Valley of Sorrows

the pre-animal-like grade of feeling

In the lowest hell in the hereafter Hitler and his peers with their pre-animal-like life of feeling can be found.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
Illustration: Divina Commedia, see Dante and Doré.
Hitler and his peers with a pre-animal-like life of feeling can be found in the Valley of Sorrows, the lowest hell in the life after this life.
Their attunement is called pre-animal-like, because their life of feeling is lower than the animal that kills from hunger.
The people in the Valley of Sorrows have killed thousands of people on earth in an appalling way in order to satisfy their blood lust and lust for power.
These worst sadists enjoyed the tortures that they afflicted on other people.
In the Valley of Sorrows, they lie down like a pile of slime, like a jellyfish on the beach.
They no longer have any human form, because they no longer possess any human thought.
They are unaware of their own life, because they have removed themselves from every harmonic law of life.
It will take millions of years before they have climbed up to the spheres of light.
First they must discard their dark character traits and make amends for all their wrong deeds in countless new earthly lives.
However, for Hitler it could take a hundred thousand years before he can be born again on earth.

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