Ancient Egypt

the metaphysical blossoming period

In the blossoming period of the mystical temples in ancient Egypt, the University of Christ was able to communicate wonderful metaphysical wisdom.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
The temple of Isis in ancient Egypt

The metaphysical path as well as faith in God

Ancient Egypt experienced a considerable blossoming period with mystical temples and the building of the ‘pyramid of Giza’.
In the temples of Ra, Ré, Luxor and Isis, the priests researched the laws of life and death.
During their spiritual out-of-body experiences, they thought that they received wonderful knowledge from their gods.
In reality, it were the masters of the University of Christ who gave form to the contact between the earth and the hereafter by inspiring these temple priests.
As well as bringing a faith in God through Moses and the prophets, the masters built on the metaphysical path in ancient Egypt in order to give us an idea of our cosmic soul.
The masters brought the faith as a support for the human being on earth in order to increase his grade of feeling.
However, they knew in advance that the human being would make ecclesiastical stories out of it which would get bogged down in dogmas and as a result could no longer lead to higher knowledge.
This is why they inspired many people who were reachable in order to begin with the direct spiritual awakening via the metaphysical path.
In ancient Egypt, that path experienced a peak in history.

Between life and death

By means of the book ‘Between Life and Death’, Jozef Rulof received a description of the metaphysical life in the temples of ancient Egypt.
In this book, a past life of Jozef as temple priest Dectar is described, who taught trainee priests almost four thousand years ago.
He taught them how they could subject their thoughts to their strong will so as not to become a puppet of the thoughts from another person.
Their thoughts were only allowed to interpret what they actually perceived by means of a direct connection of feeling with the life, because in the temples no own fantasies were tolerated.

Infallible healers

Dectar was a great healer.
In ancient Egypt, the priests cleaned a wound with herbs and they cured diseases by means of their concentration and giving their life aura.
They imposed their will on diseases, just as they could impose their will on a bird in flight.
They forced the sick body part to take part in the harmonic working of the whole part, or temporarily put it out of operation in order to heal.
The temple study lasted at least thirty years, and then the priests were also healers.
They even realised operations whereby they removed tumours under the skull within a short time, as if they possessed the skills and knowledge of the present time.

Behind the goddess of stone

The priests departed from their bodies, however they knew very little about the hereafter.
They thought they obtained the wisdom from the goddess of the temple.
However, behind that goddess lived the masters, who communicated the wisdom in this way that there was no death and that the soul reincarnated.
For the Egyptians, even a piece of stone was already a deity.
They worshipped many gods and understood that everything was a part of God, but they remained attached to the material form because their grade of feeling was still attuned to the material.


There were hundreds of priests, but only once in a hundred years a priest was born who had enough feeling in order to also be able to consciously communicate new wisdom to the temple during an out-of-body experience.
That priest was called the ‘Great Winged One’, because he could move like a bird in the astral life.
A priest could only reach that height if he had already acquired considerable knowledge of the occult laws in past lives.
For instance, the article ‘the first priest-magician’ describes two past lives of the Great Winged One Amenhotep.
When he reincarnated in ancient Egypt, he brought the highest wisdom for that time there and he could finish his metaphysical study.

Blossoming period

When a Great Winged One was born, the temple blossomed.
The priest departed from his body and was awaited in the hereafter by a master of the light.
He explained to the priest about the world in which he had ended up.
The priest then spoke during the out-of-body experience to the fellow priests present and communicated to them what he had received.
On earth, that wisdom was noted and recorded in hieroglyphics.
Sometimes, the masters not only provided wisdom, but they also realised physical phenomena such as the direct voice.
Then the people present heard a voice outside the medium.
The masters thus allowed the people present to hear how the astral life could materialise itself.
The wisdom received was symbolised in hieroglyphics.
As a result, the knowledge for the uninitiated was made incomprehensible and desecration was thus guarded against.
Many priests were drawing or painting mediums and could be inspired for making hieroglyphics.

Disciplinary measures against fantasy

There were only a few great mediums living at that time, the rest could not achieve that height.
However, every priest hoped to become a Great Winged One, because he was worshipped as a deity.
The wish is the father to the thought, and as a result many priests went further than they perceived in reality.
They fantasised that it was sheer delight.
The high priests established disciplinary measures in order to restrain that imagination.
When a priest was caught out with a fantasy, he was given a chastisement.
In the case of serious violations, there was no longer any pardon, and the priest had to prove his gifts by engaging in a fight with wild animals
If he did not get the animal under control, it would appear that he did not possess sufficient gifts, which he would have to pay for with his life.
The high priests followed all the trainee priests astrally, even when they were asleep, in order to establish whether the laws of the temple were being violated.
The high priests could see what all the priests had felt and thought, and in this way many of them didn’t make the grade.
The strict discipline contributed to building up the temple, by keeping the rampant fantasy at bay during the blossoming period.

The decline of the temples

However, many priests were not able to cope with the tensions of the temple life.
They sought means to make their life easier and to avoid the astral discipline.
They attracted the help that was required for this themselves.
In the dark spheres of the hereafter, there were meanwhile enough priests living who had had to pay for their fantasies with their lives.
Especially during the periods that there was no Great Winged One in the temple, these dark forces seized their chance.
The sessions of the high priests continued, even if it was just to hear when the next Great Winged One would be born.
However, meanwhile many priests tested their chances, and they fantasised in an out-of-body state about the tremendous wisdom which would make them great.
Since the priests were helped by their dark peers in the hereafter, they could realise wonderful phenomena.
As a result, they even started to doubt the high priests.
Under the disguise of a sacred oneness in order to attract the Great Winged One, priests experienced the physical oneness with chosen priestesses.
The dark priests in the life after death were pleased to contribute to this, because they could live out their passion in this way.
Many priests were possessed by them, and the darkness in the temple increased.

Black magic

When the high priests could no longer curb the darkness, the white magic became black.
The masters of the light withdrew, because they did not want to support this darkness.
At that moment, the priests not only also received ‘help’ from the dark priests in the Hereafter, and they could now live it up fully in passion and violence.
While the priests on earth used to use their concentration in order to heal the material body, they now employ their magical powers in order to destroy the material body of their opponents.
They could kill at a distance by poisoning the life breathe of their victim or destroying vital organs.
Finally, the priests also conquered the pharaoh, and the whole of Egypt was now in their power.
A large army of dark astral priests helped to realise their materialisations and dematerialisations.
Stones were thrown which appeared from nothingness, tables and ultimately half temples were separated from their gravity and floated in the air.
Priestesses were materially and astrally raped, no one was safe from the black magic.
The whole of Egypt lapsed into darkness and their wonderful culture ended.
One priest after another faced his decline, and in this way nothing more remained of the spiritual gifts.

The halt of the grade of feeling

Every age has its possibilities and limitations.
When the masters communicated their wisdom to the temples of ancient Egypt, they knew this in advance.
They made use of the possibilities of that age to give what the human being could deal with at that moment.
Through the Great Winged One, the temples received a wisdom which lay above the grade of feeling of most of the priests.
The inner life of most of the priests and people from ancient Egypt was still attuned to the Land of Hatred and Lust and Violence.
As a result of this, over time white would become black.
Furthermore, the wisdom that the masters could communicate was limited by the consciousness of the Great Winged One, who in turn was part of the spirit of its time and the culture.
There were still many gods who were worshipped, and the high priests were still not ready to serve all the life.

The legacy of the temple lives

In the blossoming period of the temples, a great many priests could build on concentration, inner power and astral wisdom.
They not only served for that time, but they also took those powers with them to their next lives.
When they had then increased their grade of feeling, they could use those powers to serve the spiritual awakening of mankind.
This is why we see the great priests from ancient Egypt again in their next reincarnations, which manifest themselves as Rudolf Steiner, Madame Blavastsky, Galileo, Socrates, Plato, Ramakrishna, Mary Baker-Eddy, etc.
During their last life on earth, they brought wisdom, sciences and art, whom Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Rembrandt and master Alcar as Anthony van Dyck were also a part of.
They served the University of Christ and contributed to driving mankind to a higher grade of feeling and consciousness.
In the Age of Christ, they were followed by the last medium of the University, Jozef Rulof.

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