Ludo Vrebos

On this web page, I tell how I arrived at writing the ‘explanation of the books by Jozef Rulof’ and ‘The Jozef Rulof Reference work’.
I was born in Leuven (Belgium) in 1966.
In 1989, I graduated as a clinical psychologist (MA) from KU Leuven University.
My aim with this study was to learn to what extent science had investigated the human soul.
Afterwards, I continued my self-study of the 27 books by Jozef Rulof, which I had started in 1983.
In my view, this offered me much more and deeper knowledge about the soul, as a result of which all my life questions were answered.
I considered it possible that others could also benefit from the knowledge from these books, and I therefore wanted to tell about them.
However, I found that I could only do that with enough certainty, if I had an overview of all the information from the more than 11,000 pages.
This is why I categorised all this information on the basis of key words, in order to chart this spiritual university with the aid of a computer programme especially written for this purpose.
After a study of thirty years, I found my overview sufficiently detailed and nuanced to write an ‘explanation of the books by Jozef Rulof’ as a result of this.
Meanwhile, I had become chairman of the publisher of these books, Foundation The Age of Christ.
Within the foundation, I had the opportunity to have the explanation revised and proofread by the other board members and ten study colleagues who had likewise read the 27 books.
As a result, in my opinion the published result could represent the spiritual university in a sufficient way.
I thus became the author of the following five books:
1. The Jozef Rulof Reference work Part 1 Our Hereafter (1st edition in 2016, ISBN 978-94-93165-78-6)
2. The Jozef Rulof Reference work Part 2 Our Reincarnations (1st edition in 2017, ISBN 978-94-93165-79-3)
3. The Jozef Rulof Reference work Part 3 Our Cosmic Soul (1st edition in 2019, ISBN 978-94-93165-80-9)
4. The Jozef Rulof Reference work Part 4 University of Christ (1st edition in 2020, ISBN 978-94-93165-81-6)
5. Explanation of the books by Jozef Rulof (1st edition in 2020, ISBN 978-94-93165-77-9)
As chairman of Foundation The Age of Christ, on 7 March 2020 I gave a lecture, a montage of which you can view below: