Reincarnated for a task

for mankind

Many souls reincarnate in order to bring wisdom, art, science and technology to earth for the development of mankind.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘They bring wisdom and art to earth ...’ (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart)


Many souls return for a task, by means of which they help the human being on earth to move forward.
They give their life in order to lessen the physical suffering of the human being, or to stimulate the spiritual development.
They bring wisdom and art to earth, or a considerable progress in science and technology.
At a contact evening, Jozef Rulof tells about a high priest who announced to the priests of his temple before his death on earth: ‘I will be back again in the morning, because I am obliged to continue my task.’
A short time afterwards he was reincarnated near to the temple, and after three years the child already told his mother: ‘Mum, I am not staying here because I am going to the temple. The temple is over there, isn’t it?’
When he was eight years old, he moved to the temple.
At that moment, he already possessed the same wisdom as in his previous life.
He said to his parents: ‘Do not weep, father and mother, because I have much more fathers and mothers.’
He visited his parents from his past life, because they were still on earth.
In his new life he continued the school for mystical wisdom, for whom he was also the teacher in his past life.
The school was inspired by spiritual masters, as a result of which he could give this proof of his own quick reincarnation to the world.

Quickly reincarnating

This man could reincarnate so exceptionally quickly, because he was completely in harmony with the laws of the birth of the soul.
Then a reincarnation does not have to take long, then the soul can already reincarnate in a fertilized egg cell seven hours after death.
When it concerns the evolution of mankind, the soul immediately finds a mother prepared to make this task possible.
Then this soul goes before other souls which only return for making amends and which have removed themselves from the harmony of the birth by causing someone misery.
Most souls which are waiting in the world of the unconscious in order to reincarnate come back in order to make amends.
They cannot reincarnate quickly, they must wait until a mother can give birth to them.
This waiting can take hundreds and even thousands of years and longer, if the soul has hurled itself from the harmony of the life by means of brute force against other people.

Combination of task and making amends

During an out-of-body experience in the spheres of light, Jozef Rulof sees a soul that prepares itself in order to reincarnate for a combination of a task and making amends.
This soul will accomplish a spiritual mission on earth as a woman.
And she will combine that with making amends to someone whom she caused misery to in a past life.
This soul will become her husband in the new life.
Before she reincarnates to the earth, she is together with her twin soul in the spheres.
Her twin soul will soon support her in her spiritual mission on earth as a spiritual guide.
Her twin soul becomes her inspiration and will bring her to a great height.
In the depth of their inner life, they remain connected to each other, although one of them will be born on earth and she will marry another man there.
In that marriage she will make amends, and as a result she can become free from the pressure that she feels inwardly, and that has originated due to the misery that she once caused to this soul.
Her twin soul itself will ensure that she meets her new husband, so that the making amends can begin.
Although it will perhaps be difficult for her and she will experience grief as a result, with that one life all the suffering will be over and then she will be together with her twin soul for eternity.
Then the higher spheres of light will be open to them, which people cannot enter with an inner pressure.
When people are free of hatred, lust and violence and already possess love, they can stay in the first sphere of light, but there could still be souls which they have to make amends to before that inner pressure has dissolved.
In the first sphere, people still feel material, there are still two spheres before people reach the first spiritual sphere of existence, the fourth sphere of light.
In the first spheres of light people free themselves from every regret by amply making amends for everything, because in the higher spheres of light even a small inner pressure would disturb and sever the complete connection of feeling with all the life.

The University of Christ

From the spheres of light people can reincarnate on earth, in order to accomplish a task for the ‘University of Christ’.
The higher the sphere of light, the greater the task will be, and the stronger the development of mankind will be served.
On earth, people then see a ‘child prodigy’ being born.
The reincarnation for a task is also dealt with in the articles ‘Socrates’, ‘reincarnated supreme priest Venry’ and ‘reincarnated as Anthony van Dyck’.
During his ‘reincarnation for a task’, Jozef Rulof received 27 books for the inquisitive human being.

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