André sees his child

André had fallen silent after all the beauty that had been revealed to him.
There is a great deal waiting for the human being after his earthly life, when he would enter here.
On this side it was known why the earth was populated by animal-like beings and that one day the happiness of the spheres would prevail there too.
Here they knew why other lives were worked to death and why their happiness was destroyed.
His mind reeled with all these truths.
What was the earth, compared to all those other planets he had beheld?
It was a mere speck within the universe.
But how did the human being on earth feel?
Down there a single person had the power to destroy a thousand others.
Wasn’t it disgraceful?
What a lot there still was on earth for man to learn!
How distant he still was from real, pure love.
What he had now received was wisdom in the spirit.
How happy man should feel to be allowed to receive all this.
Grateful towards God, the Father of all life; was André after the things he had just been shown.
He took Alcar’s hand in his and thanked him fervently for all the beauty.
‘You have given me much, Alcar, a great happiness for everyone.’
‘Let us hope that a few will awaken; that would suffice to reward us for our work.
We will now quickly move on to another condition, where the best part of this journey is awaiting you.
It will soon be clear to you, where we are now heading for.’
They glided onward and suddenly André sensed where they were going to.
It overwhelmed him, the great and sacred love of his leader moved him deeply; they were on the way to the children’s sphere!
They had already approached the intermediate sphere where he had been allowed to behold the spiritual children during his previous journey.
‘Alcar, how good you are to me, how did I ever deserve all this?’
‘Take it easy, my son; otherwise you won’t be able to visit your child.
Entirely at peace is needed now.’
But André couldn’t control himself and wept.
The very thing he had longed for so much was now about to happen and come true.
He was going to see his child, that had left the earth a year ago.
He, an earthly human being, would be allowed to visit his little one in the life after death.
Who wouldn’t feel moved?
To the very depths of his soul it filled him with gratitude towards his leader.
‘You give me so much, your goodness knows no limits.’
‘You will soon be allowed to greet the young little being.’
‘Will I be permitted to take her in my arms, Alcar?’
‘I think that would be possible, my son.’
Possible, André thought, so it wasn’t quite certain yet?
What did Alcar mean by possible?
But he wanted to remain calm and await the things that lay ahead.
Oh, how happy he felt.
The little one dwelt in radiant beauty.
It had left the earth in a condition of happiness and light.
It had been cold that morning when he had buried it.
He had received a beautiful vision at the time, he had been allowed to perceive spiritual life.
Snow had covered the earth, but here only light and happiness existed.
Death wasn’t ‘death’, death meant life.
Here his deceased child lived forever, in all eternity.
He would return to earth with a marvellous message for her, Gommel’s mother.
He could tell her that her Gommel was alive and had grown into a beautiful, pure being.
They entered the children’s sphere; a tranquillity prevailed, with a heavenliness and an intensity such as he had never felt before.
Love, and flowers in fantastic colours everywhere; the buildings and temples where the little ones dwelt were immaculately white.
What would she look like after that one year?
He would recognize her amidst thousands.
The love, the spiritual bond was the eternal connection with this young life.
From afar he saw the little ones playing in nature.
Now that he was on the brink of the great happening, André felt himself growing quiet.
A unknown feeling of tranquillity came over him.
Where was his little girl?
What would she look like?
Countless thoughts ran through his mind.
Would he be allowed to hold her in his arms?
This hadn’t been possible the previous time he had been here, together with Alcar.
He had been permitted to see her from afar, a bluish haze had kept her hidden from sight.
It was almost incredible; would he be allowed to hold a spiritual being in his arms?
Wouldn’t this be too overwhelming for him?
Wouldn’t this be too much happiness?
At some distance from him a lot of foster mothers were taking a walk with their little ones.
They were like brightly shining suns, they all glowed with love, nothing but love.
None of these children knew anything about an earthly life; not until later, when they too sensed every connection, would they get to know.
They strolled along a beautiful avenue, surrounded by flowers of the spheres, and all this was meant for life as it existed here.
How beautiful nature was, the birds were singing their lovely, pure songs.
Flowers spread their fragrance, everything spread light around.
It was heavenly.
A bit further on, he saw the little ones who had reached the age of three.
They would subsequently go on to other spheres, and in the end they would enter the existential sphere to which they were attuned.
They would then continue on their way to higher areas, where even more happiness awaited them.
To André’s left and right, beautiful sculptures represented fairy-tales for the little ones to learn from.
This would familiarize them with life.
They didn’t learn any language as on earth; here, they acquired an immediate alliance with life.
Their love was their wisdom; they could link up with anything, they merged with it.
Their feeling was their science; they did not need to learn any arithmetic sums here.
Here they learnt to love the Creator of all these things.
They would appreciate beauty, feel love for everything that lived, in order to give this to others, which attuned them to God.
No dark clouds would obscure their happiness.
Here tranquillity prevailed, the spiritual happiness, which no-one could disturb.
The gates to this paradise would remain closed to those who didn’t bear this attunement within.
This was a sacred land; this was where she lived and where he was allowed to dwell, because he was being helped by his leader.
Beautiful parks, snow-white temples made of marble and other kinds of stone were all around.
Several brooks, as white as silver, flowed through this sacred land along banks that were decorated with flowers on the left and the right and in which birds were swimming.
It was a marvellous splendour.
This was where man dwelt as a young being, from the earth they had come to this place.
Yet mothers refused to part with their little ones, because they wanted to keep the child as their personal property.
But those who ‘knew’ would be able to bear the sorrow with greater ease, and submit everything into God’s safe hands.
Thousands of children from the earth dwelt here, all the nationalities were gathered.
Royal children lived here as well as the poorest of the earth.
Here no distinction was made, nor was it felt.
Here they were all one; they lived in happiness, knew no jealousy or envy as children did on earth.
Everything was mighty.
If the mothers on earth were allowed a mere glimpse to see how their little ones were being cared for, they would be willing to submit everything.
If they could accept, this would entail happiness for their entire life on earth; the sorrow God had imposed on them could then be borne.
God took the young life upon Himself and gave it this care.
But man wanted things to be entirely different.
Man wanted to possess, yet this was not the way, was not the wisdom and truth, wasn’t God’s intention; man should and would live in submission and confide in God’s holy Guidance.
People forgot and refused to accept, that one day their children would be their brothers and sisters; yes, that mother love would dissolve within this higher form of love.
But that was not what man wanted, on earth they only knew an earthly kind of love; they wanted nothing to do with spiritual love and therefore they didn’t understand all these sacred things.
Their feelings were adapted to matter.
Now that he saw and knew how his child was being taken care of, he wouldn’t want to foster it on earth.
He could never give her this kind of happiness.
This would be depriving her of happiness.
He was the earthly father, God was the Father in eternal life.
They had now reached a large building erected in a powerful style and made of snow-white marble.
The building was a work of art in itself, and this was where the little ones lived.
He hardly dared approach it.
How it shone forth; every part of it revealed the happiness which the little ones carried within and which marked their attunement.
Wherever he looked he discovered beautiful temples.
Could one imagine a higher form of art?
Of all the things man would ever accomplish, to him this was perfection.
The building stood on a platform and was surrounded by a terrace; in addition, flowers and fruit trees had been planted around the whole building, all intended as a decoration, and to support mankind, and therefore to increase its happiness too.
On the steps he saw a radiant spirit, who was apparently waiting for them.
Had they been informed here too of his arrival?
He had sensed something similar in the third sphere.
The being was dressed in a beautiful garment of light.
It shone with such intensity that he didn’t dare look at it, as he feared that he would disturb the brilliant rays with his gaze.
The spirit smiled at his leader from afar.
Oh, what a beauty, who could she be?
Alcar went up to the being and André saw how his leader knelt down before the being.
‘Brother Alcar’, he heard her say, ‘God be with you.’
Alcar was known everywhere in this infinite space.
André knelt down too and waited what would happen.
Alcar carried on a conversation with the angel, of which he didn’t want to hear anything.
He thought of God and asked for strength for this sacred event.
Suddenly he heard something rustle and approaching him.
A soft heavenly voice said to him: ‘Get up, André, and look at me.’
André looked up; two radiant eyes gazed at him, and love embrached him in a way he had never felt before.
Where did this being live, he thought, was this God in person?
The spirit smiled; André sensed that she had caught his thoughts.
‘André’, she spoke, ‘from the earth in a heavenly realm, to visit your child?’
So they knew here why he had come?
The being immediately said to him: ‘Wouldn’t we know whom you came for?’
Her looked from him to his leader, and he understood this glance.
It had been his Alcar, who had taken care of everything.
André was to see his child.
‘She’s alive, André, she is beautiful and happy; she will be even happier when she meets her father.’
André trembled.
‘Be strong, André, you won’t be able to approach your child in this state.’
He looked at the beautiful being and a deep tranquillity descended upon him.
‘Take a walk through nature, André, and try to link up with life.
We will come to fetch you soon to escort you to your child.
God will permit you to approach your child if you will attune to her condition.
This joy will be granted to you very soon.
Attune to life; we will help you.
So be calm and happy, André!
Pray to God that He may link you up and attune you.
The being is not allowed to sense anything of your earthly life.
Nothing of your inner self may pass onto her, because she has gained no knowledge of the earth.
You know that this sphere is not your possession yet and that you will have to attune to it.
Ask God for support, André, only He can help you and give you the power to become linked up with her.
Go, my son.
Amidst all this beauty you will be enabled to link up.
Call us when you feel that you are connected.
To be one with everything means to approach life in a spirit of love.’
André was alone, Alcar and the angel of the spheres had left.
His heart wept, big tears ran down his cheeks; it had moved him deeply.
He would shortly see his child, if it was possible for him to link up.
He couldn’t simply barge in, and now he understood why his leader had said that this also might be ‘possible’.
Now he felt the possibility of this great happening.
Oh, how he wanted to see his child; he wouldn’t be back here again for a long time.
He had to prepare himself to be admitted to his own child.
She too, the mother of his child, would experience a similar condition when she passed over on earth.
Not only she, but many other mothers would have to attune if they wanted to see their children again.
He had to prepare himself; he hadn’t thought of that, it hadn’t crossed his mind.
Nobody would anticipate that, unless one knew this life.
They had left him on his own so that he would be able to link up completely; he had to come to his senses and in the meantime no-one wanted to disturb him.
On the contrary, they wished to help him because here they knew that his powers to do so were inadequate.
He had to attune, but to what?
He thought it over deeply for a long time.
Attune to his child, to another being?
He had to try to approach God in simplicity and humility for the sake of a life that possessed a higher attunement.
Wasn’t it love, pure love which he ought to possess?
It would acquaint him with yet other spiritual laws.
Man on earth refused to accept these laws.
Yet he had to; he wouldn’t see his child before he had learnt to bow his head to approach her in humility, and to feel love for all of life.
His possession dwelt here amidst this beauty.
Was this child his possession?
He was the father, yes, an earthly father; a heavenly Father made him familiar with other spiritual laws.
How dearly he loved his child, how much he loved his little spiritual being.
He was merely the connection, which connected hem with this being.
The vision had shown him clearly enough that this applied to everyone, to all the fathers and mothers on earth.
Only now did he understand what fatherhood and motherhood meant on earth.
What kept the world, the planet earth going?
Fathers and mothers did.
Who imbued a being with intelligence?
God, God alone.
That’s why life was God, and man could not and must not believe that it was his possession.
Man had no possessions; the only thing man could call his own, was his inner condition.
The love for all of life was still so remote to the people on earth.
It would take hundreds of years before man would live in keeping with this knowledge.
So he would continue to tread his path as Alcar showed, taught and explained to him.
That path was the path to eternal life, the path leading upward.
Man on earth made demands.
He was ignorant.
He didn’t know the life which his was part of, he wouldn’t get to know it in this way, although he was meant to, because that was why he was on earth.
The birth of her child could make a mother awaken.
But many experienced this physically; the spiritual aspect of things was never felt.
Only now, in the condition he was in at present, did he understand what his leader had explained to him about the important fact that a mother on earth could awaken by giving birth to a child.
How many on earth were roused by this sacred event within this attunement?
One in a million.
Not until here would the mother awaken, but then it would be too late.
This mighty process was not understood.
How great this moment was for him, how magnificent the possession of a child.
He saw many mothers from the earth arrive here, who all believed that they just like that would see their loved ones.
On earth he so often heard it said that when they passed on, their children would be waiting for them.
Oh, how great the disappointment would be when they entered here.
What they now required of him would also be required of them, but for that many needed an entire earthly life because they had forgotten themselves during that life.
He saw their saddened faces; their pains were terrible, in no way comparable to earthly pains.
What they felt here was distress of the soul.
Their souls tore apart because they must wait, and keep on waiting, and give themselves for others, which they either had forgotten or had refused to do on earth.
To them this paradise remained closed.
They had to learn to efface themselves, and this was no instant process.
In the spirit nothing could be left out.
They were broken, body and soul.
He was glad that he would be in a position to tell them this.
Oh, mothers of the earth, the dearest treasure you lost on earth is alive here on this side, in the life after earthly death.
Mothers on earth, look what they expect of me, look what I must do to see my child again!
I must link up with her and attune to her inner condition if I am to see her again.
My child didn’t see the sun rise on earth and neither did many others with her; they all live here, in this paradise.
I’m not allowed to approach her with my present feelings.
Mothers, do you feel what is in store for you?
Do you feel that you too will have to attune to your little ones if you want to see them again?
Once you die there and enter here, you too will get to know these laws.
Mothers, God neither makes nor knows any distinction.
Link up with the life that lives around you and along with you, spread love and develop your inner body.
Here one kneels down before the love on high, and if you’re unable to do that, you will have to wait and learn to do so in other spheres.
Not until then will you be admitted to all those who are dear to you.
No science on earth will be able to help you; this requires love.
Attunement to the being that senses your father love and mother love and that recognizes your attunement.
No being from the earth, that feels no love for all life within, will see its own possession again.
André strolled about between flowers in ineffable colours, and tried to link up with life.
He decidedly wanted to receive a connection; he would do anything to achieve this.
How beautiful it was in this sphere!
Happiness flowed into his soul.
Deep within he now sensed the life with which he wanted to unite so that he would be admitted to that spiritual child.
He felt himself growing calm and peaceful.
He too became absorbed by life; God descended into his soul.
He felt himself becoming one with nature.
Everything was in touch with him, and nature was telling him beautiful poetry.
He now felt united with the flowers he had once talked to on earth.
They were telling him something, and he understood the birds’ singing too.
It told him everything, he was one with them, with all of life.
Now he was able to follow the life within plants and flowers.
The little creek flowing past him told him what it had experienced and that it was joyfully pursuing its course.
It flowed by, but at the same time it sang; it was the song of the spheres.
The birds told him the meaning of their life, and he saw God within.
God lived in everything!
How different he saw and felt life now then on earth.
There people simply passed life by, they trampled on it, they ripped it apart without wanting to, without any reason, absent-mindedly.
Horrible thoughts were directed at people, who weren’t aware of anything.
Arrows were shot off, they didn’t see how deeply the unspoken inner thoughts struck home at life, something they would after all see again on this side in their film of life.
Nothing was ever lost.
He prayed fervently, long and intense to be allowed to become linked up.
His inner tranquillity increased; a heavenly quietness flowed into him.
‘Oh God, link me up with my child, let me descend into her life, I will approach Your life in simplicity and humility.
Father, if ever You choose to hear me, then do so now.
If ever You choose to make me happy, then do so now, great and holy Father.
I will be like a child and happy with Your wisdom; may Your love enter into me.
Father, let me return to earth with this wisdom, so that I may convince many mothers, and likewise the mother of this being, how they can meet their loved ones on this side.
Father, give me strength, so that I may see my child.
Let me console and support the mothers on earth, let me experience this for their sake.
Put that holy power into me, link me up with my child.
Hear my prayer, Amen.’
An even greater stillness than before came over him.
A feeling of pure happiness flowed through him; he felt himself sinking deeper and deeper into life.
How faraway was he now in his feeling from the earth!
They were helping him, as it was not possible to absorb this happiness on one’s own.
Powers from higher beings brought him into this condition.
His thoughts were pure; nothing obstructed him in any way.
He too was a child of the spheres; he now harboured the same feeling.
He felt love, pure and genuine love for live, that had been laid down in everything.
There were no other thoughts in him then these, that beauty, sanctity, love was pure happiness, which overwhelmed him.
He couldn’t compare his happiness with earthly happiness, couldn’t express it in words.
What was great happiness over there, compared to his feeling?
This was mighty, this was light, the golden light of the spheres in which his child dwelt.
He didn’t know how much time he had spent there in prayer, but suddenly he felt powers of a different kind, and when he looked in the direction where they came from, he saw his leader approaching.
Alcar had come to fetch him.
‘Come, my boy, your prayer has been heard.
We are allowed to enter.
God didn’t only hear your prayer, he also linked you up with your child.
You are now permitted to see your child.
Your desire to approach in simplicity and humility brought you into this attunement.
She’s waiting for us, André.
Come, follow me.’
André followed his leader to the beautiful building.
How far he had strayed.
From afar he saw the beautiful building, yet they soon reached it and entered.
They passed through many halls and came to a large space.
He saw many children gathered there and the little ones were dressed in beautiful garments.
They all shone like suns, thousands of children could live here together.
In the hall, where many beings were gathered, he saw the lovely being who had addressed him.
She took a beautiful angelic child on her arm and moved away from all the others.
He and his leader followed her closely; they passed through various other halls, until she suddenly stepped outside, into nature.
This building was open too, he had a view in all directions.
Outside, she entered a kind of summer house, surrounded by flowers and greenery, by birds and other life.
Was it his child she was carrying?
He heard a soft, heavenly little voice that made his heart beat faster.
His child was alive, it had grown up and looked beautiful.
He heard her laughing, it was incredible.
His leader entered and after a moment Alcar came to fetch him.
André entered the summer house.
How did he feel himself, he did not dare to think.
Alcar stood beside him; an angelic being was sitting there facing him, she was carrying a child in her arms and that child was his Gommel.
Gommel, he thought, I ... am here ... your father ...
Dazed with happiness, powerless because a heavenly being was looking at him, he stood there and it seemed as if he hadn’t yet been born himself.
He felt a heavenly silence surging up in him.
Two eyes looked at him and he imagined seeing God.
‘Lydia’, he heard, ‘Lydia is watching over your child and taking care of it, André.’
He didn’t dare look the high spirit in the face, but she spoke to him like a mother, which made him feel alive again.
‘Come over to me, André, your child is expecting you; take her over from me.’
Filled with gratitude, united in love, he approached the being, took his child over from her and locked it in his arms.
The great moment had come.
The spirit left, his spiritual child lay at his breast.
Alcar was sitting beside him, birds were all around him, flowers of the spheres decorated the surroundings; he was drawn up into God’s paradise
Beautiful and endearing was his child, whom he had not been allowed to hold on earth.
He pressed her close, she laughed and talked and was wise and felt that they were one.
A spiritual child was resting in his arms.
Oh God, how can I thank you!
She laid her dark gleaming angelic little head up against him and laughed at Alcar.
It seemed as if she had known him for years.
Then she sat up again, laughed at him and stroked him with her spiritual little hands so that he had a hard time restraining himself.
He was not allowed to fall back into his own previous attunement.
How fabulously beautiful the garment was she wore.
It was nothing but light and he saw how it kept on changing.
Then it was purple blue, and then palish pink.
The being was pure and her little eyes sparkled like emeralds with a soft enchanting gleam.
This being was sacred and would later on become his sister.
They would remain linked up forever, after he had reached her attunement.
At present she was one year old according to earthly reckoning, yet she was taller than a child of that age that dwelt on earth.
Development went faster in the spheres, there was nothing to impede development.
They had no illnesses to cope with; here was only happiness; they sensed no obstruction in anything.
Here everything was different.
Their life was spiritual and the child grew up in heavenly tranquillity.
His thoughts turned from her to her mother, who lived on earth and continuously thought of her.
Oh, what bliss!
He saw a light reaching out from her mother to her, and he understood that this was the power of her thoughts for her child.
He saw her very clearly.
These thoughts in light irradiated her yet rebounded against the being, as she couldn’t reach her child in this way.
How far down had he been forced to descend in order to find and efface himself?
She must do the same if she wanted her love to be felt in the spheres.
Yet he was happy to be allowed to see this.
It was the link with everything, it was her love for her Gommel.
How far away the earth was from him; yet her thoughts did reach the sphere of the children.
Her feelings were accurately focussed, yet her thoughts would not reach her child.
Nothing disturbed the being.
But there was a bond, one feeling, one understanding.
And all of this was love.
He was one with the child for a long time; they would soon come to fetch it again.
How long would this goodbye part them?
She felt it too and pressed herself against him even more tightly.
André felt his strength weakening.
Then he saw the spirit Lydia approaching them like a sun.
Again he looked at his child.
He descended deeply into the being.
Gommel looked at him, then closed her little angel eyes and was lost in profound tranquillity.
Too profound for him; she was unfathomable to him in this condition.
His child existed way beyond him in spiritual power.
Now he felt the great blessing of this happening even more clearly.
The angel took her over from him and left.
On the very same spot he thanked God for everything he had been given.
For this quiet, great sacred happiness.
He had kissed Gommel’s little hands as a last farewell; the great event was over.
Alcar made him feel that they were about to go on.
André said goodbye to the sphere where his child dwelt.
Hand in hand they glided on, towards another, even higher attunement.
He still had a lot ahead of him.