the third cosmic grade of life

While the earth goes through her seven eras,she gives all souls the possibility of experiencing the third phase in their cosmic evolution.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Third cosmic grade of life

According to the writers of the books by Jozef Rulof, the masters, life on earth is the furthest developed of all the life in our universe.
On not a single planet in our cosmos is there life which is more conscious, we do not need to expect any spaceships with aliens.
The masters call the earth the mother planet of the third cosmic grade of life.
By this, they refer to soul level the place that the planet occupies in the cosmic evolution of our soul.
The article ‘cosmic grades of life’ explains that our soul had already experienced many reincarnations on various planets of the two previous cosmic grades of life before we were ready to begin the earthly evolution.

The beginning of the earth

When the first human souls arrived on the earth a very long time ago, this planet was still not condensed, it was still a spiritual sphere.
The article ‘cosmic splitting’ explains how the spiritual substance of this sphere originated.
The first souls used this spiritual energy to form their first little cell body.
This was the first life form on earth.
The article ‘material grades of life’ explains how the soul built up its body from cell to prehistoric being by means of millions of reincarnations.

The ice ages and heating up ages

That the soul began building up its material grades of life upon the origin of the earth is still not known to current science.
The masters determined spiritually-scientifically that the prehistoric beings survived the first ages of the earth by travelling around.
When an ice age or heating up age dominated in a particular region, the prehistoric being moved to different regions where it remained liveable, because not all the earth experienced the same phase during the same period.
However, ultimately all regions experienced the ice ages and heating up ages, because they were necessary for the condensing and hardening of the earth.
Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are also expressions of the life and the evolution of the earth.
The fire-spitting mountains are the breathing organs of Mother Earth.
In the current age, the ice ages and heating up ages are represented on a smaller scale by winter and summer.
The seasons give nature evolution by means of the variety of the basic powers of the life, which can be called growing and condensing.
In the beginning of the ages, these basic powers ensured the origin of our universe, as explained in the article ‘our basic powers’.

The evolution steps of the earth

The masters distinguish seven eras for the earth, whereby each following era gives a higher development for the material grades of life and the spiritual development of all the life.
Each following era requires a more extensive time, because more consciousness comes.
The masters see this principle reflected in their own inner evolution.
The higher they come in the spheres of light of the hereafter, the more time they need in order to master the consciousness and the harmony of that higher grade, because they feel more and become more consciously connected with all the life.
In addition, the consciousness also increases in order to remain in harmony with all the life, and it requires the necessary time in order to master that harmony.

The unknown past

During the first era of the earth, there were development phases, the existence of which current science still does not know, because no traces of this remained.
For instance, there was a phase that nature consisted of water vapour.
There were plants that were as large as a current large building, but which we could now blow down with a powerful out-breath from our current body, because the plant only consisted of vapour.
Once the matter was more condensed, there came a phase that nature was a large pool of mud.
Even when after that all the life had become coarse in form and shape, there were still only grey colours in nature, because the sunlight still did not possess the current strength.
When the life had condensed the material matter sufficiently, it formed immensely large bodies for human being and animal.
During that time, the basic power ‘growing’ was experienced to a maximum.
The life repeated here the phase that it had also reached on the second cosmic grade of life, but on earth the matter could become more condensed, because the sun became more powerful.
Not only the animals received a tremendously large body, the people were also giants in comparison to the current age.
However, from that time no human skeleton has remained, in the course of time all this organic material came under the ground and condensed to coal.

Harmony between human being and animal

At that time, human being and animal still lived together harmonically.
The article ‘the mistake by Darwin’ explains where the original feeling of the animal comes from.
The animal felt its creator in the human being, and it experienced the human being as father and mother.
The giant animals lay down beside the human being and licked his hands.
The article ‘harmony’ explains how the human being and animal are naturally harmonic.
The soul of human being and animal had materialized that innate harmony in a prehistoric body, all the organs of which worked together harmonically at that time.
However, the human soul as a personality was still not conscious of that harmony.
When the personality became conscious of itself and the other life, the human being proceeded to disharmonic actions.
He became conscious of the space, and wanted that space for himself alone, he began to push the other life away from him.
The personality became conscious of the concept of ‘possession’, and of the possibilities of his own physical strength to gain more possession and food.
Then the human being began to slaughter the animal.
That animal was first not conscious of what was happening, and submissively experienced the slaughter.
However, when this animal reincarnated and grew up again, that experience from that past life formed part of its instinctive reaction.
In this way, the animal-like fear and hatred originated, and the battle between human being and animal broke loose.

The disharmony increases

The human being who became conscious of his physical strength not only started to kill animals, but also his fellow human being.
By killing his fellow human being, he brought himself into disharmony with another soul and with his own reincarnation.
Other people who had remained in harmony could reincarnate more quickly.
When the human being in prehistoric times was still in harmony with all the life, seven hours after his death on earth he could already inspire a new fertilized egg cell in the mother to growth, in order to begin a new material life on earth nine months later.
However, every premature transition as a result of murder or suicide further removed the soul from the harmonic birth.
When the human being began to wage wars on a large scale, that time in order to reincarnate increased to thousands of years.
In the current age, about a hundred thousand souls are waiting for every maternal cell which can be inspired.
For the last twenty lives, that disharmony has only just increased.
In the past, the human being sometimes committed a murder due to hunger, but in the past few centuries dictators gained the power to involve hundreds of thousands of people in wars, as a result of which the karma rose considerably.
Fortunately, every soul will be able to make sure that all its karma is dissolved, as the article ‘karma’ explains.

Prehistoric beings

Later the human being entered the era of which material traces still remained.
During that era too, there were still large animals, the skeletons of which were found prove the presence of dinosaurs for instance.
The human soul condensed its form into the more compact form of the prehistoric beings which we know as a result of their excavated skeletons.
These prehistoric beings had a small cranium.
Because they possessed less feeling, they needed less brains in order to absorb that feeling.
The article ‘the brain’ explains this function of the brain.
The growth of the brain keeps pace with the growth of the life of feeling.
The basic powers of growth and condensing work for every body part, for human being, animal and nature.
Once the prehistoric animal species had reached their maximum size, the animal life condensed its material form to the species that we now know as a horse, dog and cat.
The prehistoric people completed their earthly lives without material prosperity.
They did not know any God, Christ, art or music.
Yet they reached their necessary evolution, only by means of the reincarnations, by means of motherhood and fatherhood.
Their soul experienced everything that Mother Earth had to offer them during that era, then they could continue their inner evolution in the hereafter.

Present and future

In the present time, the earth has arrived at its fourth era.
The most prehistoric animal species have become extinct, because the consciousness of the life on earth has increased to the material grade of life.
The life on earth got material development, the human being built cities.
Science and technology brought material welfare.
In the current fourth era of the earth, all the life on earth is much more refined in relation to the prehistoric era, we now know for instance more beautiful flowers and fruits.
The animal kingdom has even already evolved further than the life on the land, the nightingales and doves already represent the spatial life of feeling.
When the life on earth begins with the fifth era in millions of years’ time, all the earthly material will reach the spiritual grade of life.
Then the green of Mother Earth will become translucent and the water crystal clear.
All the life will then also represent the consciousness as material that the souls possess which now already live in the spheres of light in the hereafter.
The sunlight will become more rarefied and milder, the climate on earth will then become like the spiritual climate in the spheres of light.

Parting from Mother Earth

When all the souls have completed their earthly lives, Mother Earth will also complete her material life as planet.
However, her transition will take place very differently than the dying process of the moon.
The article ‘moon’ explains that the surface of the moon was still a large mud pool when the first layer of her atmosphere dissolved.
This is why her surface only hardened during her dying process, as a result of which her craters also originated.
However, because the earth was already able to condense her surface long ago, her dying process will take place differently.
This is in accordance with the heightened consciousness of the third cosmic grade of life in relation to the moon as planet of the first cosmic grade of life.
Mother Earth will only end her motherhood once all the human souls have fully experienced the third cosmic grade of life.
Then every soul will have taken leave of Mother Earth in order to prepare itself in the spiritual spheres for the next material life on the first planet of the fourth cosmic grade of life.
That planet is located in a different universe, which consists of a more rarefied substance and is not perceptible from our universe.
How the human soul continues its cosmic evolution here is described in the article ‘fourth cosmic grade of life’.

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