Against racism and discrimination

Jozef Rulof and Christ

With their message of universal love and equality, Jozef Rulof and Christ are against every form of racism and discrimination.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘In the large concert hall ‘Carnegie Hall’ in New York, on 14 October 1948 Jozef gave a lecture about reincarnation, and said that it does not matter whether your body is black, white, brown or grey, because it is only a medium for you in order to gain experiences.’


In 1946, Jozef visited America which at that time still struggled seriously with the skin colours.
When he sat down on a bench which was allocated for ‘coloured’ people, he was given strange looks by the so-called ‘whites’, because they had their own ‘white’ benches.
In order to emphasize the unconsciousness of this segregation, he went to talk with the ‘coloured’ people anyway and he remained sitting on the wrong bench.
His master showed him the past of the people with a dark skin colour who were sitting next to him.
They had spent their past lives in Norway, France and Germany.
When Jozef told that later during a contact evening in the Netherlands, he said: ‘I saw Europe in the negro.’
The word ‘negro’ is used in the books by Jozef Rulof in order to connect at word level with the language use from the time that these books were realized, between 1933 and 1952.
The article ‘explanation at soul level’ explains that this language use belongs to the then earthly thinking and not to the explanations at soul level which show the actual thinking of Jozef Rulof and the writers of his books, the ‘masters’.
At soul level, the word ‘negro’ has no meaning, because no ‘negro souls’ exist, nor do ‘white or coloured souls’.
In the large concert hall ‘Carnegie Hall’ in New York, on 14 October 1948 Jozef gave a lecture about reincarnation, and told that it does not matter whether your body is black, white, brown or grey, because it is only a medium for your soul in order to gain experiences.
He informed the ‘white’ audience that they will soon incarnate in a body with a dark skin colour, because the soul uses bodies from various colours in order to bring itself back into harmony with the life.
The ‘black’ audience members wanted to bring to him all the people with a dark skin colour from the district of Harlem in New York, if he would give more of these anti-racist lectures.
Jozef gave even more support for the emancipation movement for the people with a dark skin colour by explaining that their body belonged to the highest grade of bodies which the soul can experience on earth.
At soul level, various material grades of life are talked about as types of bodies which were built up by the soul in order to give itself a form.
The article ‘material grades of life’ explains in detail how the soul first formed these physical grades, and then experiences them in order to increase its inner life of feeling.
Furthermore, the body with a dark skin colour is usually more powerful and healthier than the so-called white body, which lost much power and immunity due to long-term mixings of various material grades of life with each other.
As a result, the dark body can make a voice heard, which the white body cannot surpass.
Jozef Rulof gives the example of Paul Robeson, an American bass singer who lived from 1898 to 1976.
Moreover, Jozef acts counter to discrimination based on skin colour, by drawing the attention of his audience to the people with a dark skin colour who are inwardly much more powerful than many people with a pale skin colour.
He indicates that it is about the spiritual radiance of a human being rather than the colour of his body.
This spiritual radiance can again be seen as a concrete form as the spiritual body with which the soul passes on to the hereafter.
The skin colour of the inhabitants of the spheres of light in the hereafter is however no longer black, brown or white.
The shades of this spiritual skin colour are million-fold, because the entire cosmos is represented in it.

The evolution of the soul

The words ‘negro’, ‘white’, ‘coloured person’ and many other descriptions have the great disadvantage in them that they typify the fellow human being on the basis of a physical characteristic which says nothing about their soul.
In the time of Jozef Rulof (1898-1952), the earthly thinking went much further in the fixation on the human body, by dividing mankind into various ‘races’.
In addition, there were a great deal of people who cursed those other so-called races.
In the books by Jozef Rulof it is made clear that the human being who curses one so-called race or another, not only puts down another person, but also himself.
After all, sooner or later, he will have to take back his curses and convert them into harmonic behaviour towards his fellow human being, otherwise he cannot evolve inwardly.
In the article ‘harmony’ it is explained that the human soul is naturally harmonic.
However, the soul as personality is only conscious of that harmony after experiencing millions of lives.
Each life gives experiences, as a result of which the life of feeling expands.
By means of many lives, our soul builds up a personality, which shows how loving the life of feeling already is.
After millions of lives, its grade of feeling can have risen so much that it feels a universal love for all people.
Before the personality is that far, it goes through a long period during which it looks down at other people.
When it dwells in the first grade of feeling, it is still capable of murdering other people and eating their bodies.
In its lives in the second grade of feeling it only knows the law of the strongest.
In the third grade of feeling it begins to understand that it is useful to live in peace with other people, so that it is no longer attacked itself either.
Its coarse-material life of feeling is then especially attuned to experiencing all the pleasures of the material body and the material possession.
In the fourth grade of feeling it starts to feel understanding and love for other people, even if those other people are not loving themselves.
Its life of feeling is then attuned to the spheres of light in the hereafter, to which it goes after the parting from the earth.
In the hereafter it will then reach the fifth grade of feeling, in which it will let go of all the feelings and thoughts which have to do with the earthly material body.

The evolution of mankind

The grade of feeling of mankind also evolves as a whole.
At one time when the whole of mankind still lived in the first grade of feeling, cannibalism occurred on a large scale.
In the time that mankind entered the second grade of feeling, the battle became more and more intense, with larger groups against each other, and with more lethal weapons.
In the eighteenth century, mankind still dwelt in this second grade of feeling.
By experiencing war after war, groups of people had had enough of that war misery.
They started to aim for peace and quiet, in order to be able to spend their lives in the third grade of feeling.
However, the people in the second grade of feeling still did not allow this, because they were still attuned to domination and power.
It was only due to World War II that this second grade of feeling was conquered for the largest part.
Then the peoples who aimed for peace conquered the peoples who were still mainly attuned to violent domination at that time.
As a result of the misery caused by that war, the average spiritual attunement of the people on earth passed on to the third grade of feeling, and this ensures that there will be not be another world war.


Now space came for spiritual construction and laying spiritual foundations.
Mankind established the equality of all people as a constitutional law in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.
World War II had made it clear how dangerous it is to think that one so-called race was worth more than the other.
As a result, the peoples started to make laws in order to combat racism.
Later, a number of scientists lent a helping hand by declaring that no races existed (see
Science at the time of Jozef Rulof on the other hand still deployed the race system as a scientific division of mankind.
After the word ‘race’ was banned, people also began to see that every distinction in people could generate undesired discrimination.
One law after another against racism and discrimination was realized, in an attempt to curb every undesirable behaviour and even undesirable thinking.
Then the scientific light also fell on the books by Jozef Rulof, because after all races were also written about in them.
Was this not a question of forbidden race teachings, was the ‘white race’ not placed above other races?

No races exist

The article ‘there are no races’ explains that Jozef Rulof already knew that no races existed.
But why are races mentioned in his books?
The article ‘explanation at soul level’ explains that the masters used the word ‘race’ in order to connect in language use with the thinking from that time, just as for instance the word ‘negro’.
At soul level, a body belongs to a material grade of life, and every soul experiences all the grades of life in order to increase the own grade of feeling.
Every body with whatever skin colour serves for this, whereby the skin colour does not say anything about what grade of feeling the soul has reached.
In addition, that body or that grade of feeling does not determine in any way the so-called ‘value’ of a human being.
At soul level, no value judgement about a human being exists.
By definition, every soul is completely equal, regardless of the evolution moment that people would like to assess for that soul.
Having a value judgement does not fit with the universal love for all the life.
Anyone who feels love for all the people starts to look at how people can help their fellow human being, instead of forming a value judgement on aspects of the human being which are completely lost in the cosmic evolution of their soul.
In their later books when the masters deepen the soul level, all the terms from the earthly thinking disappear into the background.
At soul level, there are no longer any ‘negros’, ‘whites’, Chinese, Arabs, Dutch or even people walking on earth, but Mother Earth as main planet of the third cosmic grade of life makes her spatial body available for all souls which continue their cosmic evolution thanks to bodies with a different colour.

The Age of Christ

The masters set themselves the goal to give more explanation for the core message of Christ: Love thy neighbour.
By means of their 27 books, they built up the ‘University of Christ’, in order to be able to explain at soul level why it is vital for our own spiritual evolution to love everyone universally.
It is only by this means that we bring to consciousness the harmony of our soul in our personality, so that we also as a society start to offer everyone a loving environment in order to be able to develop themselves inwardly in the best conditions.
The anti-racism and anti-discrimination that we see in the current society is an expression of the third grade of feeling in order to leave the violent past behind it.
In the fourth grade of feeling, the universal love leaves every ‘anti’ behind it, because thoughts and actions are ‘pro’ every human being.
In the fifth grade of feeling, we start to feel, think and act for the evolution of every soul, and every human distinction has been transcended.
At soul level, the term human being is let go of, as is explained in the article ‘human being or soul’.
At this higher explanation level of the masters, there are no people on earth, there are only souls which increase their grade of feeling by experiencing millions of bodies.
In the books by Jozef Rulof, the University of Christ analyzes all the grades of feeling of the soul in detail, in order to give every interested party the insights how to expand the own life of feeling to a universal love for all that lives.
In the period which began after World War II, mankind is on the path to this universal love.
The masters call this time period ‘The Age of Christ’.
During that period, Jozef Rulof substantiated the message of Christ to not discriminate against a single soul:
Christ then says:
‘The peoples will possess equal rights, because in my Age not one soul will be excluded.
I want that one works and serves for everyone and that everyone works and serves for one and will love each other.’
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941

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