A spiritual consecration, and back to earth

The bird that was still resting on André’s shoulder prepared itself, as if it felt that the moment of parting had come.
It flew onto Alcar’s shoulder, who caressed it and spoke a few words of love to the animal.
Then around the fountain in a wide curve, as if it were protecting the fountain and all other life, the bird disappeared into nature.
‘Farewell, my life.
We will return.’
And to the other birds that were perched on the rim of the fountain Alcar also spoke words of love, after which they flew off.
Alcar stared after them; André didn’t know what to do with himself, he was so moved by this farewell.
The event touched him deeply.
‘And now, my boy, just one more glance into a spiritual house.
You won’t return here for a long while yet.
Months will go by, because first you must assimilate all this on earth.
Absorb everything as intently as you can so that you can pass it on truthfully.’
André was about to leave.
He felt as if he would collapse.
How hard it was to part with all this.
And yet he had to.
He already feared the moment that he would awaken on earth, and life in matter would begin again.
But he didn’t want to be ungrateful and preferred to thank his leader for all these sacred things.
Yet he was speechless.
He summoned up courage.
First he had to try to earn himself this happiness.
How hard it must be for Alcar to be able to live here and yet leave all this beauty behind to work in darkness and in the cold.
He understood his leader’s battle on earth to help mankind.
The moment had come.
Alcar was standing in front of the fountain and looked at the life that was moving about in the basin.
‘Alcar’, André said.
‘There’s not much I can say, but I feel the need to thank you.
But before I part from here, I do want to tell you this: I will do my best on earth and I won’t make it difficult for you.’
André knelt down before his great leader.
Alcar bent down over his instrument; the few words told him everything.
‘I thank you, my son.
God’s blessing will rest upon our work.
Now on to the festivity in the spheres.’
A shiver went through him when he stepped out of Alcar’s dwelling.
How would Alcar be feeling now?
‘A spirit of light carries his heaven within.’
André understood.
Hand in hand they glided on, towards a different condition, which was to be the last one on this journey.
Everything gleamed with a golden glow.
How powerful love was.
How profoundly had he got to know it.
They had acquired this happiness through much sorrow and grief.
He saw how the landscape kept on rising.
It seemed as if he were emerging out of a valley and approaching the highest part in a softly undulating upward direction.
He saw temples and buildings in beautiful colours below him, they all radiated, and he now understood the meaning.
Lots of beings passed them by, all following the same direction.
They were talking to each other, he saw and sensed this clearly.
It was wondrous.
To them nothing special, because they lived within this life.
Sometimes he saw them in front of him, and then they suddenly disappeared before his eyes as if they had dissolved in the air.
André didn’t understand it. He asked his leader what this meant and he was told: ‘When we link up and are attuned to their concentration, we see them, it’s not possible in any other way.
They can also remain invisible, even though they live in this sphere and we have the same attunement.
This is because they move faster than we do and so they’re invisible to us.
Some amongst them are already attuned to a connecting sphere and will shortly enter the sixth sphere.
We will move along faster now.
We’ll soon be there.’
André thought he could perceive a big white light in the distance.
The closer they got, the clearer the light became visible to him.
‘What is that light over there, Alcar?’
‘What you see is the light that is radiated by the Temple of Happiness.
It’s the power of life.
That’s where beings are united.
You will experience the ascent of some of our sisters and brothers.
They will be admitted to the sixth sphere.’
André saw an immense building, made of snow-white marble. It had a very curious shape, representing a cross.
From afar it looked very impressive.
Alcar slowly descended, until they had reached the ground.
He saw the angels that came gliding along from all directions.
He saw gliding angels.
On earth it was a fairy tale, but in the spirit it became reality.
Magnificent phosphorescent garments.
All were young and beautiful, shining with a heavenly glow.
Everything was alive, they all radiated light.
They would remain young, for ever young.
‘Many of them are a thousand years old, my son, others are younger.
There are some amongst them who are two or even three thousand years old.’
André saw miracles wherever he looked.
What a blessing to be allowed to live here.
André thought that they were at the front of the temple.
He looked at his leader to find out whether he was right.
But Alcar smiled and said: ‘Here we don’t think in terms of back or front, here everything is open, wherever you may be.
In the life of the spirit nothing can be hidden.
The Temple symbolizes the life of our great Master Jesus Christ, the perfect Child of God, and was erected by His holy powers.’
He saw fountains everywhere, squirting their rays as high as the heavens and transforming life into billions of colours.
Everywhere he saw happiness, nothing but love.
Thousands of beings were gathered in a spirit of love.
What was beauty on earth compared to all this?
He took part in their happiness.
They all radiated wisdom, power and love.
Was this the land of love of which he had spoken?
He had seen a similar image at the time.
Everything indicated that it had depicted this condition.
Alcar must have passed on the inspiration to him.
What he had conveyed to the living dead was Alcar’s possession.
He had told nothing but the truth, nothing but the eternal truth.
He felt happy that he had passed on everything so clearly.
Alcar had convinced them by telling them about his own life.
It filled him with joy that he would one day possess this same power and this happiness.
Oh, how beautiful they all were.
There was a heavenly glow in their eyes.
It reflected their inherent power.
It struck him so vividly because there were so many of them together.
What a difference to people on earth.
The most beautiful people he had ever seen there were unfortunate on this side if they were conscious of their beauty.
Their beauty was nothing more than pathetic vanity.
On earth people were old, even if they believed themselves to be young and beautiful.
Here they were all spiritually old, yet young and beautiful in appearance; this was their wisdom, and it made them radiate.
They were all like suns, spreading out warmth on others.
‘Come over here, André, we’ll sit down on this spot.’
Everywhere were benches to rest wherever he had been in the spheres.
Here these were sculptured, representing various things.
Suns were represented, stars and planets, spheres and other symbolic images.
He also understood that he must be in a special condition, because nobody was taking any notice of him.
How willingly would he have spoken with them, just to hear their voices for a short while.
But he sensed that this was impossible, as he dwelt in Alcar’s own attunement.
And he felt satisfied.
After all, how great this blessing was to be allowed to see and experience all this.
It would already spell happiness to many on earth if they were allowed to perceive all this in a vision.
No, he was in a grateful disposition.
His gratitude rose up to God from the bottom of his soul.
One day he would be allowed to partake of everything, when he too possessed this attunement.
He would fight to capture this great truth.
Oh, there was so much happiness awaiting him and all the people on earth.
Some day he would become united with Alcar for all eternity.
In order to possess this happiness he would gladly give his earthly life.
To anyone willing to step into his shoes.
But this was impossible.
He would do anything because in this life there was nothing but happiness.
‘Are they all together here, Alcar?’
‘Here too, my boy.
The richest people on earth, rulers and emperors, the poorest amongst the poor, here everything is one.
Listen, the masters are starting to convey their high spiritual feelings in art.’
He felt a deep silence.
The sacred event was about to happen.
He heard the tones rising in the distance.
It approached from afar and sounded melodious in his ears.
It had started like a soft whispering.
But within that whispering heaven and earth were united.
It was one, he clearly sensed it.
It caused a tingling feeling in his whole body.
An enormous power came over him.
All beings knelt down.
So did Alcar, and he knelt down beside his leader.
He felt himself grow humble in a way he had never been or sensed before.
His soul cried out with gratitude towards God.
Now he sensed a different kind of humility than he thought he could feel on earth.
Compared to this present feeling, his emotion on earth seemed rebellious, even though he believed to be approaching God.
How distant he was down there from this sacred feeling.
It lay miles apart from him.
His heart contracted and life oppressed him.
It was as if he felt all the sins anew which he had committed.
He had asked for forgiveness for all his errors but he felt that they were still within him.
The more beautiful the music got, the more he changed.
His power of feeling kept on changing.
Everything came back to him, he saw his entire life on earth passing by.
A piercing feeling of grief overwhelmed him.
He felt his shortcomings in everything.
Here he experienced everything, expressed by the masters.
Deep within he wept, but no tears appeared.
He swallowed them back, he wanted nobody to see his shortcomings.
He wanted to digest all this by himself.
It had become part of him, it was his life.
Now he felt himself gliding away.
He was being led across hills and valleys.
Oh that music, this wasn’t the kind of music that was drawn from instruments on earth.
It was stupendous, it tore a person apart.
He felt himself gliding on and on.
One moment he would be high up, the next found him just above the ground.
He felt life dancing within, it was the dance of life.
Never before had music ever moved him as it did now.
It gently carried him back to the spot where he was, in their midst, in the fifth sphere.
Then it became stronger and fiercer again, it was like a storm that destroyed everything around.
It returned, as if a holy being was whispering something in his ear and spoke of happiness and bliss.
He sensed every little detail and understood this mighty symphony which meant Life.
It was as if God Himself were talking to him.
He learnt that lots of happiness was in store for him if he understood Life.
Like in a film he saw hundreds of images passing by.
He recognized continents, and they were about to link him up with other planets.
He descended down into deep depths and he saw the darkness and felt the cold creeping up in him.
He saw Christ, amidst all the sorrow He had endured, and he felt the pains when He was nailed to the cross.
Who made him experience all this?
How would he ever be able to stand up to all this?
He was one in this sphere, he was allowed to experience their present feelings.
He was moved and he felt his powers ebbing away.
It oughtn’t to last very much longer.
What a power this music bore!
All the angels were connected with the masters.
They also felt their holy power.
He must exert himself even more if he wanted to be able to bear this to the very end.
He took Alcar’s hand and gripped it tightly.
What was he hearing now?
From afar the sound of beautiful singing reached his ears.
Thousands of voices were united.
He had never before heard anyone sing in such pure tones, it was as pure as their aura.
The masters accompanied the singing.
Above all the others he heard a heavenly beautiful voice, it was a clear sound.
It seemed as if he were to receive even more happiness.
Life entered him.
He felt the power of their love, enclosed within their song.
He literally understood all the sounds.
All the angels were singing in unison.
God is love.
God is happiness.
Love is life throughout all the centuries.
Love means being one with Him.
Oh, an awareness of great, holy happiness had entered him.
He understood their feeling, life was in him.
Blessed are those who receive happiness.
United in love, in peace, in happiness, one forever.
It was meant for those who were to be united.
Whatever God connected, He connected with Himself.
The beauty of the spheres, the love of the spheres.
The happiness of angels, the beauty of angels.
Give love and you will receive.
He felt drained, it was too much for him.
Alcar kept a tight hold on him so that he wouldn’t give away.
Everything ended in a holy silence.
The angels remained on their knees for a long time.
All were quiet, it was even more quiet than before the masters had begun.
At last they rose to go over to the Temple of Happiness, which they all entered.
‘Their and also our prayer has come to an end, André.
That’s how they pray in the spheres.
That’s how we prepare ourselves before we take part in a festivity.
They all felt a higher love which they will possess later on.
Be strong, my boy.
The end has not yet arrived, we will enter too.’
André kept tight hold of his leader, he didn’t want to let go of Alcar again.
Thousands of angels had made their way into the building.
He hadn’t the courage; was he really prepared to dwell in their midst?
Wouldn’t he be disturbing this holy event?
‘No, you’re allowed to go inside, my boy.
Your prayer has been heard, and this provided you with new strength.’
They entered hand in hand.
Here no-one was sent back; it would hold millions of beings.
Everything was almighty.
He sensed that this building would dissolve too.
It was expanding, there were walls, but the walls were alive.
It contained the life of Christ.
The first thing he had noticed was the cruciform shape of the Temple.
It was Christ’s holy life.
The entity was bathed in a white, radiating light that lit up all the beings.
He saw no end of the Temple.
Christ’s life was endless, inexhaustible, it had no ending.
Here they were in His house of love.
All the beings who lived in the fifth sphere would be allowed to enter.
He felt dazed, it was overpowering.
Miracles from a higher sphere were being shown to him here.
This all came to him and he understood that Alcar was inward telling him this.
He was being spoken to in a spiritual language.
He could see the angels from far away.
There was no distance here; he felt and saw everything that was present in this place.
There was no hindrance in the spirit, they were all one.
Flowers in immaculate white decorated the interior of the Temple.
On an elevated pedestal he saw two beings kneeling down, dressed in snow-white garments.
Their heads deeply bowed, their hands folded, as white as marble.
André sensed that they were attuned to higher powers.
The holy moment seemed to be near.
God was within them, he felt the breath of life which maintained all life.
A soft, heavenly sound rang out.
All the angels lifted their head, waiting for something that was imminent.
Above the two happy ones he saw some light appearing.
They were all watching it.
Now he heard melodious singing.
It was a prayer which the two beings were sending up to God.
The prayer got more and more fervent, it flowed into his soul and he too prayed for their happiness.
He saw a halo of light around both heads which he could clearly distinguish.
He saw softer hues in her light than in his, which made him sense the masculine powers.
His creative powers contained his intense strong light which linked up with hers.
The lights flowed together, they were already connected in their aura.
He now saw many other miracles.
The walls began to come alive and displayed entire scenes.
He saw the universe, the stars and planets and the life of Christ pass by.
He saw the same scenes above the two angels.
The universe was awakening, it was being shown to everyone.
Look, he felt, life is awaiting you.
Life is waiting, you may enter higher spheres.
Other planets were being shown, it was life which descended.
Christ, the perfect Son of God was to come.
In Him all were one. He, the cosmically roused, was about to descend.
The connection had been made.
They had all perceived a flash of Him and they were connected with His holy life.
Now they all bowed their heads, every being prayed for strength and love in order to be admitted to a higher state, just as the two would be.
After this impressive silence the entire Temple was suddenly lit up.
The two angels were lit up by a ray of light.
It continued to get brighter.
From all directions rays of light flashed and lit up the two children who were to be united forever.
In front of them he saw a golden light rising, like a sun.
Life was approaching.
The holy moment had arrived.
Alcar pushed his hand into André’s as if his leader wanted to tell him that the moment had come.
The two beings were like marble statues.
Their garments blazed as they were lit by the heavenly light.
All the angels concentrated themselves on this moment.
André saw how something became visible within that golden sun.
It was a being.
He saw it clearly within this golden frame.
Now it stepped forward, it was alive.
The being remained enveloped in a haze but stretched out both arms and blessed the two angels.
The holy moment had come, two lives were being admitted.
As suddenly as the light had come, it vanished again.
Christ, the Perfect Son of God had made Himself manifest.
Angels sang, the masters accompanied them, a mighty choir set in, it was one magnificent event, everything was love.
André felt himself subsiding, he couldn’t take this in.
He could still hear the singing that receded further and further away.
Then he was no longer aware of his surroundings.
When he awoke, he still felt Alcar’s hand in his and he understood that no other powers but God could ever separate them.
He opened his eyes and looked at his leader.
‘Well, my boy.
You’ve come round again?’
André took both Alcar’s hands to thank him for everything.
He was speechless.
And so they glided along for quite a while, earthward bound.
His concentration had still not returned.
His thoughts seemed paralyzed.
He had experienced supreme happiness, he was intoxicated with happiness.
Slowly his powers returned.
‘Where are we, Alcar?’
‘On our way to the earth.’
‘No longer in your sphere?’
‘No, my boy.’
‘Oh, how beautiful everything was.
I’m stunned with happiness.’
‘It will invigorate your soul powers.
What you witnessed was the most sacred part of our journey: a heavenly connection which you were allowed to experience as an earthly being.
It’s a mercy which only one human being in a thousand may partake of.’
André saw that he was in the third sphere, and he felt how they were gliding towards the earth at great speed.
A few more moments and this beautiful disembodiment would belong to the past.
It would support him during his entire life on earth.
They reached the earth within a few moments, and he entered his room.
‘You will consciously know everything you have experienced, my son.
It means wisdom in the spirit and it will add pure strength to your earthly life.
Hasten to set off on your task of making this known to mankind.
I will help you.
But it all depends on your own feeling to convey just as I showed it to you.
That’s up to you; you can count on our help.’
Again André knelt down before his leader to thank him for everything.
‘Be strong, my boy, we will be together again soon.’
André felt how he ascended, then descended again and with a slight tremor returned into his material body.
With a great, happy feeling he awoke and he heard his leader speak: ‘You are now linked up again with your physical garment.
You dwell on earth, I’m on this side, yet we are one, forever, eternally.
But before I break off our link I ask you not to forget the slightest thing you were allowed to experience.
Start on your task soon.
New miracles will await you afterwards.
Your Alcar.’
André heard nothing more and fell into a deep sleep.
In the morning he awoke and knew what he had experienced that night.
He felt happy and could have wept with joy.
He felt a great, sacred feeling within, and he knew the reason why.
It was the happiness which those feel who dwell in the hereafter.
In happiness, in love, forever one.
They had cast off their material garment; they understood the purpose of life on earth.