Books about reincarnation

about many past lives

There are three books by Jozef Rulof that give an introduction to the meaning of our past lives.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
In ‘[[The Cycle of the Soul]’, we follow the lives of Lantos, who later wrote most of the textbooks of the University of Christ as master Zelanus.
In ‘Between Life and Death’, we get to know a past life of Jozef Rulof in Ancient Egypt.
And in ‘Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life’,during World War II, a soldier experiences how a past life of his is felt and rises up in his consciousness.
Each book explains various aspects of reincarnation.
They are human aspects which illustrate the working of reincarnation in our daily life.
By means of this, we understand our inner life as the result and the continuation of our past lives.
In this way, we not only get to know the origin of our character traits, but we can also gradually make a distinction between what restricts us in our spiritual evolution and what helps us forward.