The brain

itself does not think

The brain is the rheostat which regulates the forming of thoughts from our life of feeling at the correct power.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Thinking without a brain?

In the book ‘Mental illnesses seen from the Other Side’, a special case of a skull operation is described, where the doctors did not find a brain.
The skull was empty, and what should have been a brain was dried out.
From birth, this human being had lived without that vital organ.
During the forming of the brain in the womb something probably went wrong, as a result of which the brain was not formed.
However, the most remarkable thing was that he had had a normal life, and that he had been able to think just as well as other people.
His thoughts were just as sharp, he could talk well, there was no difference in his actions than for people who did have a brain.
He was not conscious either that he was thinking without a brain.
In the book the spiritual leader of Jozef Rulof, master Alcar, gives a spiritual-scientific explanation for this phenomenon.
This normal thinking without a brain is possible when, from the time of growing in the womb, the body was already able to adjust to the lack of a brain.
Then the functions of the brain could be taken over by other nerve centres.

Function of the brain

The article ‘From feeling to thought’ describes that feelings are more original than thoughts.
First we feel something, and then we materialize our feelings into thoughts.
Thoughts are a formation of our feeling by means of words.
Physically, this translates ‘from solar plexus to brain’.
The article ‘solar plexus’ describes that our feelings leave from the solar plexus at the height of the stomach.
Via this brachial plexus, our feelings go to our nervous system, and in the nervous system this power of feeling is continued, so that our feelings receive space, growing, materialization.
Thanks to the nervous system, we can therefore form materialized thoughts, we can convert feelings into words.
The flow of feelings which flow into our nervous system from the solar plexus represents a particular power, depending on the strength and intensity of our feelings.
The nervous system passes on this power, but does not stop that power.
If that power of feeling was inhibited somewhere in the body, that continual power via the nervous system could damage other organs and tissues.
This is why the body has formed our brain, in order to absorb and neutralize that power of feeling which flows through the nervous system.
The brain offers sufficient resistance to that power of feeling, and also ensures that the correct power is let through in order to be able to talk nuanced and controlled, for instance.
The brain then passes on the correct regulated power to the vocal cords, so that the sounds produced are exactly well defined as separate words with the correct intonation.


Our soul has built up the brain as a rheostat in the course of time, it was not so strongly formed in the beginning.
In prehistoric times, the human being still barked, the same noise as a dog now makes.
There was still no human concentration attuned to the life of feeling then, sufficient brain cells had still not been formed either, in order to steer those vocal cords in a nuanced way.
More brain cells were not needed then, because the life of feeling had still not developed.
In comparison to the current human being, the prehistoric human being still just had the beginning of a life of feeling, and a few cranial nerves were already enough to absorb that feeling.
As the soul acquired more feeling during her lives on earth, the brain adapted to the life of feeling, and it became larger and more complex.

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