Alonzo asks why

and finally gets an answer

After he has asked all his life why and for what purpose he does not find the love and the truth, he gets an answer to all his questions.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘... and they both end up being burnt at the stake.’

Past lives

At the end of the book ‘Between Life and Death’, the life of Alonzo is described.
He lived in the fifteenth century on the Mediterranean Sea in Catalonia, in the vicinity of Barcelona.
His life is the continuation of two other personalities who are central in the book: Venry and Taiti.
In the article ‘reincarnated supreme priest Venry’, the life of Venry is described in the temple of Isis in Ancient Egypt.
As a nineteen-year-old priest, Venry was able to purify the temple of the dark powers of the seven high priests.
This was possible because in his past life as Father Taiti he had elevated the knowledge of magical powers to a great height.
In his life as Venry, the personality of the powerful Taiti was even consciously awakened in order to take on the seven high priests.
As a result, two personalities lived next to each other, the strongest of which was Taiti.
The article ‘sub-personalities’, goes into in more depth the existence alongside each other of several personalities.
After the life of Venry, his soul experienced many lives in order to make amends to all the souls whom he had brought misery to in past lives.
In all those lives he sought the true love, but he did not find his twin soul, with whom he had experienced the great love in Ancient China and Egypt.

Alonzo and the church

During his last life on earth as Alonzo, there is not much trace left of all those powerful lives from Ancient Egypt.
When he is reincarnated in the fifteenth century in Spain, those magical powers from the olden days have sunk away to his subconscious.
The only thing that is visible in his youth is his predilection for animals.
He likes to play with animals and tries to impose his will on them.
He prefers playing with little lion cubs.
At an adult age, he succeeds in bringing these lions under his will.
However, he does not know that he had built up this concentration as Venry in the temple of Isis.
Alonzo yearns to find out more about ‘death and being born’, about the invisible life.
He soon understands that the church clergy cannot help him any further, because they continue to owe him the answers to his questions.
This searching is to the great displeasure of his mother, who thinks that people should stick to the church faith, and that the human being must not want to get any answer to all those questions.
Alonzo defends himself by quoting the saying: ‘Prove all things and hold fast that which is good’.
However, his mother considers him a heathen.
She consults her priest who concludes that he is a heretic.

Why and for what purpose

However, Alonzo receives more and more questions.
Why are the people so different?
Why does he want the animals to listen to him?
Why does he not find any peace in his searching for the reality and the truth?
From where have we come and where are we going?
His friends search for the answers with the ancestors.
However, the character of Alonzo cannot be found within the whole family.
He himself feels that the soul is an independence, and not a product of other people.
He feels that all his feelings have a meaning, but still does not understand where they come from.
Alonzo yearns to know what there is after death, he feels that the soul lives on.
When he follows his fellow human beings, he concludes that they will not and cannot achieve the very highest heavens in one life.
And will they be eternally damned for their sins, as his mother believes?
No, he feels that the soul cannot be burned by any fire, neither on earth, nor hereafter.
Sometimes he sees himself in other countries, as a result of which his friends call him crazy.
His friends communicate that his brain thinks this up, but Alonzo feels that his self transcends and survives this brain.
He wants to get to know that ‘self’, that thinking and feeling.
Alonzo searches for contact with the dead, and after a time he gets contact with a master of the light who says that he already knows Alonzo from before his birth.
The master prepares Alonzo for the difficult times, which will in his opinion dawn for Alonzo.
Alonzo asks all his life questions, and the master replies to all of them.
When Alonzo tells his mother about his wisdom gained from life after death, her priest reaches the decision that he must explain himself before the Spanish inquisition.
He is sentenced and imprisoned.
In a barred pen he awaits his sentence, because there is already no longer any space in the prisons.

Alonzo finds his twin soul

In that pen Alonzo sees a woman, Carma, who appears not to have any fear for what awaits all of them.
He talks to her and they feel very strongly attracted to each other.
Once they have briefly told each other about their whole life, they feel that they belong very inwardly to each other, that they would marry if they had been free now.
As the hours pass, another consciousness arises in them.
The next day they are found guilty of heresy by the inquisitor, and they are both sent to be burnt at the stake.
When the fire reaches their bodies, their dominant personalities from their previous lives arise in their consciousness.
Alonzo changes into Venry, who recognizes his twin soul Lyra in Carma.
As Taiti and Lyra, they had burnt people at the stake in China and now they experience as Alonzo and Carma themselves what they did to other people.
Venry and Lyra soar from their bodies and are welcomed by a master of the light who has already followed them for a long time.
Venry recognizes the master who has answered all the whys and for what purposes of Alonzo, but now this master can make himself known.
He was the leader of Venry in the temple of Isis, and together with Venry he then purified the temple of the dark powers.
He also had to make amends, which was achieved with the help of Venry in the temple.
And in a past life long ago he was a father of Venry, as a result of which they forged an inner bond.
Venry sees that the temple of Isis was later rebuilt again, with the laws of love which he was able to bring to earth.
Then the temple was destroyed again.
Was their knowledge from then lost on earth?
His leader shows him that the wisdom of then will be brought to earth by the teacher of Venry in the temple of Isis, Dectar.
When Dectar comes to earth as Jozef Rulof, he will receive the book ‘Between Life and Death’ and thus safeguard the wisdom obtained.
After their last life on earth, Venry and Lyra made amends for everything and they are free to enter the third sphere of light.
They are now together for eternity as twin souls and nothing will separate them again, because they have reached the consciousness to experience everything in harmony with all the life from now on.

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