The sixth sphere; spiritual music

Soon they arrived, and for the second time he entered Alcar’s spiritual dwelling.
He recognized everything from his previous journey.
Alcar left and would return.
André knelt down to thank God for everything.
It was on the same spot, where he had knelt down before his leader, to thank him for everything, when he had left his dwelling to witness the spiritual consecration.
There it was, that his soul reached its deepest feelings, wanted to offer its most sacred, and yet on earth he had hurt Alcar’s feelings.
The time he had lived on earth was now reeled off before his mind’s eye; it showed him his own life.
He found himself in the sphere of the earth, where Alcar told him what he would receive on this journey.
How much had he seen, received in wisdom and been allowed to experience?
It was God he should thank, he sensed this clearly.
He now felt a strong current flowing through him.
It increased and became more intense than he had ever felt before.
What could this mean?
He felt intoxicated.
His soul absorbed this power to the full and he felt himself subsiding.
Was there a meaning behind this?
He wanted to pray but couldn’t sort out his thoughts; all his strength had gone.
Now he felt himself getting lighter and he got a feeling as if he might suddenly float upward.
Yet he was aware of everything; his feeling was accurately focussed on the things that were happening to him.
Hey, what was this?
He saw a being coming towards him that addressed him in a friendly way.
Were there others in Alcar’s house?
‘There is nothing to fear, André, I am Cesarino, your leader’s master.’
He understood the purpose of all this; in a flash it came to him.
He had been irradiated, enveloped by his powers, just as Alcar had always done, to enable him to enter conditions which he could not fathom.
‘Are you ready to follow me, André?’
He didn’t dare say anything, but in his mind he indicated to the high spirit that he was prepared.
At that moment he felt himself being drawn up, and he glided towards the sixth sphere.
How handsome this spirit was.
He looked like a young man of twenty-five, yet according to his leader this spirit was three thousand years old.
He was the one who through him had healed Annie on earth.
Yet this spirit had looked different at the time, but he knew that they could take on varying appearances.
The mentor didn’t say much to him, but he let him feel many things.
Nothing was said in these spheres.
They went further and further, until all at once the firmament tore apart and a powerful yet immensely beautiful light shone on them.
‘The light from the sixth sphere, André’, he picked up, ‘and shortly we will be entering.’
André now felt how necessary it had been for him to have undergone his radiance.
The light penetrated him, but he was able to hold his ground and continue, due to these sacred forces.
What a wondrous country he now saw before his eyes.
The fifth sphere couldn’t be compared to this attunement.
This was where Ubronus dwelt.
How beautiful everything was.
The firmament was enveloped in a silvery golden haze.
It was mirrored in all of life, the different forms of life reflected each other.
The spirit looked at him and smiled.
That smile revealed his great love.
How simple all the beings were whom he had been allowed to meet in the spheres of happiness.
How simple the angels were; this high spirit was accompanying him to sacred places; it was incredible.
He hadn’t enough concentration to be able to grasp it all.
There in front of him was the musical sphere.
‘Spiritual music is what you will now hear’, came into his mind, ‘prepare yourself.
We will continue until we have reached the place where the masters dwell.’
At last the spirit descended.
A deep valley lay before them and in the middle of it stood a temple that reached up into the sky.
Various paths ran through the valley, which all led to the temple.
There were flowers everywhere in unfamiliar shades.
He was standing on a high mountain and would soon have to descend.
He looked down into the depths; all the paths had been laid out in an artful way.
He was in a paradise here.
He saw thousands of beings, all on their way to the temple.
Others were down on their knees, praying, as if they were tuning in for the celebration.
In this nature you could prepare yourself.
You felt drawn into life; an enormous love lay inherent in everything.
Apart from the temple of music, there were no other buildings here; the beauty of nature was overwhelming, everything was bathed in a goldish white light.
He saw sky-high fountains, birds and greenery, all excelling each other in heavenly quality.
The valley had the shape of a funnel.
That awe-inspiring building where the masters played their music rose up into the sky from the middle of that funnel.
Alcar’s master made him feel that they would descend.
Their path slowly wound its way through all this beauty and as far as he could see, it would end at the temple.
The temple stood there majestically in the centre of the valley.
As they approached, its beauty increased.
Birds were singing their song all around; all of life was full of joy.
Now they were down in the valley; André turned around and the mountain, where he had been on top just a while ago, rose up above him into infinity.
Hundreds of beings were following the same track, all wearing magnificent garments that glistened like suns.
The robe of Alcar’s master was made of an entirely different substance then they were wearing.
The meaning of this was already known to him; after all, these beings dwelt in the seventh sphere.
Left and right fruit was growing and he was curious indeed to know what these looked like inside and how they would taste.
If he were allowed to have one of those golden yellow fruits, how happy that would make him feel.
Cesarino, who had been following his inner conversation, made him sense that he was allowed to take one.
He chose one and wanted to pick the fruit.
It touched him deeply because, oh, what had he done this time?
After he had stretched out his hand to pick the fruit, the fruit suddenly flowed apart.
A shock went through him.
Again he had received a lesson in life.
He, the earthly human being, wanted to pick spiritual fruit.
But for these he was too coarse.
This had been possible in Alcar’s sphere, but only now did he understand that this had happened due to his leader’s powers.
He had a feeling within as if he had killed something.
A product of the spheres had been destroyed through his fault, his will.
Why did he also want to have everything?
Wasn’t it a great blessing in itself to be allowed to experience this?
He had received a lesson in life in the fifth sphere and now also here, in the sixth sphere.
It was terrible; how crude of him, he thought!
Nature set him right; no being was required to use its power to do so.
It had given him a terrible shock.
There he stood, like a child that felt its sin and was conscious of it.
The angel put his fine spiritual hand on his shoulder and said: ‘To undergo something, André, is experience, and experience is development in the spirit.’
Not a word was spoken about the matter, but he had already firmly resolved, no longer to touch anything nor to want anything.
He withdrew into himself again and understood how great the mercy was that allowed him to dwell here.
Nature gave him his lesson in life, but wasn’t it God Himself?
Didn’t this include God’s holy Life?
Wasn’t it really God?
He trembled when he thought of it.
In simplicity and humility he came to his senses, and got to know himself.
They went on and on, they would soon have reached the place where a celebration awaited him.
His lesson was deeply rooted in him, he would keep on bearing his spiritual lessons in mind.
How mighty this building was.
He couldn’t perceive the top part.
It emanated a light which his eyes could hardly endure; it stood there like a sun.
Thousands of beings entered.
Yet he felt calm; an unknown power helped him to go inside.
While he entered at his high escort’s side, he sensed that a holy event was awaiting him.
The interior was in the same style as the Temple of Happiness, which he had seen on his previous journey and where he had been allowed to participate in a similar celebration.
But now he was in the sphere of music; this sphere was named after this Divine art.
The interior of the building was perfect.
Here everything lived in a light of even greater beauty than in the fifth sphere.
This life entailed the liberation from the life which man had cast off.
Here even higher conditions than this sphere were known.
It was almost impossible, that even more beautiful people existed than these angels.
Yet it was true, man ascended higher and higher, into other areas.
Holy beings dwelt there; he could find no other words to describe their level and their aura.
Men and women together, all twin souls, brothers and sisters.
These were earthly human beings; they had all lived there, but had freed themselves from earthly life.
His mind reeled; after all, when would all this be within reach of earthly human beings?
Not in a thousand years would they get that far.
How distant was he, and were all the people of the earth from this condition?
In the centre - if you could call this a centre, since he saw no end to it - they took a seat.
Flowers were blooming everywhere; where man lived, nature lived too; man was surrounded by life.
The interior was globular; there were neither angles nor finities in the spheres; everything was deep, infinitely deep, until the feeling passed on into an even higher condition.
The universe was life and man was the intellect that lived within.
This temple expanded; millions of beings could enter here.
Here André was shown how life on earth has a cosmic attunement and could be Divine.
The entire building was packed, and silence fell as they all sensed that the masters were to begin.
He was about to hear spiritual music.
But what was that?
He saw a light some dozens of yards away, that seemed to come from out of the earth.
It was like a haze that slowly rose and then dissolved above their heads.
The light kept waxing and waning, until it remained constant.
What could this mean?
A soft voice came through to him that said: ‘Spiritual notes, the music, which the masters will be playing from.’
Wonderful, André thought.
He kept on seeing colours within the light, until it changed into a pale blue haze.
He felt how he became linked up with the light and he understood the meaning of this event.
It was as if someone was breathing, as if a young life was being born.
Along with the light he heard soft music accompanying it.
The masters interpreted these colours.
He felt himself to be on earth, far away from this sphere, as if he were being born anew.
He now heard the music approaching him from afar, as if the wind carried it along.
He felt its first breaths on earth flowing through him, he saw the music in colours and heard the masters interpret it.
He understood everything; this knowledge lay deeply embedded in him.
The soft music represented the awakening of young life on earth; he was being shown in colours what he felt and experienced, and the same was happening to all the others present here.
Colourful light, those were the notes, how was it possible?
The light changed, he heard the music getting closer all the time.
He saw a small being on earth; it was being cared for by the mother.
He witnessed three miracles at once.
This was a symphony of life.
It started on earth and would end in this sphere.
How mighty all this was.
All the angels were connected, they experienced it, felt themselves to be back on earth and were taken care of by the mother.
Oh love, holy love!
My God, he thought, how great Your power is, how pure the angels, who dwell here, how exalted the art, how great the happiness, which everything spreads.
Life was being interpreted in music.
What he had been able to perceive as expressive arts, he heard in this sphere in music.
He saw the light changing; the music increased in beauty, the human being on earth was growing up, there was nothing but happiness in this life.
The young life had experienced its first years on earth and had grown up to be a child that played about in nature.
Here he witnessed miracles indeed!
He saw the child before him, saw it playing and heard it uttering soft sounds.
Now the colours shifted; the music had changed into frolicking leaps and he too felt assimilated, as if he were jumping over meadows and plains, to meet a young life.
He felt free of all cares.
He bore only happiness, the life of a child; he felt nothing but his own happiness, because he had been transformed into the child.
The colours increased in beauty and clarity, but the music had likewise increased in power.
The child grew in years, and he felt by the music and saw from the colours that it had reached its tenth year on earth.
The colours swirled around, frisking about in rhythmic waves.
The colours revealed the age, the happiness of the being; he felt the child within, and the music swelled into a mighty ensemble.
He also felt his life being reeled off deep within, just as all the angels felt and relived their earthly life.
He was picking flowers again, took them to his mother and was happy because she was happy too.
When he handed her the bouquet he felt tears of joy running down his cheeks.
This was music; the chords they drew from their instruments reverberated in his soul.
Masters of love descended into the soul of a child and played what that little life felt.
They interpreted those inner feelings, something no one would ever think of on earth.
He felt he would collapse on the spot before the end had come.
What age would this life reach on earth, that had to be lived through in pain, grief and sorrow?
He prayed for strength to be able to witness this sacred act.
If this could be accomplished on earth, people would be touched to the depths of their soul, and this art would make them begin another life.
Everyone would be enchanted by this mighty event; it would carry them away; nobody could evade this.
Deep within his soul it trembled, it paralysed his feeling, yet it carried him up into heaven and let him return to earth in frolicking beauty.
The light kept on changing; the colours increased in strength; the life on earth reached a riper age; it already fought its battles, knew grief and sorrow and was tormented.
The music built up and brought forth other sounds, in which that battle and all that sorrow lay hidden.
Again life continued; the colours got fiercer and fiercer while the music became heartrending.
Now everything merged into a mighty episode.
The colours became harsh, the music increased in violence until it burnt into his soul and tore his life apart.
Life became more savage, it had reached the age of manhood on earth.
Within the highest tones he heard, lay all the grief and sorrow.
How piercing this grief was: the life of this human being bore nothing but battle.
He felt himself being drawn into real life; where would it end?
Storms gushed through him, smashed him to pieces and flung him across the entire earth, until he returned to his mother.
Life had returned to the mother, but it found no rest, and disappeared anew.
The music swelled to a mighty ensemble and reached a fantastic climax that cut through him like a knife.
Earthly life increased in violence; it took its own course.
He saw how the colours changed, the music represented a heavy thunderstorm, that was meant to shatter heaven and earth.
The being grew older, it felt happiness and grief, it experienced a life of horror and destruction.
He was able to follow it in everything; lived with it and inside of him this life vibrated; he merged with it so that he felt as if he were being crushed.
The chords were beautiful, the masters felt completely linked up and their creative power achieved fulfilment.
Everything he saw, heard and felt was perfect.
What he perceived was great, what he experienced was overwhelming!
The human being roamed around the world and once again it had left its parental home.
Amidst the harsh flaring colours he saw a soft white light that symbolized motherly grief.
It was her love for the child.
A mother wept for her child, that was at the mercy of dark forces.
Her love followed it; she sent out her love to her child, no matter where it might be.
It made her light dominate his light and her love worked wonders.
Yet protection was impossible; it would perish, it had to; it couldn’t escape.
Now the music became piercing, like the coloured light of the dark spheres; it blazed and howled like a mighty hurricane.
The symphony had reached its climax; the end of an earthly life was approaching, but this life would meet with a devastating end, it had to.
Again the colours changed into beautiful hues, the music got softer and milder.
This life on earth was no longer as ferocious, it leaned towards soft longings.
Now André felt happiness; it was inside of him, but the colours told him that this would not last.
This event became more and more profound for him.
Once again he felt how it took away his powers, he grasped the hand of Alcar’s master and kept a tight hold on it.
Now he could endure it all, as he felt fresh strength flowing into him.
Now the colours blurred.
What could this mean?
Music flowed right through him; it became increasingly harsh, and the colours turned to bright red and pale green: the radiance of the masters of evil, whom he had got to know during this journey.
He felt as if he were paralysed.
Suddenly he heard a cutting rhythm in the music that sounded like freakish leaps, representing approaching disaster.
Nothing could stop it; here life would find its downfall.
The colours were whimsical and cruel and he felt the terrible influence of the dark spheres.
Where and what was the end?
All this could only spell misery.
The music was rumbling, the colours were luminous and dazzling.
It became more piercing and the colours turned craggy and colder.
The evil in man revealed itself.
It manifested itself through the destruction of mankind: life marched off to war.
It destroyed what was God’s life, and ruined itself.
Rumbling and thrumming, life took up arms.
The colours changed into terrible, passionate hues, it merged into deep, dark colours; doom ran rampant.
Now the ensemble turned into an tremendous noise that made him tremble even more.
He heard terrible sounds, drowned out by a hissing noise.
The colours savagely tore apart because the end had come.
A burning, choking feeling came over him, it felt as if his lungs were being wrenched out of his body.
But a different feeling entered his soul, although the same terror remained.
Terrible these sounds were which the orchestra brought forth, horrible the colours, and he felt all of it burning within his soul.
Here a symphony of life was being shown to him, likewise, every human being had its own symphony, which contained various parts that were just as terrible as these.
Every life contained scenes of this kind; every being knew grief and sorrow.
Yet not one live was the same; they were all different.
Spiritual music was therefore inexhaustible.
There were no limits here.
The music represented a human life; each life could be expressed in this way.
Who thought of these things on earth?
Why didn’t they compose music there, that represented the life of a human being?
They did, but not to perfection.
Here the character was expounded, the whole being was unravelled; here they knew this being, whom they saw interpreted in colours and music and therefore experienced anew.
It wasn’t only great, it was tremendous and indescribable in words.
Here he experienced art at its highest level.
Here they experienced life in a way which was not possible on earth, because man didn’t understand his own life.
Here man learnt to get to know himself, and to understand the earthly life he had shed.
Here he saw a film of life, represented in art.
None of the masters on earth could accomplish the like.
Their spiritual attunement hadn’t progressed that far; an earthly life was too short to achieve that.
Now he saw how this life passed on to the side beyond.
It lived in the dark areas, got to know itself there and became convinced of a higher life.
The colours changed, the music played, but the chords no longer reached the earthly attunement; they no longer had that coarseness; these were spiritual sounds which couldn’t be heard and understood on earth.
Everything had passed on into the spirit; life had entered eternity and had set out on a higher plane of existence.
It touched him deeply because he had covered this all together with his leader.
Time and again he noticed how the colours kept on changing, and he saw the terrible battle that raged within the hues; it was the struggle to reach a higher sphere.
Yet the colours were getting paler, but they continually took on darker tones again, as a sign that life had fallen back into its previous condition.
The pale colours kept on returning; the music got more and more transparent; he heard no more coarse, terrifying tones.
This was the spiritual battle which could be sensed in everything.
A constant battle, merely for the sake of possession.
The music increased in beauty and he felt and saw from the colours how this life had reached the first existential sphere in the spirit.
They all sensed how this life had received spiritual possession and had assimilated it.
This was a great blessing; it made his soul tremble, it possessed viability, it caressed, it supported him, it carried him away to other countries.
He was floating high up in heaven, he felt himself being drawn up by the power of thought; here life lived in that of the spirit.
He clearly sensed this in the chords, and in the colours he recognized the various spheres which life had already reached.
Now they were in the second sphere; the cloudless blue sky lay in the sheer blue which he perceived, and he felt and saw in it, that life was approaching the third sphere.
The colours started to change and they merged; the purple blue from the third sphere blended with the sheer blue heaven which he had been allowed to perceive a few times in the second sphere.
The music played cheerful themes; the human being was alive again.
These chords contained a certain humility, zest for life and love in the colours; it was happiness, life wanted to be alive again, this life sensed God and had returned to Him.
Oh, to be allowed to experience this music, this art as an earthly human being!
The colours grew more and more beautiful and the music became increasingly exalted; together, they formed one unity.
André sensed that the fourth sphere was close by, and afterwards the fifth and the sixth sphere would be entered.
Just as he had seen everywhere, the colours increased in beauty, because this life lived in happiness; it was nothing but happiness and it spread a beautiful light all around.
Holy became the life of an Angel in the spirit.
Soon the end would be approaching.
He saw the colours which also had shone on him, when he had entered the sixth sphere.
Here, life became linked up with all other forms of life.
It lived here, was happy, was an angel from the sixth sphere, for it had reached this attunement.
The music softly toned down, the masters were finishing, colours merged into a haze, the last tones died down to a soft whispering; this was the end.
The masters had presented a symphony of life, this life ‘was’ and had found its God again.
André sat there, dazed; he was at his wits’ end.
He slowly felt himself returning and awakening.
He had experienced a very special condition; other powers had helped him; he couldn’t have digested all this on his own.
He thanked God for all this beauty and left the temple of music together with his leader’s master; he had been allowed to experience music from the sphere of music, from the sixth heaven.
How could he thank God for this?
What were the masters of the earth, compared to those in the spirit?
Deeply moved, all the Angels departed.