Spiritual help on earth

‘We’ll do the rest on foot, André.’
They were in a big city now.
They had passed through many streets.
André had already experienced this on his previous journey, and again it was all very remarkable to him.
A lot of people had gathered on a street corner.
‘I wonder what’s going on over there, Alcar?’
‘Let’s take a look.
There’s no danger in getting a little closer. Nobody can see us.
An accident, André.
A human being, fatally injured.
This sort of thing happens every day, but what takes place on this side is unknown to many.
The man who has just been run over is about to pass on.
He is unconscious.
As far as I can see, it will still take a few minutes and then his spiritual body will free itself from matter.
Look, André, his relatives are coming to fetch him.
In the spheres they know about his arrival.’
‘How can they possibly know, Alcar?’
‘I’ll tell you more about this shortly.’
André saw a luminous being that was taking care of the man.
‘Who is that, Alcar?’
‘A spiritual doctor, my son.
He’ll make it easier for the man to pass on.’
André saw a grey haze around the physical body.
He had perceived the same kind of cloud around his aunt when she was about to leave the earth.
Hers had had more beauty, she was spiritually very high.
Here he perceived a dense mass.
It slowly drew upward.
A human being was about to leave the earth.
It was something quite ordinary and yet he shivered.
Was he prepared to die?
He immediately thought of the man’s inner condition.
Had the time really come for him to go on his last journey?
Alcar looked at him and said:
‘I will answer all these questions shortly.’
André thought: How great Alcar is that he immediately knows what I’m thinking.
‘You see, my son, how spiritual help is present to fetch him.
Look, his spiritual body is about to part from matter.’
‘What does that haze mean, Alcar? Is that the same as I was allowed to see when auntie passed on?’
‘A similar situation, but a different attunement.
Is that clear to you?’
André understood.
‘He won’t be able to enter higher spheres.
His place is in darkness.
It would have been better for him if he had been allowed to live on on earth, to work at his inner condition.
He’s still far removed from the higher spheres.
Come, let’s continue, I’ll make everything clear to you on the way.
It’s the Land of Twilight that borders on the dark areas where he will awaken.
After a long period of unconsciousness due to his sudden transition he will, also as a result of his own attunement, live on this side in keeping with his inner feelings and find his attunement.
There it will be made clear to him that he died on earth.’
‘Isn’t he aware either that he has passed on?’
‘No, how could he know?
He isn’t aware of anything and believes to be on earth because he sees life.
Only after you have become familiar with their life will all this take on meaning for you.
A heathen won’t suddenly become an angel in the life after death.
In his situation there won’t be the slightest change either.
God calls all His children in His time.
In the spheres they know of his arrival.
They bear this knowledge within.
Those who don’t sense this are warned by others with whom they are linked up.
This isn’t always possible.
It depends on the specific attunement which man possesses.
Those who are connected by links of love bear this knowledge because they sense it beforehand.
So it’s simple to understand that the coarse-material spirit will know nothing about its arrival.
A master from the first spiritual sphere (the fourth sphere of light) knows of every being that leaves the earth when and how it will pass on.
I will explain more about this to you during this journey.
Man’s arrival on this side is neither a second too early nor too late.
It’s God’s holy Will and nothing can be changed about that.
And when a spirit in the spheres begins to sense that a loved one will arrive, which he often knows years in advance, he returns to earth to support him during his last years and to urge him to develop spiritually.
It will make them happy on this side.
However, they cannot reach the human being who senses materially.
That is why spiritualism is sacred, a great mercy and a holy power given to man.
That’s how they can reach them.
We know no other way, and when they have been roused by elements of proof, then they have reached their goal.
That is how those who have already been here a long time go about to help their fathers and mothers, their sisters and brothers.
Everything is God’s guidance, André.
So accept that they pass on in good time.
However, there are also conditions which are not in keeping with God’s laws.
Many arrive here too early, they are sent on by others.
Oh, woe unto them who cause this to happen.
Their misery is terrible.
For thousands of years they live in the dark spheres to pay the penalty for the sins they committed within a short earthly life.
Isn’t it atrocious?
Must man disgrace himself in such a way?
They live in the Valley of Sorrows and they are unaware of their lives.
You will see them too on this journey.
There are people on earth who believe that the countless beings that populate this planet ought to be cruelly destroyed.
Look, we’ve reached the spot where I wanted to be.
Come André, we’ll descend here.
I want to show you that help is also present for those who pass on together in greater numbers.
Give me your left hand and remain linked up with me.
This serves as a contact, enabling you to perceive in visionary attunement.
All your powers of concentration are required.
We’re in a kind of subterranean hell on earth here, in the corridors of a coal-mine.
What I will show to you has already happened, and it will also prove to you that whatever man experiences on earth continues to exist.
I was present when the accident happened.’
André saw nothing.
There was no-one present in the mine.
Suddenly he felt a strange current passing through him.
This put him into a different condition from the one he had just been in.
He thought he saw something take shape, and after a few seconds he saw various people gathered.
They were at work and he clearly felt the awfully hard life they were leading.
How was it possible to recall this image?
Yet everything was just as alive as it had been at that time.
He also saw, which he thought was very strange, a lot of astral beings, whom he could distinguish from the earthly ones.
What was going to happen?
What was this image that was being shown to him?
‘What’s the meaning of all this, Alcar?’
‘First look over there, my son.’
André looked at the spot his leader was pointing at.
Hundreds of spirits were gathered.
It looked as if they were waiting for a certain thing to happen.
Immediately afterwards he heard a tremendous rumbling sound and he understood what this meant.
The accident had happened.
All the spirits spread about.
‘You see, André, that this too is known to us.
Spiritual help on earth.
Some of them could be saved, but most of them passed on.
Now there is sorrow on earth, but mere happiness in the spheres, as they will be linked up with their loved ones if they are attuned to them.
Others will be brought to places where there is even more sadness than during their miserable life on earth.
Here they ascended, on this side they can’t.
Here they were together with their loved ones, on our side they live alone, in darkness and in the cold.
There were those among them who had kept their inner light burning.
They were the happy ones who now live in a radiance and a happiness they have never known on earth before.
This subterranean hell is not to be compared to a hell in the life after death.
The hell in which they dwell at present will cease to exist when their inner condition finds attunement to a higher level of spiritual existence.
It will be clear to you that they knew about this accident on this side.
Come, let’s go up to the surface again, where I will show you some other images.
Man should not forget his inner life on earth.
The end may come very quickly.
Then there will be a need for spiritual possession, for the love that enables him to possess light and happiness on this side.
If someone on earth thinks he will live for a long time, then the end is near.’
‘Keep your light burning, man on earth; God calls you unexpectedly.
How rapidly your earthly light will be extinguished, and then your spiritual light will mean happiness to you on this side.
Here they live in darkness, and they won’t surface until they’ve won their battle.
With such an intensity and such a fathomless depth you could never possibly imagine.
Their horrible existence on earth was a heaven compared to their condition on this side.
There is still time.
You are still in possession of your earthly life.
Make good, friends, of the things you still have, but don’t make good of matter, save yourself, save your inner life in order to possess the light on this side which marks your eternal life.’
André saw another sad image: nothing but misery.
Hundreds of people were standing at the gate of the mine, waiting for those who would not return.
‘To those, André, who have lost their husbands and children, I call out: ‘Pray that God may give you the strength to bear all this.
Pray that your eyes may be opened and that they may return to tell you of their new life.
That they may give you the truth so that you will start a different life.
Pray that God may convince you that they live on, in an existence without end.
One day they will come to fetch you and then you will be united forever, eternally.’
Come André, there’s another condition I will explain to you.
I could show you thousands of similar conditions.
And they will all convince you that no being on earth is ever forgotten; everywhere on earth, where man travels his last journey, help is present.
The image which I will show you now also belongs to the past.
I could do this in some other way, in your room for example, but I want you to experience this.
It will, above all, make it clear to you that when we link up with the earth everything comes alive for us, so that we experience it anew.
Now try to link up with the earth.
You will then clearly sense the present condition of nature.’
André did what his leader told him.
At that same moment he heard a terrible noise.
It was the howling of a hurricane which he thought would destroy him.
He looked for his leader’s protection, who regarded him with a smile.
‘Are you anxious, André?’
How can matter destroy the spirit?
Is that possible?’
André understood.
No, it wasn’t possible.
He was one with matter.
He felt it all because he had linked up with it.
It was strange to him, he hadn’t felt as scared in those subterranean corridors as he did now.
He had experienced it down there too.
So how could this be?
‘You experienced everything due to my powers.’
André thought it was marvellous how Alcar had caught his thoughts again and made everything clear to him.
Now he understood everything.
He hadn’t been linked up at the time.
‘Is this clear to you, André?
In that mine I made you look at things from within our condition.
At present we are one with matter.
Nature is rising in revolt, something you clearly sense.
It shows you that we can link up whenever we want to.
Reduce your powers of concentration and return to your previous attunement.
Look at the image I will now show you.
I was allowed to witness this scene too, where many passed on.’
André saw how he was floating above the ocean.
Below he saw a large sea-castle that was at the mercy of the waves.
It would soon be going down.
Above the ship he saw a white cloud in which he could clearly distinguish beings, enveloped by a spiritual haze.
He immediately understood what this meant.
Spirits who would lend their help to those who would soon pass on.
Here too help was present.
‘No matter where, as I already told you, helpers from our side will be present everywhere to fetch the human being who is about to pass on.
There is nothing I need to add to this.
And now on to another situation.’