Evolution on the land

we stand up

On the second cosmic grade of life, life after life our soul systematically built up its body in order to be able to walk upright on the land.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Following planet

The article ‘evolution in the water’ describes how the soul developed its material body on the first planet from a cell to an organism which can be compared with the current sea lion on earth.
In order to further develop its body for the life on the land, the soul had to go to a different planet.
At that time the first planet did not have any solid ground.
On the first planet more solid ground could not occur either, because the sun still did not have enough strength for this.
The light of the sun was still mild, precisely attuned to the development grade of the embryonic life on the first planet.
These mild atmospheric conditions also had to remain like this as long as new souls began with their first lives, otherwise their delicate cell body would dissolve under the influence of too strong sunlight.
On the first cosmic grade of life the conditions were then optimum in order to experience the first lives, but a following planet was needed in order to be able to build up a further material evolution.

Spiritual radiance

At the moment when the first souls had experienced and released their last body on the first planet, a following planet was ready to offer them the further step in their evolution.
That new planet was prepared for their arrival by means of the radiance which came from the first planet.
The masters compare this process with the realizing of the hereafter.
The spiritual substance of the spheres in the hereafter was formed by means of the radiance of the human being on earth.
When we condense our feeling on earth into thoughts or actions, this condensing radiates energy.
If we love the life, then our radiance also builds on the spheres of light.
Our emanated energy then ensures the spiritual ground on which we will later walk.
If we think or act darkly, our radiance also builds on the dark spheres of the hereafter.
In both cases, we unknowingly create our following living world by means of our radiance.
The article ‘origin of the astral world’ goes into this more deeply.
The same process also took place on the first planet.
When the first souls condensed their bodies, the radiance from this condensing went to the following planet.
On that new planet, the following living world for the soul could be formed because that world was situated outside the influence sphere of the first planet.
Just like a child leaves the parental home in order to take a new step in his evolution, the first souls had to leave the parental home of the first cosmic grade of life in order to be able to build up their following development.

From cell in the water to life on the land

After their last life on the first planet, the first souls were attracted by their own radiance which had gone to the new planet.
On this second planet, they had to begin again as a cell, because there was still no larger body available here.
They built up their body again from a cell into a sea lion-like organism, but this time they could go a step further.
Under the influence of another and becoming more powerful sun the second planet could achieve a stronger condensing.
The reason was that here it was not necessary to continue to attune the sunlight to the formation of new cells.
From the moment that the first souls had built up a sea lion-like organism on this second planet, the following souls which came from the first planet could immediately incarnate in this sea lion-like organism.
This sea lion-like organism had already experienced those new souls on the first planet, so their life of feeling was already attuned to a material organism of that size.
The following souls therefore no longer needed to experience their first life as a cell on this second planet, they could immediately inspire the material grade of life which was adapted to their life of feeling.
On the second planet, the souls could develop an organism which could take the first ‘little steps’ on the land.
In order to be able to take those little steps, legs were needed, and they still had to be formed first.
Since the soul was attuned for building up the life on the land, the lower body of the sea lion-like organism split itself.
This splitting process took place gradually, like every transition in the gigantic evolution process which was driven by the soul.
Life after life, the splitting was continued, as a result of which the membranes could develop themselves into legs.
In order to be able to execute the material reproduction on the land, other reproduction organs were also necessary.
By means of the driving force of the soul, those organs were transformed into their land form.
The creating basic power in the soul gave the reproduction organ for fatherhood the emitting abilities which the sun as spatial fatherhood also has.
The basic powers of the soul created all the organs that were necessary in order to experience motherhood and fatherhood in the material matter.
In this way, the soul built up its land physical life by developing all the required external and internal organs step by step.

The second cosmic grade of life

The soul began the construction of the land body on the second planet, and continued that evolution on the following transition planets.
The second planet was actually the first transition planet of the second cosmic grade of life, which can be subdivided into six transition steps and a mother planet as final stage.
The article ‘cosmic grades of life’ explains that this mother planet of the second cosmic grade of life is called the planet Mars by the human being.
All these planets formed one evolution line, they kept giving the soul the possibility to further expand the land life.
By means of various atmospheric conditions on the various planets, the body could grow and condense further.
When the sun was weak or located further away, the organism had enough time to slowly grow.
On another planet where the sunlight was stronger, the material organism could become more condensed, more solid and more compact.

We created ourselves

Life after life, the soul drove its material organism in order to raise itself from the ground.
It had the feeling to walk upright and formed its material organism in order to enable this feeling.
It was building, and in the human shape on earth we see what the soul was working towards all that time.
Because the soul was attuned to perceiving the environment, the head formed itself and the head raised itself from the torso.
The bone structure condensed itself, so that walking could be realized.
The soul transformed the rowing and swimming organs from the water into paws and claws.
By continually focusing the concentration on this, the claws formed themselves into hands, arms and legs were developed and the body was thus better equipped to get hold of food and to explore the material space.
On the second cosmic grade of life, the soul built up its organism until it looked somewhat like the earthly ape.
However, the evolution of the human organism remained completely separate from the animal kingdom.
The article ‘the mistake by Darwin’ explains that separation from the origin.
On the second cosmic grade, the whole human body and the coarse head were completely hardened.
The skull looked like that of the human being on earth, but on Mars the skull was even more coarse and the jawbone was very prominent.
The eyes were deeply set and could hardly be seen through the dense growth of hair.
This body gave the soul many experiences, by means of which it built up its personality.
The article ‘our consciousness on Mars’ explains this personality.
Then it becomes even more clear that the soul not only created its body but also its personality itself.

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