provide mankind with spiritual nourishment to further their salvation.
A spirit of light had entered the sphere of the earth and brought happiness and warmth from higher regions.
The whole room was lit up by its light.
The light which he perceived, was the light from the third sphere, which he had got to know on previous journeys.
She, the author, would enter there when she passed on.
How great her fortune was to have already reached this level on earth.
‘Has she been linked up with this spirit for a long time?’
‘They gained oneness years ago; she doesn’t see the spiritual impact but senses it and knows that she is being helped by higher powers.’
She emanated a marvellous sense of peace, which spread throughout the large room.
No other influence would be able to reach her.
She was open, but only to higher powers.
He was glad to witness this scene in the sphere of the earth.
There were beautiful spiritual pictures hanging around her, and the statue of the Christ stood next to her, which served her to link up.
She turned to Him, God’s holy Child, for the power to accomplish her work.
It was quiet here; André felt nothing but happiness.
He saw that she wanted to pray, and also the astral spirit knelt down beside her.
How mighty, how beautiful it was to be allowed to see this truth.
Two beings, kneeling down; a physical human being and a human being who had shed his physical garment.
Both asked God for strength to be able to continue the work they cherished.
Here she felt her God; she had no need for any church; this place was a holy piece of ground, blessed by a higher being.
Spiritual light descended into her and imbued her with inspiration.
Her work encompassed her entire inner power, her enhanced feeling, her desire to present man with the things on high.
Her feeling was pure, her writing was beautiful and spiritualized.
Her writings were the drop which divested life’s poison of its power, so that death lost its sting.
This signified life; it had sprung from the Divine source; it was light, and no shadow would ever obscure it.
The creative energy was the eternal sacred possession, the perfection she obtained by attuning to the powers on high.
It was love, nothing but a great longing to see a change in mankind, to ease the suffering and to transform the earth into light.
This woman was beautiful, a great treasure to be allowed to possess her.
But she wasn’t destined for someone on earth; a spiritual being would be waiting for her to be linked with her for all eternity.
She was one in everything.
Alcar motioned to André and they left in silence.
‘That scene was incredibly beautiful, Alcar.
It gave me a good feeling to witness this in the sphere of the earth.’
‘I could take you over to a thousand more, all of the same attunement, because it would be more than sad if evil dominated the earth.
But we are going on: I will now show you an image that has to do with my life on earth.’
They passed through many streets, until they reached a large building which Alcar entered.
André recognized it; this was a museum where various works of art by great masters were preserved.
They went through many halls and finally reached a room where they seated themselves in the centre.
He understood why his leader had brought him here, and he waited for Alcar to speak.
André felt that Alcar was thinking of his earthly life as it was reeled off before his mind’s eye.
How should his leader feel, now that he was admiring his own art from within the spirit?
Alcar was a master from the sixteenth century; a being from that period in time was back on earth, reviewing the life he had lived.
Wasn’t it stupendous?
Who would ever believe and accept this?
He, his master, his leader, could look back on that life; it didn’t fill him with sorrow, but wouldn’t many prefer to ward off their memories?
Who would want to look back on a life that had ended through murder or manslaughter?
Who, in the life after death, would want to be reminded of terror?
How beautiful was the life on this side if life on earth had been well-spent.
How significant the power was that emerged from the life which had been lived!
How content man must feel to have accomplished something on earth which he could look back on after hundreds of years.
He saw images, he saw the truth as he never had before; it gave him the power to do all he could for his spiritual life so that he too would possess happiness on this side.
Alcar looked upon his own art after his earthly death.
Those who were convinced that life goes on, would think this very ordinary, but others would shrug their shoulders and think they were dealing with lunatics.
Yet it was the truth, nothing but the truth, which he, as an earthly human being, perceived and received through the Divine gift of disembodiment.
André was in the company of a master from the earth, a genius from the sixteenth century, and that genius was his spiritual leader.
He thanked God even more, now that he was allowed to experience this image and had been chosen to serve him.
Could man on earth imagine anything of greater beauty?
Didn’t it bring on happiness to be able to look back on a beautiful and rewarding life?
Didn’t it incur deep sorrow to be reminded of terrible things?
Wouldn’t it spell torture until everything had been remedied?
He, who was sitting beside him, was allowed to look back on that life, because he has done only good.
André sensed that his leader felt satisfaction after having fulfilled his beautiful life.
He had made good use of the gift he had received from God.
Alcar had left something of lasting value behind.
On earth they carefully preserved his spiritual products.
Everything his hands had brought forth had magnificence.
Alcar regarded his instrument and said: ‘When we get to the higher spheres, you will be allowed to admire spiritual art, which surpasses this kind of art by far.
This can’t be compared to the things that are created in the spheres.
This is insignificant and puny.
Listen André!
Now that I am aware, and know a different life, I see and feel that the work I do now is more beautiful than my entire earthly life with everything I accomplished in that life.
My life on earth was great, and yet it had no significance in the spirit, which I will explain to you in the higher spheres.
Only now that I am free from matter, do I see how beautiful my life is at present.
If I’m permitted to give man merely one piece of proof that life goes on forever, then I will have achieved more than I did in that great earthly life.
If I can convince a single human being, it would enhance my spirit and I would be living for others, which leads to development.
However, in my earthly life I lived for myself, that’s all I was able to achieve.
Could I ever convince man of everlasting life through art?
Could we reach them merely by painting?
No, on earth you carry this gift along subconciously, at least that’s what the scholars think, and that’s why this doesn’t count as proof to them.
Does man get to know God through art?
Do they know about a hereafter through art?
Do the pieces you received spiritually make them see the spheres?
Do they sense how this all comes about and where its source lies?
Does it make them see eternity?
I could go on like this, I could ask you hundreds of questions and we would have to answer them all in the negative.
That is why that life was neither great nor mighty and why none of us were masters, not masters in the spirit.
In this life I am happy, in that life I wasn’t.
Many were dissatisfied, along with me, because we felt the spirit and yet could not achieve what we wanted to accomplish.
We sensed perfection but were powerless.
In order to achieve perfection I would have had to dwell on earth for another hundred and fifty years more.
An earthly life is too short for this; those few years are not sufficient to reach this height.
All those who lived along with me as brothers-in-art sensed a similar condition, which didn’t make us feel happy at all.
All the same, man thinks that this is perfect, but that is not true.
Again, in this life I am happy, in my earthly life I didn’t know myself, nor did I know about higher love; I didn’t become acquainted with it until I arrived on this side.
So I lived for myself, and that is why my earthly life had no inner quality, something which man will only find out on this side.
I achieved something for myself, I gave something to the earth, and mankind preserved our art, which is all very well but in the spirit it’s selfishness, which will become clear to you later.
Your earthly life has more quality because you give yourself for others, which is a great blessing in itself, a gift from God, something only few on earth sense, because they don’t fully understand its meaning.
Nor can they, because man won’t sense the meaning of life on earth until he’s on this side, where everything will surpass matter in value.
Only then will man kneel down and thank God, his Father, Who accorded him that place on earth.
Only here do we see these conditions.
On earth it doesn’t get through to them.
That is why I showed you my life, so that you will understand your own life, your work in the material world.
Only now, André, do I feel happy that God gave me the power to be able to do something for mankind.
During those three hundred years that I have lived on this side, I have learned that man cannot enter the higher spheres through art, because his full attention is focused on himself, and he forgets about all the other forms and aspects of life that lives around him and in him.
Only now do we bring them the knowledge of life, do we make them familiar with life after death, and make them sense eternal happiness.
This is the greatest thing man can achieve on earth; it will make them change to another attunement, if they’re prepared to do so.
On this side you will fully understand the happiness you have given man, which you put yourself out for at the cost of a lot of sorrow and grief.
But all that sorrow and grief, all your sacrifices do not outweigh the happiness you will receive on this side.
On earth I only painted matter, whereas in the higher spheres one paints life, because everything lives, including the art they offer, which is accomplished in happiness.
One has to feel how life pervades everything, before perfection can be attained.
Many surprises are in store for you on this journey, André. I will show you spiritual art and you will sense the great difference in the abilities and the art.
You will see that we weren’t masters and never have been, but that we produced art that found attunement to the second sphere on this side.
Yet how many more spheres are there above the second sphere?
You accompanied me to the fifth sphere and you experienced how great, how mighty everything is.
But soon, when you get the opportunity to admire spiritual art, you will call out with me: ‘What did we really give on earth?
It was only earthly art; it has nothing to do with spirituality.’
Here you see my art exhibited; soon you will see the great difference in the works of those who possess a gift on earth yet do not find attunement to the third sphere on this side.
If beings were to live on earth who produced this form of art, it would not be understood.
Everything that is accomplished on earth has its value, but it can also incur a blasphemy in the spirit.
Many perished due to their own abilities, because they didn’t know themselves.
They were indeed destroyed by their gifts.
Because what is art?
What is possession on earth?
What is their ability worth if they have to live in darkness when they arrive here?
Isn’t the shadow of death all they possess?
What does it mean on this side to be dead?
Not to feel life; it reduces everything to coarse selfishness.
People on earth will not accept this because they will not relinquish their property.
But we will talk about this when we enter the higher spheres.
Everything I showed you in the sphere of the earth is also to be found in the spiritual areas, in other words: beyond the cycle of the earth.
Now we will part from here, André, we will leave the sphere of the earth and visit the dark spheres, where we were during our previous journey.
But this time we will descend into their lives, we will pass on into their lives, which you already experienced a few times.
It will therefore be clear to you that man on earth live in all attunements and that the highest spheres are linked to the deepest depths.
I explained to you that man harbours deep darkness and eternal light, that they will receive what they long for, that man will be helped by those who have parted from earthly life, and that everything points to life.
I also demonstrated to you that whoever wants to receive help will have to attune in the spirit and that wherever man is, astral beings are present to link up with him, which will lead him either upward or down into the deepest depths of hell.
I will now visit the dark spheres because I want to make clear to man that the astral spirit is able to attune to man and therefore returns to continue his terrible life on earth.
All this will be a guideline to man, a path he can follow in order to start a different life.
If people follow our path they won’t have to suffer, because we warn them, and our life serves them as a pointer to enter spiritual life.
Those who want goodness to prevail on earth will receive and even possess light on this side.
Man on earth lives in ignorance, but we know what life on earth means and how one can acquire the treasures of the spirit.
Come, André, we will now leave the earth; you are about to experience even more conditions.’