Passing on

André’s aunt had been ill for some years. Now and then her condition showed a slight improvement, but most of the time she wasn’t well at all.
Physical beauty had never been one of her assets, but she was loved for her fine character. She always tried to cheer people up and to help them, to give them as much as she could.
According to the doctor she still had some time to live, but André was informed by Alcar that her condition was incurable and that she would soon pass on.
André had done a lot for her during the last few months. This gave her support, and she loved to have him over to help her.
‘Son’, she always said, ‘you’ve got something beautiful about you.
You’ll be able to help a lot of people yet.’
She often gave him something to take along for other sick people.
He loved her very much, she was such a dear and showed such goodness.
Alcar had told him that her illness would grow worse that week. He would tell him in due course what to do.
His mother felt very sad about it, he clearly sensed that.
It didn’t hit him all that hard that his aunt had to die, because he knew she would be happy in the Hereafter.
She had certainly suffered enough.
When she passed on, she would be delivered from all the agony and regain her health, and she would be able to walk again after she shed her material casing.
André talked to his mother a lot when she was downcast and when sadness overwhelmed her.
‘Come on mum, don’t be so sad.
After all, she’ll be happy.
You don’t need to worry about her. She’s a good woman, a special person, so she won’t be unhappy; she’s prepared to die and pass on.
It’ll be a deliverance for her.
Do you believe me?
Have faith, mum. God will give you the strength to bear this.
Don’t be tough on yourself, Alcar will help us.
Think of everything the spirit world is doing for us.
All the things we’ve received lately!
Come on, let’s be strong and grateful.
Auntie has suffered long enough. You wouldn’t want to keep her here, with all her terrible pains. You wouldn’t want her to remain lying there in that condition, would you now?
Of course you wouldn’t.
You love her too dearly for that.
What does death mean to her?
Don’t the words that I and Alcar convey to you mean anything to you?
Doesn’t death mean redemption, once you know that life is everlasting?
Now show me that you know this is true.
Come on, mum, now stop crying.’
André spoke words of courage to her, because he knew how much she loved her sister who was now about to depart.
Yes, Mrs. Hendriks thought, André’s right.
Her sister had spent years in bed and now the end was in sight.
She felt that her boy was giving her courage and strength to bear the loss.
He spoke with the conviction of a person who knows.
On Sundays they always spent the day together.
He never went anywhere, nor did he have many friends.
There were only a few whom he could talk to about the things which by now entirely filled his heart and to which he dedicated himself completely.
They didn’t understand him anyway, and he certainly didn’t feel like doing something just because it pleased others.
No, that was a thing of the past, now that he had received such as wonderful gift.
They merely talked worldly trash, and he had lost all interest in these conversations.
He didn’t feel attracted to these people and so he had stopped seeing them.
They wanted to take him along on a road that wanders through life yet has no goal.
He felt happy with all the spiritual treasures that Alcar had given and teached him, and he avoided the others because they merely wanted things the easy way.
Well, let all these people live life as they saw it. He wanted no part of it.
He wanted to live as he felt he ought to, consciously.
Most people didn’t live their own life, their lives were lived according to the will of others.
He detested people who tried to force their will on others and made them do what they wanted.
And he couldn’t stand getting presents either, when self-interest was involved. He immediately sensed such things, and this made the gifts worthless to him.
Something that wasn’t given out of love, from the heart, would tie the recipient, and he couldn’t possibly keep company with people who wanted to impose their will on him in that way.
He felt uncomfortable in their presence.
He would rather stand alone and travel the road that had been shown to him: honestly and unpretentiously, out of true love for God.
People should give for the sake of love, not to gain earthly goods or worldly influence or for appearance’s sake, nor to receive thanks.
He wanted to live as Alcar wanted him to.
He came downstairs one morning, his head filled with these and similar thoughts, and found his mother alone.
He wished her good morning and asked: ‘Where’s dad?’
‘Dad’s gone to church. I’ve already been, I was at seven o’clock mass.’
His mother looked at him, but said nothing.
André clearly felt what his mother had on her mind. The church just wouldn’t let them in peace.
He had breakfast and got dressed.
‘What’s the weather like, mum?’
‘It’s a lovely day again, son.’
‘Good, then I’ll go for a walk.
I’ll be back around twelve, mum.’
‘All right, André.’
His mother watched him go. She loved her child dearly.
How he had changed!
He hadn’t gone to church much lately.
Since things had started to happen to him, he hadn’t been to church once.
She felt that his father hadn’t come to terms with this yet.
He kept on about it.
He wanted André to accompany him.
Yet the boy wouldn’t go; he would have nothing more to do with the church, but that didn’t go down with Hendriks.
He had told his wife that the boy could surely go to church in spite of his strange beliefs.
Hendriks came home around eleven.
‘Where’s our boy, Marie?’
‘He’s gone for a walk, father. He said he’d be back around twelve.’
‘We had a good sermon this morning, Marie.
I can’t understand why this doesn’t appeal to the boy.
It doesn’t make sense to me. After all, there’s beauty in this too.
No, Marie, I’m not satisfied with this situation.’
Although his mother would have been pleased to see him go along with his father, she nevertheless sided with André.
‘Oh Willem, leave him alone.
You know he’s up to no harm.
After all, he prays every day, he told me so himself.
It’s true, we can’t follow his ideas lately, I’ll grant you that, but he’s a good boy.
Everything he does is good, isn’t it?
You have to admit that.’
‘That’s all very fine, mother, but he ought to go to church all the same.’
André was outside, enjoying nature.
It contained everything he wished for, he saw life in everything and he got pleasure out of everything.
This was God’s creation, and people simply overlooked it all.
He couldn’t understand how they could ruin such beauty without the slightest reason, without even thinking.
The flowers that grew here on both sides of the path were smashed to pieces by people walking past, just for the fun of it.
Whenever he was outdoors he always felt Alcar’s presence beside him.
Oh, if only the people could see, just for a few minutes, then they’d know how splendid the world around them really is, in all it’s beauty.
Then they would see their sisters and brothers who all lived on behind the veil.
Of all the people he told this to, there were only very few who could believe he really spoke with his new friend when he was outside.
His link with Alcar was intensely spiritual. It had become an exceedingly close tie.
As soon as he awoke he would hear Alcar wish him good morning.
This happened every morning.
Since the very beginning, it had been like that.
Many would scoff at him if he ever told them, and yet this was the truth.
Of all that he valued on earth, Alcar was the dearest, and yet he was invisible for other people.
Their mutual link was strongest outdoors, and whenever he felt the walls close in on him at home, Alcar always sent him out into God’s glorious nature.
His leader would say: ‘Get outside, André, out there we can always get in touch with you.’
When he felt sad, especially after a visit to the spheres, he would regain strength in nature.
In these moments he couldn’t stand being among people, their joint influence weighed heavily on him.
People simply weren’t aware of the energies that surrounded them.
But he could feel them all right
By now he had come far enough to diagnose an illness when the person who came to consult him about a patient concentrated intently on the latter.
This was the telepathic cord, as Alcar told him, but what amazed him most of all was the sensation of sickness and pain which he experienced on the very spot where the person whom they were thinking of felt it.
When this happened, he would get a precise image, not only of the things the visitor had in mind.
Afterwards the telepathic connection was switched off and he became linked up with the patient.
Recently he had provided someone with some wonderful proof of this ability. The person was astounded and believed this to be a miracle.
It was indeed miraculous, but not to him, he considered it to be quite normal by now.
Yet it had taken him a long time to reach this stage.
Oh, what a terrible period he had gone through.
But the worst was over now, Alcar had told him.
And yet new sources for sorrow and distress kept on appearing.
It wasn’t Alcar who caused them, because Alcar was a spirit of love. No, it was the people.
But out in the open, in God’s free nature, everything was delightful.
He prayed a lot in these hours of sadness, and the grief would slowly ebb away again.
This morning he again rejoiced and was filled with glee.
But he knew that his father was disappointed in him because he stayed away from church.
They had all been raised as Catholics and father and mother very stricktly.
Of course the church did its best to keep him in its hold.
But he was entirely convinced that he didn’t need the church.
Here, in the open air, he could reach out to God, it was better than among all those people in church.
It always bothered him how the priest contradicted himself in his various sermons, but the good man didn’t know any better.
He had asked Alcar for advice and was told: ‘We have given you the new faith, son, the pure faith, at least when it's no sensation.
Because lots of people think that it’s enough when they take part in a séance.
However, we’re not looking for sensation, we don’t offer hallucinations, and we don’t go into raptures. What we do is to perceive the spiritual content in all things.
This leads us upward, this has to be accepted.
It doesn’t matter what religion we profess as long as we look for God and are open for the good.
You don’t need a palace to find God, remember that.
All religions are one, as far as they have goodness in mind.’
He had a quiet little spot in his room, where he could come closer to God.
Here he had hung up all the religious items which he had received psychically, bestowed on him by the higher spirits.
They incorporated love and light.
It was here that he prayed to God and asked for strength.
No, he couldn’t possibly return to the church, as his father so dearly wanted.
Nature sets you free.
He just couldn’t understand that other people didn’t feel this too.
The time he spent outdoors always filled his mind with high ideas, and he would come home invigorated, body and soul.
It was a marvellous feeling. God was more present there than in that sanctimonious building.
The sparkle of gold and silver in the flickering candlelight, the incense and all that outward appearance merely blocked the way to become one with God’s creation.
No need for that in God’s own nature.
Many people were blind to the divine power which is inherent in all and everything. They couldn’t merge with it, because they were cold inside.
They saw only the shape, but had no sense for the life which God had put in everything.
But the shape of things is only temporary.
Shape, what is shape?
Pure matter, pure selfishness, pure earthiness, that’s what he saw and what he felt shape to be.
Those who merely held on to shape for the sake of formality, even if this might keep them on a straight course for a little while, didn’t see that the earth is a huge garden of life.
God gives abundantly but none of it is appreciated.
They took it for granted and it never crossed their minds to show some gratitude for this mercy.
Countless sick people would leave their bed and find heaven on earth, and they would work hard if they were able and allowed to walk around in the splendour of nature, which God created for us, but people usually don’t appreciate or even see things that surround us in such abundance.
Listen how the birds are singing!
How sweet they sing.
See that mother bird flying past with food for her young ones!
All is done out of love, pure, sheer love.
People don’t sense the enormous power in nature, which governs everything by its endless love for creation.
André saw and strongly felt this love everywhere.
Nothing had been distorted in the beauty of nature yet, everything was genuine and pure. It’s not within the power of man to change any of that.
Man continuously violates God’s laws, and when sorrow and misfortunate come down on him through his own wrong-doing, he grumbles and rebels against God and asks: ‘How can God approve of this.
Why doesn’t he intervene?’
He doesn’t understand that it wasn’t God who punished him; it was his own deeds and thoughts that brought misfortune onto him.
What a poor notion people have of God.
God, who is love, never punishes.
God, who is just and loves all His children, intends everyone to be happy, to do the right thing and to rise higher and higher.
André thought people were stupid. Everyone shaped his life according to his own ideas, but when things went wrong they never looked for the cause within themselves but put the blame on God.
People never tried to get to know themselves. Self-knowledge would make man find God in everything.
On this day his thoughts kept turning to his aunt.
His father intended to go and see her for a little while, and he would tell them how she was when he returned home.
She probably wouldn’t last much longer.
Alcar had told him to help her.
During his walks he often heard Alcar’s voice, it would frequently come from the right side of his head, and very distinctly too.
This happened repeatedly, but messages also got through to him in other ways, sometimes telepathically or by intuition, and he would also see a blackboard appear and a hand that wrote on it with white chalk.
In this way he received instructions how to act.
The latter method of conveying messages required him to be at ease. It didn’t work while he was walking.
Alcar himself also wrote through André, using his left hand, even though he could normally only write with his right hand.
He had seated himself on the top of a high hill where he had a view of the whole town, and as so often when he was quietly enjoying the peace around, he began to see.
He could see whenever he wanted to, and he had to see when his help was required.
He knew he could contact Alcar at all times.
Suddenly he saw the blackboard appear in front of him, then Alcar.
Alcar disappeared again, but his hand remained and started to write.
First his name, then: ‘Can you read this?’
‘Yes’, André answered in his mind, and immediately the hand wrote: ‘Wonderful.
I wanted to use this method to give you some messages for tomorrow.
Now look.
I was over at your aunt’s this morning. The patient is rapidly deteriorating.
Prepare your parents, because she will pass on tomorrow.
Have you understood, André?’
He answered affirmatively, because he had read every word, and he was very shocked.
Immediately Alcar wrote on: ‘I will also help you concerning your father. He isn’t pleased that you never go to church.
I sent you outside this morning to have a better chance of getting through to you.
Open yourself up this afternoon, my son, and we will convince him.’
Alcar wrote his name at the bottom of the blackboard.
Then nothing more followed, but suddenly he heard his leader, who always checked everything, say: ‘Tell me what you saw, André.’
This he did, and Alcar was satisfied.
This verification was necessary because when people had to be convinced prior to a healing, no errors were allowed.
Afterwards they would willingly submit to treatment.
He never wanted the patients to tell him anything about their health condition. They came to consult him, and he was obliged to tell them what the trouble was.
After all, he was supposed to be a clairvoyant magnetizer.
Alcar had expressed it in this way: ‘Remember, André, no fringe, only the bare necessities.’
He meant the illness.
And because Alcar showed everything to him in more ways than one, he was always able to inform the people of the correct cause of an illness, and this was convincing proof for them.
It made him feel happy to have been able to help them.
Now he heard Alcar’s voice: ‘Listen, André, I want to tell you something about your aunt passing on, and her place in this life.
Try to understand what I’m saying.
Very many people in this world go empty-handed, and this could and should be so totally different.
There is still so much to be done and it’s so terribly hard, my boy.
If only people really yearned for the things on high.
If only people longed for a link like ours.
Then the world would be an easier and a more beautiful place to live in.
But in moments when you would willingly give away the best and the finest that is in you, you suddenly feel at a loss, and your hands are empty because society doesn’t allow you to act in such a way, and neither do individuals.
And so the most sacred thing man has, the divine gift, is tucked away.
And then the urge to let that goodness come forward and show itself dies down, because in every human life somebody comes along, who has never enough of it.
This hurt your aunt a lot, André.
That’s why her full hands weren’t ever full enough.
And there are those who always want to take more, want to have more.
Not out of selfishness, I use this word on purpose, André, but above all to give with full hands themselves.
That’s why it was so difficult for her: she gave more than she received.
Everyone will experience this once in his lifetime.
Once, once only, because God only once puts holy love into people’s hearts.
A love that lasts forever, for eternity.
Some receive it sooner, others later, but we all receive it some day.
And if we couldn’t put our trust in that, if we weren’t sure that God, in His immeasurable goodness, will bestow this love on us, then we would be profoundly unhappy.
It enables us to have faith in God’s sacred dispensation, in the knowledge that He alone can fill our hands with love, and that in the end we bear that love within and take it where it must be given.
And when we have come to the right spot, those hands will open and love will flow, in growing abundance it will flow, and in a way you will see God’s flowers which He strews from out of your hands. Then you will also see the light as it comes towards you.
This is the sacred moment which God has chosen for you, son of man.
Bide your time, bide your time. For everyone the moment will come, sooner or later.
What does any time span in human life amount to, measured by the standards of eternity?
What are ten, twenty years of life on earth, compared to eternity?
Nothing at all!
Spread happiness, and receive the happiness that you can get on earth, in that sacred love.
But know that in the Hereafter life lasts much longer, it lasts forever.
Love is the highest and most holy, the sacrosanct.
Doesn’t that mean, my boy, that nothing is more sacred than love?
How else could it be?
Give love, like your aunt did.
Because the love which God places in the hearts of people is the most beautiful and most sacred treasure one can obtain.
Trust, trust in God’s holy Power, in God’s justness, and have faith that everyone receives in his life what God ordains, at the moment in time He thinks fit.
And even if you say, man in your narrow-mindedness, that your moment has now come, then realize that you have no knowledge of these things.
Your moment will come when you are ready for it, and no sooner. But it will come.
Many go through life empty-handed, many others’ hands are full of dedication. The latter will be the happy ones.
And we, on yonder side, rejoice over the help God gives to you people.
We rejoice that God helps you on towards eternity.
Where pure love dwells, there you will find God’s blessing.
Then can’t we rejoice, shouldn’t we rejoice?
There are many who love, and who bear God’s love within them.
It surrounds them with so much beauty, and everything which is beautiful, pure and holy fills us with joy on our side.
Your aunt carried this love within.
People who love, who bear God’s love within cannot be bad, because they help the world onward, and they also help us while they still live on earth.
And when the time comes for the eyes of such a person to be closed and their light to die out, then love has not found an end, because it goes on living on ‘yonder side’.
So it has been, so it will remain, and the faith you put in this should console you.
And even if the parting seems long, remember that those who love you are always close by, and that they support and help you wherever they can.
And if people could truly see, then they would notice how their loved ones are near to them, with longing in their hearts.
Then life is worth living.
Because God has given everyone his task.
Your task is not yet accomplished, André; hers is.
Over here the moment of her arrival is being prepared, and I call to those who stay behind: ‘Don’t grumble and complain, because this is God’s will’.
Love is the highest, the highest, on earth and on our side.
Because love is a spark in God’s Light, God’s eternal, holy Light.
This is how she will receive it, André, and tell everyone to be strong when she departs.’
Alcar had stopped talking.
This sermon was meant for André, straight from the Hereafter.
This was what the dead told him.
Oh, if only all people could hear this, this would make them happy, just as he felt now.
He thanked Alcar in his thoughts and slowly went back home, with Alcar’s words in his heart, and enjoying the harmony in nature.
These were God’s gardens of life on earth, where people could be happy if only they saw God’s hand in everything.
Then this bliss would be accessible for many, even for all.
Here his prayer rose upward, he felt it.
Here everything was pure and God was present in all.
Alcar’s words could teach people a lot and would lend them support, if only they would listen.
He found his father and mother in a depressed mood, and immediately thought of his aunt.
‘Hello dad, hello mum.’
‘Hello son.’
‘Did you go to see auntie, dad?’
‘Yes, she’s getting worse.’
He thought of Alcar’s words and hardly dared to speak them. But he had to.
He felt Alcar insisting.
‘She will pass on tomorrow, dad, and I will watch over her tonight.
It’ll be her last night.’
It gave Hendriks and his wife a terrible shock, but they bore up bravely.
André felt that his father was depressed and would soon speak his mind, Alcar had already warned him.
He was quick in taking over other people’s thoughts lately, yet he never made use of it, not even for his own benefit.
He prepared himself for the things on hand.
Like right now.
Mother was sad, she grieved now that her sister’s condition was getting worse.
André thought: ‘If only they would start, then I could cheer them up a bit and give them some support.’
They weren’t able to bear it like he could.
They hadn’t seen the Hereafter.
But it had to be done.
After all, they knew a lot about life after death.
His mother began to cry.
He got up immediately, went over to her and put his hands on her head.
‘Take it easy, mum, be brave.
I’ll magnetize you, it’ll give you some fresh energy and make the tension go away.’
After a few minutes she did calm down.
‘Come on, mum, be strong, hold back your tears.
What does this mean?
Come on, keep your chin up. Why are you crying?
It’s not right for you to be crying and feel sad.
Hasn’t she been ill in bed long enough now?
Would you want her to stay on?
Hasn’t she been bedridden for years on end?
Oh mum, you don’t know what you’re doing.
You don’t know what death means.
You’ve been through so much, seen and heard so much, and yet you’re so downcast and you need help.
Be strong, both of you, and help her.
Don’t make things more difficult for her. Someone who is about to pass on is very sensitive.
That sensitivity is connected to dying.
Such a person is often in a state of semi-consciousness.
In this condition the spirit is receptive to all the vibrations that are directed at him. In other words, mum, do you see what’s happening?
You’re crying, and your grief makes it harder for her to part.
So again I ask of you: don’t get upset and don’t make it hard for her to leave.
Believe me, mum, it’s wonderful to die.
If only you could see what I can see, if only the veil were lifted for you for a few moments, how happy you would be, along with me. It would convince you.
But I know it isn’t easy for you, since you cannot see.
She is bound for the Hereafter, and there she will be happy for all eternity.
Alcar told me so this morning.
She is a soul who walked the straight and narrow. She didn’t stray, but she too has to be purified when she arrives in the Hereafter, because everyone makes mistakes, mum, knowingly and unintentionally.
For you this should all be proof.’
André was now standing in-between his parents and from time to time he looked them deeply in the eye.
His father and mother regarded him with quiet admiration.
Sometimes he was like a child again, sometimes he spoke with authority.
They no longer knew their own child.
André continued in a loud voice:
‘How beautiful the world would be if everybody knew. Then man would live a better life and would not be consumed by low passions which, sooner or later, he must abandon anyway.
People would take greater care of themselves, of their spiritual level.
At present they are in opposition. They cause each other grief and sorrow.
And why, I ask you.
Because they don’t know.
They forget, that before God we are all sisters and brothers, and that is what we will remain.
It leads us to God.
If people don’t wish to realize how things should be and will be one day, then they won’t sense the sacred element within.
Honestly, if the world knew, if the people knew, then there wouldn’t be such abuse.
Then the parting wouldn’t be so hard on you, and auntie’s passing on wouldn’t mean a loss to you, only a short good-bye, because we will all see each other again, and if we have lived the good life, as God wants us to, then one day we will be happy.
Auntie is a woman who set an example for others.
She lived as true Christians ought to live.
And she knew that, mum, because she felt she wouldn’t be doomed.
She felt it, because she was open to God’s love and she knew that even if a life was messed up, God still damns no-one.
That’s what keeps me away from church, dad.
Let’s talk about that.’
Hendriks face flushed.
It was a sore point that André had touched upon, but he went on as if he hadn’t noticed and continued: ‘Nobody is damned, dad. Isn’t that what our belief tells us?
Damned indeed!
Isn’t it terrible that this is what people are confronted with?
Believe me, it robs a lot of people of the courage to start living a better life.
It leaves them indifferent.
What a mistake those learned men made by teaching them this.
Is this the image they make themselves of God’s omnipotence?
Do you really believe I’m going to listen to them?
How could I, dad?
Would you want me to do that?’
Hendriks said nothing and André went on:
‘Of course not, you couldn’t, dad.
Even those scholars in spirituality can’t bring me to do that.
Damned they say!
It’s terrible.
It can’t be true. I feel it isn’t true, and do you think I’m going to play the hypocrite when I can’t believe what they’re saying?
Alcar is my minister, and he teaches me the pure truth, my new belief.
That’s the truth from ‘yonder side’, that’s the truth which the dead, who are not dead, come to convince us of themselves.
Rest assured.
I pray a lot, day and night, for my patients and for myself too, for strength and support, and I can do this much better outdoors or in my room than among all those people in church.
Those who wish to be one with God are distracted there.
How can one foster such thoughts about God, who is omnipotent in everything!
How could He damn a child?
Nonsense, dad, all lies. It’s impossible.
We’re not going to hell, nor will we be burnt.
This is what the people believe, and it’s just as untrue.
There’s neither a hell nor a so-called purgatory. It does not exist.
Man makes a hell out of himself and carries his own purgatory around with him.
That’s the dark part in his soul, because he doesn’t live as he ought to.
One can feel heaven within. If you live the simple life, if you pray humbly and only do God’s will, then you can possess heaven right here and now on earth.
Believe me, dad, the very worst, even the most rotten person won’t get burnt, and yet that is what they are taught.
Yet that is what they are confronted with, and when they have gone astray, then it’s very hard for them to get back onto the right track again.
What do they say?
‘Oh, I’m too bad anyway, I’m a hopeless case, I’m lost’, and then they persist in their sins.
These people have been deprived of the last hint of hope. They’re at wit’s end and have no strength left to improve themselves or raise their spiritual level.
No, dad, if we had such a God, if our Almighty Father was like that, how inadequate this Omnipotence would be!
Mankind ought to take pity on such a God.
Nobody is ever lost, dad, nobody at all.
Everything that lives goes on living.
One day they will all be happy.
This is the new truth, and the heart of it all lies within ourselves.
It isn’t just meant to be a thrill, we have to work hard and improve ourselves.
Our spiritual level has to be raised by this beautiful holy truth.
Alcar gives us spiritual food.
I ask you again, dad, would you want me to sham by going along with you to church?
I tell you this: don’t let yourself get influenced by a priest who doesn’t even possess the pure faith himself.
According to Alcar the clergy got lost in their own doctrine, and it has become a very cold-hearted doctrine, void of all warmth.
Fine words they are, with no love to them.
Smooth sermons are held, proclaiming everlasting damnation.
This shows how little Christ was understood.
But isn’t it beautiful, dad, don’t we experience every day, not only I, but you both too, how we talk with the dead, who are alive and happy?
And all those millions who live on ‘yonder side’ say: ‘There is no hell, there is no purgatory.’
They all say that man carries hell within himself, he carries everything within himself, because he has made a hell out of himself.
That’s how it is.
But if someone is bad and he wants to improve himself, then God will help that person, because He loves all His children, the perfect as well as the imperfect.
Isn’t it sad, dad, that in our century man still hasn’t been freed from this doctrine, from these punishments which he imposes upon himself?
Must we go on swallowing everything we are told?
If that’s what you think, dad, then I’ll tell you this: a new truth is brought to us from ‘yonder side’.
Must we go on believing, whereas we could know, really know?
You used to think like that priest too.
We had to let the dead rest in peace, but luckily you saw for yourself that they came to us of their own accord.
Yes dad, they came of their own doing.
And neither you nor mum, no more than I, none of us three ever called up a single spirit.
Then doesn’t it make you happy, that we received this proof?
It will keep us going.
Could you imagine an even greater mercy?
You can believe me, dad, I love you, both of you, and I wouldn’t dream of ever touching a hair on your old head.
Help is what I’ll give you, and I’ll share the sweet and the bitter with you.
So be done with this kind of thinking.
Let the priest say what he wants to.
I do no evil, I’ll search for God on my own, in my own room, or out in nature.
There I can pray.
I can give myself there.
There I feel that my spirit rises to God, as the spirit of His child should.
Look at all the things that have happened!
Haven’t you received enough proof yet?
We’ve seen for ourselves how these clergymen go terribly astray.
Are these really spiritual beings, dad, who beg God to let their country win the war?
They strayed from the straight and narrow and in their fallacy they draw thousands along with them.
Every priest begged God for the victory of his country, but God didn’t care. He let them do as they pleased.
They thought that they could bribe God and win Him onto their side with sacrifices and prayers.
But the prayer that was sent up to heaven was mainly out for murder, and secondly it brimmed over with self-love.
Little godmen on their own they were, wanting to make a God out of themselves.
What a mistake, dad, it’s dreadful.
We saw recently in that procession how all the accompanying cars received a blessing.
It hurts your heart to have to watch such things.
It makes your blood boil.
I tell you, dad, this is an insult to God’s laws, to God Himself.
Do material things need divine protection against accidents?
Let man beg for his own blessing.
His own soul needs this more than anything else.
And what did that blessing lead to?
It didn’t stop accidents from happening. What else could be expected? It was a material happening.
And behind the clouds, right here above us, thousands and thousands of intelligences looked down upon them. They wanted to cover up this cold-hearted incident, to prevent this mockery from reaching the spheres.
But God sees everything and God knows everything.
So God knows that this was a slap in His face, since He doesn’t make a habit of consecrating cars. But people, that’s a very different matter when they beg Him for His blessing.
God knows everything, including the errors these people make.
The belief you brought me up in can’t satisfy me, dad, but I’ve learned my lesson.
And I’m happy, because I can explain everything to you clearly now.
The roots are the same in every religion.
If someone longs to do good, then who cares whether he’s a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim?
All roads lead to the same goal, namely the Hereafter.
People say: ‘In the end we’ll see who is right’, but I tell them that all of them are right if they stay on the right track and are genuine and humble in their search for God.
If Christians really followed the teachings of Christ they would show more love towards their fellow human beings.
The doctrine which was erected around the great Example is harsh and it’s dead. It’s a service of outward appearances.
Today people are sending their brothers to war. If they were true Christians they would refuse to kill.
Dad, I don’t want to hurt you.
Stick to your belief if you must, but I predict that before two years have passed, you will be a spiritualist like I am.
We will hold services of our own that are pure, and free from self-love and egotism.
I feel love for all people because they are God’s children.
And if ever there were another war, dad, I wouldn’t join in.
I’d rather get a bullet myself than to take someone’s life.
Then I would join Alcar in the Hereafter, which is more beautiful than all the beauty on earth and is worth more than all of earth’s treasures.
We don’t believe, we know.
We’re in contact with eternity, we’re part of the universe, and we remain part of it even when we’ve stopped living our earthly life.
You don’t find that in your belief, dad, this knowledge, the experience of a fellowship with those who live on the side beyond.
There is one language, dad, which everybody understands, that’s the language of love.
The language of love, of God, is clear to everyone who wants to understand.
That inner language, that spark of Divine Light which is within everyone of us, will unite the whole of mankind.
This part of the Divine Fire will lead us to God if we want to be His children and be blessed by Him.
We must try to live on earth as brothers and sisters, whatever we believe in.
To be in harmony with everything, to be one with all that lives, that is what God wills of us.
Hatred can no longer exist when all mankind strives for the good things.
Filled with these good intentions, we will all receive what is on high.
Just think of all the things the various religious schools confronted us with, dad.
The other day I had a conversation with a gentleman who asked me if I knew the Bible.
I answered: ‘No.’ And then he said: ‘I do.’
In the course of our conversation he expressed his conviction that the day he died, he would go to Christ in paradise, because Christ himself had told the murderer on the cross: ‘Today you will be with me in paradise.’
What more was there to add?
I asked him: ‘So you think that when you leave the earth, you will arrive in the sphere of Christ? After all, paradise means sphere.
Christ has His paradise and that is His sphere.
This is His surroundings, isn’t it?’
‘Yes’, was the answer, ‘no doubt about that.’
‘This is what you believe?’ I asked him again.
‘Yes sir, this is what I believe and this is what I know.’
He said it in a rather provocative tone of voice.
I asked him not to get angry, there was no need for that.
‘But’, I said, ‘that’s not my way of seeing it, sir.
I want to do everything as it should be done, as it has to be done.
I’m talking about real love, not self-love.
I don’t want to lie to anyone or deceive anyone, let alone damage anybody.
I want to give love, as much as I can.
What I mean, sir, is that I want to lead a good and proper life.
I want to be a simple person, a child that loves God in simplicity.
And the day that I die I still won’t enter the sphere of Christ.
The fact is that we’ve come to earth to learn.
But I do hope that I possess a little bit of light, and that means happiness in the Hereafter.’
‘Oh no’, he said, ‘I’m going to paradise.’
Then I asked him if he was one with Christ.
He hesitated for a moment, then he said he couldn’t answer that question.
So I left, dad.
It’s no use arguing with people who are full of self-love, self-conceit and zealotry.
We, pathetic material creatures, do we really believe we could be one with Christ?
We, who are still full of failures, full of human frailties, paltry and materialized, we believe we could compare ourselves to Him?
Oh, what a low opinion these souls have of the perfect Son of God.
Isn’t it obvious that they don’t understand Christ’s teachings?
People with that kind of ideas aren’t aware of their arrogance, wanting to compare themselves to the Son of God, His perfect Child.
It’s sheer zealotry, dad.
Christ is an ocean, and we are drops of water, compared with Him.
We forget that we’re here on earth to learn.
Christ came to teach us. But we’re here on earth to purge ourselves of our mistakes.
And do you know why we can’t enter paradise when we pass on, dad?
Because no human being, and I mean not one single individual on earth, is attuned to Christ’s paradise or sphere.
We wouldn’t even be able to endure the light He radiates, we would be blinded if He appeared before us in the night.
I saw that light on my first journey with Alcar to the spheres.
It was mighty and holy, dad.
Man shouldn’t soar up too high and put on airs.
His disappointment will be immense once he has left the earth and entered the Hereafter.
Over there it’s only your spiritual possessions which you carry within you that count.
‘But’, these people ask, ‘what about all our prominent personalities?’
Let them take a closer look, and they may discover that many a prominent personality won’t feel very happy in the Hereafter if his fanaticism led him astray while he was on earth.
I tell you, dad, a human being needs hundreds of years to develop.
Only if we love God, if we decide for ourselves, will we gradually become a human being in the true sense of the word.
On ‘yonder side’ we will go on pursuing the road towards perfection.
On earth that height can never be reached, this life is too short.
And what does learning and earthly knowledge mean if the spiritual part is forgotten, or when one tries to fool oneself about things that don’t exist, since they’re not included in God’s Guidance?
If these learned men, these intellectualists, imagine that they possess the same illustrious light as Christ, then I tell you, dad, they’re wrong.
These people enthuse and so they must suffer. They won’t realize the extent of it until they have shed their material body.
How disappointed they will be when they find out that they haven’t entered the sphere of Christ, but were brought to a sphere that is just as cold, as selfish and as loveless as their doctrine.
Their sphere will be in keeping with the things they’re in tune with.
It’s self-love that drives these people, mere vanity and mutual bedazzlement.
Do you know what it really means to be one with the perfect Son of God?
What are we, compared with Him?
No, dad, I won’t accept it.
And I couldn’t ever, because I feel deep inside that it’s impossible.
We mortals can’t expect to find that much beauty after we leave the earth.
People who believe this, just because it’s what some learned men keep confronting them with, they’re on the wrong track, and so are those scholars.
And they will experience a lot of sorrow and misery.
They erect a rock around themselves that doesn’t exist.
They put themselves on a pedestal, and when God pulls that pedestal away, then they lose their hold and fall down and injure themselves, or they even get crushed by their self-love, their zealotry and their illusions.
Many scholars who walk the spiritual way are deeply unhappy in the life after death, because their teachings were in want of warmth and love.
We went through this recently, dad, during a séance.
The spirits that came to us, weren’t they people from society’s upper class, and didn’t these scholars take thousands along on their path?
Weren’t these peoples put onto a wrong track?
I speak the truth, don’t I?
You witnessed it.
Then doesn’t it make sense that we won’t enter Jesus’ sphere from the earth?
Yet they think they will, and so I’d like to cry out to them: ‘Search within yourselves and get to know yourselves. Then you will find out that you don’t possess that spiritual power.
Get yourselves flogged and crucified for our sake, and you’ll find out that heaven won’t open its doors to you.
No dark masses will obscure the sun, and the earth won’t split. Everything will stay as it is and nothing will change when you die, because everything about you is material.
God sees this, yet He lets you have your way because you are mere mortals.
Human beings with mistakes, just like us, and not little gods with some spiritual power of their own.
Those who believe they will receive this power are hoodwinked by some who pretend to know, but whose knowledge is no more than earthly wisdom, merely their own thoughts, stripped of spiritual feelings.
Let them prove it to us and show who they are.
Christ will not return to earth, because He would be just as misunderstood as He was hundreds of years ago.
Not until they understand His words, will people act according to His Spirit and return to Him and to God, whom they fallaciously turned away from long ago.
They steer clear of God’s ways, just as the leader in the Hereafter said, and they must live as He wants.
Only then will they be prepared to become a child of God, as we should be, without any conceit or self-love.
There are also people who believe that Christ speaks through them.
That’s how far some will go on earth.
In the Hereafter this is considered to be a sacrilege.
These people don’t speak in the name of God, they claim to speak with the voice of Christ Himself.
These people are on the spiritual path, but they enthuse.
They abuse the power of Christ and cut themselves dead.
Waldorf got a sample of this.
I’ll tell you about this, so you’ll get an idea how our prayers are answered and how action is taken on ‘yonder side’ to help us.
Waldorf served as an instrument in this case, and had to perform the spiritual work.
He told me everything, and he needed Alcar’s help too.
He told me how terrible it had been, but it had made him stronger and he had learnt how to pray and how to love God selflessly.
I couldn’t tell you before, because you wouldn’t have understood anyway.
Waldorf was the medium for Alcar and his friends, which he wasn’t told until it was all over.
He served as an instrument for the higher world.
One day he was brought into contact with a gentleman, a good and honest man.
He prayed fervently and frequently, and begged God for strength. He had been asking for wisdom, strength and love in his prayers for quite a time.
He was very sensitive and inspiration helped him a lot.
He received many poems and texts, and he was very happy about it.
But soon he stretched things too far.
Many people in his surroundings accepted everything he said and did. They reasoned that he was an exceptionally devout person, who put his love for God into everything he did.
If he possessed the light, then he transcended everything. Since his self-satisfaction led him to believe that he really did have that light, all the others were blinded along with him.
He would have gone on living like this, just as numerous others on earth do, if he hadn’t begged God to show him the truth.
He prayed fervently for the truth, which God granted to him through His emissaries, who used an earthly instrument for their work.
In this way he was shown the truth, and Waldorf was linked up with him.
Then Waldorf’s spiritual leaders began to help him.
First he received short messages, then longer ones that increased in beauty, just to feed his vanity.
As time went by he imagined himself to be so illustrious that he thought he was infallible.
The written messages he received concerning his spiritual state got more and more exalted, and slowly but surely he began to build himself a rock, until that rock turned into a pedestal.
He went even further, and finally it got to the point where he believed he was no longer being guided by spirits but by Christ Himself.
But that wasn’t the end of it yet.
He imagined that he was now so developed that Christ spoke through him, and at that stage his vanity reached its summit.
But this proved fatal.
What happened then?
Waldorf suddenly received a text on wisdom, strength and love, and was told to send it to him.
Waldorf still wasn’t acquainted with the forces or the spirit he was working for, and what this was all about.
He did know that he was serving as an instrument for the Hereafter.
He soon received an answer from this gentleman, in which the latter expressed his admiration for the correctly received messages.
‘Just imagine’, he wrote, ‘every word of it is true.
For years I have been praying for wisdom, strength and love, and now these are conveyed to me through your mediation, without you knowing that I had prayed to receive them.’
This couldn’t be mere coincidence, dad, since nobody on earth knew about it.
His prayer had been answered, and to him this was enormous evidence, which made him very happy.
The purpose of all this was to show him that invisible forces were aware of the inner condition of his soul. But more was to follow.
The messages which Waldorf received got more and more compelling.
But no longer were they favourable for the man. On the contrary, he was being driven from his pedestal.
Now he was presented with the truth he had been praying for.
But he wouldn’t budge.
He remained on the rock he himself had erected.
Then came the battle, dad, the spiritual battle. He got hurt, and it made his heart cringe.
All those around pitied him tremendously.
The messages came non-stop, everything came true.
Yet he was still unwilling to understand that all this, handed down to him through earthly links, was only being given to him in answer to his ardent prayer for the truth.
But he stayed high up on his lonely level and refused to come down.
Waldorf got a message that ran counter to everything, but the reckless man wouldn’t accept it.
He went into a rage and sent Waldorf a letter which he claimed to have received from ‘yonder side’ himself.
Waldorf was to read it and get the feel of it, and he would then undoubtedly understand whose stamp it bore.
Waldorf held it in his hands and became nervous, which was a sign to him that something was wrong.
High influence calms you down, dad, and you feel happy. So the impact of this message couldn’t possibly be very lofty.
It contained the following words:
‘Men and women, leaders, guides and spirits, this is the limit, this must stop.
My will, my orders must now be obeyed.
My child can stand no more of this. You have attacked My child enough now.
Stop your texts, it’s all wrong.
The leaders don’t know that I am here, at My child’s side.
He will speak with My Voice, and I demand that you listen.
You must follow up all the orders I convey to him.
Be careful, and don’t push things too far.’
The writing included other wordings too.
Immediately afterwards Waldorf got a message saying that he should stop visiting the man.
This was handed to him by his leaders.
The first writing made it clear that the higher spirits knew what the man was asking for.
But when he received words that were meant to bring him back, that told him that his inspirations were worthless, then the texts which Waldorf’s leaders – not Christ – had given to him were all good-for-nothing.
This writing had been given to him through Christ, and nobody could beat that because He was above and beyond all.
He was an instrument which Christ Himself used to speak, and he would except nothing more from Waldorf and his leaders because Waldorf, with his earthly wisdom, rated far below him.
So, how could Waldorf ever tell him what he should do?
He didn’t accept that, and so he didn’t understand that he had soared up too high, that he had built himself a rock which would be shattered spiritually by the slightest storm that swept around it.
He would not descend, because then he would have to release all the friends he had brought under his influence, and he flinched from this humiliation.
He, who was one with Christ, was so weak that he could not face the spiritual truth.
Everything he asked for, everything he wrote, they were all his own thoughts.
But, since he had fervently begged for the truth, it was given to him.
This tells me, dad, that it was the spiritual help from ‘yonder side’ that brought him the truth.’
Suddenly André went into a trance, and Alcar continued through him:
‘Didn’t nearly all his questions show up the little human deity that had decorated himself with his own halo?
Isn’t it true that these kind of people believe themselves to be infallible, although they are crammed with human errors?
So isn’t it true that they refuse to descend from the pedestal they placed themselves on?
And aren’t nearly all the words of despair and doubt the consequence of the stand they take on their self-made pedestal?
As long as these people raise themselves to the level of little deities and in this high-and-mightiness raise themselves onto pedestals, they will neither have the humility to kneel down nor will they ever perceive God above all and through all.
And that’s only the first requirement: to feel God’s omnipresence, His nearness, to see God’s way.
But the road that leads to Him runs into disappointments, because again and again they will fall down, and the greatest fall of all will be from their own pedestal.
And on ‘yonder side’ these disappointments are seen with satisfaction, because if someone has experienced and really understood a disappointment, he has truly set a further step on the road that God points out to us.
Oh you people, won’t you finally try to become God’s children?
Feel for once, in spite of all your superiority, that you are merely puny specks of dust.
You people, take off the crown you placed on your own heads, kneel down deeply and grant God a moment of trust. Only then will you learn how small, how pitifully small you really are.
I also address these words to those who have their doubts about spiritualism.
They need not know more.
But tell André too; he will understand me.
It’s so simple, but man isn’t looking for God, he’s out for himself.
Even if he won’t face up to it, he is still looking for himself.
He may think that God is the only One he’s looking for. Alas, he’s all too often still looking to find himself, because he thinks he’s infallible, doesn’t he?
But in the end he will see the light, the eternal, endless light, and God’s love will help him find the right track.
And even if that track runs through thorny bushes, and even if darkness surrounds him, if his yearning is strong enough he will some day see God’s eternal holy light, the Light of lights.
God bless your work.
How marvellous it is to tell you this.
I took over from André because I wanted to show you that I am with him and will help him in everything.
Everything he told you is the truth.’
André returned to his body and continued:
‘That is why the spirits came to us, dad. To reveal to us the only road that leads to God.
That’s why spiritualism is a holy cause.
This is my new belief.
Why am I telling you all this, dad?
Because the church cannot give this to me, but the spiritual help from ‘yonder side’ can.
When they’re in the higher spheres, spirits can see who and what Christ is, but a person who still dwells on earth simply cannot be attuned to this, let alone be one with Christ.
Whatever was in that man’s mind?
He imagined being Christ’s only child.
Doesn’t God, and Christ with Him, love us all?
Was he the only child?
Did Christ die for him only?
No, dad, this is going too far.
It’s self-love and zealotry that muddled his brain.
He would have had to be much stronger, infinitely stronger, not to get hurt. If he really had possessed this power, he wouldn’t have fallen.
Our own feelings and our own intuition tell us that this cannot be, and how much evil it entails.
This case shows us what can happen to a person who is struck with spiritual blindness, and to all those who follow him.’
André had been talking to his father and mother for two hours.
His mother was crying again, not out of sorrow that her sister would pass on, but because her child had spoken like he never had before.
Was this her boy?
It was unbelievable!
Hendriks was as quiet as a mouse.
Then he looked at André and said: ‘My son, you go your own way as you are told to do, because we are no longer able to help you. I feel that you are right.
Alcar spoke to us and it did us good.’
André went over to his father, laid his hands on his head and hugged him lovingly.
He was overjoyed at this consent.
‘I thank you, dad.
Auntie will be going to the same place where Alcar is, as well as all the leaders who are constantly helping us, people.
I’m so glad that we could talk it all over today.
But enough for now. We’ll come back to this again some other day.
Please both go over and see auntie for a short while. I’ll stay at home, because I will watch over her tonight.
She will pass on in the morning, and I’m allowed to see how she precedes us into eternal life.
Be of good courage and be strong, because we who know will bear our loss in quiet resignation.
Let’s not make it hard for her to go.
She will pass through the gateway, the gateway to the Hereafter, and she will not be stopped.
And she will look beautiful, dad, young and becoming.
God has this in store for all of us if we want to approach Him as His children, in simplicity.’
Father and mother left.
‘What do you think of the boy now, Marie?
It wasn’t him talking to us.
Wherever does he get all that wisdom from?
I feel really impressed, and we can thank God that he may carry out this work.’
They were both convinced now, deeply convinced that only good could befall on him.
How he had talked, and how clearly he had explained everything to them!
André stayed behind on his own and went up to his room.
He wanted to be alone, alone with Alcar, who soon made himself heard.
‘Thank God for such a mercy, André, and pray that we may always receive the strength to convince all of them.
Always try to approach God in humility.
While you were talking I took you over. You know how I do that.
Always let yourself go like you did just now, and always remain open towards me, but pay good attention to the things we bring you.
Listen well to all the voices you hear.
The deepest voice will reveal the truth to you. All the others are wrong.
We will help you in everything. Don’t shut us out with your own thoughts and your own knowledge.
We wouldn’t be able to reach you, because then our voices wouldn’t be heard.
Your own voice would carry you away from the right track and lead you downhill.
Pray, pray a lot, again and again.
Beg for simplicity and strength to be able to do good.
Everything for the sake of God, because it is His will.’
Alcar left.
When his father and mother had returned, André went downstairs.
‘The doctor was over just now, André’, his father told him, ‘and he said that he fears for the worst.’
André, who was to watch over his aunt during the night, arranged with his parents that they would join him at five in the morning, since Alcar had informed him that she would pass on by seven o’clock.
‘We’ll see if it comes true, dad, but if Alcar says so, we can take his word for it.’
‘All right, André, we’ll be there.’
He spent the evening drawing.
Alcar again made a beautiful piece of work and called it: ‘Enter.’
Auntie was going to enter too.
Soon she would enter the Hereafter through this gateway.
It had to do with her inner strength.
How rich she must be at heart!
The gateway was a splendour of flowers, in the most beautiful colours.
If you looked through, you could see a magnificent landscape in the distance, bathing in lots of fabulous colours.
On the hill there was a temple, and in front of that temple you could see a cross symbolizing Christ, which blocked the entrance and seemed to ask those who had passed on: ‘Are you prepared to enter?’
Auntie would certainly be prepared to enter, and she would not be stopped by the luminous rays which the cross emanated.
She would be able to face the light.
How loving Alcar was towards him, picturing all this for him.
He understood this drawing and felt what his leader meant by it.
His father had gone to take a quick look at his aunt, and André asked how she was.
‘Not well at all, son, she’s very constricted in her chest and she’s breathing heavily.’
‘I’ll go and help her, dad. It will do her good.’
He wished his parents good-night and went.
He first went for a long walk because he wanted to feel fit for the night.
Towards midnight he rang the bell and was ushered in by the nurse who was looking after his aunt.
‘How is auntie, nurse?’
‘Still the same, she’s not well.
The doctor was here just a while ago.
If it gets worse we’re to call him immediately.’
André went to the room where his aunt was lying.
She was resting peacefully. Her eyes were closed and her hands were folded.
She must be praying, he thought.
The poor woman had suffered so much!
And yet they would gladly have kept her with them, in spite of all the years she had been bedridden.
But now God would take her in.
How beautiful death really was, it would deliver her from all her grief.
If people could see this, then they wouldn’t be afraid and they would no longer be scared to die.
And they wouldn’t take their own life either, because they would realize that one cannot take one’s own life, as the spirit continues to exist forever on the other side of the grave.
André went over to the dying woman and magnetized her for some time, which seemed to comfort her, because she opened her eyes and looked at him.
She smiled to indicate him that she approved.
Then he took a seat facing the bed to await the things that would happen.
A few hours passed quietly.
He had already seen Alcar, who made him understand that he should pay close attention.
The room was lit in a soft reddish light, and he felt an influence which told him that something was really about to happen here.
The patient got restless and he went over to her again.
She was still lying with her eyes closed.
Once more he laid his hands on her head, which calmed her down again after a few seconds.
But a heavy rattling sound soon came up out of her chest and she seemed hardly able to breathe.
André felt that she had a high temperature, but his treatment had made it go down a bit.
The sister wanted to know how he had managed this, and he told her what he had done.
He had talked to her before, and she knew a little about these phenomena.
‘Come and sit over here next to me, nurse, then I’ll tell you what I see and I can let you share the experience how a person passes on to eternal life.’
He distinctly saw two persons behind the bed now, and Alcar told him that these were her father and mother, who had come to fetch her.
The nurse saw nothing, but she listened attentively to everything André whispered to her.
He saw how both spirits kept on looking around, as if they were expecting someone.
Again Alcar said: ‘André, watch closely.’
A few minutes later he saw four more spirits appear.
Two of them were slightly younger than the others.
He noticed a strong family resemblance between these younger intelligences.
‘I now see six spirits, nurse, of which the two youngest ones are probably her brother and her sister.
They were twins, they died very young and now about my age.
The third of the four who came last is big and sturdy; the fourth one I don’t know.’
André concentrated to keep on seeing everything clearly.
After the others had moved away from the bed, one of those who had arrived last began to make long magnetic stroking movements across his aunt’s body, from the legs up to the head.
André told the nurse how this functioned. She thought this was very strange.
This treatment lasted for about a quarter of an hour and then he heard Alcar say: ‘André, did you see that spirit?’
‘Yes, Alcar’, he replied.
‘Note everything he does, because he is the one who must take care of your aunt’s passing on. He’s a spiritual doctor, he will perform this work.
He knows how to fetch the dying and how to free them from their physical body.
For your aunt he will make these movements three times, but sometimes he has to do this more often.
It has to do with the spiritual state of the person passing on.
There are many who don’t get released easily. It depends on their spiritual life and the way they loved God.
For those who had a deep-seated love for matter and couldn’t let go of their strong craving for material things, this struggle, which is called the death-struggle, will be very hard because during their life on earth they didn’t want to find God.
For them these movements may have to be repeated ten to twenty times.
It’s terrible when the spiritual doctor has to perform his function on such a soul.
With your aunt it will happen three times, André, a sure sign that her passing on won’t produce any struggle.
He just left for a little while, because many others besides your aunt will pass on tonight.
Everyone has a task to fulfil in the Hereafter, which he wants to accomplish in a loving way.
The spiritual doctor must know more than his earthly colleagues, because he deals with many cases in which his spiritual energy must help him to sense and determine how to assist the person who is coming over.
He has gone over to other dying persons now.
It’s his task to soothe the shock which the spirit gets on leaving the body, and to support the newly-born before it enters eternal life.
Don’t think it’s simple to bring a spirit into the spheres for good.
The doctor has to take care of everything, primarily of severing the fluid cord.
When that is done correctly, the spirit won’t experience adverse consequences on arrival.
Everything has to happen on time, neither too soon nor too late.
The doctor has to be entirely in the picture.
His calculations are based on the aura of the dying person, which also reflects the latter’s spiritual condition.
This enables him to see exactly what he must do and how many times he must repeat his movements.
This doctor once lived on earth, and his return there would be a blessing for the earth because he has gathered immense knowledge on the side beyond.
You can guess how terrible it is when the spirit suddenly gets torn out of the body, in an accident for instance.
Everything happens far too quickly and the shock is far too great.
Many of those who arrive here remain unconscious for a long time.
This also has to do with their spiritual condition on the moment they come across.
None of these possibilities are ever considered on earth.
Passing on signifies the birth of a spirit in the spheres, like the birth of a child on earth.
But the spirit needs more help when it’s born than a child does.
It requires all the spiritual doctor’s powers, and he also uses the energy of others to fetch the dying.
The thoughts of the bereaved can also help them to break free from their body.’
André told the nurse everything he heard from Alcar. She appeared greatly interested in his account.
‘Now watch carefully, nurse, any moment now auntie will probably get restless again. I see her mother standing at the foot of the bed.
She is concentrating intently on the dying woman, and auntie will feel her thoughts and take them in.
This often happens with those who pass on.
I’m telling you this in advance, nurse, because I’ve got an idea what will happen next.
Many who are about to die call on the members of their family who went before them.
People think that they are rambling, but that is certainly not the case. With their spiritual eyes they do indeed see their beloved in front of them.
Look, auntie is already getting restless, and now I see the other spirits standing at the head of the bed.’
At a certain moment André, as well as the nurse, heard her call out softly: ‘Mother, mother, oh, help me.’
She raised herself up a bit while she was speaking, but then fell back into her cushions again.
‘You see, nurse, I’m glad I was able to tell you this beforehand while auntie was still at ease.
She has now seen her mother.
I already told you that my grandmother tried to make herself visible to her through the link between her and her child. So she has succeeded.’
For the past hour the patient’s breathing had become very difficult and her condition was rapidly getting worse.
The spiritual doctor had returned and made the same magnetic stroking movements across her body as before.
After this treatment he examined the top of her stomach for some time.
Alcar said: ‘This is the spot where the spirit, after being released from the physical body, is cut loose.
We call this the life cell, and the cord that links the spirit to the physical body is the thread of life, as I already told you.
On earth this spot is called the solar plexus.
That’s where the separation begins.
This is the area which the doctor is examining, and he can tell from the decline of the life-light how long the patient will last.
This light gets weaker and weaker, but afterwards, when the spirit is released from the physical body, it will become entirely visible again.
I see clearly now that your aunt will pass on at seven o’clock. I see it happening.’
It was now three o’clock, so the dying woman still had four more hours to live on earth.
André told all this to the nurse. She would then be able to see whether it would come true.
The patient was still unconscious, and André asked Alcar if he could do anything.
‘Don’t worry, my boy, she will regain consciousness once more.
I see that too and I can determine this in advance.
The great joy at seeing her mother – this was no delirium, she really had seen her – made her helpless, since her body was no longer able to cope with the great emotion she went through.
You saw the consequences.’
The nurse asked whether she should warn the doctor, but André said it wouldn’t be necessary as she would soon wake up again.
‘We can’t do anything yet, nurse, because I received a message from the side beyond that she’ll come round again by herself.
So we can wait and see what will happen.’
Slowly the night crept by, and towards half past five in the morning the patient woke up.
‘You see, nurse, how it’s all coming true?
I was informed by my leader; I couldn’t have known otherwise.
What a lot the spirits know, nurse, don’t you think?’
By now his father and mother had also arrived, and André had to help his mother first, the big emotion would otherwise have been too much for her.
The doctor was alerted and arrived shortly after.
Alcar told André to take a brief walk while the doctor examined his aunt, there was still plenty of time.
It would freshen him up and he would be able to concentrate when the big event commenced.
So he went outside, and the morning air did him a lot of good.
The walk lasted half an hour and he went in again, feeling revived.
The doctor was talking to his parents and the nurse, and he sensed that the nurse had told them a little of the things she had just experienced.
He sat down again in his corner, opposite the bed.
The patient got very restless, as the spiritual doctor was busy with her again, for the third time now.
The big event was about to take place now. Auntie was going to pass on.
André was tense. It was a quarter past six and auntie was still alive.
He clearly saw a grey haze around her bed that was turning whiter and whiter.
The dying woman lay veiled in a cloud, all the spirits were still present and were watching her anxiously.
Apparently there wasn’t only tension on the earthly side, it was even greater on the side of the spirits.
André saw how they were impatiently awaiting his aunt’s arrival.
‘This is a big event, André’, Alcar said, ‘It can go hand in hand with sorrow and grief, but also with great happiness.
In this case it’s a happy person who is passing on.
She will be very beautiful, and yet everyone is anxiously awaiting the shock which occurs when the fluid cord is broken off.’
Another quarter of an hour had passed, and the white haze could clearly be seen floating above the bed.
The spiritual doctor asked the male spirits to help him.
The process was about to begin.
It was nearly half past six.
‘Those who are happy’, Alcar went on again, ‘need to be helped for another two or three times, and I already told you that, a lot of energy and skill is needed to accomplish this properly.
With your aunt everything is taking place silently, but for many who are still attached to their body and have to stay that way for the first few days after their death, it’s a terrible torment.
For them, dying is very hard and it causes them a lot of grief and pain, and even the spiritual doctor is powerless to help.
Man brings all this misery onto himself, because that is what he wanted.
I could go on about this for a long time, but I’ll postpone it until later.’
André noticed that the spiritual doctor was bending over the dying woman.
The others were standing to her left and right, and he clearly saw how the white haze was moving towards her head.
There it intermingled and remained suspended as a large mass.
‘The spirit who is about to depart will make use of this haze. It’s intended for the first few days of her life in the spheres.
Your aunt is able to use it, as she is on a high spiritual level, but those who are unhappy lack this spiritual energy because they’re not prepared to die.
And they feel the want of it, because it’s the first food they need to exist in the spheres.’
Slowly the white cloud lifted, but André couldn’t clearly discern anything yet.
Suddenly his aunt moved and raised herself up.
She spoke, but nobody could make out what she said.
His mother was with her and had her arms around her.
She was unable to speak clearly, yet a few words did come over her lips which everyone understood.
‘There, over there!’ she said.
Then a bit of phlegm came out of her mouth, and his mother laid her back in her cushions.
Shortly before, the doctor had felt her feet and he had shaken his head.
André gathered from this that his aunt had died.
Immediately a commotion started amidst the intelligences.
Both women were visible again, and many other spirits, whom he didn’t know, were also assembled around the bed.
The white haze was still lifting slowly, the movement was too slow to be clearly registered.
It was impossible for André to discern any shape in the cloud, something that made sense to him or resembled something familiar.
It was a solemn moment, which he would never forget.
Now he heard Alcar say: ‘When the spiritual doctor bent over her, he broke off the fluid cord.’
He hadn’t noticed, because there was so much to pay attention to.
So he was grateful that Alcar had told him.
In the upper part of the clouds an image began to take shape that resembled a head and next, clearly visible, he saw two hands covering the eyes, as if to protect them against excessively bright light.
The spiritual body was slowly moving upward.
The two female intelligences, her mother and her sister, supported her and held her in their arms.
Oh, how much love this all radiated!
André was sitting in his corner, crying quietly.
How wonderful that he, a mortal being, was allowed to see this.
He was deeply touched by this great happening.
By now his aunt had almost withdrawn from her body, and he clearly saw her face, as her hands no longer covered it.
How beautiful she looked and rejuvenated!
She looked younger by no less than thirty years and now seemed like a woman of thirty-five.
Her spiritual body radiated various colours that enveloped her completely.
Meanwhile she had become visible down to her knees and her disembodiment speeded up a little.
Her feet appeared. Now his aunt had completely parted from her physical body.
The haze that encompassed her body closed, and auntie was released.
He immediately heard Alcar again.
‘She will stay in this light until she awakens in the spheres.
She is in a deep sleep now, and the members of her family will take her to the place her inner self is attuned to.
Later on she will see them all.
This often happens at an earlier stage.
Sometimes it occurs immediately after leaving the body, but this depends on certain conditions.
The colours you saw indicate your aunt’s spiritual energy.
She radiates this light, these colours. It’s the reflection of the state of her soul, her own property, her happiness.’
Alcar had spoken in a calm and quiet tone, and André had understood everything clearly.
‘Won’t she see her body now, Alcar?’
‘No, André, she won’t.
Many others will.
We could wake her up and she would be able to take everything in for a short while, but she is peaceful now, and will remain that way, wherever she is taken.’
There are also many who don’t fall asleep while they leave their body.
They are put into a more or less dazed condition, but they soon come round again.
I told you that there’s much more to be said about this, but I’ll come back to it later and we’ll discuss everything separately.’
The members of the family took a last look at his father and mother, who remained with auntie’s body.
His grandmother came over to her and André saw that she kissed her without his mother noticing anything, although he had plainly seen it and had even heard the kiss.
This was all taking place for him only.
Then he saw how the spiritual doctor took something away from the material body, whereupon the journey to the spheres began.
Gone they were now, all of them.
Everything turned dark before his eyes, and the beautiful spectacle that had taken place here during the night, a soul passing on to the Hereafter, had come to an end.
André was lost for words. He was all quiet inside and deeply impressed by everything he had been allowed to experience.
Auntie had been beautiful when she passed on; he had clearly seen that.
People thought she looked ugly, but here her inner self had been revealed.
That was real.
How glorious it was to die and to go on to that other world.
Was that what people were afraid of?
It was so beautiful, if only they were prepared to depart.
You could tell from what had happened that God knows everything and governs all.
It was three minutes past seven. Everything Alcar had predicted had once again come true.
His mother was very sad.
The doctor had closed his aunt’s eyes, and the nurse was to look after the laying out with someone else.
First they prayed and when that was done André saw how the last little cloud that had hung above the garment which his aunt had used on earth, had also lifted.
‘Come, mum, let’s go home.’
Back home André told his parents everything he had seen and heard during the night.
His mother calmed down considerably when he told her about the beautiful things he had witnessed.
It had a restful effect on her, she seemed to gain strength from this new knowledge.
The description André had given her of her parents was entirely correct, and the sister and brother he had seen were indeed twins, who had died at a very early age.
André went up to his room to get a few hours of sleep.
He saw all the images in front of him.
First the cloud, then the beautiful colours, and his aunt, who was taken to her place in the Hereafter, and finally the members of her family.
How beautiful everything had been!
How majestic.
How almighty God must be, who watched over everything and guided all things.
Everyone ought to know about this, then they could live with an easier mind and in a better way too.
If they saw this, nobody would be able to rob them of their courage, as happened to so many.
Something beautiful was awaiting them here, they would receive light instantly and be happy.
His aunt possessed this light, this beautiful, pure white light that lit her up and all the others too who had come to fetch her.
What an enormous energy she must have carried within.
To André everything was clear now, and he understood.
Because on earth he had always seen her in this very light.
This light was her own radiance.
It enabled him to fathom every single individual.
He could tell the condition of their inner self from their aura, and now he knew, better than ever before, what this coloured light meant.
Alcar told him that he had seen correctly and that his comparison was right.
Yes, it was wonderful to die like this.
How beautiful and happy all had looked who had come to fetch her.
Alcar said that some of the spiritual doctor’s students had attended towards the end, men as well as women, all full of light, full of happiness and youth.
And the harmony that prevailed!
Everything was arranged and happened at the right time.
Everyone on ‘yonder side’ has his task and everyone performs the work that is assigned to him without meddling with the work of others.
They all work for one cause: to bring goodness, to do good.
That’s the way it should be on earth too.
Down here people ought to have the same understanding for each other, how wonderful that would be.
With these thoughts in mind he fell asleep and he didn’t notice that the leader who loved him so and worked with him and through him – as his instrument – made long magnetic stroking movements across his body to take away all the fatigue.
After a few hours he awoke, refreshed and lively, as if he had slept the whole night, and Alcar told him what he had done.
He knew this must be true, that he must have received help, otherwise the tiredness would not have disappeared.
His father and mother were content and restful after all the proof he had given them, and by now they must have become convinced that dead is not dead.
The nurse, who had been present the whole night, was just as astonished that everything had come true exactly as he had seen it and as he had told her beforehand.
She promised him to continue on the path which had now been shown to her.
André was happy that everything had proved to be so wonderfully true.
He continued on the path he had taken, and soon he was to produce overwhelming evidence of his gift of seeing and of the good contact he had with Alcar.
And above all he was to demonstrate how good it is for a medium do nothing without consulting the leaders.
Seeing entails a great danger when personal thoughts are not switched off.
His aunt had now entered the Hereafter through the gateway.
Alcar told him that she hadn’t woken up yet.
In her case this would take a few days, which wasn’t much really, as many others need weeks or months.
Quite frequently those who pass on return to earth several hours after their death in order to console those who have been left behind, since they are free of their material body and able to experience everything that goes on.
According to earthly time his aunt would spend several days asleep, and then she would awaken in the spheres of happiness, love and eternal life.
New events would soon develop in André’s life, and not a day went by in which he wasn’t called for or visited by people who needed him.