How to use this website

Here you will find a description of all the search options and other possibilities when using the website


1. This website of Foundation The Age of Christ has been optimised for finding what you are searching for.
First of all, you can use the search option on the top right-hand side of each page.
If you type letters in the search bar, you will see immediately under the search bar a list with books (at the top with a yellow background) and articles (underneath with a white background), on which you can click to go there.
2. By clicking on the ‘search’ button under the search bar, you will obtain a list with results whereby your entered search term was found in the articles on the website or in the book which you are reading.
3. With the ‘search options’ button, three options become available.
‘Search in’ allows the possibility to for instance search in all the books at the same time by ticking the empty box for ‘All the books’.
‘Languages’ allows you to search in various languages.
And with ‘Extra options’, you can refine your research query.
4. You can click on all blue italic words of this website in order to read for instance the article in question.
In internet language, these are called hyperlinks, shortcuts that allow you to navigate quickly on a website.

List of contents

If you click on ‘= Rulof’ in the top left, you will see the list of contents of this website, in which you can click on all the blue italic words in order to go to the articles in question.
If you go to a book via the page Read online, via the button in the top left you can view the list of contents of that book and use this to navigate to all the chapters.


If you want to insert a bookmark in order to continue where you left off the last time when you next visit the website, click or tick on a word in an article or a book, then a row of buttons will appear.
If you choose the first option ‘Bookmark’, you will receive the message that a bookmark has been inserted in that place.
When you then click on ‘= Rulof’ in the top left, above the main menu you will see the first bookmark with ‘Manage bookmarks’ underneath.
By clicking on the bookmark, you go to the place where you inserted the bookmark.
This use of bookmarks is only possible if your browser (your internet programme) allows the use of cookies.


The second option that becomes available when you click on a word is ‘Format’.
By clicking on that button, you can adjust the format of the text based on three aspects: size of the letters, font and background colour.

Sentence number

When clicking on a word in an online book, you have another two possibilities: Sentence number and Source text.
With the ‘Sentence number’ button, you see the number of the sentence which you have clicked on.
Every sentence in a book has been given a subsequent number.
Below you can see how much percent of the book you have already read.
You can also use that sentence number to let someone else know what sentence you mean.
When you type that sentence number before the two-letter book code in the search bar and then click the search button, that sentence will be shown in the online book.
You will find a further explanation on the web page sentence number.

Source text

The ‘Source text’ button gives access to three options: ‘Scan’, ‘This sentence’ and ‘Info’.
The ‘Scan’ option shows the original page of the source text, if the source text of that book is a printed book or a manuscript.
At the top of that page are buttons with which you can browse through the old book or the manuscript.
The ‘This sentence’ option shows you the row with translations of the sentence from which you have clicked a word.
You will then also see the sentence in question from the source text, and any text changes which were made to improve the readability.
You will find more information about these text changes on the web page Guarantee of source text.