study of the material

By studying the earthly material and development of new technology, science promotes the spiritual awakening of mankind.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Increasing consciousness

Science has contributed to the consciousness of mankind increasing.
As a result of scientific study, the knowledge of the earthly material has increased considerably and a distinction has been applied between perceivable facts and thought-up fabrications.
As a result, mankind is no longer surrendered to superstition and fears.
We know now that our life is not ruled by darkness and thunder.
In the books by Jozef Rulof the evolution of the human being and mankind is subdivided into grades of feeling.
Before the arrival of science, the consciousness of mankind corresponded more to the inner life of an animal.
The spiritual leaders of Jozef Rulof, the masters of the light call this the animal-like grade of feeling.
Science, arts and religions have contributed to the consciousness being raised to the material grade of feeling.
In this level of consciousness the human being is mainly focused on the earthly material, the material.
Science has received the task of unravelling the material laws, by means of studying the material.

Knowledge of the material

To know ‘what we know for sure’, society now turns to science.
Science is allotted the role and the authority to separate truth from untruth.
Only what has been scientifically proven is considered socially as certain truth, and not merely an opinion.
To rise above the uncertain level of an opinion, science limits its subject of study to what is perceivable repeatedly objectively, preferably by means of technical instruments.
It is not occupied with the soul, because it is not materially perceivable.
Although it can say at the most that the soul cannot be observed materially, its viewpoint still suggests for the materially thinking human being that the reincarnating soul does not exist.
Another aspect of the scientific method is excluding ‘feelings’ in scientific actions.
The scientist is not encouraged to use his feeling to obtain his observations, because that could incorrectly influence the value of his findings.
And the study of the feeling is usually limited to the materially perceivable phenomena in the human body.
The soul as reincarnating inner life is therefore already not a subject of study.
Current science reflects the image of how mankind now thinks and feels.
That thinking is materially conscious, not yet spiritual.
As a result, science can help move mankind forward materially, such as in combating physical diseases.
For knowledge of the soul, science still does not offer help.
The term ‘psychology’ suggests that science would already know something about the psyche of the human being, but that task of science is also still mainly materially attuned.
You will find more about this in the article ‘psychology’.


In the present time the scientist is taught that he must precisely disengage his feeling in order to obtain objective research results.
That his inner life was built up by his own past lives does not form any part of the scientific knowledge at present.
This is why ‘simple people’ can often feel and understand more from reincarnation than the human being who only accepts what has been scientifically proven.
The book ‘The Origin of the Universe’ describes the awakening of a scientist in the hereafter.
Accepting the fact that he lived on after his death on earth was extremely difficult in his case because his learning had closed him off to that possibility.
In the same book Jozef Rulof asks his master Alcar whether he could convince the earthly academics about life after death by means of his knowledge.
Alcar explains that academics have already been thinking for an eternity, but within their scientific world they close themselves off precisely more to the knowledge about life after death.
If the academic was to be open to reincarnation and life after death, he would usually have to fear for his learned title.
Only the human being who no longer cares about his scientific status can speak openly about these qualities of the human soul.
But what academic no longer finds important his grade obtained in science?
Only the human being can do this who has already experienced amply in his past lives what having an academic title for status in the social life involves and that this has no eternal value.

Scientific proof of metaphysics

Because physics cannot perceive any soul, for metaphysical knowledge about the soul the human being had to think outside science.
In the temples of Ancient Egypt the metaphysical teachings reached a great height.
As a result of his previous lives in these temples, Jozef Rulof had built up the inner life for himself, in which this metaphysical knowledge lay confined, so that during his last life on earth he could sense what his masters put in writing in his books.
And these books are not the end point that the masters have in mind.
The masters of the ‘University of Christ’ not only brought their metaphysical knowledge to earth via Jozef Rulof, they inspire every academic who opens himself in feeling to work for the awakening of mankind.
Certainly also by means of technology, science builds on the evolution of mankind.
With the technical advances, the medical academics combat the physical suffering, and by means of its technical communication aids science builds a global connection.
The masters even predict that precisely by means of the technical development, science will convince mankind of a life after death.
Soon, a scientist will develop a technical device that scientifically proves the objectively perceivable communication with the masters in life after death, so that the spiritual consciousness of mankind can be increased.
Then science will help again to increase the grade of feeling of mankind, towards the spiritual grade of feeling.
Then mankind will feel that the material is not the objective, but the means of expanding the consciousness of our soul.

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