The sphere where children dwell, and reincarnation

‘And now for the higher spheres.’
They glided onward.
‘The fourth sphere, my son, is Summerland.
This is where you met your aunt and here too the people of the earth visit their loved ones, of which they are unaware after they’ve returned.
I already made this plain to you during our first journey.
But there’s another Summerland too, it’s located in the mental regions.
When man passes on and enters that land, he cannot return to this sphere, nor to any other.
One passes on to it.
It’s the sphere where the spiritual body and that of the soul split up, and the soul continues on its way.
Man has reached his spiritual attunement and passes on into other conditions.
We won’t stay in the fourth sphere, we’ll go straight on to the sphere of the angels, which is an intermediary sphere connecting the fourth and the fifth sphere.
That’s where the little ones of the earth live, from the unborn baby onwards, until they reach the age of three.
The child that has experienced the process of awakening consciousness in matter grows up on this side, even if it didn’t see the sun rise on earth.
All the little ones are brought to this sphere and raised by spirits of love who possess true mother-love.
It wouldn’t be possible for other beings to care for the little ones; this will become clear to you when we arrive there.
Their peace is taken care of.
When they’re seven years old according to earthly standards, they pass on to other spheres, depending on their attunement.’
‘Don’t those little ones have the same attunement, Alcar?’
‘No, that isn’t possible.
Not until they have reached the age of fourteen do they take on their true attunement to further their own development.
On earth people suppose that those young beings possess a heaven, and their situation is indeed heavenly, but it’s not the heaven the people have in mind.
I’ll try to explain this to you.
When children pass on before birth, in other words, when they’re stillborn, they are spiritual children, but not angels in the true sense of the word.
They cannot enter an angelic state, for the simple reason that they lack the appropriate attunement.
There are beings between the seventh sphere and the mental areas who may call themselves angels because they do possess this attunement.
I also told you that it’s the place where the soul and the spirit split up.
It’s therefore impossible to enter an angelic sphere from the earth – even if one hasn’t experienced matter, like the child that passes on before birth – because they have had dealings with the earth.
That life would never have made it there.
Is that clear?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘Now for another condition.
Those who have a task to fulfil in these spheres, or even on earth, remain below their own condition, because if they were to possess a higher attunement they would no longer return.
Not until they have accomplished their task will they fare forth.
So all creatures, in other words: each life that dwells on earth and arrives there, lives below the seventh sphere; otherwise it wouldn’t be possible for them to work here.
My master is in charge of all these areas, including the earth.
When he passes on to the mental regions, another spirit will continue his work, and he cannot return because his spirit and his soul split up.
Now the angels who live in the mental regions have awakened cosmically.
They are angels in cosmic attunement.
Those who dwell in the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh sphere are angels in spiritual attunement.
This attunement cannot be compared to a cosmic mentality which they possess over there.
My attunement corresponds with the fifth sphere, so it’s not an angelic sphere, but all those who live there are children in the spirit.
Children who love spiritually.
We’re still far removed from those who can call themselves angels.
Is this clear to you too?
So they are children of the spheres.
Spiritually attuned creatures.
If this is all clear to you, then you’ll understand that when a mother believes her child to be an angel, she proves she doesn’t understand that attunement.’
‘Is the link between mother and child kept intact?’
‘I already explained that to you too, and affirmed it.
This link is maintained because the parents wanted this connection and established it themselves.
Yet they bear the heavy task of attuning to their child if they want to become linked when they arrive here.’
‘That’s a sad truth, Alcar.’
‘It certainly is, my son.
They don’t get to see their little ones, not even when they arrive on this side.
It’s a spiritual law which says that the parents must attune, and only when they possess this power of love will this law cease to govern them.
Look, that’s Summerland over there.’
Again André saw a mighty light breaking through.
It was the light from the fourth sphere.
‘You already know this attunement, so we won’t stay here. We‘ll rapidly continue until we have reached the angelic sphere, where we’ll stop for a while.’
In a flash Alcar had moved on.
‘Look over there, in front of you, an angelic sphere, in spiritual attunement.
The little ones dwell here in the peace of the spirit.’
André saw a beautiful country.
He hadn’t seen anything of such beauty in the places he had visited until now.
Nature appeared Divine.
He couldn’t have found the words to describe it.
Perfect peace prevailed.
The sky was swathed in a silvery haze, mirroring nature.
Everything around was reflected in the silvery firmament.
It was a mighty sight for a creature from the earth.
It meant nothing but happiness to him.
What would the higher spheres be like if this already seemed like paradise.
All this was Divine.
The little ones dwelt in heavenly beauty.
Flowers everywhere, surrounded by young life which nature displayed in all its glory.
It formed a symphony of colours.
Nothing but life, their happiness was inherent in all things.
There were benches all around, amidst flowers, where the little ones could abide.
They were far off in the distance, together with their (spiritual) mothers.
He saw them wandering about everywhere and everything breathed happiness, the inner state of the being.
Beautiful they would be, pure and immaculate.
He couldn’t believe himself, there they were, the children of the earth.
Oh, if only a saddened mother could linger here for a short moment, she would forget her sorrow.
He saw beautiful temples, made of snow-white marble.
They lived here like royal children.
He also sensed that no prince or princess on earth could ever possess this happiness.
Happiness on earth couldn’t be compared to this.
‘Can’t we draw up a little nearer, Alcar?
Maybe I could get a better view of them.’
‘No, André, we can’t.
We’re not allowed to approach them, we would disturb their peace.’
André understood.
Why wasn’t he satisfied?
Alcar could of course link up, but he didn’t do so for him.
He hadn’t got far enough yet to merge with them.
But he felt happy that he was permitted to take a look within this beautiful sphere.
‘Come over here, André, we’ll sit down.’
They sat together in an abundance of beauty.
He inhaled nothing but happiness, pure happiness, the happiness of a child from the spheres.
He had a feeling of well-being and it invigorated him deep within.
‘What bliss God has in store for all His children, Alcar.’
‘There is heavenly bliss for everyone, but man destroys his eternal life during his short earthly existence.
To be allowed to inhale this, will strengthen the powers of your soul.
However, we aren’t linked up with a holy spirit yet, no more than certain people on earth.
You know where we’ve been.
I would rather dwell here than amongst those who allegedly saw the holy spirit descend.
Now you understand that spiritual children cannot be brought to earth to be raised by a physical being.
I wouldn’t have said anything more about it if it wasn’t so terribly sad.
All the things that live on earth are far too crude for this condition.
Those who live here can’t manifest themselves on earth.
It’s impossible.
Aren’t earthly human beings too coarse for these little ones?
Shouldn’t we stay far away from them too?
Only a pompous clairvoyant could convey this falsehood, others would consider everything too sacred and be awe-struck by this truth.
That kind of person won’t know until he too arrives here one day what a mess he has made of his life.
I want to talk about the mothers now, who stay behind in grief and sorrow.
The little ones live in happiness, the parents bear the grief and sorrow.
For the little ones it’s marvellous, and so it is for every other creature if it may leave the earth at an early stage.
It has a spiritual meaning to be allowed to die young on earth.
It’s God’s intention, and man on earth must accept all this.
Possession on earth isn’t really possession.
To know this and to live accordingly, that’s what God’s intention is.
But man will not relinquish the things he believes to be his own, and this is especially true when he must part with a loved one.
He then lives in grief and sorrow, whereas those who have passed on live in heavenly bliss.
To know this and to act accordingly, in complete submission, that is God’s will, and it makes man come alive.
But how little this is understood on earth.
If they accept this, sorrow will no longer be sorrow.
That’s how we know and feel that they don’t possess pure love.
God calls all His children, and that happens in His time, which no creature can or will ever change.
Here they live in heavenly happiness, but their ignorance disturbs them in their happiness.
Their grief and sorrow extends throughout all areas and reaches those who feel the peace of the spirit.
If people accept all this, they will live, and life on earth will be understood.
They put everything into God’s hands because they know that their little ones live like royal children, which will make them happy too.
One day their loved ones will approach them; in spheric beauty, in happiness, in love they will await them.
Then they will be united forever, provided they possess love and are attuned to them.
When they have been roused on earth, they will live just as we on the side beyond live, which is God’s intention.
Such is the development of mankind on earth. Then man will live, and possess a different attitude of mind.
However, we are aware of the present situation on earth.
Isn’t it all at odds with God’s holy laws?
Do people understand that great happening in matter?
Did God intend this sacred event to become defiled?
Didn’t I make it plain to you that it’s done out of passion?
Mothers are heartbroken when they lose their child, but they can claim nothing, nothing at all for themselves.
The churches lay down laws stating that their happiness depends on the amount of children they bear.
And how this takes place is of no importance, as long as they submit.
The way in which they multiply isn’t given a second thought.
No-one asks whether it’s done out of passion or violence.
And when God takes their possession away from them, mother-hearts are broken.
What kind of morals is this?
Nothing but earthly, material conditions, which have no meaning in the spirit.
What’s the use and what’s the purpose of multiplying in this way?
If the feeling is material, then how can the spiritual core develop?
Can a material condition, which doesn’t foster wisdom in the spirit, awaken the core, even make it grow and bloom if the conception is due to passion?
Is this possible?
Do you feel, my boy, what I mean?
I want to make it clear to you that everything is earthly and, because they experience the spiritual in a material way, they will be destroyed by matter too.
None of these conditions causes life to be in harmony with God.
None of these parents will see the light which a sower of light reaps.
Those who experience this sacred event in a purely earthly manner will, because they are material, live in sorrow and grief, because they oppose God.
‘But’, man asks, ‘then what does all this mean?’
The meaning of it all is to live just as all things in nature live, and life will then prosper in happiness, in beauty, and everything will bring forth wisdom.
When people merge in love, nothing but a blessing will rest upon that union.
Then they follow the way God has intended.
If they ask God to grant the being they will receive wisdom, strength and love, then everything will show itself as a blessing for them and for the earth, because God’s blessing will rest upon their lives.
Their longing will cause the child to be blessed, as their union took place in love, and so the young life will grow up and later on it will even offer warmth to others.
Then happiness will prevail on earth, because the people will realize that life is eternal.
Their possession, born in love, will give love, and thereby change the mentality of the earth.
Then there will be no more war because every creature will understand earthly life, as the parents united in the spirit.
Love will make life perfect.
Man lives on earth with the sacred goal of accomplishing a task, which makes his life worth living.
That is why I call out to all parents: Pray that God may bless your possession, that God may install His holy Powers, wisdom and love into the young life, making your life worthwhile, letting you gain spiritual powers, and one day will grant you happiness on this side, forever and in all eternity!
Only then will a bond have been established with a sacred goal, and the marriage will know nothing but happiness.
Then life on earth will no longer be frightful, there will be no sorrow or grief, nothing but happiness.
Then the holiness of this event will be understood and the mothers will awaken, because they have become linked in the spirit.
There will be no more violence, because man lives.
No longer will people ask ‘why’ and ‘for what reason’, they will put everything into God’s hands, because they know.
Their lives will change from a surging whirlpool into a straight path, leading upward towards higher regions, to God.
Their passing on on earth will be a journey to an eternal land, and they will envy others who passed on before them.
Then there will be no sorrow and no grief because they know they will meet up again on this side.
Death will not mar their lives, death will no longer mean dying, it will spell life to them.
Then everything will be different and on earth a God of love will be known.
Then they will bear the cross which God gave them to carry.
Now they weep like little children when they have to part with their possessions.
Does their love mean more to them than merely possessing their child?
They will have to follow our path, because it’s God’s path, which all who dwell on this side and live in the highest heavens, have followed.
Another thing, my son: When a child, or any other creature, leaves the earth, this passing on has a meaning.
But these situations cannot be fathomed on earth.
Early transitions in the spirit mean that life has experienced the awakening of consciousness in matter.
Those who experience this will have to give up everything.
It’s God’s will.
We on this side know the attunement of the life that lives on earth.
We know why a human life visits the earth.
It is known here why a child leaves the earth before it is born.
We know and understand both these situations because the masters possess this cosmic attunement.
This all is reincarnation.’
‘Do you accept this law, Alcar?’
It signifies the cycle of the soul.
Later on we will follow the psychic laws and you will get to know these conditions too.
But more about that soon.
Is it clear to you now that when man leaves the earth at an early stage, that it’s God’s will?
That the parents were temporarily granted this happiness in matter?
And that it’s matter in which man will develop spiritually?
Isn’t everything simple?’
‘Alcar, as you explained to me on earth, a mother doesn’t live together with her child if they pass on together, but is this true for everyone?’
‘Unfortunately it is, for every creature.
The mother who enters the third sphere from the earth will soon see her little one.
But to merge with it, no, that’s impossible.
This will not be accepted on earth, but it’s the truth.
I’ll make it even clearer to you.
The mother enters the sphere which she is attuned to.
This is clear, isn’t it?
We know that no form of life can enter the first spiritual existential sphere, which is the fourth sphere, from the earth.
Now the mother passes on, together with her child.
The spiritual being enters here, the mother enters the sphere of her attunement.
So she lives under this condition, but is allowed to visit her little one when she has progressed accordingly.
Don’t forget that many a mother slipped beyond animalistic behaviour.
They bear a young life and don’t even know who the child’s father is.
There are thousands of other conditions in which the mother is coarse-material and cannot visit a spiritual sphere.
I ask you, was such a child born in love?
Was it all love?
Did the mother tune in to the child?
Wouldn’t everything be earthly and God a pitiful creature?
His Creation wouldn’t be Omnipotence, it wouldn’t be a Power that could rule man and all the other planets.
What would God be?
Like man himself, material.
Would that be possible?
No, a thousand times no.’
‘Is the mother attuned to the child, which possesses the father’s inner light, Alcar?’
‘The mother, André, lives in an unconscious state and is alive yet dead.’
‘How many mothers arrive here in that unfortunate condition?’
‘Thousands, my son, and one in a thousand will see her little one again.
They themselves want it that way, because they live materially, and because the most sacred thing bestowed on her was blemished.
So could these creatures dwell together?
Could she bear that love, that pure and holy love, that light, that golden, pure light on this side?
No, never.
God planned everything and never punishes a child, but the child punishes itself.’
‘It all sounds terrible, Alcar.’
‘But don’t forget that man has control over all this, he himself possesses light, and deep darkness too.’
‘You said that early transitions mean reincarnation; do they know anything about this when they enter here?’
‘No, nobody knows anything about that.
I already told you that only those can know who have, in a cosmic sense, been roused.
Only those who dwell in the mental areas can sense and understand reincarnation.
Life arrives on earth in an unconscious state and returns from there and is only aware of its earthly life.’
‘Is it known here from where life on earth passes on?
And how this happens?’
‘No, this isn’t known to us either.’
‘Do you know how often man will visit the earth?’
‘Yes, that is known to us.
A life will return to earth until it feels spiritually, even if it has a material attunement.
When it has reached that stage, nothing is left for it to learn there.
Is that clear to you?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I understand it all.
Is it possible for a human being to fall deeper than his spiritual level?’
‘Carry on like that, André, that’s a very good question.
No, it isn’t possible, even if the possibilities were offered to him on earth.
To make it clear to you that this is impossible, I will tell you something which demonstrates this impossibility, even if a person is in an unconscious state.
I was present at this occasion. So I’m telling you my own personal experience.
When I pursued my way on earth to get to know the earthly conditions, I witnessed this event.
A hypnotist put his subject, it was a girl of about twenty years, in a trance and made her do certain things.
She complied with his wishes and so she acted according to his will.
Suddenly he ordered her to undress.
What happened?
She definitely refused.
His power over her broke due to the power behind her spiritual attunement; her personality saved her, which manifested itself in her refusal.
She definitely refused in her unconscious state what she wouldn’t have done consciously either.
So it’s clear that even in an unconscious state man cannot fall deeper because he possesses the relevant powers without knowing.
Man isn’t conscious of it.
So it will be clear to you that if the subject didn’t possess these inner powers, she would have complied with his wishes.
Likewise many powers lie dormant in man, unconsciously, and other conditions of life too of which he isn’t conscious but which are all conditions he has gone through and which have therefore entered his power of feeling.
The parapsychologists of the earth will analyze all these conditions and to them the subconscious embraces everything, even the psychic phenomena that our side gives to the earth.
That young science will flourish the day it accepts the psychic hypothesis.
It’s a science which finds attunement to eternal truth, but as long as they cannot sense this attunement, since they reject that one and only possibility, they will only be fathoming deep depths which they’re not attuned to.
If they don’t accept eternal life, science is and will remain earthly, which means the life that lives in matter.
This cosmic reservoir is only accessible bij accepting the spiritualistic possibility.
It’s the only way for them to become connected with life.
Is this clear to you too, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.
Is it possible, Alcar, to attain that spiritual condition on this side?
Or does one have to go back to earth to acquire this degree?’
‘Your first question I can answer in the following way: only those who possess a material attunement on this side can develop themselves here in order to enter the first spiritual existential sphere.
They have reached the material attunement, which means transition into the spirit.
Your second question is harder, but I will also try to explain to you how useful it is to return into the material body.
The earth is a material condition, man is a Divine creature, yet in a coarse-material, even a pre-animal condition.
We have experienced this attunement in the dark spheres.
That’s where these creatures live, and also on earth.
How could an animal-like being ever sense a spiritual life?
Doesn’t it need an existential state to be able to experience that?
And is this possible in the spirit, after the spirit has returned to its spiritual life?
And if that is possible, then isn’t the animal-like life, which is to be experienced, wrapped in matter?
Even the very nourishment to satiate oneself in matter?
Doesn’t material life serve to develop oneself?
Isn’t it the plaything of the child?
Can animal food be found in the spheres of light?
Isn’t material life the clothing to protect oneself against the cold?
Isn’t it the breath that enables one to live?
I could go on like this, my son, to show you that the return into matter is a great mercy to life that exists in these conditions.
It needs life on earth to enter matter from the animal-like state, this is where reincarnation serves its purpose.
When man has nothing more to learn on earth, he will be ready to make the transition from matter into the spiritual life.
What is the purpose of the planet earth?
Where does it rank in the universe?
What is the purpose of God’s Creation?
Do you understand the purpose of being allowed to live there?
Why is it said: life is worth living – and is this a lie?
Isn’t this the development of the individual?
To be allowed to experience every condition of life in matter is spiritual knowledge, even if it finds attunement to matter.
And isn’t matter God’s Creation?
Isn’t it the purpose of matter to proceed to spiritual work?
Isn’t it to get to know life?
On earth man exists in the workshop of life.
Here life is a life in the mind.
In daily life man experiences everything he thinks in the spirit.
That is why man possesses a material body, and why the body that bears sensitivity is one in matter.
That, my son, is why matter is the means and the earth the possibility to rapidly develop in the spirit.
Until life rules over its own condition.
Do you feel how it is, André?
This is feeling what reincarnation is all about.
That is why I say: Be happy that it’s possible, because it’s useful for every form of life.
So my reply to your first question is, that those who have attained spiritual consciousness will not return.
In other words: These beings have accomplished their cycle on earth and continue in the spirit on this side, because for them there is nothing more to be learned on earth.
My reply to your second question is that man will visit the earth until he leaves the animalistic state and enters the spiritual.
Understood, André?’
‘I feel that this is how it has to be, Alcar, I understand you completely.
Is that guidance too, where and why man visits the earth?’
‘That too is guidance, my son.
God’s holy guidance.
Life arrives there with a set goal.
The masters are familiar with these conditions and know the location of that life on earth, the condition it’s in, what kind of life will be lived.
I will give you one very clear example to enable you to get an even better understanding how beautiful reincarnation is for the life that is allowed to visit the earth: A child is born.
A very normal event, isn’t it? But this life exists on earth to experience something.
We don’t know when, but it will experience this at a certain time in order to return to this life and follow the path to perfection.
This child grows up until it has reached the age of womanhood.
She loves children but she has been deprived of the possibility, she remains alone.
She keeps on longing for this great possession but she will not experience this Divine happening.
She grows old on earth and passes on to this world.
Her longing to be with children, to be able to care for them, was now answered.
On this side she was allowed to look after spiritual children.
She lived between the third and the fourth sphere.
At the beginning of her transition this meant great happiness to her, and yet she kept on yearning for that which would have been the most beautiful and most sacred gift to her on earth.
She lived on like this and longed for motherhood.
Here she battled with her own yearning.
After all, this cannot be experienced on this side.
Finally she gives up, closes herself off and lives on, desiring, and in solitude.
What happens to her?
Here spiritual development has come to a standstill, she has reached a deadlock.
Here battle is fierce, her longing for this possession increases in intensity.
Then suddenly a mighty law, which we are not familiar with, goes into action.
She returns to the earth to become a mother.
Now, in that life she does become a mother.
But how and where she is and how that life will be, we do not know, only those do who, as I already explained to you, possess this cosmic wisdom.
That holy mercy, my son, is experienced in matter.
This was the purpose of her life on earth.
Isn’t it mighty?
Could she ever become a mother on this side?
Therefore, André, man experiences everything in the material body on earth, that’s what matter is for the planet earth.
Could it be any clearer?
Now when all material feelings have been experienced, man returns to this life and continues on this side.
But first she will experience a feeling because beforehand her feeling was focussed, she was no longer conscious of a spiritual life and just wished for that one experience.
There are thousands of conditions, forces of feeling which man on earth must and will and can experience.
And they will experience everything in an unconscious state.
Not until we have attained that attunement on this side will we be able to admire our own film of life.
Not until we have entered the mental areas.
Not until we have become sisters and brothers and mother-love has changed into universal love.
Now a different image: Someone has property on earth.
He is happy, because he owns a lot.
Prosperity on earth means happiness to many.
But someone with spiritual feeling said to the rich man: ‘My spiritual knowledge means more to me, my spiritual treasures have more value than all your possessions.’
And these forces, this I want to stress, have induced the person, due to all his material property, to renounce everything belonging to the earth.
He possesses happiness in the spirit and he is poor in matter.
These are two different states of spiritual attunement.
Both dwell on earth.
The one doesn’t understand that the other doesn’t yearn for riches.
Yet another commits a murder to possess matter and riches.
And we see these kinds of conditions by the thousands.
Now for the core of all these conditions: the spiritual being must have lived in a certain condition to renounce all these riches in his present life, to know that they won’t make him happy. They will cause nothing but trouble, which is why he no longer wants them.
He must know what it means to possess a lot of matter on earth.
He can only know by having experienced this once, under all kinds of circumstances.
After all, man has no knowlegde of ever having lived on any planet other than the earth.
So it must have been the earth where that life mastered these powers.
In thoughts another world of existence is not possible for the coarse material human being.
Those who do possess that knowledge and have attained the appropriate force of feeling, have developed a condition in life which makes them realize that they’re on earth for a higher purpose, which are different conditions again.
So man will go on learning his lessons on earth and will also have to cast off what he wanted to possess in some other condition.
Man will discard and make amends for the destructive traits he manifested in a former life on earth.
I could go on explaining thousands of different conditions of life which would enable me to show you that everything man learns and will still learn is learnt on earth.
These contain various attunements of love, conditions of feeling as I already said, that serve to enter matter from the pre-animalistic, the animalistic, the coarse-material condition, and to attain the spiritual attunement either on this side or already on earth.
And everything, André, denotes the cycle of the soul that departs from the animalistic state and reaches the Divine.
So everything serves to develop the eternal body which is the spiritual body.’
‘This is all so profound to human understanding, Alcar, to his ability to sense this.
If I understood you correctly, reincarnation means a separation in the spirit.
Is that so?’
‘It is a separation, but definitely not in the spirit.
When we are one, there is no more separation. Being one is a connection, wherever the other life may be.
The human being who lives in this condition possesses and has attunement to universal love.
It excludes all separation.
It makes us one in all, together with all our sisters and brothers.
In that condition man has discarded all his former states of feeling and lives in this enhanced attunement.
In this attunement everything is dissolved, including father-love and mother-love, man then only knows one love, namely universal love.
We will then be sisters and brothers.
All earthly states of feeling will have been discarded and we will be one in everything.
Is that clear to you?
So no separation is possible.
However, all this only applies to those who possess this attunement.
Not until man has discarded all material states of feeling and wants to live as he should live, will his life on earth be different too.’
‘What a comfort this would be to people, Alcar, if they were to know all this.’
‘They will get to know everything, I will make it known to them through you.
I want to convince the mothers that they will see their little ones again, in radiant beauty, and will live forever in love and bliss.
Come, André, on we go.’