Preface (to Volume 2)

Dear Reader,
Many readers of 'A View into the Hereafter' asked me to tell a bit more about Alcar and André, because they are really grateful for all the proof of a life after the material death, which Alcar gave them, as a result of which they are completely convinced that one day they will see their dearly departed again.
I would really like to comply with this request, because Alcar still helps André with everything, which can bring mankind onto the path of Spiritualism, which will take it to 'Father's house with many dwellings'.
He will still continue to guide him and give him the battle to fight, which he needs in order to be a willing instrument for high Intelligences, because Alcar and his people - all of them Spirits of Love - want nothing more than to see all the suffering and all the sorrow on this Earth changed into great happiness.
André feels what a sacred task was placed on his shoulders.
He wants to continue to devote himself to that with all his love and still hopes to be able to receive spiritual support, in order to be worthy of the contact with the higher World of Spirits.
He understands that when his time for passing on has come, upon his arrival in the Spheres it will appear whether he used his gifts completely for the benefit of mankind or not.
God gave him the strength for that!
Love is life.
Love is the most, the most sacred thing of all.
Love is eternal happiness in the life after the material death.
The Hague, October, 1935.
J. R.