On towards the spheres of light; spiritual art, the sphere of the animals, the first, second and third sphere, cosmic mentalities

‘Look, André, the spheres of light are awaiting us; your second journey to the dark areas has come to an end.
We were down there long enough.
I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you what kind of beings dwell there.
While the masters manifested themselves, I linked up with them to get to know who he was and how old he already is.
On earth he lived in a similar condition, but I had to go back thousands of years.
His power is great, and deep is the depth into which he has fallen.
It will also be clear to you why I had to show myself to you in a different attunement before we could descend.
You can breathe freely again now, which you longed for so fervently.’
How good Alcar was, and how great his psychic power to be able to show him all this.
Yet it was the truth: he was glad that they had left the dark spheres behind.
He felt new life surging up; he saw the landscape changing beneath him, and the sky became brighter.
All the things he had already experienced on this journey, and what else would come?
Wisdom meant everything, no matter how terrible it was down there.
Yet he preferred to be with those who dwelt in the higher spheres.
Everything was heavenly there.
How animal-like their auras were down below.
He didn’t want to remind himself of that smell.
What a higher being carried within could be sensed and seen around him, and they also spread an indefinable scent.
But how horrible it was there, in which those masters lived?
The animal-like beings spread that smell; it was their possession, their attunement.
The higher the attunement a human being possessed, the more beauty it became within and around him.
Everything was clear to André now.
And now he went to the light; warmth awaited him.
He thought of his little child who had passed on.
Might he be allowed to visit her on this journey?
Would Alcar be heading there?
Oh, if only that were true. But he didn’t dare ask his leader.
While he visited the spheres during his previous journey he couldn’t have imagined that a child of his would be dwelling there.
It was the children’s sphere, which he had been allowed to visit with Alcar.
And now he was in the same life where she was.
How beautiful the children’s sphere was, and everything he had been allowed to perceive.
He didn’t dare focus his thoughts on it, it would prove too much for him.
It had happened a year ago now.
It had been born dead, which he had already sensed seven months beforehand.
He had fought a terrible inner battle, because he had refused to accept it, yet he had been forced to submit.
Everything had happened just as Alcar had made him feel it would.
Oh, if only he were allowed to visit his child.
When he returned to earth from this disembodiment and would then be allowed to tell his wife that he had been permitted to see their child and had talked with her, that would be wonderful.
Actually, he had already seen the child only four months after it had arrived.
But he hadn’t been allowed to come close; he was permitted to look on from afar.
He wasn’t allowed to disturb its spiritual peace.
Nonetheless, the things he had been allowed to see had made a great impression on him.
Hundreds of little children – they were all angels – were gathered there.
They were enveloped by a blue haze and he had clearly been able to distinguish the spiritual little bodies.
The little ones lived in a large building made of snow-white marble, and they were taken care of by spirits of love, angels who sensed pure, perfect mother love.
Alcar had shown him his child, but he had already sensed from a distance that it was her; he was attracted to her by a link of love.
Nevertheless, he was required to stay some thirty feet away from her; he hadn’t been allowed to come any closer to her.
But how happy he had been to see that his child was alive and growing up.
He wasn’t permitted to dwell in the children’s sphere for long either; they returned to earth shortly after.
He could recall the moment of parting, when he had taken her to her final resting-place.
The difference between parting there and in the spheres was enormous.
On earth it had been easier for him than that first time when he had been allowed to see her again.
In the small burial chamber where his child lay, there had been another little being that had lived for four days and had passed over on the same day.
This little one would be her playmate in the spheres and would remain so.
That morning he had sensed an intimate link between both children of the spheres.
The parents of the child were heartbroken; he hadn’t felt that way, because he knew that one day he would see his child again.
How gladly he would have shared his knowledge with the parents of that little angel, but they were beyond his reach.
He submitted, and so did his wife, but the others wanted to hold on to their child, they couldn’t part with it.
And yet their child was alive too and grew up just like his.
Alcar said nothing to him; maybe he had a fixed plan which made it impossible for him to see his child.
Beneath him he saw a primitive landscape; the houses they had built here looked, like the barracks back on earth.
They lay spread about all over and were occupied by people who had arrived there from the dark spheres.
He knew all about this from his previous journey. Alcar had explained it to him.
That’s where they received their first spiritual lessons; they were taught how to spread love.
From there, they would set off for the spheres of light, which were difficult to reach.
This required struggle and sacrifice.
Nonetheless, they were prepared to enter upon a different life.
There too, men and women lived together, but they harboured no warmth yet, nor was it felt in nature; the possession of that holy fire was still far beyond their reach.
Many of them fell back into their previous condition and would have to start all over again.
They continued on their way towards the first existential sphere in the spirit.
As they progressed, the spheres changed too, and so did nature and everything that lived here.
Man slowly ascended, until he had reached the highest spheres.
How simple everything was, and how righteous God was!
On earth they weren’t aware of a righteous God. Here everyone saw, sensed and knew that.
Here they knew only a God of love, and they knew that man keeps on rising higher and higher through prayer and labour.
Man could reach it all if he sacrificed himself for others and loved everything that bears God’s life within.
The beauty in nature increased, people were rejuvenated because they sensed a higher form of love and carried this deep inside.
This life was eternal.
Below him was the connecting sphere where he had been allowed to address the living dead during their previous visit.
Wonderful the moment had been when they had dissolved before their eyes.
It had been a miracle to him, and yet everything was very simple if one knew these powers and cherished them within.
They would soon reach the first sphere, but still Alcar hadn’t spoken; his leader was lost in deep thoughts.
The first rays of light were filtering through, and beyond these lay the first sphere.
Alcar looked at him and said: ‘Now I will show you the spiritual art I spoke to you about on earth.
Yet only in the fifth sphere you will notice how different things are from what we left behind on earth.
First we will stay there for a while, and from within my attunement you will see spiritual masters and be allowed to admire their art.’
‘Those who arrive here from the earth are allowed to go on practising their form of art, aren’t they, Alcar?’
‘Certainly, but it’s better to wait until they have arrived in the fourth sphere, as their spiritual development would otherwise come to a standstill.’
‘How do you mean?’
‘I mean that if they deepen their feeling for art - which isn’t an acquirement in the spirit -, they still wouldn’t be able to enter a higher sphere, even if they kept on painting for a thousand years.
An enhanced feeling for art doesn’t yet stand for spiritual possession.
Therefore their art has no meaning, because it doesn’t help them to enter the first sphere of happiness (the fourth sphere of light) from the earth; it would have been better for them to have first acquired these powers.
I will explain all these things to you when we get there.’
‘Has art reached its peak on earth?’
‘Yes, the artists of that generation belong to the past.
Man creates according to the things he feels.
And since we know that man’s feelings on earth are focussed on matter, and that he lives within that attunement, we also know that he will not create a spiritual form of art which is attuned to a third sphere.
Spiritually, art on earth has reached an attunement which corresponds to the second sphere.
If a form of art were born on earth which were to reach the attunement of the third sphere, then it would not be understood on earth.
You know that the first sphere reflects the condition of life on earth.
Accordingly, anything transcending human development cannot be sensed on earth; they have no words to describe it.
So if a being from the fourth or the fifth sphere were to descend, he would be regarded as a superhuman genius whom others couldn’t equal in a thousand years.
But we too know that this won’t happen, for the simple reason that man will receive only the nourishment he can sense, understand and digest.
Go back to earth, look at technology, man has no idea of the things that are bestowed on him.
He is years behind; he is a slave to his machines, which is not supposed to be nor ever has been.
That’s the way art went; man’s ‘abilities’ destroyed it.
Everything that is given to the earth, as I already told you, adheres to a cosmic law; this life on earth consists of laws, human attunements.
But those who have attained the highest degree from an earthly standpoint still don’t rank as happy beings, because so many perish due to the art they create.
I showed you my works of art on earth; there they call me a master, but when I entered this life I dwelt beneath the first spiritual sphere, where spiritual masters neither live nor are they known to exist.
Consequently, everything is earthly from their point of view and cannot be compared to life on this side.
So everything that is created on earth is located below this spiritual attunement.
That is why our life is richer, has more beauty, and as we rise, all forms of art, yes, even life itself will change.
Look, my boy, we’re now entering the first sphere.’
André saw people, houses and other buildings; many dwellings reflected the inner attunement of the beings that lived there, and they had been built in keeping with their power of love.
He had visited this place before, but now he was to learn about their art.
The first sphere resembled the earth.
He saw other buildings too, erected in various styles, some of which were very beautiful and had a different meaning.
The spiritual dwellings were everywhere, in the mountains and on the waterfront too, built to their feeling, taste and strength.
It was all spiritual substance, and as such it appeared genuine and natural.
‘What is that big building over there, Alcar?
It looks much finer than all the others.’
‘The master builders who erected it dwell in a higher sphere.
So it was accomplished in accordance with their inner power and feeling.
It’s meant to urge those who live here to reach that same level in art.
At the sight of a higher attunement they will exert themselves accordingly.
Is that clear to you?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
‘As you know, a spiritual dwelling reflects the inner condition of the being that lives in it.
Those who built this, all possess a higher attunement; this makes them sense a higher form of art, an architecture of greater beauty.
Consequently, all these buildings are also maintained by them.
This applies to all the spheres.
Art in this sphere corresponds with the level of the second attunement, and as we ascend we find higher forms of art.
In my sphere we are acquainted with art from the sixth sphere, which is taken care of by higher beings just as it is here, because both spheres are connected with each other.
It’s like the reflection of light from a higher level which, as I said, will urge us on to attain that level in art, that love.
This is because everything is love, nothing but love, because love means life and feeling and man will create after his feeling.’
On the edge of a mountain, surrounded by lots of greenery and flowers, André saw many beings gathered.
A spirit had seated himself in their midst and was addressing them all.
He could hear him from afar even.
‘Are we going over there, Alcar?’
‘Yes, we’ll go and listen to what he has to say.’
The one who was talking was a middle-aged spirit, dressed in a spiritual garment.
‘Brothers’, the spirit spoke, ‘once we dwelt on earth and knew nothing about this life.’
André sensed that he was talking about eternal life.
‘Now everything is clear to us.
I already told you that those who profess a different religion meet up with hatred, but here such a thing is impossible.
Here we are one and know only one Father, a Father of Love.
Christ made our Father known to us.
And how beautiful it is to love, to be able to mean something to others.
But how can we help ourselves and others?
Descend, brothers, descend into the dark areas, where your children and your brothers and sisters live; they need your help.
It’s the road others followed, and which we must follow.
I dwelt there for a long time, so I know how many there are who need help.
Why are you still waiting?
Don’t you hear them calling?
You will be creating your very own condition in that way, and when you return, you will enter other, even higher spheres.
Those who don’t live for others don’t develop.
We must work and pray, that’s where our power, indeed all power stems from.
Those who wait are not alive, they are alive yet dead.
I call out to you all, help them, your sisters and brothers.
Don’t you feel the urge to tell others about your life, that goes on forever?
To say that you’re alive?
That your mother or your father and children are with you?’
Full of fervour the spirit went on talking, but André felt that they would move on, so they left.
‘You see how on this side people must also be urged to mean something to others.
In the second sphere there is no more need for that.
I know the one who was addressing them and I’m very pleased to see him again on this road.
I met him in the dark spheres, he was thoroughly unhappy and he asked me to show him some proof of a higher life.
Only then would he be able to accept it.
I showed myself to him in a higher condition and now, after a hundred years, I see him again, convincing others.
You heard him telling them about a life he once experienced, and he has a clear knowledge of all the transitions of feeling in the spirit.
This is how one being acts upon another, and how he himself will develop by helping others.
I couldn’t have demonstrated this to you more clearly.
His road is ours, and our road is that of the One Who, on earth, was nailed to the cross.
Following his road, that is God’s holy Will.
I convinced this man with a single piece of proof, and it made him take himself in hand.
Deeds, only deeds will lay one stone upon the other and build a spiritual dwelling.
Everything will radiate when they possess these inner powers, which they acquired by helping others.
This truth is inherent in every condition I show to you.
Soon he too will ascend; he has already received his spiritual garment.
Lots of happiness and love await him in the second sphere.
I call out to man on earth: Start now, don’t wait until you get here; what you possess on earth, you need not acquire here.
Everyone already shapes his own task on earth, and will do so on this side too.
Those who are not aware of their task are not alive and will first have to be roused.
But this may take a long time, and that is why we come down to earth to explain to them that they must follow our path.’
André got a shock.
Was he seeing correctly?
Yes, he saw a man walking over there with a dog beside him; how was this possible?
Alcar looked at him and said: ‘Is that so strange to you that it should scare you?’
‘There’s a dog walking over there, Alcar.’
He thought his leader hadn’t understood him properly.
‘Well seen, André.
Why shouldn’t we be allowed to have our animals with us?
Aren’t they in fact our best friends?
We’re together, in eternity too, if that is what we ourselves want.
Both are one, everything is life, and intelligent life can link up with the other form of life.’
‘So is this the sphere where the animals live, Alcar?’
‘No, they live in an attunement which corresponds with their own condition.
We have birds and various other animals, then why not those that shared long spells of sorrow and grief with us on earth?
I too had a little dog on earth, and I am often together with him on this side.
The little animal passed on, and here I saw it again.
Whenever I want to see it I call it over, as I will show you in a little while.
The animal on this side senses the being with a higher attunement, which I already explained to you during our first journey.
Adolizing animals is not possible anymore.
All aspects of life are different, and so is companionship with animals.’
‘Do they all live in one sphere, Alcar?’
‘Yes, and that sphere is situated below the first cosmic level.’
‘How miraculous everything is!’
‘Nothing is miraculous, it’s all reality!
There are no miracles, once you know the powers that make them come about.
In the spirit everything is knowledge!’
‘How do the animals get here; do they have to be fetched?’
‘You would have a long way to descend, but that isn’t necessary either.
Wherever I am, in whichever sphere, but starting from the first existential sphere in the spirit, I can link up with animals.
This is all brought about through concentration and will power.’
‘Are animals then bound by laws, Alcar?’
‘The animal just like human beings, so they both are.
However, an animal isn’t aware of these laws, yet it senses more accurately than many people who possess intelligence.
The animal possesses a single attunement to life, which is where it passes on to from the earth; that is what it must abide by.
I will now show you that love creates ties on this side too, and that our earthly animals join us when we wish them to.
But as I already told you, this is only possible to those who dwell in the first existential sphere.
In other words: this requires spiritual possession.’
André saw that Alcar was concentrating.
A few seconds passed.
‘Look over there, André.’
Some thirty feet away, a longhaired little dog came bounding along and jumped up, barking at his master.
André couldn’t believe his eyes.
‘How charming everything is, Alcar!
How great love is, and how mighty God is to bestow this too on man.
It would make many people happy if they were permitted to know this on earth.’
The little animal whined with joy.
‘My little pet’, Alcar spoke to the animal and André was also greeted by the little dog.
Tears of happiness were in his eyes at the sight of this beautiful, lovable scene.
Alcar saw his tears and said: ‘This is pure, perfect love, my boy; I also got tears in my eyes when I was allowed to witness this; so let them flow freely.
I cried with happiness, my son, when I was allowed to experience this great event.
I thanked God from the depths of my soul for all the sacred things I was allowed to receive.
I will always remain grateful for this.
You see, André, that they don’t forget us, even if years have passed without us seeing them.
They don’t forget us, their love is eternal; they will always give their love.’
It touched André deeply that he was allowed to sense and experience the love between an animal and man.
‘Come, on we go now, the animal will stay with us a while, until we leave this sphere.
I can summon various animals in this way whenever I want to link up in love.’
‘But surely not wild animals, Alcar.’
Alcar laughed heartily and André felt that he had asked a curious question.
‘Wild animals, André, are unknown to us here; they don’t live on this side.
But you couldn’t know; it’s a question many ask.
I will explain this to you.
When an animal leaves the earth, in other words, when it dies, it doesn’t matter what race it belongs to, it casts off its life.
Can you understand that?
Man enters this place with the same feelings he had on earth, but an animal casts off physical life and enters his spiritual life.’
‘Do animals evolve, Alcar?’
‘Certainly, but it remains in a condition which corresponds to the animal attunement.
An animal must follow its cycle and return here.’
‘Thousands of questions are crowding my mind, Alcar.’
‘We’ll deal with all those questions later, when we go to visit those conditions.
But for the moment we will follow another track, a different plan, which I want to stick to.’
André thought this was all miraculous. There was so much happiness awaiting man when he entered this life.
‘How does an animal return, Alcar?
Can it do so?’
‘But of course, I will show you that too.
Look, and listen to what I’m about to tell you.
Everything depends on concentration and strong will power.
Now, I will clearly express my will so that you’ll be able to follow everything I do.
The animal will obey me because it senses me.’
Alcar spoke to his earthly companion: ‘Come now, dear animal, we must part, you must go.’
At that moment André sensed that the animal wanted to stay.
Yet it went away and now he saw the miracle taking place.
The animal turned into a haze; he saw it dissolve before his eyes.
But it soon returned, which made it clear to him that his leader had drawn it back to him.
How great this all was!
It jumped around them for joy.
‘Those on earth who love animals will be happy to know this, Alcar.’
‘You can tell them about this, my son, and about all the other things you were allowed to experience, and will yet experience.
If people want to take themselves in hand, then a lot of this happiness will be awaiting them on this side, but if they don’t, then all this happiness, all this mercy will not be theirs to share in.’
An animal that had died on earth lived in the life after earthly death just as it had lived and felt on earth.
Here, all were one and gathered together.
‘We will enter here.’
André saw the large building which the high spirits had been working on.
He was very curious to know what he would experience next.
The amount of miracles he encountered in the life after death kept on increasing.
He crossed the threshold of a spiritual building and saw beings everywhere, spiritual artists busy on their creations.
Their feelings were transformed into art.
He was looking at artists, who were painting in the life after death.
Who would believe him?
As they entered, a spirit came up to them and addressed Alcar.
‘Alcar, Alcar, God be with you!’
‘Brother Ambrosius, we’ve come to pay you a visit.’
The spirit went up to André and greeted him in a friendly way.
Nothing but love, André thought.
Alcar carried on a conversation with the spirit and told André that he would warn him in advance, when they would be moving on.
‘Take care to absorb everything, André, I will help you.’
Alcar left with Ambrosius; he was on his own.
He saw beings who were painting figures while others depicted nature.
He tried to link up with them because he wanted to feel what their spiritual products represented.
He saw fanciful images which he didn’t understand.
He saw young men as well as old ones.
Man represented creative power, he sensed this in everything.
He went from one surprise to the next.
He identified with an extraordinary, near to incomprehensible depiction.
It was a strange piece of art.
He sensed that the being was painting his own life.
It was the earthly life he had discarded.
He gathered from the colours that this human being had accomplished his life in grief and sorrow; the colours showed up all his struggling.
He also sensed the dark areas in the scene that had been conceived in a spectacular fashion.
In beautiful hues, which also included dark and vivid, flashing colours; the image scene had been portrayed in a beautiful symbolic way.
The being sensed his own self, and his accomplished life on earth and in the spheres.
Rough, freakish colours helped to compose a picture which signified the condition of a soul.
A poet could sing about his own life and that of others in verse; here this was done in colours.
Everything had been deeply felt, and yet the piece of work had no radiance.
Next to him, he saw another artist, who was busy on a large canvas.
Strange, he thought, that’s not the way people paint on earth.
The colours were applied onto the canvas in one go and spread about.
Five or six different colours were simultaneously brought onto the canvas and this created a hue of a beauty which no-one could ever attain on earth.
He saw brushes and pounders, big and small.
These served to distribute the paint and apply other hues to achieve the set goal and get the right shades.
It was marvellous what he witnessed here.
And this was only the first sphere; whatever would art be like in the higher areas!
The mellow red melted into purple, the slightly darker hues also merged into one another; they wanted to reach perfection by using various shades of a colour.
He felt that this could also be achieved on earth, provided that they followed the same technique.
Another being was painting a very remarkable scene that denoted hatred.
Here love was painted, as well as all the human passions; all human traits were depicted in art.
But what did they use to paint on?
He suddenly heard a voice: ‘On matter, André, but its substance is spiritual.
As you know, we have everything here.
Don’t forget that this form of art, which is being shown to you now, finds attunement on earth because the first sphere is the first existential sphere in the spirit as you know.’
In his mind André thanked his leader for offering him this information.
Alcar followed him in everything!
Another being was busy on a truly fantastic painting.
Whatever could this mean, he thought.
A soft inner voice told him: ‘This, my boy, stands for music.
Absorb it thoroughly; you will see the same kind of depictions in the higher spheres, but there they will be entirely spiritual.’
André sounded the image out, he tried to link up with the painting.
He wanted to know what the painter had intended by his art.
He understood quite well that if this form of art were performed on earth, the artists would be ridiculed.
Yet what he saw here was sublime, of such intense beauty that anyone who sensed and understood it could interpret it in music.
This was music portrayed in art.
He felt a wonderful state of mind emerging.
The painting was exerting its influence on him; he heard and saw the orchestra, felt everything flowing through him; his soul lay open to digest it all.
The art of painting made him aware how gentle tones could be drawn from a musical instrument: its deep, languishing vibrations penetrated him.
Then he heard an orchestra building up; it was a spiritual happening.
Art, oh how mighty art can be and how marvellous for the spirit to be allowed to depict this kind of scene.
It was tremendous!
This should take a human being into an enhanced state of mind if he wanted to link up.
He saw small and big canvasses.
Here they were painting for orchestras and for solo-instruments.
‘This will be practised on earth too, in a few hundred years.’
Again it was Alcar whom he heard.
And he knew for sure that at present this wouldn’t be understood on earth.
And when it was born on earth, man would believe it to be his very own possession, yet he would have received this from the spirit.
This applied to everything his leader had shown him on the side beyond during this journey.
He didn’t see any women here, which seemed very strange to him.
Why were there no women?
On earth women painted just as well as men.
It immediately came to him: ‘Not until they get to the higher areas; only there will women train themselves in art.
Here women have a different task than they do on earth, than many accomplished on earth.’
André understood.
On earth many women performed men’s work.
But creation, in its spiritual attunement, wasn’t meant that way.
On earth they had forgotten their attunement.
They were no longer women, and on this side they had to get rid of all these self-willed traits that clashed with nature.
There were women on earth who didn’t even want to become a mother – the holiest gift God had granted.
Were these really women?
Could one ever be happy with such a being?
Everything was merely matter; such a being couldn’t possess true love.
Was a woman on earth really aware of her significance within the universe?
What the intention was of her presence there?
There were many who sensed the greatness of their presence and also lived up to it, others would need centuries to reach this attunement.
They lived in a body but had no spiritual possession.
They made no use of the gift which God had granted them on earth.
At that moment he sensed the essence of all life, something which nobody but his dear leader could make him feel.
Man, as a male being, was the creative power.
Woman could not approximate man in his art.
He sensed this in everything.
Yet both were one.
The art of a man became inspired by her holy love; she was behind it all, a man could create because of her.
Only when they were one, would art become inspired by the blazing love of one single being, and that was the woman, the mother, the most blessed amongst human beings.
On his own, a man possessed creative power, but he was love too.
Art was love and love was feeling.
In this way, one feeling was transformed into the other.
If an earthly artist was possessed by this holy fire, then this being transcended the normal human powers and capabilities, because he was inspired by her.
How simple everything was.
The woman is the driving force; it is she who makes a man create.
This could be seen and sensed in everything on earth.
The smallest things were embued with that driving force.
It didn’t even have to be art.
If a man did something good and was inspired by love, he would accomplish the impossible.
As long as a woman understood how to use her powers, she would receive merely happiness from the creative human being.
But how many didn’t know themselves, knew nothing of these conditions, and had even taken on male traits.
They were on earth to fulfil life, but that fulfilment would have to return to her, and this was what a man should understand, should be able to sense and want to give.
That was love, nothing but love; it was the essence, the driving force behind life, behind every creation.
The man creates by virtue of the woman, and miracles can then be brought about; it is her love that inspires him.
Again he heard Alcar, who said: ‘It will be clear to you now, André, that the woman is the inspiring power behind all forms of art, and only on this side will she have a full understanding of her task.’
He walked on through the spiritual studio.
He saw art everywhere, nothing but splendid art.
What would life be worth without art?
It meant great happiness to be able to depict one’s inner feelings in a landscape or a sculpture.
Art equalled God if perfection was offered and sensed.
Art enabled man to reach the sublime, but only in the spirit; it was impossible on earth, because down there man was attuned to the third cosmic degree and there were seven degrees of cosmic attunement.
Again he sensed that Alcar had helped him to fully understand spiritual art.
He was linked up with Alcar and would remain so.
How marvellous that was.
Art meant life, and after earthly death it stood for love only.
The deeper love was, the greater the beauty in art.
What people rated as art on earth was nothing but a material condition; it contained the feeling of the being.
This was the absolute truth and it did nothing to belittle art, since man simply happened to live in that attunement.
He saw a spirit, still young in years, who was busy on a great work of art.
He clearly saw and sensed, as though it was being grafted into his soul, that the being he was painting represented his mother, who still lived on earth.
Love, only love!
He was depicting her the way he saw and felt his mother, and this was a curious situation.
If an artist on earth were to do this, everyone would immediately recognize the being down to the deepest depths of its soul.
The being had painted her portrait, but her effigy was surrounded by a symphony of flowers.
Various hues and images revealed all her character traits; it was, in other words, a symbolic representation of her essence.
It was beautiful.
The flowers bloomed and spread a glorious light.
It was magnificent in its wholeness.
And yet he felt that something was missing in this piece of work, in the being, which he would have liked to find there and which a loving mother ought to possess.
Immaculate white, that’s what he found lacking.
Wasn’t that power present in her?
And again he heard his leader say: ‘No, my son, no being from the earth can enter a first spiritual sphere (the fourth sphere of light) because every being on this side must go through his process of purification.’
André understood.
The being that represented this mother had been a loving mother to her child; he saw this by the splendour of flowers.
Yet everything was in human attunement.
When she passed on, she would also enter the first sphere.
Yet he felt how the whole thing emitted a certain sadness; it was a power that deprived it of its radiance and its happiness, as if he was hampered in his attempt to reach the ultimate.
It was touching to see and to feel what obstructed the painter.
In a clear vision he was shown an image which made him sense and understand that sadness.
He saw a being in the dark spheres, who was trying to free itself out of that darkness.
The continuous appeals got through to the being and enveloped the whole thing in a haze that contained all its sorrow.
Unaware of all this, he laid these powers in and around his mother.
It was the force that counteracted his ability to offer perfection; it blocked his own personality.
André sensed the deep significance of this problem.
Only after his father had gained happiness too, would he be able to create works of art.
He was tied by a link of love; he would have to help his father himself; it would further his development and his art would profit from it, because his inner self would rise by dedicating himself to others.
Only then would the being be able to reach perfection in the sphere in which it dwelt.
They were waiting for him to clearly sense and decide for himself that he should descend.
Afterwards he would, within a short time, make rapid progress due to his release from disturbances.
On earth an artist doesn’t sense all these conditions of feeling, but in love these transitions are felt.
Again André noticed that his leader was helping him.
He now heard him say: ‘When he feels that he must descend, Ambrosius will tell him and explain to him how he can develop by helping others.
His inner condition will have changed when he returns from his pilgrimage, and this will also make him understand, that complete spirituality will be attained in the first spiritual sphere, which is Summerland.
That’s what life is like here; one has to possess love in order to accomplish something in the spirit.
If man follows a different track, his development will come to a standstill and everything turns into selfishness.
Purely personal desire to be something special!
But man has a will of his own, and so he will act in keeping with his feelings.’
André understood all of it.
Here they could do whatever they wanted, but it would be better to follow that other track which higher spirits had taken.
Alcar’s little dog came trotting towards him.
The little animal jumped up at him and wagged its tail, and André sensed what it wanted.
They were to go on.
When he let the animal sense this by focussing his concentration, it turned around and walked towards Alcar, whom he saw approaching from afar.
How mighty love was.
Animals in the spheres understood everything, because intelligence brought about a link which stood for feeling and life.
Ambrosius and his leader were approaching; the end was near.
They would be ascending to visit other conditions.
The spirit went up to him and looked him deeply in the eye without speaking, and André felt a radiant love flowing through him.
This glance contained everything; words would not be able to express this feeling.
It was love, nothing but love.
Alcar said goodbye and his little dog jumped about for joy.
Yet the end for the animal has also come.
Alcar called it, stroked it, and addressed it with endearments.
How mighty this moment was for André, when he thought of Alcar’s earthly life and the life he possessed now.
He couldn’t find the right words to set these two different lives apart.
‘We will first say goodbye to our little friend, André, and then continue on our way.
Come and stand here next to me.’
Again André saw a heavenly miracle occur, which could only happen in the spheres, in the life after death.
The animal looked at both of them, turned around suddenly and disappeared through the wall. It had entered its animal sphere; the miracle had taken place.
It had vanished like a shadow.
There were no words to describe this and André therefore didn’t even try to solve this problem by himself.
It was stupendous and true, like everything Alcar had shown and made clear to him until now.
Everything was power; this power was love, nothing but love, and attunement in the spirit.
‘And now on to the second sphere, my son; there is still a lot I must explain to you!’
‘Who is Ambrosius, Alcar?’
‘He was a monk on earth.
He is a spirit from the third sphere, but he prefers to work here.
The things he wasn’t able to accomplish on earth, he now does on this side, namely linking up with all of life.
When he returns there, he wants to live a different life, and no longer will he let himself be locked up to undergo self-chastisement.
At present he says, now that I know how God intended life on earth to be, I call for strength, and pray to God that I may return to earth and experience life by meaning something for others and by being allowed to love life.
He wants to live amongst people like a normal human being.
Not as a hermit, walled in and awaiting his end.
Ambrosius, together with many others, calls out loudly: I want to live, to live the life I deprived myself of on earth.
We will now move on quickly to reach the second sphere.’
Alcar moved on in a flash, and they entered the second sphere.
André saw many spirits who were all wearing garments and were younger than those in the first sphere.
He had met them on his previous journey; now he was getting to know their life.
The houses and other buildings had greater beauty and were different in style from those in the first sphere.
Here too there were buildings that had been erected by higher spirits.
Alcar had already explained their meaning to him, so that he understood all of it.
There were children here, and the elderly people from the first sphere had shed their age and looked young and handsome.
Deformed beings as on earth didn’t live here.
Disfigurement was unknown in the life after death; here, all were beautiful and young, in keeping with their inner attunement and their feeling.
Here, human beings grew up until they had reached the first cosmic attunement.
The people would possess grandeur and beauty according to their sphere, their attunement, their feeling and then enter the first spiritual sphere, where they would accept their inner and outer spiritual attunement.
Afterwards, man continues on his path, his long path of life, and will keep on evolving, higher and higher, to finally enter the ALL.
André thanked Alcar for this clear message, which he had conveyed in spiritual language.
This was how they spoke in the spirit; he had clearly heard, understood and sensed every word.
‘How beautiful everything is, Alcar.’
‘Not only beautiful, it’s true as well; there is truth in everything.
This, André, is where the old ones become young again, and young ones become old, until they have reached the first cosmic degree in spiritual attunement, as I just conveyed to you.
Those who were deformed on earth become normal again; here disfigurement is unknown.
The blind will see, the deaf will hear, and those who lost arms or legs on earth will be normal again when they enter this life.
The spiritual body cannot be destroyed.
The human being who dwells here is beautiful forever.
You will be able to admire the arts in this sphere, but we won’t remain here for long, because I will wait until we get to the fifth sphere to show you our art.
All the same, I wanted you to experience this form of art first so that you would see the mighty difference between the art they possess here, and the art in my sphere and all higher regions.’
Again André saw people who were accompanied by their earthly friends, with whom they were linked by love.
Birds were singing their song and flowers decorated this sphere wherever man was.
Every being that lived here wanted to ascend, because it already felt that higher warmth.
Nature too was wonderful, and he saw plains, mountains and water.
They entered a temple of great splendour.
All around the building fruit growed and plants blossomed, and as he entered, he saw that these also grew inside the building.
Their pure life was inherent in everything, although the beings who dwelt here didn’t yet feel released from material thoughts.
Again André walked into a building dedicated to the spiritual arts, highly curious to know what he would experience next.
Large boulders in all colours lay in front of him.
He saw stones enveloped in a pale blue haze, other ones had various hues, but he liked the blue ones most.
There were very mellow colours too, but it puzzled him how they came by these beautiful marble-like stones on this side.
Here was everything that could serve mankind, but much more beautiful than on earth.
On earth, no one could imagine what spiritual possession was like.
Here he saw all colours mingled.
It contained life and this life spread light all around.
Art in all its forms radiated; every form of life possessed spiritual power that was love.
Here too he saw various beings who were busy on a work of art.
He saw a beautiful depiction, surrounded by many figures and representing something symbolical.
Lots of spirits were working on it.
Together they were creating this work of art, but one of them was the master.
On top of this depiction he saw a globe as if it was the earth, supported by dozens of human figures and surmounted by a cross made of snow-white marble.
The cross silhouetted sharply and it filled everyone who looked at it with reverence for the Creator.
‘What does it represent, Alcar?’
‘This sculpture, my son, depicts how man bears and represents life.
The globe symbolizes the earth; the cross is life and designates Christ.’
The figures that carried it were as large as life.
The whole object was magnificent, and love showed up in its entirety.
All those who had participated in this and gave their powers, felt love.
The sculpture glowed and they also glowed with this power of love.
It meant happiness to be allowed to accomplish something like this.
Oh, how beautiful, how mighty this work of art was.
A little further along, he saw how a being was working on a temple that he was shaping out of coloured marble.
It represented a cathedral with many towers.
The image was magnificent and of such intense beauty and splendour that it moved him deeply.
How could a feeling for art possibly develop to such heights.
On earth this level could never be reached.
Spires like gossamer had been carved in marble.
The entire sculpture was some thirty feet high.
It was strangely beautiful and hardly credible.
A little further on he saw something he had already encountered in many places, namely a spiritual fountain, which a spirit was busy sculpturing from a large block of coloured marble.
Also this image, this artistic gem, had a sacred meaning.
He had been allowed to behold it in Alcar’s dwelling, and on his first journey in the third sphere.
Whom was this fountain intended for?
Did it also serve in this sphere as an incentive for man to accept this divine gift of love and inner power?
Did its present shape symbolize the driving force?
An inner voice told him that he had sensed correctly, and so he knew that here too Alcar was following his every thought.
No words were spoken, because they weren’t allowed to create a disturbance, and he also understood why he was being left on his own in the first sphere.
The fountain symbolized their life; not until they had entered the third sphere would they receive this gift.
They would then join an order and only pass over into in the fourth sphere.
André understood this, because Alcar had already told him about it.
Just as the beautiful building in the first sphere was meant to incite those who dwelt there to take themselves in hand, likewise the fountain would shortly make its powers felt and urge them to action.
It was beautiful and pure, the way this had all been artfully depicted in stone.
Everything reflected the gently beckoning, yet pressing thoughts of higher spirits, conveyed by them in order to support those who dwelt here.
Time and again he felt moved by this quiet hint, this loving call to show them the light, to make them sense the happiness which they carried within and sensed in their own sphere.
Artists from a higher sphere had descended to help their sisters and brothers, whom they enabled by their high level of their art, to see and feel that it was possible to ascend.
But how did people on earth?
There, they just eyed the object of art; they didn’t sense the love of the creative being.
This obviously wasn’t possible on earth, because the feelings that prevailed here were attuned to a higher sphere than that of the earth.
Here in the second sphere, where he was now, he saw a form of art which had to be felt in order to be fully understood.
The human being who dwelt here had been roused and was ready to enter the third sphere, where even greater happiness awaited him.
Life would have even greater splendour, the flowers and nature would be even more beautiful, and the people who dwelt in the third sphere would be even younger.
Everything would change; there would be a continuous ascent towards the realm of the heavens, towards God’s own House, where a place is reserved and kept open for everyone on earth.
Man keeps going, further and further, and so, every sphere has its own form of art, reflecting the extent in which feeling finds attunement in the spirit, because man creates in keeping with his feeling, his awareness of love.
The fact that many leaders come down here from a higher sphere to support them, and sacrifice themselves to comfort them and to teach them to become skilled in art, merely serves the former to become released, so that they will be allowed to enter the fourth sphere, which is only possible by helping others.
Those who live here will also be enabled to enter higher spheres in this way.
That is why the fountain is depicted, which will urge them to mean something to others and to take themselves in hand.
Here they engage themselves in art, but only in the fourth sphere is perfection found within spiritual attunement.
We know all too well that our form of art cannot be perfect, because we are still children in the spirit, in our feeling, in our love, even if we are angels and attain this attunement.
Yet even this art form cannot be compared to art on earth, it has reached a much higher level than the latter.
‘And now on to the third sphere!’
Alcar met André halfway, and they left the spiritual studio to visit the third sphere.
They glided onward.
‘You have lots of surprises ahead of you on this journey, André, including something that will bring great happiness to you, which you couldn’t possibly have experienced on our previous journey.’
‘Are you going to let me admire art in every sphere, Alcar?’
‘No, not quite; I still have other conditions to explain to you.’
‘Are you taken me to the sixth sphere?’
‘That’s not possible either, but my master, whom you already met on earth and were allowed to work for, will accompany you.’
André fell silent after these simple words; they concealed a problem.
Why should he have to go on to even higher spheres?
Why was all this necessary?
Hadn’t he received enough wisdom yet?
On his previous journey he hadn’t been able to visit the fifth sphere, and now he was to visit even higher spheres.
Whom was this intended for?
God’s sacred powers enabled him to enter and acquire a condition which even Alcar hadn’t reached yet.
His leader’s master was to guide him; what had made him deserve all this?
In that case there wouldn’t be any time to visit his little child.
Alcar had set up his grandiose plan and there was a lot he would yet receive and be allowed to experience during this journey.
Of course, these were undoubtedly the many surprises, the great happiness which he was to partake of.
The sixth and the seventh sphere!
His mind reeled.
And yet it hurt him to have to leave his leader.
He would rather stay with him; that would mean even greater happiness to him.
He kept on thinking about the matter; he couldn’t let go of it, it occupied his mind.
In Alcar’s house a higher spirit, Ubronus, had shown him around.
He too was all love, and he dwelt in the sixth sphere.
That’s where he was to go now.
It was unbelievable.
‘Isn’t it wonderful, my son, to be able to visit the highest spheres as an earthly human being?
Doesn’t it make you feel happy?’
‘That’s all very well, Alcar, but I would rather stay with you, no matter how beautiful it is.
Why is this necessary?’
‘I’ll explain it to you.
You know that I returned to the earth to tell the people about our life.
But I’m not the only one, thousands of others are members of that order.
Now we all want to show our life to you, as our instrument, so it will be made known to the people.
In that way we will be able to give them a clear notion of the spheres, and also how to reach them.
It’s my task to show you conditions and attunements as well as connections, including the sixth and seventh sphere, which you still have ahead of you. You will then have received a clear picture of all the existential spheres in the spirit, which my master believed to be necessary.
I received my support from that order, and they have given me the appropriate power.
For that reason thousands come to earth in all countries; in various languages our wisdom and our life is conveyed.
Not until you have seen all the existential spheres will you realize how immense the happiness is that awaits you on this side.
Afterwards, we will visit other conditions and undertake other journeys.
The sixth and the seventh sphere are the attunements you will visit together with a being of a higher attunement, because I am neither able nor allowed to ascend beyond my own sphere.
Following that, you will return and accompany me back to earth, and then this journey will have been accomplished too.
So remember all the things you will be shown, because now you know that it was my master who sent me to the earth, and that you will be carrying out their work on earth.
Don’t forget that many eyes will be watching you from our side, and the same applies to many others who perform work that is similar to yours and who serve higher powers on earth.
Let everything merely signify happiness; it will strengthen you in the spirit and provide you and many others with wisdom.
You are allowed to enter those higher spheres because you perform and accomplish our work with love.
Look, there in front of us is the connecting sphere that links up the third and the second sphere.
We will remain in the third sphere.
The first rays of light are shining on us and we will soon be entering the third sphere.’
André saw various beings coming towards them who were all becoming skilled in some study or other, and were gliding along in the same way.
Alcar had already explained to him previously where they had come from and what they were training themselves for, and so he now understood this encounter.
They were all students who, guided by higher spirits, were finishing the studies on this side, which they had started on earth.
But their studies had to find attunement in the spirit; it would be impossible if they didn’t and besides, they would have to unlearn all the knowledge they had acquired on earth.
Here, everything served to bring happiness to people; everything was love, nothing but love.
Therefore, they must all have reached Summerland first; prior to that, a study in the spirit would be impossible.
They had to be familiar with the spiritual powers of all the other spheres that lay beneath their own attunement, which would enable them to link up.
It needed spiritual possession to link up in the spirit; otherwise they would dwell in deep darkness and wouldn’t be able to perceive.
Light in the spirit meant possessing love; here in this life only wisdom and happiness existed.
Linking up meant knowledge and transition into another condition, and this could only be brought on by love.
Everything was so simple, but he also knew how hard it was for man on earth to give love.
He had to efface himself, but man refused to do so.
Yet in the spirit there was only one way, one possibility to reach the light and gain eternal happiness, and that was by sacrificing oneself for others.
They went on and on, and entered the third sphere.
André had already been here several times.
During his previous journey Alcar had returned to the deepest darkness, and in a flash they had linked themselves up with the Valley of Sorrows.
They now entered a region of this beautiful land which nevertheless, was still unknown to him.
Again he saw everything different.
It was all new to him; he kept on seeing different conditions.
He could have dwelt here for centuries and written entire volumes about a single sphere.
He was always touched when he entered.
How beautiful the third sphere was.
This was sacred, and yet these people’s feelings focussed on matter.
They were not yet free from material thoughts.
From here they would pass on into the spirit.
Years of strenuous battle awaited them before they could reach Summerland.
He saw a beautiful country stretched out before him, with enormous mountains and valleys.
The mountains soared up into the heavens, and magnificent temples had been built on protruding tors.
Art, nothing but art, a spiritual possession that served mankind.
He saw a beautiful temple in the distance, that had been made of varicoloured stone.
The entire building glowed in a way it never could have in any other sphere he had previously been allowed to visit.
He saw beautiful sculptures everywhere, adorning the surroundings.
Symbolic decorations had been applied all around the temple, and now he understood that this temple also was taken care of by higher spirits.
The building spread light from all sides; everything was alive due to the power of the being.
Here in this sphere they were alive, here they were happy.
Mighty was the difference to the first and the second sphere.
Here, nature was the same as in the fourth sphere, it was the very image of that attunement.
This also served to urge those who lived here to attune to the fourth sphere.
Everything he saw seemed like a miracle to him.
‘What does that temple mean, Alcar? It’s so beautiful.’
‘It’s the temple we named the universe, in which you will shortly become linked up with the universe.
We have temples of this kind in various parts of this sphere in order to urge the human being to develop.
As you know, we do this here in silence; no being will ever put pressure on any other form of life, because here everyone acts of his own free will and according to his feeling.
No power, strong though it may be, can ever change that.
As I said, this is the temple dedicated to the universe; there are also temples that are dedicated to music and all other forms of art and science.
Here the spirit has everything at its disposal.
These temples also serve to sit for exams in certain arts or sciences, which higher spirits put themselves out for.
Afterwards, the human being passes on to higher spheres.
When they ascend, the spheres celebrate, as you were allowed to witness during our first journey.’
André had a vivid recollection of his first disembodiment.
He had felt great happiness when he returned to earth.
He had seen hundreds of people gathered.
They were happy where ever they were.
They made merry and enjoyed themselves, danced heavenly dances and floated about in space.
It was a mighty spectacle to behold.
They were all like children, pure in their deeds and purged of all earthly thoughts.
Nowhere did he sense any form of restraint; here a being was his true self.
He clearly sensed this great happiness that one could be oneself.
What were things like on earth and in the dark areas?
What he had seen in the darkness had been terrible; here everything was pure love.
On earth people made life unbearable for each other. They couldn’t live as they wanted to; they were obstructed by others.
Here all were one, linked in love.
Oh, what an asset, what a blessing.
He saw flowers and fruits and many other products of nature.
Here nature served man, as it did on earth, but this was the spiritual life.
André picked a fruit, and a delicious juice flowed within him, which invigorated him.
It was exquisite, but who would believe him?
Birds in ineffable colours flew all around him.
They lived in the company of man and were aware of their life.
They were one with the life that God had laid down in everything.
It was miraculous what he experienced in the life after death.
Ahead of him a little creek flowed by, coloured by the hues of flowers and nature around, and reflecting life.
The beings were singing, the birds accompanied them and thanked their God of love and righteousness.
Here he saw no dance of life; their love towards God showed up in everything; it was a prayer to their Father.
What a mighty difference there was to those who dwelt in the dark areas.
How bestialized they were down there, and how exalted all these human beings were here.
They were children in the spirit, children of one Father.
André sensed what these dances stood for.
It expressed their happiness, it showed their gratitude, and deep feeling and understanding.
They floated about as gently as the wind, descended with graceful movements; the beings sensed all this in their deepest depths, and everything was love, a prayer, expressed in art.
How mighty this happening was.
If man on earth didn’t mess up his life, he would receive all this when his life down there had expired.
In this vastness he saw beings walking about arm in arm, surrounded by heavenly beauty and happiness.
Here men and women from the earth lived together and were linked up forever.
Men, women and children, twin brothers and sisters and twin souls, united in love.
Wasn’t this glorious and didn’t it make earthly man happy to know this?
One day, all beings of the earth would know this happiness; no one would be exempted; God’s house had many mansions. Every child would be looked after, every being would be endowed by God with a happiness unknown on earth.
Some would arrive here sooner than others; yet one day their happiness would reach perfection if they followed the right track.
Here old people were no longer to be found, everyone looked rejuvenated and handsome.
Here they lived in an enhanced condition.
The further they went, the more beautiful nature became; life amounted to the love man felt and possessed.
Now he had a better view of the building than when they had entered this sphere.
His leader led the way to the temple, they would soon have reached it.
He now saw lots of large and small towers, and the entire structure decorated with symbolic images.
The highest peak was out of sight; this building had been erected to reach up into the sky.
On top of one of the towers he saw a spherical dome, with lots of little globes all joined to form a circle.
He saw a similar representation on other towers and now he understood the meaning, as Alcar had told him beforehand.
‘Are we going there, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André.’
When they had got a little closer, he saw that the temple was situated on a vast plateau and had been erected in coloured marble.
It was majestic; he couldn’t find words to express the art and architecture that pervaded this temple.
It glowed as if it were lit up by invisible powers.
The building was open on all sides, just as every spiritual dwelling was, and he saw flowers, life and happiness.
‘We will enter, André, many things will be revealed to you.’
Powerful foundations supported the entire building.
The first object he perceived and recognized as he entered, was the spiritual fountain which they possessed in all the spheres.
It had been rendered in a grandiose and beautiful manner.
Wisdom, power and love had been brought together in this fountain.
Every being focussed its powers of concentration on these indispensable gifts; without this wisdom, life had no meaning here.
Without love there was no happiness, without happiness everything was cold and barren, and this meant dwelling in the dark domains.
Every being bore this fountain deep within; it was God’s holy Power.
It was surrounded by flowers and fruits, birds and greenery; these all served to decorate the fountain.
Inside the temple, the birds sang their songs too and lived together with the being that dwelt here and tuned in to even higher spheres.
They lived in gratitude towards God; life in its entirety lived for Him and because of Him.
He saw the same representation on the fountain as on the various towers he had perceived outside, but here the depiction had been carried out in stone of various colours.
He saw and clearly sensed the meaning of this miracle.
It showed planets and stars, it all formed a wholeness, a small-scale universe, a tiny part of the mighty universe that God created.
All this was God, and in his heart he bowed down deeply before the splendour that was being shown to him.
Many beings passed him by; it was as if he dwelt in their midst.
They all wore beautiful garments that gleamed in harmony with their inner power, with the love they bore.
Suddenly he heard beautiful singing, he felt himself being integrated and linked up with other bodies.
‘Upwards’, it rang in his ears, ‘man wants to reach his God on high.
Upwards to our common Father.’
They all joined in the singing and were happy.
It touched him down to the depths of his soul and a pure feeling flowed through him.
Again he heard the singing, just as he had once heard before in the spheres.
Peacefully, just as it had started, it ebbed away and the song ended.
In every happy sphere man sang his spiritual song; it was his prayer, it conveyed his feelings.
Alcar continued his way into the temple, and he followed his leader in his footsteps and couldn’t stop crying out with amazement because of all the beauty he perceived.
There were so many miracles to be seen.
Proverbs had been laid out in various flower arrangements that everyone would immediately understand.
These flower arrangements symbolically represented certain thoughts.
This form of art was equally remarkable to him.
Just as gardens were decorated on earth, here nature had created pieces of art, which refined feelings had accurately calculated.
He immediately and clearly sensed one of these representations.
It said: From darkness into the light.
He saw the dark hues; the various colour transitions had been delicately made; they had combined large and small flowers to accomplish this.
The darkness was jet-black; the flowers that mildly merged into the light and finally ended up in snow-white lilies were fine as satin.
This was a piece of nature and at the same time a condition of life, wined together by nature.
The whole representation consisted of a flower bed in which the flowers blossomed forever and would never wither.
Life represented the sphere and when the spheres changed it transcended all other life by far; God’s holy Power, which made life come alive and bloom.
The light cast his shadow ahead; one day there would be no more shadow; then man would have returned into the universe and be God.
In front of him he saw a mighty sight.
Thousands of flowers had been gathered into a magnificent display of colours and in the middle, in the shape of a cross, the spiritual lily, snow-white, as a symbol of purity.
All the other shades would change, and merge into pure white; only then would man also have become spiritual.
Man, change your inner being, it told him, attune yourself and cleanse yourself of all other colours until you have received the immaculate garment.
You will not rest before then and will follow your path continuously.
Everything existed to serve mankind, to urge him on to spiritual enrichment.
There was nothing they wanted more, than life to be happy.
Blue was the colour that healed, red and mellow purple were the colours of attunement to various qualities of feeling in the arts.
The symbol was simple, yet deep, yet not too deep, so that life could still encompass it.
Here they felt its meaning, because they possessed love.
There he saw a seven-pointed star made of flowers.
What could that work of art stand for? he thought.
He tried to link up, yet he couldn’t sense it.
He immediately heard the soft inner voice, the spiritual language that said to him: ‘This symbolizes the fourth mentality, in cosmic attunement.’
André understood, there were flowers which he hadn’t seen in any of the spheres; likewise, this form of life was unknown to the human being who dwelt here.
Yet it was reality; they knew, they sensed that they were surrounded by other beings, higher than they themselves, without yet feeling what that higher existence was.
During his last journey Alcar had explained various mentalities to him and now he understood the deep meaning of this representation too.
This representation was taken care of by unknown powers.
He silently thanked Alcar for this clear explanation.
Then he saw many other floral sculptures that symbolized higher spheres.
There were also depictions of all the planets and stars, moons and suns, yes, even the entire universe had been rendered in flowers and in colour, within an eternal life.
It lived, it was life, it was God.
‘Here, my son, all the attunements are known to us as living shapes.’ he heard Alcar say.
‘Come, on we go, higher up.’
The building was strange.
André felt that it had been built on a circular basis and that they ascended as they went.
Turning, they continued their path and everything here was also decorated with sphere flowers.
Wherever man dwelt, flowers and other forms of life could be found.
Man never felt lonesome, he was always surrounded by young, beautiful life.
He thought it would never come to an end; his leader continued on his way up.
They finally reached the highest part and his leader stopped.
A spirit in a silvery white garment stepped up to Alcar as if he had been expecting him.
André wanted to stop and wait, but he motioned to him to come closer.
The being had a beautiful appearance.
‘My brother Alcar, God be with you.’
André heard his leader addressing the spirit with Aloisius.
Then the spirit went up to him and spoke the following words which filled him with happiness:
‘My André, I knew that you were coming; a lot of wisdom will be given to you.’
André had no time to imagine how the spirit knew who he was; after all they were all familiar with each other here and they knew everything!
He was speechless.
Aloisius took his leader by the arm and together they went on.
He followed them in their traces and his heart beat with bated emotion when he thought what his next experience would be.
Where was he, what would this spirit be showing him?
Alcar was known everywhere; those who possessed a lot of love were known to everyone.
André felt happy that he was already allowed to dwell in their presence at this stage, although time was short and he would have to return to the earth.
They had passed through various halls and now he noticed an increasing darkness all around.
What was this?
He didn’t understand it at all, he didn’t know what this meant.
The further they proceeded into the building, the darker it became.
At last they arrived in a large hall where they stopped, and where various machines were grouped together.
Were they inside an observatory here?
It looked very much like one.
The light had changed into a bluish haze.
Alcar joined him, as Aloisius had disappeared into another room.
They took a seat on a bench and waited for the things to come.
A few of the apparatus were set in action and a soft droning sound could be heard.
Right above him he saw a spherical dome against a sheer blue array.
It was like the universe, but there wasn’t a cloud to be seen.
It got even darker and then it brightened up again, and then the blue changed into a lighter attunement.
Again the light blurred, and changed to dark blue.
Now he appeared to be in the universe; everything around him was nature, nothing but open space.
It was fabulous what they had achieved here.
No longer was he inside a building, he lived and was floating about in space.
How mighty this all was.
Alcar, sunk in deep thought, was silent, and he also felt that he became linked up.
A great event was about to take place.
The universe penetrated him, he felt united with it; he became linked up by the genius.
He peered deeply into that dark, blue, purple-like glow.
Nowhere could he see the end.
Was he subjected to some power of suggestion?
It was incredible.
No, new powers and forces and miracles were being shown to him here, which were unknown on earth.
He seemed to perceive something in the universe.
The firmament became lit up by a soft glow; he didn’t know nor could he distinguish where it came from.
Now a circle became visible that grew denser and denser and changed its shape.
It changed back into a globe, got denser again and now he saw other globes of light too, that appeared in the same manner.
Another globe appeared around the first one and enveloped it like a luminous haze.
This was what the earth looked like when he and Alcar perceived the planet from afar.
That luminous globe signified the earth’s spiritual radiance, but what this one meant here he didn’t know.
Yet it was stupendous.
The first globe was getting denser all the time and now it became easier for him to distinguish it and he understood its meaning.
He saw a planet rising, together with many others.
And then more planets, stars and suns, and everything was alive.
He seemed to be afloat.
Yet he felt that he hadn’t moved an inch, he had been drawn up into the immense universe and felt merged with it.
He now saw thousands of bright spots; they all took up a certain spot and described a set course, this also showed God’s holy power.
It was a mighty scene, incomprehensible to him.
What could all this mean? he asked himself.
So all the planets followed their set orbit, but he also sensed the powerful radiance each of them emitted.
Everything had come to him as feelings, and he knew that a certain influence was being exerted on him.
Now he clearly heard a voice talking to him: ‘The first planet also is the first cosmic attunement.
The second one you perceived, which is larger, is the second cosmic attunement; then comes the third one, the earth; then the fourth, fifth and sixth, and the seventh cosmic attunement too, where Christ dwells.
What we are showing you is reality; your leader already told you about this.
Here you see the universe appearing before you.
Our great Master manifests Himself on all these bodies. Yes, He even fulfilled a mission on earth.
On the earth, where you live, man is still in a material, even animal-like attunement, which was already explained to you by your leader, and I have nothing to add to that.’
Now André felt that it wasn’t Alcar who was talking to him.
He was linked up, but he didn’t know with whom.
Could it be Aloisius?
The voice continued: ‘What we are showing to you only serves to make plain to you that all the mentalities are present in the universe, in other words, that there are planets where life exists and that one day man will pass on into the All, after he dies on the seventh mentality, just as he did on earth.’
André thought this was wondrous.
‘As I already said, our Master Christ dwells on the seventh mentality. He exerts His holy influence on all other bodies, so that life is encouraged to attune to higher conditions.
What we are showing you is the cycle of the soul.
Man, as a living being, has his origin in the first attunement and will need thousands of years to follow his path.
Life returns and evolves.
Steadily onward, steadily rising, his path becomes harder all the time to link up with higher life.
All of us who live in the third mentality, in other words, all the forms of life you will meet during this journey, are in the third degree of cosmic attunement.
So all forms of life that exist in the cosmos have an attunement of their own, and that attunement is love, the power of love which the being senses and possesses.
The first mentality is also the lowest one, where life is in the primal stage of development.
Life that exists on that level is short-lived and dies at an early age, either to return or to pass on to a different, higher attunement.
That is the second mentality.
So, the first mentality is the condition in which life is in its initial stage.
That is where the cycle of the soul begins.
The second mentality is therefore a higher mentality; the human being, or the life that prevails there, passes on from there to enter its third degree of development.
That is the earth.
Life on earth is known to you because that is where you live.
It will also be clear to you that the earth, namely the human level, cannot and will not change before all the lower attunements, in other words: the life which lives on and within the first and second mentality, will have passed on to the third: the earth.
So, the earth is populated by pre-animal-like beings which marks the cycle of the soul, as I already told you.
In the fourth mentality, life lasts hundreds of years and when it dies there, it will live here, in the sphere where we are now, where you live, see and feel, but is invisible to us, as we don’t possess that power of feeling.
Those conditions and truths were also explained to you by your leader.
In the fifth mentality life goes on for a thousand years or more, and then passes on and subsequently pursues its plan of evolution.
What remains is the sixth and the seventh mentality.
The sixth one is the mentality where life reaches an even older age and is then drawn into the sphere of Christ.
So those on earth who believe that they will dwell with Him in paradise will be disappointed, as they don’t possess His attunement, nor will they reach it in a thousand years.
But let this be a consolation to them: wherever we may be, we are and remain linked up with Him if that is what we want, no matter how distant we are from His condition.
We live with Him in everything and with everything, because Christ is the perfect Child and we get to know God through Him.
Therefore our life is His life, and His life will have to become ours.
Through Him, as I said, we get to know God.
We can receive His indispensable Love through Christ.
The seventh mentality is the planet where man, after he has shed his body, will pass on into the All.
It will therefore also be clear to you that as man evolves, to greater heights his body will change, his feeling will develop to greater beauty on a higher level, and he will possess a greater and purer love.
From the fourth mentality onward, life bears a different name and adheres to its cosmic attunement.
So, everything that belongs to the earth remains on earth; everything will change when life enters a different and higher attunement.
Inasmuch as you are alive, as a human being, inasmuch as the planet earth occupies a place in the universe, by the same token other bodies exist that also carry life, yet with a lower or higher attunement.
And all this life is God, all this life is love, nothing but love.
Great happiness awaits man after he has passed on and entered this life.
But even deeper depths of happiness, which we cannot fathom, await us; even deeper crevices will have to be bridged before we are allowed to enter Christ’s sphere.
Yet that time will come, no matter how distant it may be.
You will perceive that the light which the seventh mentality spreads, links up all other bodies and shines on them, which will make you understand that Evil is linked up with Good.
Again, here we live, here all other mentalities exist, here Christ lives in and with us.
You see how all the bodies describe their own orbit and this will not change, unless a cosmic disturbance were to hinder their course.
We could explain many things to you, yet we can’t, because this would take hundreds of years, and it would be incomprehensible to those on earth.
We will limit ourselves and merely show you that life does not come to an end on earth; instead live continues its course in order to fulfil its cycle into the All.
The masters who enabled us to link you up with the universe all dwell in the seventh sphere.
The genius that feels itself connected with the cosmos bears a power which enables us to make things visible in life.
So the universe manifests itself within life, because everything you will meet in the spheres of light is alive.
These powers aren’t yet known on earth, nor will they appear there in a thousand years, as the earth would first have to change into a seventh sphere in spiritual attunement.
Yet on this side the spirit links up with all of life, as you have just witnessed.
Remember everything, my young brother, and tell them on earth that life there is already eternal, and that man can acquire cosmic wisdom if he follows our path, which is the path of love.
You will now return to your previous condition, which is your own attunement, as you were linked up with us during this manifestation.
We can convince those who are willing, if they bow down humbly and let the Holy Spirit act upon them.
There is no other way, because they haven’t reached an existential sphere yet.
Only in this sphere can man be convinced of this truth and behold this eternal life.
The people are led here from the second sphere, and after visiting the third sphere they will be allowed to enter here.
All this serves to urge man to seek the things on high.
I now hand you back to your leader and conclude by calling out to you: Tell man on earth what lies in store for him on this side; eternal life awaits him if he will follow our path, which Christ has shown to us.’
André returned to his own condition, and he saw how the light got brighter until he had accepted his previous condition again.
A great miracle had been revealed to him in the third sphere.
The cosmos blurred, the life it contained was no longer visible to him.
The link had been broken.
Alcar looked at him and smiled.
‘Nothing but life, my boy, we’re only an atom within the totality which God created.
Draw strength from that knowledge in your earthly life.’
Aloisius appeared, took both Alcar’s hands and bade him farewell.
André thanked the spirit for everything.
The power of their thoughts made them leave the enormous building, to continue on their way.