Apparent death

physical disorder and deep sleep

Apparent death is a physical disorder which represents a deep grade of sleep.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
Illustration: The raising of Lazarus, by Carl Bloch.
Lazarus was apparently dead.
Because he was not really dead, Christ could take him back.
Apparent death is a physical disorder where a heart beat or blood circulation is no longer detected.
In that sense, apparent death differs from a state of coma where a heart beat and blood circulation are still present.
A person apparently dead can be declared ‘dead’ due to the lack of perceivable bodily functions.
A person apparently dead can also really die.
Or he can wake up again.
This is because the apparent death can also be considered as a very deep grade of sleep.
One or two magicians or fakirs can achieve this grade of sleep even by means of concentration and return from it again.
In the state of apparent death the human being is still not separated from his body.
The body is still fed by the life aura, as a result of which the body still does not decompose.
When decomposition does occur, people know for sure that the human being is ‘really’ dead.
The occurrence of decomposition symptoms is however often prevented by cooling or light embalming, as a result of which the apparent death state can be concealed.

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