Material grades of life

experiences for the soul

By building up and experiencing consecutive physical grades of life, the soul expanded its grade of feeling and personality.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘Already in prehistoric times, the first souls reached the adult human form, as a result of which they had experienced everything which the earth could offer them in physical experiences.’

Evolution without Darwin

The current human body on earth is the result of an evolution process which lasted billions of eras.
The steps in this evolution are called physical or material grades of life in the books by Jozef Rulof.
According to the writers of these books, the masters, the human body did not evolve from the animal kingdom.
The masters determined spiritually-scientifically that the evolution of the animal kingdom took place completely separately from the human development.
Darwin was mistaken, we do not originate from the apes.
How the animal originated is described in the article ‘the mistake by Darwin’.

From primal cell to primal being

The formation of the first primal cells on earth was not the result of a coincidental concurrence of favourable circumstances.
Here, a focused inspiration was already at work in order to allow those first cells to grow and to allow them to evolve in billions of steps to the current human body.
The article ‘All-Soul and All-Source’ describes that inspiration which has shaped the entire cosmos.
The human soul is a part of the All-Soul and as a result has the life force to give form to itself.
The first souls formed the primal cells on earth and then one material grade of life after the other, as a result of a continuous inspiration in order to expand their physical form.
They reincarnated millions of times on earth in order to build up their material form from primal cell to primal being.
For the first souls this was not a new process.
They had already experienced this evolution process on other planets.
The articles ‘our first lives as a cell’, ‘evolution in the water’ and ‘evolution on the land’ describe in detail how the souls built up their physical form on previous planets.
The article ‘earth’ explains how the first souls repeated this development on earth.
Already in prehistoric times, the first souls reached the adult human form, as a result of which they had experienced everything which the earth could offer them in physical experiences.
As a result of this, they could take leave of the earth.
The article ‘creator of light’ describes how these first souls continued their spiritual evolution in the hereafter.

Living together as a tribe

Since at that time already adult human bodies had formed on earth, other souls which later began with their earthly life cycle no longer needed to begin as a primal cell.
They could immediately reincarnate with people with a body which had the same grade of life as the body that these souls had already experienced on previous planets.
When the masters focus on this earthly era, they call the body which connected to the previous planet the first material grade of life, because these souls experienced their first earthly body with this.
For these souls, there were then still six material grades of life to experience, whereby the body of each following grade was more powerful than the previous grade.
As a result of the stronger body in each following grade, the souls kept on being given new experiences.
The souls with a body from a different grade started to feel different to each other as a result of this.
They felt more connected with the souls which had a body from the same grade.
With these souls, they started to form a group, which later grew into a tribe.
In this way, seven different tribes emerged, which lived separated from each other.

The grade of feeling of the soul

All these tribes developed themselves and chose their own living space.
The first tribes remained in the dense jungle, where they felt safe.
The masters called their ‘grade of feeling’ ‘pre-animal-like’, because they were cannibals, a behaviour that most animals do not know.
As a result, we see that there is a large difference between the driving force of the soul on the one hand and its grade of feeling and consciousness on the other hand.
As a result of its driving force, the soul had built up a strong human body, but it was still not conscious of that as a personality.
The soul had unconsciously formed this body, from its deeper layers.
The article ‘our basic powers’ describes with which powers the soul could create its material form.
By experiencing that body, the soul received feeling and consciousness.
As a result, its level of consciousness followed the consecutive material grades of life.
First it received an embryonic consciousness, then it learned to move in the water and next it got a land consciousness.
As a primal being, it experienced a tremendously powerful primal body, and learned as a personality to use the power of this body in order to gather food.
The consciousness of the cannibals was filled especially by hunger.
In order to still this hunger, the personality began to move, and as a result gathered knowledge in order to obtain food.
The inner life was especially focused on the own survival.
By forming a tribe with other people from the same grade of life, people had more chance of material survival.


The body of the second material grade of life was more powerful, as a result of which the consciousness of the personality expanded.
Now the personality got the feeling that it possesses something.
It became interested in acquiring more possessions.
It started to see that there were more things to be had in the world than just the daily food and drink, its interests increased.
The body of the third material grade of life was even more powerful, as a result of which it got more grip on its material life.
As a result, it became less anxious.
It now knew its power, and was ready to attack everyone who came within its reach.
In the third tribe, it used the increased physical power even more in order to rob others of their possessions.
In addition, it now also got some feeling for beauty, it started to make up its body, to make itself ‘beautiful’ with all its possessions.

Out of the jungle

When the personality discarded the cannibalistic feeling, it reached the ‘animal-like’ grade of feeling.
It started to feel like many animals on earth in their natural environment, whereby the law of the strongest applies.
It now knew respect for the human being with the strongest body.
And it began to fear the natural forces such as storms and thunderstorms, because they were even stronger than the human body.
Later, it started to worship these natural forces, and thus gained respect for a supremacy.
The increased power of the fourth material grade of life gave it the feeling to increase its living environment.
This is why it went to live on the edge of the jungle.
It was now on the eve of the exploration and conquest of the whole earth as a life garden.
It left the jungle in search of more possessions.
The hunt for more possessions made it restless, but gave it however as a personality more functioning and variety.
Many possessions gave it satisfaction and as a result something awakened, which would later form the character.

More materially advanced

As a result of the increased power of a body from the fifth material grade of life, the personality now dared to migrate to other living areas.
Thanks to its powerful body, it could now also survive in colder regions and adapt its way of life to a harsh climate.
With the increased strength of a body from the sixth and seventh material grade of life, the personality started to explore the whole world.
The tribes split up and spread over the whole globe.
The human being gave different names to those divisions and in this way the many peoples and nationalities originated.
The personality now wanted to experience everything that could be found on earth and pursued the same thing for many more lives, without mastering a higher grade of feeling.
It used the physical power of the highest material grade of life in order to increase the rule over the environment with violence.
The more material consciousness and intellect it gained, the deeper the degradation became.
It developed lethal weapons in order to be able to rule the world.
As a result, with a body from the highest material grade of life, it caused the greatest misery in the world.
Whereas the feeling to want to possess a great deal first expanded its world, it then started to play a considerable inhibiting role for its inner development.
Many lives were dominated as a result of the longing to possess more and more.


When the human soul had experienced all the material grades of life, a different process awakened.
Up until then, the soul had been attuned to the experiencing of the material grades of life in order to gain all the experiences which an earthly body could give.
After this experiencing, the soul became free from this focus, because there was no longer a stronger body that could give it other experiences.
Those experiences had expanded the consciousness of its personality, which could now think of many other earthly matters as well as from eating and sleeping.
It had left cannibalism far behind it and had now reached the animal-like or coarse-material grade of feeling.
It had even already built up a society and developed arts and sciences.
However, as a personality, it was not conscious of the misery that it had caused to other people in its many lives.
In its strong focus on its powerful body and material possession, it harassed, raped other people and destroyed their bodies.
As a result, it built up a great deal of karma.
The article ‘karma’ gives a detailed explanation of what the consequences of this were.
As a result of the violent actions of its personality, the soul had lost its harmony with other souls, because it had for instance destroyed the body of other souls.
For every soul which still lacked lifetime as a result of this, that time was given back, by giving that soul a new body, which can be realized on earth by means of motherhood.
When the disadvantaged soul no longer needed this, people converted the created darkness into light in another way, for example by giving a body to other souls which were waiting for this.

The second round

In order to bring itself into harmony with the life, the soul reincarnated again in bodies from different material grades of life.
In this way, it began its second round on earth, this time in order to free itself from all the disharmony which its personality had created during the first round.
Life after life, light was now given where darkness had been brought, and care taken for those who had been plunged into misery.
That driving force came from the depths of the soul and was dominant over its personality.
The personality was not conscious that its own soul had brought it into those particular life circumstances, but it felt a driving force in order to do good for particular people.
Now souls from both rounds came to live next to each other.
They both had a body that belonged to the same material grade of life, but they found themselves at a very different point in their own inner evolution.
One soul used that body in order to experience the power of that material grade, and the other soul used that body from the same material grade in order to bring itself into harmony.
In grade of feeling, both souls could differ, because the soul which came back for harmony had already experienced more lives and as a result had been given more of a chance to increase its grade of feeling.
This living next to each other of souls from both rounds ensures even more strongly that on the basis of the body it cannot be determined in what grade of evolution the soul and its personality find themselves.
By the behaviour alone, it can be seen to a certain extent what grade of feeling the acting personality has reached.
This theme is dealt with further in the articles ‘against racism and discrimination’ and ‘human being or soul’.

Thousands of material grades of life and illnesses

When the soul reached the seventh material grade of life, that body was stronger than the previous grades.
Up until then, each body had remained very healthy and immune to all kinds of weather conditions.
However, later this body was completely degenerated, and the physical immunity was extremely depleted.
The bodies of the ‘highest’ material grade of life got the most illnesses and defects, the poorest health and the least physical strength.
How could this happen?
In the beginning, all the bodies of a particular material grade of life were to be found in the same tribe.
The seven tribes lived separately from each other.
The reproduction took place within the own tribe.
Each material grade of life possessed an own power and working of the physical systems.
When the consciousness of the soul increased, and the personality started to realize that there was also a great deal to be experienced outside the own material grade of life, the first mixings were realized.
The children who originated as a result of this received a body which was composed from two different material grades of life.
This caused a friction, a continuous tension in their body, because two workings with a different power opposed each other.
As the possessiveness and the lust increased, the number of mixings also rose.
After millions of years, as a result of this the first illnesses came about, because the body could no longer harmonize the difference in powers within itself.
The higher the material grade of life, the more mixings, and following from this the more physical destruction and illnesses originated.
The mixings expanded generation after generation, so that in the present time not a single body on earth can still be attributed to one particular material grade of life.
After hundreds of thousands of years of mixing, it would now be possible to speak of thousands of grades, if people still wish to think in terms of material grades.

Living in harmony

When there are no longer any other souls living on earth with which a soul was connected by karma, it is released from the earthly cycle and it continues its spiritual evolution in the hereafter.
When it has reached the spiritual grade of feeling in this, it has released the material feeling as a personality which has to do with the experiencing of the material grades of life on earth.
Then its personality has transcended the physical as inner life, and it feels a universal love for all other souls.
Then the personality no longer brings itself into disharmony with the life.
Then it has ‘awakened’ in its innate harmony, as is explained in the article ‘harmony’.
Then it prepares itself to continue its spiritual evolution on a planet from the next cosmic grade of life.
Here it will experience material grades of life again, but this time in a harmonic body without illnesses.
There every soul as a personality has reached the consciousness that the body only serves to increase the grade of feeling to a universal love for all the life in the cosmos.

Sources and deepening