How Alcar watched over a young life

Early one morning André was woken up by Alcar who informed him that at noon he was to go and treat Doortje, the one and a half year old daughter of his friend Jacques.
‘That’s strange’, he thought.
‘Whatever could be the matter with her?
Only yesterday evening she was playing happily in her little chair.’
He could make head nor tail of it, but he naturally took care to be at his friend’s home at the appointed time.
Nel, Jacques’ wife, opened the door and told him that her husband wasn’t home yet but that he would be back soon.
‘I’ve come to help Doortje’, André replied.
‘Doortje?’ Nel asked with surprise in her voice.
‘Is anything wrong with her?’
‘I don’t know yet, Nel.
But this morning my leader ordered me to go and help her.’
‘I see’, Nel said.
‘Yes, it’s true, she has been looking a bit pale lately and sometimes the colour in her face seems to fade away.
Children can catch things so easily.’
While they were talking Nel had lifted Doortje out of her little chair to hand her over to André.
But the little one wanted none of that and tried to push him away with her little hands as if she already felt what was about to happen.
However, he had expected her to resist, and had brought along some sweets which might bring the little one to a willing surrender.
Nel put her back in her little chair again with her sweets, and just as André was about to take advantage of this opportunity to magnetize her, he heard Alcar say that he should primarily treat the right side of her little head.
His leader would help him to do so.
He was suddenly overcome with fear.
Had he heard properly?
Alcar was going to help him?
This only happened in serious cases.
Was Doortje’s condition that serious?
What was wrong with her anyway?
He still hadn’t the faintest idea.
He laid both hands on her little head, although she did her very best to prevent him from doing so.
The fear that had suddenly beset him induced him to focus his concentration with more will power than he had ever done before, because his intuition told him that Doortje’s illness was far more serious than he could ever imagine.
While he was busy magnetizing her he went into a trance, but in this condition he was merely able to perceive a dark-grey haze on the right side of her head.
Alcar informed him that he had seen correctly, and that he should treat the little one again in a quarter of an hour.
This made him realize that she must be very ill indeed.
‘Is this true, Alcar?’ he anxiously asked in his mind, to prevent Nel from hearing.
‘Yes, my boy, but all will be well.
You’ll have to give the little one another treatment.’
Nel asked what he thought of it, but André who didn’t yet know this himself, answered that he had discovered she had caught a cold.
That was why he wanted to treat her again.
Nel was set at ease by his answer. She wasn’t aware that two consecutive magnetic treatments pointed to a serious case.
What did this all mean?
Was this grey haze the illness?
Why give her two treatments in such rapid succession?
Fortunately Alcar didn’t keep him waiting in his anxiety for long.
‘Just you help, son’, he heard in a whisper, ‘later on it will all become clear to you.’
The second treatment he gave the little girl was even more intensive than the first one, and he also fervently beseeched God to give Alcar the power to save this young life.
He continued this prayer during the entire treatment, and meanwhile he also attempted to transfer the illness to his own body, which he always succeeded in.
He gradually absorbed all the painful spots, and afterwards he was able to diagnose the illness through clairvoyance.
All he observed now was a feeling of stiffness in the right side of his head, and a shivering sensation in his back.
After the treatment he returned home, and on the way he met Jacques whom he informed of everything that had happened in the latter’s absence.
It quite surprised Jacques because he hadn’t noticed anything abnormal either about his little daughter before he left for work.
‘Maybe Alcar discovered something yesterday evening while we were over at your home.
Anyway, the treatment won’t do her any harm.’
His friend had no doubt about that, because after his own doctor had once declared him to be incurably ill, he had, with Alcar’s and André’s help, been healed completely within a short time.
So he was profoundly grateful to Alcar for his intervention and felt very moved by this proof of love towards him and his family.
That afternoon André got a message from his leader that Jacques would come to fetch him at about nine o’clock and at nine o’clock sharp his friend rang the doorbell.
‘Please come quickly, André’, he said.
‘Doortje’s in a terrible state.
She’s got a large swelling on the right side of her head, one of her eyes is completely closed, and there’s a blue streak running from the middle of her head down to the swelling.
Whatever could that be, André?’
In a flash he heard the words: ‘Tell him it’s a cold that has now broken through.’
He passed this message on to his friend, who felt slightly relieved.
On the way he was linked up again with Alcar who told him: ‘Have no fear, André, the crisis is over.
We were allowed to save Doortje out of the clutches of a dangerous children’s disease.
But you’re not to mention anything of this to the parents without my permission, because they’re not yet allowed to know the truth.
Just give them some reassurance.’
They soon got to the little patient.
She really looked dreadful.
No wonder his friends were worried to death.
But André set their minds at ease and told them they ought to be glad that the cold had broken through.
Doortje was sitting on her mother’s lap quietly looking around, and he carefully tried to take her little head in his hands.
But it was no good, she couldn’t be handled.
So he gave up and waited for Alcar’s orders.
Her little face was terribly swollen and the blue streak was an alarming sight.
Suddenly, thank God, he heard the well-known, loving voice whispering: ‘Give her two more turns, no matter how hard she screams.’
In these words was a terrible truth hidden.
Yet he kept a grip on himself in order to calmly magnetize the child with the help of Jacques and Nel.
After the second treatment he had to concentrate.
So he opened up and Alcar passed on his facts via inspiration.
Doortje was pampered and put into her little bed, and afterwards André arranged with his friends that they should call him whenever he was needed.
‘Is there any danger?’ Nel asked.
‘No’, André replied, ‘fortunately there’s no danger involved.
Let's just be happy that that coldness has been released.’
When he got home he spent a long time thinking the whole case over.
The condition seemed to have improved considerably after two treatments.
But if there was no more danger lurking, then why hadn’t he been allowed to tell Jacques and Nel the truth?
He still didn’t know what was troubling the little one.
Alcar had only told him that her life had been at stake, but that they had been allowed to save Doortje.
Deep down he didn’t feel at peace; there was something about the course of events that troubled him.
Finally he fell asleep, only to awaken with that same discontented feeling.
His first thoughts went to the child, how terribly sick she was.
The night had gone by and nobody had called for him.
It was strange.
It made him feel anxious.
Hadn’t he been listening properly this time, and then done something wrong?
But surely that was impossible.
He had never doubted Alcar’s words before.
So why should he now?
Had he been justified to go to sleep?
What might have happened during the night!
How could he ever justify his behaviour?
Had he really given enough care and attention to his friends’ greatest treasure?
They must have slept through the night too, since they weren’t aware of any danger.
How could he have been so heedless to keep the child out of the doctor’s hands!
It was irresponsible, and he would have to change a great deal if he really wanted to become a loving instrument for higher intelligences.
What should he do next?
Go over to Jacques and Nel?
But it was still very early.
Wouldn’t just that make them realize how seriously ill their sweetheart was?
No, this was out of the question.
He was engulfed by an intense feeling of sadness.
How could he ever make up for this?
He beseeched God to forgive him, and he prayed: ‘Father, I fervently want to serve You as a true instrument.
So let this be a lesson to me, Father, one of life’s deep lessons.’
He already pictured his friends brokenhearted with sorrow.
They had lost what they cherished most on earth, and it was all his fault.
Plunged in grief for the rest of their life.
And whom would this hurt most?
Alcar of course.
He had cut him out completely, due to his unforgivable negligence.
Who would still believe in his Alcar, whose instrument had now proved to be a failure?
Oh, how fearful he was.
And where was his leader now?
Didn’t he sense his sorrow?
He always used to console him whenever he was sad and troubled.
So why didn’t he do so right now?
His head was close to bursting point, and he felt numb after all that thinking.
As long as he hadn’t lost Alcar and destroyed his work!
If only he could see something!
Maybe he had already forfeited his gifts.
How poor that would make him.
Poorer than the poorest, who have nothing to eat, because what does lack of money and goods mean compared to spiritual poverty?
Time and again Alcar had pointed out to him that worldly riches could never match spiritual, eternal property.
What is earthly gold worth, compared to spiritual possession?
What do worldly things mean, compared to his gifts?
Nothing at all.
He would rather starve himself than do without his gifts, his spiritual gold, his eternal gem, in which the spheres twinkle in all their splendour and all their beauty.
And now he might have destroyed Alcar’s work, his task of healing the inhabitants of the earth and convincing them that life continues forever on a higher level of existence.
He ought to have spent the night at Doortje’s bed to watch over this young life with care and attention.
And now he had, one by one, torn apart the links of love that connected him with Alcar, and so he had thrown away his trust.
God had granted him the mercy of working for spiritualism, and of helping and consoling suffering fellow human beings with his gifts.
He was allowed to support those who had had to part with loved ones, by pointing out to them that death means life.
He was permitted to heal the sick, and to visit the spheres as an earthling.
But was he really convinced of the magnitude of all this?
Had its sanctity really got through to him?
Did he realize that he could never express enough love towards Alcar, who had left the earth centuries ago and who knew infinitely more than he did?
God had placed all these sacred things in his hands, and if he wasn’t sufficiently aware of the immense value of this divine gift, then some day he would be very unhappy.
Thousands of intelligences, who left their loved ones behind on earth whom they protect while they live on behind the veil, are now watching him.
Is he really and entirely aware of the fact that he must live his eternal life right now?
That he must turn his back on everything that belongs to the earth?
If he had done his duty, then his friends would have loved him even more than they already did.
He could have done even more to convince scientists of the fact that high-minded, loving mediums are capable of assisting them with their talents, such as clairvoyance, magnetic powers and other gifts.
What a lot of useful work he had already been allowed to perform.
He had been able to assist doctors, and he had, within minutes, diagnosed illnesses which they themselves would not have been capable of without the aid of spiritual colleagues, since he was able to see inside the human body with Alcar’s help.
Everything would have turned out differently if only he had listened properly.
People don’t readily submit themselves to a magnetizer.
Would mothers still entrust him with their children?
Wouldn’t they now much prefer to see their little ones pass on under a regular doctor’s treatment than to have to idly look on how he withheld all forms of medical help from them?
Wouldn’t it be much better for them to know that they had done everything they possibly could, instead of putting their illusory trust in him?
He fully realized how stupendous his omission had been.
This could never be justified.
The wall was decorated with all the pieces of work he had received mediumistically, Alcar had painted them through him as his instrument.
Did he still dare to look at them, after rewarding him with such ingratitude?
Things aren’t done halfheartedly in the spirit .
It’s all or nothing; this he had learnt over the years.
He must strive to become a properly developed medium or else he would lose his mediumship, because this is a gift from God, and the Almighty is not to be mocked.
How quiet everything had turned around him!
It seemed to be the same peace and quiet which had prevailed in Summerland at the time he and his spiritual leader had entered there.
The silence intensified, and after a while he seemed to hear the breath of life.
It did him good.
It calmed him down and made his nerves relax.
His anxiety ebbed away and his head felt lighter.
A pleasant feeling flowed through him.
How was this possible!
He thought he heard a sound above his head.
It seemed as if words were being whispered.
It sounded melodious to him.
Like music that drifted towards him on the wind; heavenly music that made him feel happy.
He couldn’t recall the state of fear he had been in some moments ago.
Where had that miserable feeling gone to?
His feeling of happiness increased even more.
What was happening to him?
The walls of his room disappeared before his eyes and made way for a vast, sunny, mountainous landscape.
He saw trees with dark and light-coloured crowns.
There was a large pond right in front of him, with lots of birds such as he had never seen before, splashing about in the water. Around the pond an abundance of fragrant flowers bloomed in magnificent hues, with a splendour unequalled on earth, while a path wound its way along that heavenly garden of flowers and across the entire mountain landscape; it stretched as far as the eye could see, all the way to the horizon.
There it vanished from sight.
He looked around inquiringly, but there wasn’t a human being to be seen.
What a pity that no-one lived here; they would have been so happy amidst all that beauty, in this Divine garden of life, just like the one Alcar had already shown him some time ago.
An abundance of harmony, of glorious peace and quiet spread out across this golden, sunlit landscape!
He saw something stir at the end of the winding path.
It wasn’t more than a dot, yet he could see how it moved along.
It slowly came nearer and nearer.
It looked like a figure dressed in white.
Could it be a human being after all?
What an untold bliss it must be for that human being to be allowed to live in this paradise.
The figure came closer and closer.
Now it stopped and reverently took some flowers in its hands.
The lonely figure stood there for a while and did exactly what he had once seen Alcar do.
So this person also loved flowers and the life that was present in everything.
Would this person be able to sense life in all things, just as Alcar could?
It was a tall, slender figure.
Seen from afar it appeared as tall as his leader and its movements bore a great resemblance to Alcar’s.
What a pity, the figure now disappeared behind some flowery bushes.
Would it return?
The young life kept it hidden from his eyes.
But thank heavens, it reappeared, he caught a glimpse of it through the bushes.
It displayed great peace in its movements.
Now the figure was clearly visible again, but he was unable to clearly discern its face, it was still too far away.
It slowly advanced again.
Its entire being expressed harmony, and he thought he saw a smile on its handsome face.
Was it a man or a woman?
The locks of hair of the fine figure fell down to the shoulders, yet all its movements pointed to male beauty.
Yes, it must be a man.
Now he could make out the white garment more clearly. The sunlight shone on it and made it glitter in innumerable shades.
At times it seemed like a mellow rose-coloured haze, and then it would change into pale blue or wine red against the light green background.
All the heavenly colours of the flowers that surrounded him seemed to reflect in this white garment.
The stranger stopped again, and once again held some flowers between his hands.
He bent deeply over them while he enveloped them with both hands to caress them.
Was he praying, like Alcar, who prayed to God via the flowers?
Via the life which He put in everything?
Would this handsome stranger also be capable of that?
Was his attunement the same as his leader’s?
He tried to link up with him, and with all his strength he focused his attention.
But he was unable to penetrate.
When his thoughts approached the stranger he felt a restraint, something which drew him back, and in spite of all his efforts he was unable to accomplish the very thing he found so easy to do on earth.
What a lot of energy and effort it took him now!
Was this person impossible to fathom?
He clearly felt his powers of concentration diminishing whenever he drew closer.
There was something shielding this stranger which he was unable to penetrate.
Could it be the stranger’s aura, which was stronger and more beautiful than his?
Was his light not allowed to link up with that of the other?
Perhaps it bounced off?
All his senses told him that the stranger was superior to him.
Was he unwilling to be reached?
Was he impervious to influences from outside?
Did he possess such a self-assured power?
André understood.
He was bouncing off, just as ocean waves beat against the rocks.
This man would stand up to hurricanes and move mountains.
God alone could tumble this man from his pedestal.
But God granted him his peace and his happiness, because he loved life with a love that was in keeping with God’s holy Love.
So he lived in harmony with the Infinite, and could perform miracles, merely through his love.
André understood this too, Alcar had taught him.
And if he took care to be a good instrument, then one day he would also be allowed to possess that power.
He sensed that he wasn’t allowed to proceed any further now, and that he should stop wasting his powers needlessly.
What was the purpose of this?
Was he allowed to intrude upon the tranquillity of the spirit?
Was this love?
Could he simply disturb this sacred tranquillity which had nothing earthly about it?
Wouldn’t it be better to patiently await what would happen?
He regretted having gone too far already. He had to learn, to curb his curiosity, because curiosity is really only a sign of self-love.
There was so much peace in the expression of the lonesome stranger’s noble face!
He looked like the Angel of Peace himself.
Slowly, step by step, he moved away from the spot where he had been standing for some time and peacefully walked on.
His gaze was directed to the left, as if he perceived something there that held his attention.
But ... suddenly he turned around and disappeared.
André realized that he must be the cause of this.
Had it been right for him to spy on the stranger while he was praying?
He had to admit that his attitude was, as yet, rather deplorable and that he was still an uncouth inhabitant of the earth, who was far from being attuned to the spiritual, since he clashed with the things he was allowed to behold here.
He ought to have looked upon all the stranger’s actions with great love; then his attunement would have been perfect and his spirit would have been in harmony with eternity.
But a coarse-material earthling doesn’t possess that delicate, that spiritual and ever so pure feeling.
Wouldn’t it be better to withdraw, instead of looking on into this spheric splendour which made his heart thump with emotion?
Did he deserve to behold all this?
And all the time the landscape lay spread out before him in its total serenity and beauty.
Who might that fortunate man be who was wandering along so blissfully?
Surely the spirit of God, the spirit of the Father must dwell in him.
There he was again.
This was odd.
Whenever he thought of him with love, he would immediately reappear.
Was he able to catch his thoughts?
Only Alcar could do that. Nobody but Alcar.
He slowly approached.
If only he continued on the track he had chosen, then he would soon be able to see him more clearly.
But he suppressed his ardent longing, because it would break his heart if the stranger withdrew again on his account, due to his disturbing, disharmonious thoughts.
What a long time it will take before man may call himself spiritual, and how many millennia must yet go by before better conditions prevail on earth, and love amongst mankind becomes spiritual, pure and honest.
Only love could link him up with the fair stranger.
This was clear to him.
For the third time he paused amidst the flowers, this sea of flowers, and stretched out his arms towards them.
Then his well-shaped hands enclosed a large blue flower and he humbly bowed his head that appeared to gleam in a heavenly light.
He began to speak, and it was a solemn, sacred moment.
The tones reverberated in him just like that beautiful music he had shortly heard, and the voice, as soft as the music, sounded just as melodious to him.
It was a prayer which the stranger sent up to the Creator:
‘You, my flower, who bear within you the life which God put into you and me, through you I send my love to Him.
I link myself with you and so I link up with God, since He bestowed life onto both of us, vested eternal life in us.
Your beautiful colour will keep me in harmony with Infinity, your sweet fragrance will strengthen me.
Your colour, which is spiritual, will cover fields of eternal life.
Whoever inhales your fragrance will be strengthened, since the breath of the Father lives within you, lives within me.
Because our Father is Life, and bestowed life upon us.
Sweetness will mark your odours that strengthen the powers within man’s soul.
It will make him feel life as it is bestowed on us, since God has only one life to give, which to him will signify blissful tranquillity, eternal peace, and sanctifying love.
I therefore merge with you to approach the Creator with love and in humility.
I merge my light with your light, so that we may jointly sense God’s Light, His eternal, holy Light.
Our love, which is one and eternal, which is life, will remain with us because God gave us eternal love, eternal life.
God gave you life, your blue radiance, and your fragrance.
God gave me intelligence and vested me with wisdom and strength.
But He gave us one life and one love.
That is why God made us one.
We have an eternal bond through life and in love.
We live with love for God; in tranquillity, in peace, in happiness and in harmony through God, because we carry one life within us.
Can the people on earth, where I once dwelt and where I once again have a task to accomplish, understand that we are one?
Or would they believe us to be fools?
If they could experience a mere fragment of the happiness we possess and bear within us, it would suffice to make them happy, and peace would prevail on earth.
Oh beautiful flower, if only they knew that love is strength and means life; that love can make the seas dry up.
Yet its source must be Divine.
If only they could sense what universal love is, it would enable them to help and support others, like we do.
However, we will help them to use God’s holy Power to rouse others who don’t yet sense life, who lack the experience, who are not yet alive.
We will teach them to trust God’s holy Power.
We will build up their trust in all things.
If only the people on earth could have more confidence, they would become steadfast in their struggle.
Oh fair flower, have confidence; that is why life is yours, why your life became feeling, your feeling became love and your love is your life.
If only the people on earth knew that their self-confidence would enable them to perform miracles, that their self-confidence would make their love grow and blossom and turn it into beauty.
Self-confidence is the driving force within every form of life.
Self-confidence is that sacred power which God calls life.
Self-confidence connects man with God.
Why does man doubt that life is eternal?
Because, fair flower, he doesn’t sense his eternal life, nor does he understand it, because he isn’t aware of it.
It is still his unconscious possession.
This is why we call him one of the living dead.
He gets angry, fair flower, when he is told the truth; when it stares him in the face.
Oh, I could tell you countless things about earthly man, but I don’t wish to disturb your peace.
Man on earth isn’t acquainted with the peace we possess, because he lives in disharmony and feels no harmony, because his life is in disharmony, because he is in disharmony with his heavenly Father.
There are so many beautiful things we could tell him about ourselves!
But he would find that too sweet-mouthed, completely out of this world.
It shows how materialized his feeling for spiritual things has become.
When we wish to educate man through our instruments, and request them to act in accordance with our way of seeing and feeling, since we are alive and awake, then he believes that we have made those mediums our slaves.
Those who profess to have some knowledge of spiritual attunement are the very first to think along these lines.
If only they would put more trust in us, then we could point out their mistakes, lead them back onto the right track and link them up with our life which is eternal life.
We have so much to give to them!
But, fair flower, even those are lacking in self-confidence who see with spiritual eyes and carry the gift of light within.
They still falter and are prone to influence.
I am now drawing strength from you, my flower.
Your juices made me nourish and strengthen young life.
Now I must part, but I will return to tell you more about mankind, if this doesn’t disturb your peace.
But your love will be strong enough, as God is its source.
On earth I will make the incomprehensible understandable and I will develop the human spirit.
I will guide the people and attune their feeling to God.
All their fear and doubt will then be transformed into self-confidence.
Live, my flower, live.
Let the life that is in you live.
Let it remain your eternal happiness, your eternal life forever.’
André’s heart was pounding.
He had heard enough by now and understood everything.
The shining figure ahead of him could be none other than his own leader, his own beloved Alcar.
He had seen him now as he had never seen him before.
Yes, he understood it all.
His fear had been unnecessary, and he had faltered in his trust.
He hadn’t yet been strong enough to face the danger.
He should have recognized Alcar immediately and ought never to have doubted his help.
He felt as if he were paralyzed, and he hardly had the strength to bear all this.
Then he heard the well-known, beloved voice whisper: ‘André, my boy, he who wants to accomplish everything with love will be inexhaustible, because Love is God and God is inexhaustible.’
André looked up.
Right there in front of him stood his leader.
How beautiful he was!
Never during their journeys to the spheres had he ever shown himself in such radiant beauty.
‘You will only see me in this way when you’re completely attuned to me, and when you approach me with great human love, as you do now.
Love you gave to me due to your anxiety, because your anxiety was love which is attuned to this sphere.
This proof of your love for me made me decide to end, once and for all, the lack of trust within you.
I knew about this distrust, my boy, and that is why I kept everything away from you, and why you were merely my instrument.
However, this wouldn’t have taught you anything, yet your deep feeling made your love tune in to mine.
That is how we became one, and I was allowed to link you up with that love, with that sphere where you felt the peace which induces harmony into everything, and which means spiritual life.
I wanted to strengthen your self-confidence during Doortje’s illness, to show you that only love is self-confidence.
No longer will you be kept on the outside of the truth, because now I know that everything is sacred to you, that your love will grow and blossom, and that we will perform miracles in the name of the Father, as He is the Life of all life.
Everything will have become clear to you by now.
But take care never to become a plaything of your feelings, and above all: don’t ever imagine that you know best, because that would spell self-satisfaction, something we cannot warn you against enough.
Don’t let yourself to be put under an evil influence again, remember that.
Disbelief has poisoned the whole of mankind.
Now I’ll show you a different scene.’
André saw Doortje before him, and he could have jumped for joy, because the child was alive.
So his worries had been needless, he simply hadn’t put enough trust in Alcar.
‘Now do you sense’, the latter asked, ‘why Jacques and Nel are not to know anything?
If they were aware of the gravity of their child’s illness, they would take it away from us and, in their fear, entrust it to an earthly physician.
But in our hands it’s safe, and two magnetic treatments permitted us to cure the little one of meningitis.’
This information no longer startled André, because from now on his trust in Alcar could no longer be shattered.
‘All the poison will now leave the little body; you’ll soon notice that.
I’m watching over it, André.
Trust, trust, trust.
And another thing.
Don’t hold yourself in too high esteem, yet certainly not too low either, because how could you then become aware of your own power and convince others of our knowledge?
And also let others see the love you radiate, because love works wonders.
Your friend won’t turn up, and the child will be a lot better tomorrow.’
Alcar had gone and André was on his own again.
He had learnt a lot during the last few hours and he had understood the vision perfectly.
How fortunate he was to have been allowed to help his leader in saving a young life for its parents.
The next evening he went over to see Doortje.
Nel went to meet him in the corridor and called out to him: ‘Doortje’s much better, André, but you wouldn’t believe how much badness came out of her ear!
The abscess broke at three o’clock this afternoon; it had an awful smell about it.
The little dear must have suffered terribly!’
The little tot was sitting in her chair again and she looked at him with her smiling little face as if she knew that now all was well.
There was no more need for him to help her.
The two treatments had brought about the miracle.
Nonetheless, she was in for more discomfort, because her left little ear slowly began to swell and the skin around started to redden until finally a swelling appeared at the back.
André treated her twice a week, just as his leader had instructed him, who also informed him that this process would repeat itself five times and that the second swelling would be somewhat smaller than the first.
The last one would have the size of a marble.
He passed this message on to his friends, who were very upset to hear this.
They thought it was terrible.
This first swelling was now as large as a nut and it could burst at any moment.
One evening Alcar said that this would happen that very night, and that the little one ought to be bandaged properly, as a lot of badness would erupt.
The next morning Jacques came over to tell him that Alcar’s prognosis had come true.
The first swelling had vanished.
However, the little ear still remained red and swollen, and from the moment the swelling had started her urine contained blood, which, according to Alcar, would stop after the last swelling had disappeared.
Gradually the second one appeared and it vanished just as the first one had.
And after this process had finally repeated itself for the fifth time, the little girl regained her colour and no more blood could be detected in the urine.
‘Doortje is healed now’, Alcar said, ‘and she won’t fall ill again for a long time, as we have caused all the badness to be drawn out of her body; this will prove very important for her entire life.’
André then told his friends how lovingly his spiritual leader had watched over their little sweetheart, and he also let them know about the dreaded illness he had saved her from.
Of course this message touched them deeply, and they were profoundly grateful for everything Alcar had done for them in his great love.
‘We can help the people in every way’, Alcar said, ‘and in the case of a serious illness we wouldn’t lose a single minute if earthly medical help must be called in.
I will always keep watch, day and night, because the spirit no longer needs sleep nor does it know fatigue.
But it’s up to you to accomplish everything according to our wishes.
Then nothing can go wrong.
Then people will readily submit themselves to us and science will accept us because they will have gained confidence in us.
Doctors will call in our help when they are powerless in the face of a serious illness.
They will bow their heads and shed their false modesty. They are often confronted with problems which don’t exist for the spirit, because we link up with matter in order to see right through it.
Mark my words, I, now bearing the name Alcar, who formerly lived on earth, will prove to science that we go on living.
Centuries ago I lived on your earth and still the name I bore at that time is pronounced by many in veneration.
In the prime of my life, at the age of just over forty, I was called forth.
But prior to that I was already convinced that my earthly end wouldn’t end my life.
And when I became aware of the situation in which I had left many brothers and sisters behind, I thanked God that I was overcome by an intense longing to convince the people on earth of a life after material death.
All my friends have been here on our side for a long time now, and they lend me their help and support to accomplish this task.
They had outstanding names on earth that still live on there and which haunt the people’s thoughts, whereas they themselves attach no more value to them because we have learnt that only the spirit adds value to life.
If people could accept that we are working behind the veil with deep-felt love for mankind, and that we are trying to help them in all possible ways, then our task would be much easier, and they would act according to our wishes. However, since people consider death to be the ultimate end, they close their eyes to life.
That is why I and many others along with me have returned to earth to rouse mankind and convince the people that we live because God, who is Love, granted us and them eternal life, which through constant evolution will one day rise to perfection, just as the Father in Heaven is perfect.
I was allowed to save a young life: I, the disembodied human being with my developed intelligence, whereas nobody on earth knew the nature of the dangerous illness it was suffering from, so that nobody could have taken prompt and effective action, and consequently mere matter would have remained.
With that I wanted to demonstrate that we can help man solve his problems through a high-minded healing medium, and that we always want to give him love.
If only he could understand that the ‘dead’ live on.
We call out to him from the Hereafter: We are alive, we live in great happiness on our side.
We live in eternal, pure love, a love which no-one on earth ever knows or senses.
Eternal life cannot be destroyed, but only after material death can it entirely unfold in the spirit.
It is indestructible because Life is God, and He will never destroy His own Life.
But when the time has come for God to call him and he meets his so-called death, then man merely has to shed his material casing, just as he often sheds a worn-out garment.
The spirit casts off its shackles to ascend to unknown realms, higher and higher still.
We, who shed our material garment long ago, come to the people to tell them this because we know that we will keep on developing in order to take on ever higher forms of existence, until we finally reach a level of such high sensitivity and high attunement that we can no longer link up with the inhabitants of the earth.
Finally I demonstrated how magnetism is the sacred power which will help mankind to heal its sick, because it is a pure, natural healing power, and everything which is natural and pure travels the road that lead to the things on High.
I, who lived on your earth long ago, saved a young life because it was the will of God.
I can only do this if my power doesn’t clash with that of God.
We who sense the spirit more intensely than mortal man, we know what we are able and allowed to do in attunement to God.
Spiritually, man is still plunged in deep sleep from which he will not really awaken until he is one of us.
Doortje was saved by us.
Doesn’t this offer people the proof that we returned to them to do our work in their midst?
God granted us the mercy to allow us to return.
Because we possess the light, we see in their darkness, and our light will brighten their darkness.
Man on earth, accept the light, because this Light is God.
We will supply you with a spiritual life belt.
Know that no storm on the sea of life can destroy you.
You will stay afloat, because eternal Life will keep you afloat.
You carry the holy Spark of God within you, the rescuing power which tunes you in to Him.
We will continue to watch over young lives and also over lives that are still in their infancy and could be said to be in their spiritual infancy, even if they have already reached the age of seventy or even eighty.
We want to help them, and the young ones too.
Therefore I call out to all those: Now is the time, you’re still in your earthly body, you still possess your earthly life.
Friends, make the best of things.
Yet waste no thought on matter, save the spirit and purify your soul.
A life of eternal Love, of eternal happiness will await you in God’s Fatherly House when your earthly pilgrimage comes to an end.’