One with the life that God has laid down in all things

His beautiful gift allowed André to undergo many experiences.
Various occult problems were solved and explained to him, but what he experienced in the following situation was undoubtedly the most incredible thing he had spiritually received until then.
The reader will therefore ask himself whether there are people on this world or on the side beyond who are able to sense this kind of happening or can be linked up with it.
Many will shrug their shoulders because they can’t accept it.
Yet through those who live behind the veil, André was allowed to experience all the things he has told.
Due to his great talent, God’s holy gift, this all came true.
So once again: everything is the truth, and nothing but the truth. He was allowed to experience all of it.
One afternoon, when he was alone in his room, he was brought into a condition which enabled him to sense life in everything.
It was a wondrous happening and to him this was a glorious moment.
Following that moment, he felt a great happiness surging up in him and he sensed love for everything that lived.
It was a moment of blessed happiness for which he could not thank God enough.
In his mind he dwelt on the side beyond with all his friends whom he had already seen pass on.
He wondered, how he would see them again, because many, he was sure of that, would possess happiness and others deep darkness.
He thought most of all about the latter, because they needed help.
He felt deeply linked up with them at that moment, and in this condition a miracle was revealed to him.
In the morning, when he awoke, he sensed a condition he had never experienced before.
This immediately struck him.
It was a sense of peace, an inner quietness which couldn’t be found on earth, no matter where.
First he thought that he had disembodied, but he brushed these thoughts aside, as Alcar let him disembody consciously and would have warned him beforehand.
Whenever he was to experience a problem, everything was different too.
No, he hadn’t been in the spheres.
That feeling of inner spiritual quietness remained with him that entire morning, until the moment when he sensed that he was under a certain influence, which made him understand its meaning, and he became connected with the miraculous.
In the past this peaceful feeling even used to scare him, because he hadn’t known what would happen to him.
Again this was the case, but he had learnt to wait and not to get nervous any more, because all the instances of proof had given him this confidence.
It had developed into a strong knowledge.
Nowadays it no longer frightened him, and he would wait in submission for the things to come.
While he was deep in thought he suddenly felt how he was being acted upon and that he was passing into another condition.
Yet he remained aware of everything that was happening to him and around him.
He wondered what this was all about, but he calmly let himself become influenced.
In this way, in complete submission, Alcar would be able to reach him.
What he felt and perceived was very strange to him.
He was being linked up with something he didn’t yet understand.
Then a lovely scent reached him which made his interest in the invisible powers around him increase.
He looked around whether there were any flowers in his room that spread this odour.
But there were no flowers, only a vase with red tulips and these couldn’t have caused this smell.
Following these phenomena he heard a soft sound.
It seemed as if someone was whispering to him, but not clearly enough to be understood.
At times it was away and then it would be close by again; it was audible above his head too.
It was often very fierce, as if something unpleasant was happening which caused this mood.
He wondered what this could mean.
Were these really sounds he was hearing?
Now he heard it again, even more clearly than the first time, and he knew that these weren’t voices.
During his occult séances he had heard the spirits talking and he knew their voices; they sounded just as they had when they still dwelt on earth.
Their voices were human, but what he heard now was completely different.
He had experienced a lot in the field of occultism, but this was strange and completely new to him.
Again he tried to catch the sound and he listened attentively.
No, these weren’t human voices, this was something very peculiar.
But what was it?
He walked to and fro in his room to hear it more distinctly.
While he was standing in one of the corners of his room, listening and wanting to turn back again, he felt how he was being stopped.
An invisible power prevented him from moving on.
He quietly let himself become influenced and he felt how he was being pushed towards the table, where the tulips were.
He immediately understood the meaning and wanted to rush forward, but again he felt how he was being held back.
Then he was gently pushed forward, and step by step he approached the vase with the tulips.
He was aware of everything and able to think normally.
When he had nearly reached the table he got an enormous shock.
The sound he had just heard had been caused by the tulips.
He thought he must be going mad.
He stood there at the table like a statue.
What was he to do?
What was the meaning of all this?
A few seconds passed.
He felt prompted to talk to the flowers.
There was a strong urge inside of him to do so.
Yet he hadn’t the courage, and he thought of various material things to check whether he was still in his right mind.
Yes, he thought, I’m normal, my line of thinking is in perfect order.
It didn’t last long before he felt completely linked up with the flowers.
A miracle was taking place.
When he touched the tulips with his hands, a strange feeling came over him.
One flower would induce a sense of peace in him, another brought on fear, yet another made him feel rebellious and he felt an urge to destroy everything around.
While he was busy rearranging them one by one, he felt various forces of feeling flowing through his body.
His urge to talk increased and when he started, he sensed general approval.
He sensed these various transitions of feeling very clearly.
A most beautiful and most sacred feeling came over him when he sensed how some tulips would soon wither and die.
It was a very strange yet intense feeling, the approaching end of this very brief existence.
He was seized by a slight dizziness and he felt sleepy; he felt a delightful sense of peace entering him while sadness at the same time overwhelmed him.
He remained linked up with them for several minutes until he suddenly realized how unnaturally he was acting.
He got scared of his own feelings.
He, an earthly human being, was talking to flowers and sensed their lives as flowers.
They were just like people, with their likes and dislikes, and they had their various emotional traits too.
It made his mind reel.
For the second time he touched himself, he felt his head and his arms, thought of other material conditions and he observed that he was normal.
Am I still in this world, he thought, or have I been drawn into their world?
After he had checked everything he was aware that everything was normal and that he was able to think and feel, see and hear as an earthly human being.
There stood the radio, there was one of the his paintings on the wall, that Alcar had made for him.
This was a brown suit he was wearing, that a table, he heard people talking on the street and saw them passing by.
Everything was normal, and yet he felt himself in a world which differed from the one he was conscious of on earth.
He was alive and aware of everything surrounding him, and yet he was connected with a different kind of life.
After he had checked all this, he again began to talk with the flowers.
And this time he felt even more intensely linked up with their life.
His feelings carried him off into the earth and made him take part in the whole process.
He sensed where this life, from seed to flower, was leading to, the journey it had made until they had found a spot here in this vase.
A most sacred moment occurred when he witnessed how the bud was about to open up and spread out as a flower.
A soft moaning, a painful feeling came over him.
This awakening was painful to them too.
He felt how he tightened up within, as if his body was about to blow apart.
It was an intense feeling, which he became genuinely aware of.
Afterwards something beautiful took hold of him, it was the song of the awakening life.
It felt that it has been born, and he too shared this happiness.
Then he had a vision how they were being picked, and a cold shiver went through him.
A piercing feeling it was and he trembled with deep emotion.
It was a fearsome experience that took away his sense of life.
Afterwards he noticed how his feeling darkened into an expectant submission, the end of an existence.
A mist lay over everything, the end was soon to come.
He ardently spoke with all of them.
Especially with those that would soon wither, for them he chose sweet and strong words to mitigate their passing on.
They were lamenting, he felt that very clearly.
‘Come’, he said, ‘your life is short, and I sense quite well that man hastens on its end.
Yet you must be calm and share with each other the life that you possess.
Why rebel?
Is there disharmony in this life too?
Does one push aside the other?
Aren’t you all destined to die?
Must you make life harder for one another than it already is?
Come, be calm and happy’
André clearly felt the life which God had laid down in them.
He spoke to them, and after he had rearranged them, one after the other, they all regained their peace.
‘Right’, he said, ‘that’s better.
Now follow the road which we humans must also follow, even though we don’t want to.
Man thinks too much of himself and believes himself to be too strong and he’s too pleased with himself.
Let there be peace in your midst.
Life for you is short, I know, because I was allowed to follow this process just now.
Is there no peace and no happiness at all?
Not in your world either?’
They were all listening to him and he heard their voices; their change in emotions, it all went through him.
He could have gone on talking like this for hours, it had been a sacred moment for them and for him.
Suddenly he heard his name being called and Alcar told him that the link would be cut.
It gave André a shock and he got the feeling that he should demagnetize them, so he did.
Then he experienced another miracle: the moment he started to demagnetize them, the tulips that had drooped down suddenly raised themselves, so that they stood there in the vase like upright candles.
How is this possible, he thought, surely this proves that I was linked up with them.
What was this miracle that had been revealed to him?
A holy, warm feeling went through him and he felt that the link had been broken.
He knelt down before the vase with flowers to thank God and Alcar, his leader, for this fortune.
He prayed for a long time and when he stopped, he rushed over to his mother to tell her about this great event.
‘Mum, come up with me, a miracle has happened.’
His mother looked at him and shook her head.
She saw that strange gleam in his eyes which she had already seen so often and which she knew.
When her boy was in a trance, or when he was linked up with other powers that acted through him, his eyes would get a soft yet faraway gleam.
Then she knew that he had experienced something strange again.
Together they went up to his room.
The first words she spoke to him were: ‘My boy, however could you arrange those tulips like that.’
And to put her words into action she wanted to rearrange the flowers.
André understood that something was acting upon her too and he leapt over and prevented her from even touching the vase.
She looked at him and thought: Oh, so he’s in a different world again.
‘Sit down over there, mum, and listen to what I’m going to tell you.’
She willingly did what her child requested and sat down.
‘Listen to me, mother, as you’ve never listened to me before.
If ever you wanted to hear me out, then do so now.
You know that everything which is given to me through Alcar and all the other intelligences is sacred to me, don’t you?
When I’m allowed to diagnose an illness or to heal a sick person, I will convey everything and never add anything because it would sadden Alcar.
You know that, don’t you?
When I see something, I will never make it sound more beautiful than it is.
I know, mum, that if I were to do so, I would have to make amends some day.
Many spirits are watching me, how I use my gift, and as I’m aware of that, everything that has to do with life after death is sacred to me.’
His mother, who wanted to contradict him as she already knew all this, didn’t get the chance, because he prevented her.
‘No mum, let me finish.
I must tell you more.
Tell me honestly and don’t forget that this is holy earnest to me. Tell me, mum, do you think that I’m normal, that I’m talking to you like a normal human being?’
His mother was about to laugh, in spite of all his holy seriousness, but checked herself because she saw him give way and change colour.
She nodded to indicate that all was well.
‘Now listen carefully.
I have just been talking to flowers, mum.
Oh, I’m so happy.’
‘What did you say, you talked to the flowers?’
‘Yes, mum, you don’t think I’m abnormal though, do you?
I don’t yet know what this means, but I spoke with the tulips and sensed their life.
But one thing I do know, and not only do I know it, but I feel it intensely, namely that I could embrace everything that’s alive.
Oh, what a marvellous feeling there is inside of me, a feeling that I’ve never had before.’
His mother got up out of her chair and left without saying a word.
André heard her mumbling.
‘Strange, very strange this is.’
To her and to the mother’s head this was all too much and too deep.
Since quite some time she felt that she no longer knew her boy and that he was far, far away from her.
She sensed how this distance was increasing by the day, until he would finally be out of her reach, which sometimes saddened her heart.
André, who was left alone, heard his leader talking to him.
‘Is my boy happy and are you a little more composed, André?
Did it not have too strong an impact on you, and take up too much of your strength?
Was the emotion not too great for you?
Is André convinced of this great miracle?
Do you feel, my boy, that a holy blessing has entered you?
And don’t you want to thank our great Father, which you already did, from the bottom of your heart and call out: Father, what have you given to me?
How can I thank You?
Would you not be willing to give your life for everything that lives, if that was required?
Does André not sense a love now for everything that’s alive?
Aren’t you able now to love all people and don’t you want to cry out how happy you are?
Does my son find it so hard to understand that I was allowed to connect him with the life which God put into everything?
That God knows your determination to do our work and has heard your prayers for wisdom, strength and love?
Listen, André: Long ago, when we were together for the first time, when you got to know those who live in happiness on this side, you got a vivid longing deep within to be allowed to possess similar attunement.
You knelt down every day, every hour, and prayed that God might grant us the power to develop you into a pure instrument.
At that time, André, I already knew that you would one day receive that holy mercy.
That God would permit us to link you up with life.
This has now occurred.
You have awakened in the spirit and you feel sisterly and brotherly love.
You will retain this holy feeling forever; it has become your possession.
Now your battle will no longer thwart you, and you will bear the cross which God gave you to carry.
You will be able to sense the life that comes your way and you will act according to your love.
One other thing: I brought you into this state of rest while you were still in deep sleep, so that you could quietly absorb this great happening.
I could only accomplish this by linking up with you and maintaining this connection.
So you sensed my inner peace, my own attunement.
You know how we, in our attunement, sense the life in all things.
I also conveyed the floral scent to you to attune your feeling and your interest to this event, which enabled me to link you up and get your entire concentration to find attunement to this, so that you would be able to follow this process.
This was all successfully accomplished.
I made you stop, and step by step I took you over to the tulips to safeguard the connection against disturbance.
Afterwards I let you feel how disharmony prevails in nature too.
I also made you sense the forces of feeling in life, the power a life possesses, and I made the process of generation reel off within your feeling.
You were able to follow everything clearly.
Only when man enters the first happy sphere on this side, will he be able to sense life in everything, because his feeling finds attunement in the spirit.
Is that clear to you?
Man on earth cannot exist in this condition, that’s why I had to link up with you to let you go through this.
So it was my will that caused you to experience this, but it was also your fervent plea to serve us as a pure instrument.
Without us you wouldn’t have sensed life.
You will continue to develop this feeling, André, which is now within you, and one day it will find attunement to our conditions, which will mean eternal happiness to you.
Link up in a spirit of love, it will enable you to sense everything, just as life feels when it links up.
This love, my boy, is your possession.
Life is yours, my boy, be happy and let others partake in your happiness.
I must go.
Your Alcar.’
How mighty love was.
Miracles were being revealed to him, one after the other.
All of this due to sacred spiritualism.