The contact

Mother set off for town early in the morning and around ten o’clock she was the second to be ushered into the gentleman’s house.
‘Come in, ma’am, have a seat.
You’re from the town of D., aren’t you?’
Mother Hendriks nodded.
‘I already knew that you would be coming, but how I got this knowledge, and from where, that will be explained to you later.
I want to convince you of a few things, without you giving me any information.
So please just say yes or no to confirm or deny whatever I will tell you and also to answer any questions I might put to you.
Do you understand what I mean?’
‘Yes sir.’
‘Then please listen.
You are here on behalf of your child, aren’t you?’
‘You brought along a portrait of him?’
Mother Hendriks didn’t understand how this man could know, but she got it out of her bag and gave it to him.
After Mr. Waldorf had held André’s portrait in his hands for a few minutes, he asked: ‘Don’t you find your son’s conduct very strange?’
Mother Hendriks started to cry.
‘Come, you must pull yourself together, it’s not that bad.
Please be calm, because it’s all going to get better, believe me.’
Mother was unable to restrain herself any longer and she broke down in tears.
‘Come on, ma’am, it’s not that bad, you know. Be strong.
I will tell you something beautiful.
Your boy possesses a precious gift which God has granted him.
He’s not suffering from any complaint, but something else is going on inside of him.
Tell him to come and see me.
I assure you that I will soon set him right, but then I need to talk to him as soon as possible.
You may be surprised that I am acquainted with his condition, although I have never set eyes on either you or your son before.’
‘Yes sir, it’s a mystery to me.’
‘It will all be explained to you later on by your son.
I’ll tell you again, send him to me as fast as possible and be glad that he’s allowed to do this work just like I am.
Be grateful that God allowed him the favour to be an instrument.
He will be a tool, just as I am, to convince people of life after death.
At the moment he is under spiritual influence, which is something you can’t understand yet.
But that won’t last long either, because this will soon be revealed to you by your own child.
I am glad that I have made your acquaintance. This too you will understand more later on.
It’s all a question of Guidance.
I tell you again: be glad for your son.
Go home now and send him to me as soon as possible.’
Mother Hendriks was impressed by all the things she had heard.
She asked how much she owed him, but Mr. Waldorf wouldn’t hear of it.
‘Nothing ma’am, I just want to help him.
All that gloominess, all that silence will soon be taken away from him, and then you will be happy again.
Now put aside all sadness and tell your husband that he too should thank God that your boy has received this beautiful, precious gift.’
Mother Hendriks left.
She didn’t know what to say; she didn’t understand a word.
It all appeared so strange to her, and yet something had taken away the grief she had arrived with.
Oh, if only it were true!
It wasn’t that she longed for André to have something like Mr. Waldorf had; as long as her boy got well again!
That was the main thing.
It turned out to be a happy day for the Hendriks family, but that would not become clear until later.
Father was immediately informed what had happened, and at the table his wife wanted to tell André everything too.
At first Hendriks had laughed at it.
Just fancy all that nonsense!
André doing all those things too!
But later on he did find it all very strange.
‘Well, Marie, we’ll see how things turn out!
But what about me and the business!
After all those hundreds of years that my grandfather and my father kept it going, is this supposed to be turned over into other hands when I’m unable to continue?
No Marie, that’s out of the question and I just won’t let it happen.
What would my father say if he were still alive!’
Hendriks knew he would never bring himself to do such a thing, nor did he intend to.
André would have to get well first, then he’d see.
‘No Marie, it’s all very well, but the business is worth more to me than all those other things.
Let’s first wait, because I believe that man has cast a spell on you too.’
‘Oh really, Willem, what a thing to say.
I’m not letting anybody put me under a spell and besides, Mr. Waldorf is a decent man.’
‘Oh, he’s a decent man, is he? You already seem to think the world of him. It makes me laugh.’
Hendriks kept on grumbling.
André wasn’t well at all and now his wife was heading the same way. All these stories of hers that you couldn’t make head nor tail of.
It might sound fine, but it didn’t put his mind to rest at all.
‘Do as you please, Marie, but I find it ridiculous.’
‘Willem, you can think what you like, but André is definitely going over there, because that gentleman told me that he would get better soon and I think we can safely try it.’
‘That’s what you say. Anyway, I want André to agree to it himself.
If that man can cure him, it’s all right with me, but fiddlesticks to the rest of it.
We’ll see what happens.’
Mother didn’t know how to go about telling André, and was quite impossible, during mealtime.
Perhaps he wouldn’t even believe her story, it made her nervous.
Yet it had to be done.
She would do it afterwards, when she had him to herself, otherwise father might make fun of it again and that would spoil everything.
André came for his meal and didn’t say a word.
He did look slightly better, he had slept better the previous night and was less tired.
When they had finished their meal, father left and mother got the chance to talk.
‘Listen, André, there’s something I want to tell you. I went to town for you, to see a certain Mr. Waldorf.
This gentleman is a soul doctor’, she fibbed, ‘and he has had a lot of success helping quite a few people.
You do understand that we’re worried about you.
Wouldn’t you like to go and see him?
I’ve talked to him and he asked if you would go and see him as soon as possible.
I really believe this man could help you, and he’s a friendly, good man. You’ll see for yourself.
I did it for you, son.’
‘All right, mum, I’ll go.’
Well, that wasn’t too hard, she thought, infact it was quite easy. She hadn’t expected that he would agree.
‘Should I go tomorrow, mum?’
‘Yes André, if you want to, right away tomorrow.’
Mother Hendriks was glad it had turned out so easy.
What a strange boy he had become!
André sat there in deep thought, he had answered his mother’s questions without thinking.
He didn’t even know exactly what she had been talking about.
‘Where was it you said I have to go to, mum?
Where does that man live?
Have you got his address?’
‘Just a moment, André, I’ll go and get his card, I put it in my bag. Here it is’, and she handed it over to him.
It read: G.H.Waldorf, psychometrician, clairvoyant and healing medium, Van Heelstreet 24 in the town of G.
‘What do these words mean, mum, is this the soul doctor?’
Deep down inside something told him the answer was no, but he didn’t insist, and to avoid disappointing his mother he made no further mention of the matter.
That evening a lot was revealed to him as to what was happening to him and why all this sadness had come over him.
As soon as he got to his room he felt something strange around him.
It was just as if he heard something rustling, as if the wind was blowing through the fallen leaves in the woods.
He had never felt anything like it, and it seemed very weird to him.
The draught made him shiver too. He felt that the cold stream of air didn’t come from outside, since all the windows were properly shut.
This had hardly stopped, when the plank that he was using to shape the figure of St. Anthony started to move.
And now he clearly heard knocks and again felt that cold draught.
The plank moved again and even went to and fro.
Then he again heard the knocking sounds and it caused a feeling of fear to take hold of him.
His head was feverish and his heart starting thumping.
Yet he tried to think.
Nothing like this had ever happened to him before. This was like being haunted.
But no, that didn’t exist, he didn’t believe in such things, so he shook off that thought.
Then he saw it happen again.
This was the third time.
He would have liked to move the plank of St. Anthony away, but he didn’t dare.
Something held him right on the spot where he was standing.
Again he heard the knocking, it even seemed regular now.
Three soft taps that resounded on the tabletop.
He felt as if he couldn’t get any air, it was horrible.
His throat felt choked by fear.
Suddenly he heard a voice: ‘André, be calm and pray.’
He didn’t know how it came about and why he did this, but he knelt down and started to pray.
Fear made him pray fervently from his heart, deeply from the heart to God, to take away these mysterious things that surrounded him.
Again he was startled.
Had he heard properly?
Hadn’t he heard a prayer being spoken right beside him in a clear voice?
The voice he heard was soft and tender.
It spoke the following words: ‘Father, help me to convince him.
Help me, Father, to take all sorrow from him.’
This moved him deeply, because now he was sure that he was no longer alone in his own room.
‘Oh God, for heaven’s sake, this place is haunted.
Whatever did I do?
My life isn’t worth living lately.
Oh God, protect me against all evil.
Help me, I did no wrong.’
He wept while he begged God for protection.
His whole body shook with all these emotions.
‘Is a child’s prayer no longer heard?
After all, I’m not bad. I didn’t sin, did I, and I’m not aware of any wrongdoing.
Father, help me, help me!’
And after he had prayed and had calmed down a bit, he heard that soft voice again saying: ‘André, my son, don’t be afraid, take it easy, be calm.
We’re coming to help you and we bring you the good.’
Now he got a feeling as if he were waking up from a dream, as the voice sounded so soft.
But what was the meaning of those words?
It was still a mystery to him.
And yet he felt that he had become calmer and thought: ‘It’s just as if hands were being laid on my head’.
Again he heard the voice saying clearly: ‘Stay calm,
André, don’t spoil this contact that has cost us months and months of work and which we now see almost fulfilled.
Be happy, because we are not emissaries from evil, but from the good, we bring you the glorious truth: the reality of life after death.
We come to tell you that death does not exist, and that the alleged dead are alive.
They live on in eternity, beyond the grave.
Again, stay where you are and don’t disturb us by your disquiet.
We have not come with wrong intentions, instead, we want to lead people onto the right track through you as our instrument.
Through you, as a medium, we want to deliver people from their ignorance and give them our knowledge instead.
The great truth which teaches that we, who parted from the earth before you or, in your terms, who died, still live on, yet in a life filled with happiness, love and light.
A life of purity that one day will be perfect, gifted to us by God.
And we ask you to help us and to convince our brothers and sisters of that truth.
We want to prove to them that death does not exist, but that we live on in a spiritual life.’
André was deeply touched by these words. He wasn’t able yet to control himself and he cried with emotion and joy.
But still he couldn’t give himself over completely, because it might just as well be the devil who was talking;
he too came to the people with beautiful words and glorious promises, only to destroy them.
First their vanity was aroused, to flung them down, when they were completely in his power.
Then they would be hopelessly lost.
‘We are not devils’, André heard, ‘because we have come for the sake of goodness.’
He was startled by these words, because they had been his very own thoughts.
This was more than he could take.
Not even his own thoughts were safe.
These must certainly be demonic powers; it couldn’t be otherwise.
Again the soft voice spoke: ‘My child, we are not devils.’
‘My child?’ Had they said ‘my child’?
Had he really heard that?
Who, besides his father and mother, still called him ‘child’?
What did this all mean?
‘Rest easy, my child.
Why don’t you believe me?
Is my voice so discordant, does it sound so demonic?
And aren’t we all God’s children?
Don’t you think that God calls all his children in this way?
Again I say: rest easy, we come with good intentions and I want to change all the sadness of the last time into happiness.
I will guide all your paths, change all your unrest into sweet longings.
Hear me and then I ask you: am I demonic?
I told you that we want to proclaim this joyous news to the people, because they, who have come from goodness, give love, happiness and faith.
Now be still; I will make myself visible and want to try to manifest myself to you.
But stay where you are, look at me and take me into your heart.’
Now André saw a large white cloud appear from out of the corner of the room where he heard the wind rustle.
The centre of the cloud became brighter and brighter and within this light a figure began to take shape that increased in size.
It now became completely visible and he clearly saw a spiritual being before him, surrounded by all that beautiful light it emanated.
André was deeply moved by this glorious vision and it soothed him, because all the fear and the sadness had suddenly been taken away from him.
He wished he could say something, but he didn’t dare.
The appearance now stood in a big white light, and the cloud in which it had revealed itself had vanished entirely.
‘Look at me, my son’, he heard, ‘do I appear to you to be a devil?’
The spirit saw by the tears of happiness that now ran down his cheeks that André had no more fear of being taken off guard by demonic powers.
Now he heard: ‘My son, will you be my child?’
The way André nodded made it clear that he surrendered himself completely.
‘Carefully take in my appearance, my person, as you will not be able to see me in this way for the coming time.
Observe everything well, so that when I am not visible to you, you won’t mistake someone else to be me.
As I told you, you will be my instrument and I will be your leader and together we will proclaim the great news that death does not exist but that the dead live on.
This will not be all, because I will help you in all things.
And not only will I be your leader, but also your brother, who will support you in every way.
We have already reached the stage where you possess clairaudience and are clairvoyant, and the things that have occurred here this evening will be explained to you later on.
There is just one thing before I leave: tomorrow you must go to the address that has been given to you.
The gentleman there has been notified of your coming, as he is also under our protection, and you will do the same work that he has already performed for quite some time.
Now go to sleep, my son, nothing will disturb your peace from this day on.’
Never before had André seen a human being as magnificent as the one standing there before him, and he would recognize him out of thousands.
Now it turned dark around him and the figure had disappeared.
Yet again he heard that soft voice saying: ‘I will tell you my name, listen attentively to the tone of my voice, so you will recognize it amidst others, in case someone tries to impersonate me.
This too happens.
But you will immediately realize that it is not I who is talking to you.
Alcar is my name, Alcar.
Remember that well.
And now you know that when a child prays to God, when he kneels down humbly, God will answer that prayer.
You prayed from the bottom of your soul, do that continually, do that all the time.
That is what I wanted to tell you.
Goodnight, my son.
God bless you.
Your Alcar.’
The voice had stopped talking.
He felt a deep regret, now that it was all over.
Oh, what a sound!
He was no longer afraid now, all was well within.
Should he go downstairs to tell mum and dad what all the recent trouble had been about and what it had meant?
No, it was already after one o‘clock, too late now.
He settled down in bed and pressed his head deeply into the pillow, full of wondrous thoughts about this man who was no devil, as at first he had thought.
It was a beautiful man who had talked to him as an emissary from God.
Gladly would he have gone on talking to this marvellous appearance for the rest of the night.
He felt filled with a great happiness.
He thought it glorious.
That beautiful man was his friend; he had said so himself, his brother.
And then the other gentleman who knew all about this.
He also was under his guidance.
Worn-out by all the emotions, he soon fell into a deep sleep and he woke up the next morning full of happiness, while his first thoughts turned to the new friend, his leader with that handsome face and that beautiful light.
When he closed his eyes he clearly saw the appearance again.
And what a beautiful name he had!
André was able to laugh again, he dared to live again.
All sadness had left him.
How heavy life had been lately.
Looking back, it was hard to understand how he had coped with the situation.
Mum and dad would be so happy when he told them everything.
For them too things had been unbearable.
But why had that sadness taken hold of him, how had it come about?
To him all this still seemed impossible to grasp.
All the same, he would like to know.
He quickly jumped out of bed and got dressed.
Mother was already downstairs.
‘Morning, mum.’
‘Hello son.’
André didn’t want to mention anything to her yet, because he didn’t have the time now to tell her everything.
He was curious what that gentleman would have to say to him.
That is why little was said between them.
Mother, who was observing him, thought he looked a little better.
It didn’t escape her attention that he was smiling.
She hadn’t seen that on his face for a long time.
Her boy smiled.
Oh, she thought, perhaps times are changing now.
That smile meant so much to her.
It told her that the situation was about to improve.
André said goodbye and hurried off to the train.
Mother Hendriks sensed something she hadn’t felt for a long time.
Maybe harmony would return to their home.
‘Oh, if only that were true.’
These words she said to herself.
Yet Hendriks, who had come downstairs, heard them.
‘What, Marie, if what were true?’
‘Oh, father, I mean André. He was different this morning. I saw him smiling again.’
‘Oh really?
That’s a good sign.’
‘I’ve got a feeling, father, that times are changing, and that all our sorrow is a thing of the past.’
‘Let’s hope so, Marie, I certainly hope you’re right.’
André rang the bell at Mr. Waldorf’s house and was quickly shown in.
He was anxious to see the man who already knew about him, but he restrained himself, because he wanted to make a calm impression.
Then the door opened and Mr. Waldorf entered the room.
‘You’re Mr. Hendriks, aren’t you?’
‘How do you know it is me?’
André had decided that he wanted to find out everything.
‘I’ll tell you. Sit down.
I had a vision some time ago, showing me your parents’ home, and your father and mother and you too.
At the time I saw that I didn’t yet know what to make of it.
But that very evening, while we were holding a séance, it was my leader, he is my supervisor, who said that I should help you.
He stated that you were in very sad spirits and that they had been busy for quite some time to act for you.
Your parents no longer knew what to do for you, and you yourself had no idea what burdened and bothered you so much.
But you are put under some kind of influence and had to see these things through.
It was an influence from the Side Beyond.
I was also told that you would soon receive messages yourself.
André started to laugh.
‘It’s marvellous, Mr. Waldorf, that your information is so correct and that you saw it all so clearly, since everything was revealed to me last night, and I’ll tell you frankly that I am overjoyed now.’
He related everything he had experienced.
‘Oh it’s beautiful, beautiful, I think it’s magnificent.
Such progress!
I hadn’t expected it to happen so soon.
Be glad, Mr. Hendriks, with this beautiful gift.
You have already seen your leader.
This happened when you were in a state of clairvoyance, you know that, don’t you?’
André nodded.
‘This happened so quickly, and the best thing about it is, that messages came from two sides as well.
To me and to you.
We may confidently accept the proofs we have received, since this can no longer be a coincidence.
You know what I told your mother.
All this is happening to convince you, because we humans who still live on earth can hardly accept this great, this unbelievable truth without receiving some proof or facts that connect us directly with life after death.
You can believe me when I say that there are but few people who receive such evidence.
But in this case it was necessary, otherwise your parents would have regarded all this as works of the devil.
You are a good person and you will be developed from Beyond.
I was also told that you have a leader.
You were enabled to see and hear this last night.
How marvellous this is.
Be grateful for this because, believe me, a Divine gift was bestowed on you.
I myself and my wife too – you will see her shortly – are happy that we are being guided in this manner.
You will be hearing from your leader one of these days, but if I may give you a bit of advice, be patient and wait.
I think it’s marvellous that everything is coming true in this way. The work you will do is the same as mine, and you may well receive even more.
I don’t know for certain yet, but I have the feeling that you will achieve a great deal, provided you keep to your leaders.
Do nothing by yourself, but wait.
You must be very happy now, I suppose?’
‘Oh yes, I could cry out with joy, and I wouldn’t want to miss this for anything, not now or ever.
But I did have a hard time of it, sir.’
‘Yes, I believe you, and if ever you need me, you can count on me.
And now please come and meet my wife, because you must get to know her too.
I haven’t got much time left at the moment, I hear patients arriving.
So please come along.
Look, here she is already.
‘Anna, this is André Hendriks.’
‘My wife already knows quite a bit, and afterwards I’ll tell her the rest.
Get acquainted with each other, and I’ll go and attend to my patients.
And write to me if you need me.’
They shook hands warmly and Mr. Waldorf left.
‘Isn’t it marvellous, sir, that you possess such a beautiful talent?
Oh, I do love people who have this gift and use it well.
This is our little Tom, our son.
I hope that God will grant him this gift too, because he could never perform anything more beautiful and better than this.
And I believe that it will come true, because he already sees little children around him and he frequently talks to them.
He often says: ‘Look, daddy, children!’
And then my husband sees children from the spiritual realm playing with him and standing around him.
Yes sir, it’s a beautiful thing.
People come to see my husband from far and wide. He sees things so clearly too.
He always presents such beautiful proofs.
But it’s not easy, sir, you will soon find that out for yourself.
People are so ungrateful and they always want more.
You will experience all that yourself, but be steadfast and don’t let yourself be pulled down, that’s the best advice I can give you.
My husband is under high influence and if you are under the same protection, you have every reason to be grateful.
But it’s time for you to go now.
It’s nearly twelve o‘clock and my husband told me that your train leaves at half past.’
Time had flown!
André was happy.
And these people were happy with him too.
‘How much do I owe you, ma’am?’
‘Nothing sir, nothing at all.
Gerard doesn’t want that.
We were given help in exactly the same way, and my husband is glad to be of service to you.’
‘No ma‘am, really, I can’t accept that.
Besides, I could never repay what your husband has done for both me and my parents.’
‘You don’t need to, since everything is Guidance; for us there is no such thing as coincidence.
Everything is governed by a higher Guidance, and it also brought spiritualism to us.
This is a great faith and it gives us new confidence and new happiness.
Now go in peace, sir, our home is your home. This is mutual help.’
Mrs. Waldorf decidedly declined to accept anything at all.
‘If we are able to help you, we do that gladly. I submit myself to all that is granted to us from the Side Beyond, because my husband is the instrument that receives the messages from the higher world. I cannot and may not change anything about that.
Oh, it’s so beautiful, sir.
We have already received such a lot of proof.’
André left, thanking her too from the bottom of his heart.
He quickly walked to the train and on the way he ordered a beautiful basket of flowers for her.
It made him feel good, to be able to do this.
It would be terrible never to be in touch again with these people whom he had not known yesterday.
How beautiful life had suddenly turned out to be.
In the train he pondered on all these things.
If only his father and mother would believe him now.
He would do his best to give an accurate account.
It was all so wonderful and Mr. Waldorf did such splendid work.
He too was allowed to start, and it would make him happy.
It would be a life that differed greatly from that of many of his friends, who sought their happiness in pubs and never gave the slightest thought to any God, even though they went to church because they had to, not because they felt the need.
So this life would now lead him to spiritualism, of which he had already heard so much.
People said that it was the work of the devil, but of course that was only their ignorance, and because they didn’t understand it.
It simply couldn’t be evil, he understood that now after his talk with the Waldorf family.
It was simple, pure, true and holy.
He felt full of joy, and how good it was to think about death not being death, and about the dead living on.
How beautiful, and what a promise for the future, that after being buried, life goes on for ever.
That’s how he mused while he travelled back in the train.
Finally he arrived home.
He told his father and mother what had happened to him at Mr. Waldorf’s house.
They didn’t know what to make of it.
Nevertheless they were glad that their child had recovered.
André spoke with conviction: ‘Yes mum, this is spiritualism that is supposed to be of the devil, and now you see how marvellously it has helped us.’
His parents didn’t respond, but they were glad that he was happy again.
Harmony returned to their home and once again André was their dear son who shared well and woe with them.
He also told them what had happened in his room the night before.
They didn’t understand much of that either, but they could hardly say that it had made him sicker. On the contrary, it had healed him.
So they hoped for the best, and they would have to trust that he was on the right road.
He assured them that all this was Guidance from Side Beyond.
The spirit that had come to him and had spoken with him had set him free from bad influences.
André could sing again and whistle, his voice sounded cheerful through the house.
He also could work again, with even more joy than before.
This continued for a while, without anything spectacular happening.
But soon he was to notice that he had not been left on his own.
Mother had been suffering from severe headaches for some days, due to the hardship they had gone through and André had the idea that he might be able to help her.
It came to him in a flash: ‘Help her, lay your hands on her head and you will cure her by means of your magnetic powers.’
He did this and the pain slowly subsided.
Mother looked at him and laughed.
Shaking her head she went over to her husband to tell him about it.
‘How about that, father?
André took away my headache.’
Hendriks laughed too.
‘Go on, laugh, and yet it’s true.
Honestly, it’s gone.’
‘I don’t know what to say, Marie, this is all so new to us, so incredible.’
André was happy with his first healing.
He immediately thought of his leader, since Alcar must have helped him.
It was marvellous to him that just his mother had been the first person he was allowed to heal.
It had been so quiet lately in his room. Nothing had happened there in the evenings, so he was able to sleep really well, just as in former days.
He hadn’t heard the tapping again either.
Yet he longed for his leader.
Wherever could he be?
He continuously thought of him whenever his mind was taken by everything related to the invisible.
Where was Alcar?
One morning in the workshop, while he was fervently longing for him, he suddenly heard a tap, so hard, it even made his father look up.
André was certain that this was an answer to his unspoken thoughts, that it meant: I am here.
It gave him the shivers, but he didn’t want to mention this to his father.
After all, the sound of creaking was nothing special in the workshop.
For weeks nothing else happened, and his longing for Alcar grew stronger and stronger.