The coarse-material and the animal-like attunement

‘Come on, André, our journey is about to begin.
Now listen carefully to what I’m going to tell you.
In the condition we are in now, on this very spot, pre-animal-like beings exist, as well as Divine beings, in other words, this is where we find the highest and the lowest spheres.
I will explain everything to you shortly, as soon as we have linked up.
You know that a higher spirit can visit the spheres that exist below his own attunement.
On our previous journeys we looked at everything from within our own attunement, but now you will experience things from within every attunement.
Is that clear to you?’
‘Yes, Alcar’, but André was trembling and felt nervous at the thought of the things he was about to go through.
Alcar sensed this and said: ‘Don’t be afraid, my son, nothing will happen to you.
The unhappy spirits whom you will shortly see, roam and ramble around in the sphere of the earth and assault those who are completely unaware.
When we descend, unhappy ones will approach us and address us, while others will attack us.
This may happen, but if it does, leave everything to me and don’t say a word when we’re in their midst.
We both speak the language of feeling, which you were allowed to use on previous occasions; everything will come to you in the mind, because our inner selves are united.
When they address us and want to take us along, we will accompany them, yet we will act according to our own insights and powers.
Danger lurks on all sides in this place.
When I convey a message to you, you will act from within your own attunement, not from the one we’re in at the time.
That’s simply impossible, as they see, hear and feel you, because you’re linked up with them.
We may also lose sight of each other, but in that case too, you will sense me and you will take action according to the feeling that comes over you.
As you know, on this side strong will power and concentration stand for connection.
I had to explain all this to you so that you will know how to defend yourself if the need arises.
We will now descend and also return into our own condition.’
André felt how he was assimilated by a different sphere, as a terrible coldness came over him, and the light, which just a moment ago had enabled him to perceive, had vanished too.
He got a frightful shock, because there in front of him stood an abominable being, and he immediately prepared himself to return into his own condition.
Where had that being appeared from so suddenly?
The very moment he intended to vanish, he heard: ‘Stay, André, it’s me.’
However can this be, he thought.
Is that Alcar?
‘Doesn’t my son recognize me?’
No, André wouldn’t have recognized his leader if the latter hadn’t spoken to him.
The thing standing in front of him was a coarse-material being.
‘I’ve changed, haven’t I, André?’
‘You look terrible. How did this happen?’
‘This is my spiritual body, but are you still able to recognize me as a spirit of light?
Do you now understand what connection in the spirit means?
It also tells you that one cannot simply barge into this place.
Those who want to work in the sphere of the earth and have descended from the higher spheres to help unfortunate beings here, must have reached a certain stage in their development and possess the appropriate powers; otherwise they cannot hold their ground.
This requires a lot of effort and holy conviction, but what it needs most of all is the love for our work.
I will now show you something else.
I will draw you back into your own condition, but I will let you depart in the spirit, which is only a manifestation, so it takes place in the mind.
These are powers which I also showed you in a visionary manner; but in order to make this even clearer to you, I want to show you that we can manifest ourselves in all those deeper attunements, as these conditions are located below ours, yet I remain in my own sphere.
What it amounts to is, that you can perceive your own image in the spirit.
If there are four different spheres below me, then I can manifest myself in all those spheres without leaving my own condition.
Do you feel what I mean?
Watch carefully, I will now draw you back, so that you will see the image which your concentration is focussed on.’
André felt himself getting lighter and also sensed that he remained linked up with that other sphere.
In front of him he saw a shape resembling himself, he too had turned into a terrible monster.
Was he still human or was he an animal?
Alcar said: ‘I will now link you up, but slowly this time to make you experience this transition into yourself.
This means that you will return into your previous condition.’
He clearly saw another body next to him and he recognized himself, but he looked like a terrible beast.
How far had his spiritual body descended into this darkness?
The thought of having to remain and live in this condition made him shudder.
How deep the people must have fallen, who lived in this sphere.
No other image could have been more convincing to him.
Now he also knew that he would be unrecognizable for all creatures.
There was no more fear left in him.
‘You see how we can depart in the mind, although we have shed our earthly body.
It’s all a matter of concentration and strong will power; in the spirit, concentration equals light, and by building up light we link up with and experience all the conditions we want to unite with.’
‘How terrible you look, Alcar!’
‘Why terrible?
Am I not the same?
I carry my possession within; nobody can take anything away from me.’
André thought of Alcar’s spiritual radiance, which he had been allowed to behold in the higher spheres.
Where was his beautiful garment and everything that made him light up?
What miracles was he witnessing.
‘Who could make me change, André?
After all, I don’t want to live like them; none of them can or will influence me.
If I were to take part in their animal-like life, I would be one of them, but I remain who I am because I neither like nor want their kind of life; I remain in my own attunement.’
Alcar’s well-shaped hands had changed into claws and his beautiful eyes had lost their gleaming lustre.
All the loving glow had gone; he and also he himself had turned into a deeply ill-fated being.
What powers did man possess who lived on this side?
How great his powers must be, to be capable of all this.
Who would still recognize him as a joyful spirit?
Alcar looked at him and André knew that his leader had caught his thoughts.
‘So that’s what you believe, André?
A higher attunement would empathise with me and know which attunement I possess.
But everything will soon become clear to you, because you’re about to experience it.
And now on we go.’
They had hardly left, when André sensed other beings around them.
‘Spirits, Alcar’, he whispered softly.
In a flash it came to him: ‘What have we just agreed on, André?
We use our own language, the language of the mind.’
André understood.
‘They hear every thought that is spoken, and that would force us to return because they would recognize us and attack us.
This would complicate our work.
So be careful and use your powers with deliberation.’
André had sensed correctly, some beings were indeed approaching them.
A colossal figure, a terrible monster, addressed them.
There were a few more behind them who stopped some fifteen feet away and remained there, waiting.
‘Well now’, he said, and those two words revealed everything, his possession and his entire personality.
He addressed them as his equals.
‘Where are you heading for?’
André didn’t know what to do or say, although the question had been directed at him.
But Alcar answered instead: ‘Where we’re heading for?
Let’s see, where shall we go to, we don’t really know.’
The others also came over to them; they too were unfortunate beings in an animal-like condition.
‘My friend and I’, Alcar began, ‘have only been on this side for a short while.’
‘How did you get here?’
This sudden question was directed at André again.
And for the second time he was at a loss, but while Alcar talked he caught his thoughts and knew that he shouldn’t say anything and would just have to wait how things were going to develop.
‘We fell down, we had an accident.
Our profession is painter.’
‘Ah’, the being exclaimed, ‘so you crashed down?’
‘Yes, that’s how it must have happened.’
André wondered whether they knew that they had died on earth.
How many were oblivious of that fact!
Again he got an inner answer, that they had passed on long ago and others had persuaded them of this.
Yet Alcar was carrying on a conversation with him, but André felt that he should concentrate on Alcar; it would all settle itself and they would remain oblivious.
How great the powers were of a being with a higher attunement.
They couldn’t be fathomed.
None of them had sensed or grasped anything of their conversation, and he understood the meaning of all these conditions of feeling and the nature of all those attunements.
‘Who told you that you were on this side?’ the man again asked Alcar.
‘Some people told us, but we don’t know who they were.’
‘Maybe not, but we do; they were blacks, no doubt about it.
We know their sweet talk.
They’re all around the place.’
‘I don’t know who they were’, Alcar told him, ‘but they gave us some good advice what we should do to attain another life.’
‘He’s already hooked’, the monster retorted and started to snigger in a horrible manner.
‘How do you mean, sir?’ Alcar asked him.
They all began to laugh.
You call me mate, got it?’
André was trembling, how coarse these terrible beings were.
‘I bet they wanted to win you over’, he continued who had been doing the talking.
‘Didn’t they tell you that there are people up above us?’
Alcar confirmed that this had been the case.
‘They’ve been here often, but we don’t need them.
Don’t let yourself get hooked, man, it’s poison.’
Alcar told him that they had meant well, because due to them they knew that they had died on earth.
He immediately went on: ‘What are you doing now?
Don’t you know then that you can profit from the earth here too?
You can experience more, see, feel and hear more than in the life over there.
Come on, join us, you’ll be surprised how wonderful things are here.
Do you fancy a drink?’
What’s that being talking about, André thought?
A drink?
Alcar said: ‘You must be kidding us!’
‘No, it’s the truth all right, just you come along with us, you’ll see for yourself.
Here you can drink whatever you fancy, experience whatever you want.
You can do anything here. You could find no better spot to live in than here.
You can walk into any place without asking, nobody will throw you out.
We lead a free life here, the people on earth have no knowledge of this; they would be amazed if they did.
They can’t hide away from us, we find them anyway.
Some of them have got a cloud of vapour around them, we can’t get at those.
All the others walk into our traps of their own accord because they know nothing about this life.
Yeah man, it’s not as boring here as you might think.
Come along, this will make you forget the moon and the stars.
The only thing we haven’t got is light; always that deep darkness, it’s always night-time.’
A shroud came over the monster, for a moment it stood there in thought.
But it immediately went on: ‘Come on now, follow me’, and pulled them along by their arms.
‘But you know’, Alcar continued the conversation, ‘that there are other countries besides these, don’t you?’
‘Of course, at least if it’s true what the blacks say.
We don’t know for sure, but we’ve heard about it so often.
So what?
I wouldn’t want to part with this life, it’s far too much to my liking.
I’ve never ever felt as free to do as I please before. Why should I leave for another country?
Could it ever match this one?
They don’t know it themselves.
Seeing is believing, as my old dad used to say!
I’m just like him and I’ll do as he did.
No, mate, you’ll soon find out why I don’t want to leave this place.
Let me tip you off: pick yourself a person who sticks to his way of life day in day out; otherwise you’ll begin to burn inside.’
‘How do you mean?’ Alcar asked him.
‘What I mean by that,you’ll find out soon enough.
Aren’t you thirsty and longing for other things?’
‘But I don’t understand you’, Alcar said to him, ‘tell me more clearly.’
The man looked at Alcar with his bloodshot eyes and was silent; these secrets were his, he didn’t go into this, the animal didn’t intend to give himself away.
André had been able to follow the entire conversation; he was linked up with his leader and would remain so.
Terrible, where was this leading up to?
How bestialized these people were.
He saw a lot of astral beings passing by, who walked straight through the earthly people and thought nothing of it.
He had seen similar scenes during his previous trips, but now he was right in their midst.
They all blazed with passion and their eyes were bloodstained, making them look like wild animals.
In a heavily populated street they entered a large house.
The one who had addressed Alcar said to him: ‘Right, at least we’ll get a drink here, and lots of other things too; this is home to us.’
They stepped into a pub.
How terrible, he thought, even gin in the realm of the spirit?
Didn’t these people think about any other kind of life?
Was this their happiness?
This was all terribly sad; not a spark of light would penetrate this darkness.
He followed Alcar in his footsteps.
An inner voice told him: ‘So you see, my son, how real it is; it will soon all prove to be true.
But we won’t take part in their passions.
Stay with me and keep your concentration focussed on me.’
A horrible smell engulfed him.
He saw in a glance where he was.
None of the well-offs from the earth were present here.
He also saw what the monster had meant by that vapour; it concerned those who weren’t quite as evil, which apparently prevented them from linking up with them.
The pub was well occupied; everywhere the earthly people were sitting together.
The noise was terrible, there was shouting and screaming as if savages had gathered here.
It was all passion and violence; earthly man and his many delights, enjoying an animal liquid that put fire to their souls.
There was no end to this.
A flaming fire raged within them; their spiritual glow was the reflection of deep darkness.
It got through to his entire being, because they had all fallen into the hands of demons and were now at the mercy of these animal-like creatures.
This was a terrible place; it was a whole gathering of coarse-material people.
He saw sinister looking beings, some of who would be lost for hundreds of years.
He saw astral beings that were hanging on to earthly human beings, draining them of their vital juices.
They clung to them, which they were able to because that’s what these human beings themselves were after.
Subconsciously the human being was linked up.
How clear life on the side beyond was to him now, and so was the meaning of having to live on earth and what one should make of it.
He read them like an open book.
Earthly people were totally unaware of this ghastly form of life; they thought they were alone, and yet some other being, a human being who had once lived in matter but had shed its physical garment, had linked up with them.
This was how the astral human being could give full vent to his passions.
‘That one’, the human beast in charge of everything shouted, ‘he’s mine’ and immediately pounced on a human being.
André shivered at the sight.
The animal threw itself onto the human being, embraced its prey like a mother would do with her child, and then drained him of his vital juices.
The animal sense of delight flowed into its soul.
It remained grimly connected, a disgusting truth was now being shown to him.
Their souls united into a single gleam to form one being.
Auras blended, feelings merged, one life, one hunk of animal-like life was being experienced.
The astral spirit had enormous strength; the human being would have difficulty in freeing himself.
The latter was doomed to death and destruction.
Lost for hundreds of years, to start a different life afterwards.
Drinks were supplied; it was all poison, but their thirst was insatiable; it burnt into their souls.
How long would this go on?
This was nothing to enjoy; what he saw here was animal-like life.
It was terrible.
The spirit urged the physical being to keep on drinking.
André felt how he went about this, he could accurately take on his inner condition.
As a matter of fact, it was very simple, the earthly human being would have to possess strong will power if he wanted to free himself from this.
It was impossible, the astral human being was strongest, his powers of concentration were murderous.
This power cut itself into the human being like a lancet; he acted accordingly, he believed himself to be the one who was ordering the drinks, but he was under the influence of an animal-like being.
When he caught sight of André at some distance away, the beast let go of his prey for a moment to focus his thoughts on him and with one leap he landed beside him.
André was trembling all over; what was going to happen now?
‘Haven’t you got the guts?
Or don’t you know what to do, then I’ll show you.
Come here and if you don’t like what they’re drinking, then you lay your own will power into them and everything will happen as you want it to.
Isn’t it simple?
Come on, lad, get going.
Here you’ve got to join in.
You can have it all, as long as you’re set on it.
Look, that one over there, him with the vapour all around, he’s out of reach.
You simply slither off, but then you look for another one, there are enough of them.
Or take a woman, they’re easier to enter, they draw you in of their own accord once you’ve captured them.
What a language they used here!
What kind of opinion did they have of man?
What did love mean to those who had sunken so low?
Alcar was standing in a corner of the hall, lending him support.
The beast continued: ‘Once you’ve found someone, don’t let go of him and follow him wherever he goes.
Now off you go.’
He went at it again.
André had been told a terrible truth.
He sensed his leader through everything.
Oh, how brutal it was to pounce on a human being who wasn’t aware of anything.
He looked at Alcar, who conveyed to him that they would be moving on.
Alcar walked on into the hall and he shivered at the sight he saw.
There were astral beings everywhere, they had all found their prey, they were all one.
This was how they experienced the earthly life they had left behind.
All this was possible.
This other form of life existed in the sphere of the earth, next to man, and it was able to take possession of his life, because he harboured matching desires.
Otherwise it wasn’t possible.
All these conditions would cease to exist as soon as man had conquered his ego.
So deep, so inhumanly deep had life on earth fallen.
This was the poison of life, it burnt their souls away.
This was how they brightened up their dark existence.
What were their lives like after they had died, compared to the lives of those who dwelt in higher spheres?
How poor in feeling, in light, in happiness, and what a long way off from the first existential sphere in the spirit.
Suddenly he heard an infernal noise that drowned out the previous din.
Before he knew what was happening, he was seized and dragged out of the hall.
‘Alcar, Alcar!’
In his mind he cried out for his leader, but he saw him nowhere and felt that he would collapse.
Suddenly he sensed an enormous power coming over him.
He focussed all his powers of concentration on his attunement and noticed how he dissolved in their hands.
Thank goodness, that was done with!
He had had enough and he would have preferred to return to his physical body.
All this misery was terrible.
His leader was standing a few paces away from him.
Alcar smiled.
‘How on earth did that happen so suddenly, Alcar?
After all, I didn’t do them any harm?
They took me completely by surprise.’
‘You notice how they watch your every movement; they were the ones who took us along.
They sensed that we weren’t taking part in their passions and so they understood that we didn’t belong here.
They’re one of a kind and will attack those who refuse to participate.
They don’t put up with other attunements here.
Don’t forget: evil, hatred, passion and violence prevail here.
Everything spells destruction.
I withdrew into my own attunement because I wanted you to experience this and make use of your own powers.
You’ve got to see this through; otherwise we would have to return and try again until you could handle things on your own.
This is necessary, André, you understand that.
Are you feeling a little better?
Here in the sphere of the earth, as well as in the dark areas, you must remain linked up with your inner self; otherwise you can’t accomplish any work here.
As you see, the astral human being can participate in earthly pleasures in the life after death.
There is nothing I need add to that.
We were amongst the lower social classes here; we will shortly visit those who are capable of hiding themselves behind a mask.
But to the astral human being this offers no impediment.
Those we just met are coarse-material beings who are attuned to the animal level.
They haven’t sunk as low as those we will meet shortly, since the latter destroy mankind and pour death and destruction out over them.
They are malicious, because they hide behind masks.
Terrible though they may be, those we were with just now are true and open; one can protect oneself against them.
They live in mud and sludge, but the wealthy of the earth, who are often the poison of life, are shrouded by their garments, which conceal their dark souls.
But there’ll be an end to that too, one day and then astral beings will be lying in wait for them when they enter this life.’
‘They can’t be reached, Alcar, can they?’
‘No, at least not at the moment; but they have learnt that there’s a possibility to ascend.
You disappeared before their eyes; by freeing yourself from their claws, you made them think they witnessed a miracle.
Look, there are some of them over there; they’re wondering where you went to.
Listen, they’re carrying on a conversation.’
Those who had attacked him were still around him as if they expected him to return.
André heard them say: ‘Any idea where that black one went to?’
‘No’, the other said, ‘I couldn’t tell you, it’s beyond me.
What kind of powers do they have, that enable them to dissolve before our eyes?
Did you ever experience anything like this before?’
‘Yes, various times.
I had an idea that they might be blacks, but I don’t understand how they pull this off.’
‘Where’s the other one who did all the talking?
Have you seen him?’
‘Not me.
He was the leader of the one I got hold of.
I knew it, but I had my doubts; otherwise we could easily have overpowered them.
You find that scum everywhere.
Come on, let’s get back in again.’
And their hideous life began anew.
‘You see, André, they won’t be roused, yet something stuck in their minds, and one day they will free themselves from this life to start a higher one.
They are precisely the ones we can use later on for our task of helping the unfortunate, because they have all learnt in this life.
They all know how to get around, they know their shortcomings, sense what they’re capable of, know exactly when to act, in short they are the guides who will help others because of the life they led themselves.
Once they too will enter the higher spheres, because no child of God is ever lost.’
‘Where did the others go to, Alcar?’
‘They follow the ones they have in hand, and I’m sure you sense that they won’t stop at drinking.
That’s how man is destroyed, and this is what he wants himself because he lives an animal-like life.
They will sink lower and lower, and finally they fall into an abyss of passion and misery.
Here good and evil live together, because on earth the attunements ranging from the pre-animal-like to the material all live together too.
Come on André, off we go.’
They passed through lots of streets and he saw various physical beings that were surrounded by dark figures who followed them in their footsteps.
Some were there to bring happiness and protection to the bereaved, others brought death and destruction.
Others again had come to convince their loved ones that life goes on forever.
What a strange kind of continued existence he was looking at; and yet it would serve its purpose to know all this on earth.
He felt the power of this truth; it would be a support, an incitement to begin a different way of life right now on earth while one was still in possession of material life.
The things he had seen and experienced here were terrible.
‘We will visit conditions yet, my son, which even outdo this one in their horror.
And all this exists within the sphere of the earth, around and within man, of which he is not aware.
Isn’t it high time for him to know all this?
Wouldn’t you exert all your strength to be able to stand up to this?
Only after people have entered this life and left loved ones behind on earth, does an urge arise in them to be allowed to speak about all this on earth, but then this usually isn’t possible.
First they have to take themselves in hand; there are thousands here who return to convey this to the ones on earth.
But for those who have already reached this condition on earth and want to give themselves for others, the need to learn this no longer exists on this side in the life after that life.
They have acquired something on earth that stands for light and happiness, so that they can offer warmth to others, make them attune to higher spheres, and then they will return in happiness.
Here they will possess nothing but happiness because their development in matter will have progressed accordingly.
But if someone is allowed to experience all this as a disembodied spirit, my son, then he can reckon this to be a great blessing, which is granted to only few human beings.
We will now descend even further and visit a place where the wealthy of the earth are gathered.
Come André, we will enter here without asking; nothing and nobody will hinder us.’
André saw a big building in front of him, where Alcar went inside as if he owned the place.
They passed through various large rooms and arrived in a big hall where hundreds of earthly people were gathered.
He also saw thousands of astral beings that lived around and within them.
‘Where are we, Alcar?’
‘We’re in a building where man spends time to relax his nerves.
This is a concert hall and as you see, wherever there’s life, the spirit is present.
Connections are possible everywhere.
There are hundreds of different attunements and this in itself would suffice to fill volumes; we could record a magnificent oeuvre.
But I won’t linger on one condition; man must be given an extensive image of all the transitory conditions in the spirit.
You will see beings amongst them who are attacked and possessed by many at the same time.
On earth, murders are committed to possess a being.
And when they arrive here they keep on fighting because they can’t free themselves from that being, and it remains the focal point of all their powers because their conditions of feeling are the same.
Then life begins anew, but now in a more acute sense, as they can link up without being visible to the earth.
However, they face resistance on this side, because they meet beings whom they sent here themselves and who will be waiting for them, which will result in renewed fighting in the spirit.
Here they battle for the possession of an animal-like being.’
André was surrounded by nothing but luxury.
The earthly people were dressed in rich garments.
He saw them strolling about and talking in little groups; they were apparently having an interval.
They were accompanied by an astral human being with all his lusts, but he felt that there were also many on earth to protect them.
Others had terrible appearances and were lurking for a prey, or they experienced certain things that would destroy them.
He saw handsome young spirits escorting earthly man in an endeavour to point out to their presence.
But the people didn’t feel it; they knew nothing about this, and the spirits were not understood.
They would remain unnoticed while they followed their loved ones.
He saw good and evil, passion and violence, coarse-material and animal-like conditions gathered together. These were people, and all these people lived in different attunements of good and evil.
What he perceived was a world in itself, a world in which he became familiar with life as it could never exist on earth.
It was wisdom in the spirit, spiritual laws and attunements of love.
They were people who could all be Divine, children of one Father.
He saw auras, beautiful to behold, which caused an ardent feeling inside of him.
He saw that glaring green that was fatal if one became linked up with it.
He saw luminous figures who, in this darkness, carried their light within; he sensed this because it came over him.
Nothing, absolutely nothing could be perceived if he didn’t adapt.
It was tremendous what he now experienced.
Earthly man was oblivious of all this, yet within some he sensed a conscious transition in their feeling towards this side.
They all passed through him, they stood talking inside of him, told each other terrible things, spoke about destruction as if it meant nothing, and meanwhile he and many others listened in without being seen.
Of course it was tremendous for him to be allowed to experience this as a earthly human being.
He saw that there were many whose lives were being lived for them by those who wanted to destroy life.
They acted according to their will and through their power.
But as long as man refused to change, these conditions would go on existing, and these beings would be lying in wait for them in the life on this side.
He could already see some scenes taking place.
He saw man, who had left the earth and was linked up with demons.
Man would say: Who are you, what do you want from me, to bother me like this?
The astral human being would answer: You have lived your whole life on earth according to my will and through my powers!
Wouldn’t it be terrible to have to hear and accept this truth once?
Yet that moment would come, but then they were lost.
They tried to conceal their dark souls behind all those beautiful garments, but on this side everyone was recognized.
He clearly saw that man could protect himself, but it had to be his own wish; he had to attune to higher conditions and give love to everything that lived.
How disfigured many were; many were ruined by their flaming passions.
But the most terrible thing of all was that they were able to conceal their inner condition.
All this was possible on earth; many were misled and would perish there.
But here their inner being could be derived from their outer appearance and be recognized.
He saw many women who had a beautiful aura; how splendid they looked when they felt love.
Others had been maimed right down to their soul; the poison of life had penetrated deeply into them.
A woman walked ahead of him who was very beautiful according to earthly standards, but what a monster she was, seen on this side.
How terrible she looked, something earthly eyes could not perceive.
What did her beauty consist of?
Nothing but her material garment; deep down she was black, as dismal as the darkness in which she dwelt.
And yet people were killed to possess such a being.
He saw a hideous being all around her that held her entangled with his terrible claws.
She was in his power, that being was living her life for her.
It drained her of her vital juices, led her through life, held her captive and yet she felt nothing of it.
They were one, equal in their essence.
What he perceived was connection.
Here he saw true life, the essence of spiritual powers.
They had damned themselves as well as others.
The astral spirit roared because he was attacked by another.
It turned into a terrible fight that had started on earth and was continued on this side.
He saw how one of them had an gaping wound on his forehead, which must have been caused by a bullet.
This one had taken his life because he had been cheated, where he thought he loved.
This was human love; that’s how man imagined love to be. He loved and destroyed his own life.
‘Man, oh man, know yourself!’
André looked at his leader.
‘A terrible truth, Alcar.’
‘All this is reality, my son, truth in the spirit.
There are hundreds of other conditions similar to this one.’
The fight still continued; who would win?
They both stemmed from one condition.
Their souls were being unravelled.
Even in the life after death they were fighting for her who had caused both of them to be here.
Where would this end if man continued his unsuccessful earthly life behind the veil?
Was that really a woman?
If one saw her like André did, they would back out of her immediate vicinity.
Their souls melted away, consumed by animal juices.
They were one in their feeling, one in passion and violence; they had an animal-like attunement.
Finally one remained lying. He immediately saw a few spirits carry him away.
Where had these assistants come from so suddenly?
Who had called them in this darkness?
Hadn’t they been recognized?
Wouldn’t they be attacked too?
But beside him stood a spirit, who looked at him intently.
In a flash it came to him: ‘Do not fear, André, all is well, he is a spirit of light.’
He saw Alcar on the opposite side of the hall, yet he had caught this message.
André probed the spirit and a great happiness came over him.
Love, nothing but love, warmth poured within him.
He understood everything.
He lived in this darkness in order to help the unfortunate.
The spirit spoke to him and said: ‘From the earth, on earth, and yet in the life of the spirit, aren’t you, my brother?’
To him who possessed a higher attunement, this was possible.
Yes, he was from the earth and now lived in the spirit, but this made him see a completely different earth than the one he perceived when he lived in his physical body.
How great this mighty scene was, and what a difference.
‘Fear nothing, brother; ‘God is love’ is our password in this darkness.’
André was happy, but when he wanted to speak to him, the spirit had disappeared.
Nor did he see his leader.
What could be the meaning of this?
Not a sign of Alcar to be seen.
Was he amongst those who were gathered here?
He searched the surroundings, but nowhere did he see any sign of his radiance.
Suddenly he felt a certain influence being exerted on him.
Where was it coming from?
Who was influencing him in this darkness; who else knew him and wanted to reach him?
He felt it even clearer than the first time and now he knew that this was Alcar.
He focussed his powers of concentration on him and caught the following, which he understood word for word.
‘I am in a different condition and will wait for you.
But I want you to follow me in your thoughts, which will enable me to show you how we can be linked up and remain connected with each other.
Don’t worry about anything.’
André found this very interesting.
The terrible being was no longer in sight.
All the people from the earth hurried to their places, but he walked into another hall and was cautious not to be attacked a second time.
Danger lurked here on all sides.
At a certain moment he felt himself being drawn out of the building into the open, whether he wanted it or not.
What would he be seeing now?
There was no end to the wonders he experienced.
He decided that he would concentrate on his own condition if something serious happened; nobody could prevent him from doing that; it was his only means of rescue in this darkness.
He landed in a street which he walked along to the end, although he felt an urge to refuse.
An invisible power was drawing him along. He felt that power so intensely that he couldn’t escape from it anyway.
Again he met many spirits accompanying people from the earth.
How wondrous this life was.
How little they knew about this on earth.
André continued on his way and reached a large square with a statue in the middle.
He felt that he should walk around it, and when he came to the other side he saw a being that he would have preferred not to see or meet.
But the being had already noticed him, because it walked in his direction.
It was obviously an unhappy spirit.
He was ready to return into his attunement.
Come on then, he thought and went to meet him; there was nothing else he could do.
The monster stopped right in front of him.
What did it want from him?
He heard a growling and gathered that it was asking him where he was heading for.
Should he tell him?
But what should he say; was it any of the being’s business what he was doing here?
No, he thought, I will go on, and he wanted to walk past the being that stared at him with glowing eyes as if it wanted to tear him to pieces.
André jumped aside and had nearly passed it when he felt that the being wanted to latch onto him.
He got ready to return into his condition.
The animal grabbed him by his shoulders and at the same moment the being told him: ‘You are staying with me, aren’t you, André?’
He felt dazed when he heard that familiar voice.
‘Alcar, how on earth; where did you come from so suddenly, what is the meaning of this?
I didn’t recognize you!
What kind of attunement is this?’
‘I am in the transitory condition that leads to the suicidal sphere with which I have linked up.
We will soon descend and enter that place too.
You can really link up, André, and you know how to act.
I kept my concentration focussed on you and you see, you followed me.
I couldn’t have given you a clearer image.
You have now experienced how we can link up while we’re apart.’
‘But you know me, Alcar; would it also be possible with someone you didn’t know?’
‘Even then, André; after all, I link up with higher powers.
I will show you.
Watch this, André!
Look, there are a few beings over there approaching us.’
André saw two beings coming towards them.
He couldn’t believe his eyes; they were happy spirits, they spread light all around.
Alcar addressed them: ‘Brother Asper, I called you to convince my instrument.
I knew that you would come, no matter where you were.’
The spirits greeted Alcar and him too, and left.
The short meeting had been cordial.
‘Spirits of light, workers for the good cause, André.
They are on the way and will not be stopped.
You see how we can reach each other.
In this way you get to know life on this side.
So it will be clear to you that on earth all attunements are gathered together, but that this would be impossible on this side.
Here people find their own attunement and they will be in the company of those with whom they feel in unison.
I let you experience all this to show you that man on earth bears the Divine but also the animal aspect within.
Both attunements are one and are inherent in man.
It’s up to him to free himself from evil.
So on the spot where we are now, all attunements are present, including ours and those higher conditions which are all invisible to us but will become visible when we link up.
We will now descend deeper and deeper and the people as well as the spheres will change.
Come on, André, off we go.
You know now how to protect yourself.’
André felt an icy coldness and saw his leader changing.
The misery on his face lay even deeper than just before.
What a change!
Alcar looked like an animal, and to think that he inhabited the fifth sphere!
Here, laws were known which people on earth were not acquainted with, nor would they understand them.
Man would first have to enter this life before he could become convinced of that.
The streets, the houses and trees, in short, everything he had just perceived, had now vanished before his eyes.
Nothing was still visible, everything was barren; deep darkness and coldness surrounded them.
‘Can’t those who live here be convinced, Alcar, that there are people living up above, where everything is different?’
‘No, that’s impossible, because they don’t feel it within.’