Heaven and hell; disembodiment

André received a message from his leader stating that he would be allowed to disembody, to be together with him in the spheres.
He had been waiting for this message for quite a time.
On his last journey to Summerland Alcar had promised him that if his gift had developed sufficiently they would visit the dark spheres together.
Now the time had come.
He was extremely pleased, because it was marvellous for him to be together with his leader.
Alcar would explain lots of situations to him, so that he would learn a lot about life on the side beyond.
He would also show him how the higher spirits try to convince the unhappy ones of the deplorable state they are living in, which they are unfortunately totally unaware of.
Alcar would also show him that one can keep on ascending.
Accordingly, he had gone up to his room at an early hour and waited for the things that would happen.
He had calmly lain down and soon he felt he was being influenced and that the disembodiment was about to begin.
Did he already hear something?
Was that Alcar’s voice?
He listened attentively.
His name was being spoken softly and he recognized his leader’s loving voice.
André now knew that the big event was about to start.
He was conscious of everything that was happening around him.
He clearly saw a blue haze hanging in his room which got denser and denser.
It floated above his head and remained suspended there.
He felt a strange sensation in his feet which made him understand that Alcar was about to release him from his physical body.
It tingled at first, and then he got a feeling as if something was being removed from his body.
He felt something slowly rising within, and drawing upward. Then his heartbeat increased and his blood­ circulation speeded up.
This was very different from his last disembodiment.
After his spiritual body had risen above his knees (during his previous out-of-body experience), he sank away into unconsciousness and was unaware what was happening to him.
He awoke beside his physical body (during his previous out-of-body experience).
‘Is Alcar going to explain everything to me and make me experience this consciously?’ he wondered.
If that was possible, it would mean wisdom in the spirit to him.
What was really known about those who left the earth?
What did they feel when they passed on?
It would be marvellous if he were allowed to learn about this.
If man became convinced that dying meant going to a land of greater beauty, then it would be easier for him to part.
What a terrible trouble many people made out of passing on.
He had often stood at a deathbed and seen a person suffer in a way that made his heart bleed.
If he were allowed to consciously experience the release of the spiritual body, it might prove a support for many, and they could then peacefully give themselves over to those who came to fetch them.
That would do away with the fear of death, as he could tell the people that dying means no more than shedding the material garment that had served them all those years.
He already felt how comforting this would be to many people, because the transition to that other world often bore a terrifying aspect.
Sometimes they floated between two worlds for days.
They were unable to release themselves, because it was all unknown to them.
It would be wonderful for him to inform them of the truth.
Now he heard Alcar, who requested him to listen.
‘Your complete concentration is required, André’, he was told.
‘Listen carefully and don’t forget any of the things you are about to experience.
When you tell the people all the things you’re about to experience, it will make it a lot easier for many to depart from earthly life.
I want you to consciously undergo and witness all the emotional states and transitions, as well as this disembodiment.’
André’s heart started beating faster and faster.
He also felt how his spiritual body kept drawing upwards, which made him hear his beating heart from afar.
It was a strange and very remarkable sensation to him.
He presently heard Alcar’s voice, who had caught his thoughts on this.
‘This, my son, is because the separation between the spiritual and the physical body has begun.
While man still lives in his material garment, his sense of feeling is located in the spot we call the vital centre: the solar plexus.
But now the spiritual body has crossed this point.
The heartbeat, which is audible at quite a distance, increases because the spiritual body has passed the conscious vital centre.
And from this moment on the power of feeling is transferred to the spirit.
Is that clear to you?’
André understood it all, because he felt, heard and saw.
Alcar continued: ‘Only those can disembody in this way who possess the necessary sensitivity.
Besides, this needs attunement to spiritual conditions.
All this will facilitate and speed up the process of disembodiment.’
Again André felt himself ascending.
Alcar continued: ‘We have now reached the height at which we can leave the physical realm and enter the spiritual. However, you will remain in this condition for a short while because I want to make a few things clear to you.
You will have noted that feeling is the essential aspect of man as a being.
Feeling is life and life is love, enabling man to be one with God, which makes him Divine.
From this moment on, my son, look around, your feeling is transferred into the spirit.
You will now be able to perceive merely through the power and the radiance of love, because love is light on this side.
So love is feeling and therefore man will possess light and happiness in accordance with his inner feeling and his attunement.
At the moment you’re afloat between two worlds; your spiritual body is still connected with matter, but already feels and lives within the spirit.
That is why you still hear your heart beating from a distance, which makes its beats sound like echoes in the spirit.
This is a mighty happening André, which only few who still dwell on earth experience.
Now try to see, and you will perceive how matter is enveloped in a dense haze.
Everything looks different from the way you perceive it normally.
That’s because your senses belong to your physical body, but this will present no obstacle to the spirit.
On this side feeling encompasses all the senses!
The sense of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting; in short, everything is one in the life of the spirit, and that oneness is feeling.
The body of feeling is therefore the essential part.
This is what man ought to develop in order to pass on to a higher state of existence.
All matter is now blanketed in a grey haze.
You can perceive this best by looking at the walls, the paintings and all the other objects.
They consist of a crude spiritual substance which you can’t yet see through, because your feeling of awakening consciousness is half-spiritual and half-material.
So the transformation of all matter is caused by you floating between two worlds, which makes matter take on a half-conscious state of life, and reduces your power of perception into matter.
My concentration and also your power and attunement enabled me to keep you on this level.
We will now cross the point of awakening in the spirit.
Pay attention, André, you’re passing on to a different condition.’
André got the feeling that his spiritual body was being pushed upward, but also that something prevented him from rising.
He felt this clearly and thought it very strange.
‘What you feel now, my son, is the opposing force in this process.
It’s the force of attraction of your physical body, which is caused by the fluid cord that connects both bodies.
It’s also clear that your feeling is more material than spiritual, and there’s the additional problem that you still live on earth.
These are factors which oppose earthly man in his endeavour to transcend this turning point from matter into spirit.
The fluid cord possesses that power in accordance with the attunement which feeling finds in the spirit.
So, man passes on in compliance with his feeling.
Every being has his own attunement and that’s why no transitions are ever alike.
Is that clear to you?
You wouldn’t be able to disembody without my help, because your powers aren’t adequate.
So you would get no further than a departure in the mind.
I already spoke to you about that.
We will now pass on to a different condition.
Here you will learn to understand that the fluid cord is the opposing force in this process.
I will avert my concentration from you which will make you return to the previous state.
Watch carefully, André.’
André felt himself returning to his previous condition.
He clearly heard his heart beating and all the material objects became visible to him.
He was also able to distinguish his spiritual perceptions from the material ones.
Nothing could ever convince him more vividly of everlasting life than this.
If ever an image could convince him of intelligent thinking after death, then this did.
It was magnificent.
For the first time he felt how immense spiritual powers are.
‘Now, my son, I will revert to the powers of feeling within the human being, which is what I wanted to explain to you.
For those on earth who pass on, these powers cease to exist because the fluid cord is broken during their transition.
They will all transcend this condition of feeling, but they will be unaware of it.
For some this will entail a battle, for others it includes nothing but love and happiness.
Everything takes place in accordance with their inner attunement.
Do you understand all this now?
The cord of life connects both bodies, and it keeps the spirit wrapped within an infinite number of filaments.
It is a soft fluid in which the spiritual body exists.
It is only visible to us.
It can be developed by attuning the feeling in the spirit.
In other words: the higher a human being’s connection reaches, the easier and finer his experience of passing on will be.
So everything is very simple.
But others, who have disgraced themselves on earth, arrive here in an unconscious state.
It takes them a long time to awaken.
Their feeling is attuned to the dark spheres and their transition will therefore cause a shock.
I could tell you much more about all these conditions, because man is attuned to the cosmos.
But one has to be cosmically minded to become connected.
I will set up my concentration again, which will raise you to a higher level.’
André felt himself ascending and a different feeling took hold of him.
‘We have now reached the point where the separation starts and your material consciousness passes into the spirit.
You’ll be able to feel this clearly.
All the same, your spirit is still connected with your material body; but now take a look at all material things!
Everything that belongs to the earth is transparent.
You can look straight through things, the grey haze has lifted.
As I just told you, this is because your feeling passed into the spirit.
So we’re about to leave the physical body behind.
You perceive according to the power of love within you because, as you know, on this side love is light.
For those who feel no love in the spirit or don’t possess it, everything will be darkness.
I hope, my son, that you understand everything now.
It’s impossible for me to make these situations clear to you in any other way than you just experienced.
But you will understand everything because you see, hear and feel it.
And this experience is granted to only a few on earth.
Therefore I ask you fervently, my boy, not to forget any of the things I will yet show you.
You’re going through all this for the sake of thousands.
I want to try to reach the people on earth in this way.
I want to make it clear to them that the transition to this world means only happiness, if they develop spiritually.
It’s in man’s own hands.
It’s for him to decide whether he will find either happiness and love in this life, or deep darkness.
On this side we only know of one law, one proverb, which says: ‘To own a lot of love means wisdom in the spirit.’
This applies to you too, André.
If you didn’t possess this power, it wouldn’t be possible for me to show you all this.
Love is knowledge, nothing but happiness in the life after death.
No being will be able to enter a higher sphere if it knows no love. This is what I will teach you and let you experience on this journey.
The blue light you perceived is the radiance of your love and it keeps matter enveloped.
It also tells you that you still dwell on earth.
Those who pass on withdraw everything from matter because they’re about to depart from that life.
I will now release you completely.’
André felt how he was freed from his body.
He was now floating above his own garment.
He had consciously left his body, received more wisdom in the spirit and had got to know life.
How mighty love was.
This could only be achieved through love.
His material body was lying there as if he had already died.
Yet it was alive.
The fluid cord kept both bodies together.
One day it would break for good and he wouldn’t have to return again.
He felt a pleasant feeling flowing through him.
It was the peace on this side, and it made him happy.
He heard Alcar say:
‘What you feel now, André, is your link in the spirit.
Your sense for eternity has awakened and become conscious.’
André descended.
Alcar caught him in his arms.
‘A mighty process has been accomplished, my boy.
We’ll be together for a long time yet.
There’s a lot I have to show you and explain to you during this journey.’
‘How can I thank you, Alcar, for all the things you’ve given me on earth.’
‘Don’t thank me, André, our life belongs to God, it’s Him we owe everything to.’
Alcar wanted no gratitude and André thanked God for everything he had been granted.
Great was the blessing to be allowed to experience this.
‘Take another look at your garment, André.’
‘What’s this, Alcar?’
He could no longer see his material body.
‘How did this happen?’
‘A moment ago you were still connected.
The blue light will envelop your body during our absence.
During our previous journey Adonis kept watch over everything; this is no longer necessary, because your aura has formed a wall and now hides your body.
It will remain within the haze until we return.
It is hidden to unhappy spirits.
We can leave this spot with an easy mind.
Now concentrate on your garment, it will become visible again.’
André did as Alcar told him.
The blue haze tore apart and his body became visible.
‘Beautiful, André!
It shows you that you have progressed and that you know how to use your powers.
Now we’ll move some distance away from your body.
At the moment we’re afloat in space.
It’s incredible for those who feel materially, but the spirit moves about by the power of its thought.
On earth man must first think before he can act.
On our side we act instantly when we apply our concentration.
Is this clear to you?’
‘Yes, Alcar, I understand all of it.’
‘We’re on the move as soon as we begin to focus.
I’ll divert my thoughts away from you, because there is something I want to explain.’
André felt a very strange power taking hold of him.
If he didn’t resist with all his might, he would be drawn back into his material body.
‘What is this, Alcar?’
‘It proves that you still live on earth.
The fluid cord is pulling you back towards your body.
That’s why I showed you the opposing force and let you experience how this cord links the material body with the spirit.
It’s invisible and yet you feel its impact.
It also shows how ethereal our life can be.
According to the spiritual attunement, the human being therefore feels those counterforces for this event, also when they pass on.
It’s all so simple.
It’s the spiritual attunement of every living being.
Use your powers well, and you’ll move any way you want to.
Another experiment, André.
Concentrate your mind on me, wherever we may go.’
Alcar moved away at a terrific pace.
‘I just told you, as I also showed you during our former trips, that we can move about in a flash.
Where does my son believe he is at this very moment?’
André looked around but only saw a grey mass.
After a long thought he told his leader that he couldn’t find his bearings.
‘Then listen to me.
We’re in the innermost parts of the earth.’
André looked at his leader and thought this was impossible.
‘Is this incredible to you too?
I’m showing you that the spirit can move through all matter and that nothing can block its way.
If you had focussed your attention on me correctly you would have known where we were going.
You now know that everything is possible to us.
All the same, it must be marvellous for you as an earthly human to be allowed to experience this.
We can move up or down as we please.
We have our intellectual thinking capacity just as we once had on earth.
We own a body which is more beautiful than man possesses or knows of on earth.
We can link up and tune in with all the things our inherent powers, which is love, allow.
We can link up with everything that lives.
We are life and can be one with all of life, with God, because God means life.
We could point out minerals to mankind which it has no knowledge of, yet needs most of all.
Even things within matter, hitherto unknown, and all other things the earth holds hidden.
We could show what causes earthquakes and why these disturbing effects manifest themselves.
We who are without a body are capable of everything!
And all this in accordance with attunement in the spirit, the power of love which is in us.
We cannot rise higher.
We will possess wisdom according to our feeling.
But how will a person, dead yet alive, understand life on other planets if he neither understands nor senses his own life?
If he doesn’t want to accept that he lives forever, and neither senses nor hears his clear yet soft inner voice?
What’s the good of flying into unknown aerial strata if they forget their inner life?
Here it’s known how far they can go.
Here they know that there are parts where earthly life ceases to exist, where everything will melt down if they insist on penetrating those areas in space.
Their pathetic flying habits are known to us here.
Man must act in accordance with his inherent powers. These form the basis of his existence on earth.
Thousands will arrive here ahead of their time and only then will they cease their endeavours and understand that those areas are out of their reach.
Here we know of atmospheric layers where earthly life ceases to exist.
Material forces cannot stand up to them.
The cosmologists of the future will demonstrate this.
They will prove that it spells destruction to raise themselves to such heights above the earth.
One day these secrets will be revealed, but by then things will have changed on earth.
The scholars will tune in to us, their inventions will serve mankind.
The way everything is used up nowadays will result in violence, in the destruction of mankind.
Is that God’s intention?
Inventions will be made to serve people’s happiness.
One day they will visit other planets, but only to benefit mankind. Happiness will be the sole source of their spiritual development and their cosmic attunement.
Yet thousands of years will elapse before such beings can be born on earth.
Then they will know happiness and possess love, and the earth will be transformed into spheres of joy.
Now let us return to the place where your body is resting.
On this side, my son, powerful concentration means connection.
Before we set off on our journey I have something to tell you.
First of all, André, ask me as much as you want.
I will reply to the best of my knowledge and my power.
There’s another thing: everything you will experience as a disembodied spirit is meant to convince mankind of our continued existence.
Pay attention to everything and remember what you see, what I will show you in the spirit.
When you return to earth you will spread the message.
Bear in mind that your gift is not your personal property, so call forth and exert all your necessary powers, because our time is precious.
You will make good use of your life down there.
Don’t idle away a single hour.
Let others make of their lives what they want to, and don’t let yourself get dragged along the dark paths that messed up their lives.
Don’t listen to their professed wisdom which they draw from books and never put to practice.
Get the feel of them, and take care how you use your powers.
Don’t deviate an inch from your course.
And don’t waste your time filling in their evenings.
They’re sleeping their deep spiritual sleep and they’ll take a long time to awaken.
Beware of those who wear masks and hide behind spiritual walls.
They are the ones who would make Christ’s blood feather their nest.
They’re like empty vessels without bottoms, soiling our spiritual nourishment.
They float about in this space, and the earth serves them as a fixing point to support them.
They are the ones, my boy, who regard life as a stage act, and hold séances for the sake of a thrill.
I must warn you against them.
I’ll explain to you on this journey how puny we human beings are, and when you’ve entered the higher areas you’ll get to know our life.
All these things you will experience on this journey.
Once again, pay attention to everything.
Know that it’s God’s greatest mercy He bestowed on man to allow him to link up with us.
Look, we’re back on the spot where your body is at rest.
Our journey starts from here and we will ask God for support.’
André was back in his room and together with his leader he knelt down beside his material garment.
Alcar prayed to God.
‘Almighty Father.
We ask You for strength and support to nourish our faith and our trust in You.
Great Father.
There’s a holy longing in us to be allowed to convince mankind that life continues forever.
Only Your power, Your mercy enables us to do this, and we ask You to help us.
We ask You for light and love, for Your protection.
Make us into simple instruments.
Put Your holy power, Your knowledge into us and guide us so we may keep on following Your way.
Your power alone will enable us to sail the seas, to weather the storms, Your mighty power which we bear within us, because we bear Your life, indeed we are and have our being in Your life.
Father, support us on this voyage.