Society Spiritual Science Foundation "The Age of Christ" is a so-called ANBI, a public benefit organization, popularly referred to as a 'charitable organization'.
This means that the foundation falls under the 'zero percent rate' so it pays 0% tax on your donation or inheritance.
You can check officially whether an organization has a public benefit status at (Dutch)
If you enter under organization [Instelling]'Stichting De Eeuw van Christus' and for place of business [Vestigingsplaats] 'Alkmaar', you will see that our society has a public benefit organization status [ANBI beschikking] as society spiritual science foundation "The Age of Christ" [stichting geestelijk wetensch. genootschap "De Eeuw van Christus"].
The tax authorities have laid down a number of conditions for obtaining and retaining the ANBI (charity) status.
From 1 January 2014, the conditions include making various information public via a website.
Below you will find this information about the society.


The name of the society is: Society Spiritual Science Foundation “The Age of Christ”.

RSIN or the tax number

The tax number is: 0061 70 420

Postal or visiting address

Contact society

Names and functions of board members

The board of the society consists of: Ludo (L.J.I.) Vrebos (chairman), Bart (A.J.) Bisschop (secretary) and Wim (W.J.) Boer (treasurer).


To give every human being on earth the opportunity to become acquainted with the work which was brought to earth by Jozef Rulof (1898-1952).

Policy plan

In order to realize this objective, the society undertakes the following activities, among others:
  • Publishing, producing, reprinting, selling and shipping the 27 books by Jozef Rulof in various languages, both as hard copies and in digital form
  • Making the existence of these books and their content known
  • Provision of services to readers of the books and donors to the society, such as correspondence via mail, telephone, e-newsletter and the donors' magazine, help with ordering from the webshop, and suchlike.
  • Computerization, including expanding the website of the society and a database in which all the sentences from the 27 books are linked to the source text and to all the translations of those sentence in other languages
  • Purchasing, restoration and management of the paintings by Jozef Rulof
  • Management and digitalization of the archives of the society
  • 2. Translating the 27 books into other languages
The income of the society consists for a small part of the profit from sales of books, and for the major part of donations and inheritances.
Because the income sufficiently allows the society to carry out the activities mentioned above, the society does not need to spend money on focused fundraising.
As a result of this all the income can be used for the charity.
The financial reserves of the society are in the form of money deposited in savings accounts with banks.
The reserves are not invested in shares, bonds or other forms of investment.
You can view the concrete figures for this in the (information about) the balance in the annual report.