Creator of light

every soul has it in them

The first souls discovered how they could create spheres of light under their own power by serving the life and loving universally.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

The first souls

The article ‘origin of the astral world’ describes how the hereafter was formed by the spiritual radiance of the human being on earth.
When the first souls in prehistoric times had experienced all the material grades of life on earth and then had dissolved their built-up karma, they passed on to the spiritual world which they had created themselves unknowingly.
For the prehistoric beings who were awake in their hereafter, this was the first spiritual awakening of a human soul ever.
In their cosmic evolution, the first souls had already experienced countless reincarnations on the many planets of the first three cosmic grades of life.
However, during all that evolution, after each physical life, the souls immediately went to the world of the unconscious, because they as soul were only attuned to the following material life.
However, now that they had experienced their last material life on earth, they no longer went to the world of the unconscious, because they no longer needed to attune themselves to a new birth.
However, they did fall asleep when letting go of the earthly body, just as we go to sleep every night when we let go of the awake ‘day-consciousness’ which belongs to the physical day life on earth.
However, the first souls now no longer woke up on earth, they awakened in their own spiritual world.

A world without light

The article ‘spirit and spiritual body’ explains that, upon entering the hereafter, the soul possesses a spiritual body that can appear strong on the material body which was experienced on earth.
In this way, the soul as spiritual personality wakes up, and looks round the new world with spiritual eyes.
For the first souls, at that moment there was still only little to be seen.
Their world was still empty, and especially still dark, because they had still not built up a spiritual light.
The spiritual atmosphere was a reflection of their dark life of feeling.
In their hereafter, they could indeed walk round, because the spiritual radiance had meanwhile condensed to a sort of astral ground.

Without help

The first souls awakened in loneliness, because there were still no deceased loved ones who came to collect and receive them upon death.
Their awakening was therefore very different than in the present time, in which people can receive spiritual help.
The writers of the books by Jozef Rulof, the masters, ask the question whether or not injustice lies in this difference.
After all, it seems that the present human being has it much easier.
He not only receives the spiritual help from his loved ones, but he was already also able to develop further inwardly on earth than the prehistoric being, because the material life on earth was already further advanced.
Furthermore, the current human being knows the spiritual examples, such as the universal love which Christ brought to earth.

Belief in death

When the masters sense the question about justice, they reach the finding that there is no essential difference.
Even if the present human being has more means and examples, he still has to begin himself with opening his feeling and thinking for the spiritual life.
An example of this are the people who awaken in the present time in the hereafter and who do not believe that they died on earth.
They can live on spiritually for years in their belief that they are still walking on the material earth.
Something similar happened to Gerhard the coachman from the book ‘Those who came back from the Dead’, someone whom Jozef Rulof had known on earth.
His motto was: death is death!
He almost went crazy when he had to exchange his belief in death for the experience that he had ended up in a spiritual hereafter which still had little light, because he had still only built up little spiritual consciousness.

Spiritual light

With or without help, the soul is faced with the next step in its evolution: experiencing and consciously processing its spiritual reality.
In the material lives on earth, the human being can remain focused on the material, but in his spiritual life he does not move forward with this.
Because in this way his spiritual world remains dark.
The masters followed the awakening of the first souls, because in its simplicity that awakening casts clear light on the process.
The prehistoric beings still did not know the social ballast which the present human being drags with him to his hereafter.
They had no profession, no hobbies, no addictions, no money, no possessions, no religion, no politics, no lies and deception.
They only knew food, drink, sunlight, sleep, reproduction and fighting.
With these feelings, they awakened in their dark spiritual world.
When the masters from the higher spheres of light consider their own spiritual world, then they see a great deal of light in there.
The soul must therefore have once formed that spiritual light.
And this under its own power, because the first souls did not receive any help from outside or above, they only had themselves and their own feelings.
The masters had already seen this power of the soul to form light upon the origin of the universe.
The articles ‘All-Soul and All-Source’ and’our basic powers’ describe how the All-Soul gave light to its first hazes in the universe by means of the use of its basic powers.
And after the cosmic splitting, the All-Soul gave form to its ability to create light in the first sun in the universe, the same sun which still gives the life on earth light.
Upon its origin, every human soul received these basic powers from the All-Soul, as a result of which the soul is capable of creating spiritual light under its own power.

Earthly feelings

The first souls were now faced with that assignment in their hereafter.
They were unconscious of the path that they had to go, their personality had only reached the first grade of consciousness.
The only thing that they saw was darkness, as a result of which they found themselves in the night on earth.
They regularly fell asleep, because they still had not developed any eternal consciousness.
And when they woke up again, nothing appeared to have changed, the light had still not returned.
As a result they became frightened, something terrible must have happened, because they had never experienced this before.
There was still something strange happening, they felt hunger and thirst, but could not find food anywhere.
The only thing that they found was each other.
After several souls awakened in the hereafter, they got the feelings again which they had already experienced amongst each other.
They started to fight with each other, just like on earth.
And they started to mate with each other.
However, they were lacking something in that area too.
The reason was that, differently to on earth, they did not find any satisfaction in this.
They still had the same organs, they experienced the mating in the same way, but there was no material event, no children came.
For years, they experienced the human mating, but without satisfaction, the physical feelings remained absent, they could no longer evoke them.
They did not understand this.
They touched themselves, they felt their own body, which they did not understand was a spiritual body, because they knew nothing else than the life on earth in a material body.

Where is the light?

As a result of all these strange experiences, the first souls started to ask themselves questions.
Not verbatim, because they still had not developed any language, we would now refer to their voice as shouting.
However, in feeling they wondered where they had ended up.
They had lost their familiar life, and their questions became stronger: where is the light and where am I living?
These are the first human feelings which were felt in the astral world, the personality began to awaken!
They wondered where the sunlight had gone.
First, they had thought that they had woke up too soon, because in the night on earth they had also known this darkness.
However, they started to realize that this was not right after all, because even in the night there was often a light in the sky.
In this new darkness there was not even a moon or stars anymore, there was nothing that still gave light, absolutely nothing.

What had happened?

No one gave the first souls an answer to their questions.
There was no master, no Christ, no God who helped them.
They were the first souls in the universe who reached spiritual awakening and there was still no higher consciousness.
They only had themselves to answer their questions by sensing and examining those questions.
They began to wonder what had happened as a result of which they had ended up in this world without light.
For many people, it was a fight with a wild animal.
However, what happened at that moment as a result of which the light finally disappeared?
A moment ago, something happened and then came the pain, the falling.
They did not realize that this ‘a moment ago’ was already a hundred years ago, because they had no concept of time.
They kept going back to the last feelings that they had experienced in their earthly body.

Back to the earth

They found themselves outside of the atmosphere of the earth, because as a soul they had left behind the material world.
Their soul had been released from the material lives on earth.
But their personality not yet.
Continuing to search for what they had known on earth and the deeper sensing of their last feelings in the material life finally took the first souls back to the earth.
By thinking intensely of the earthly life, the first souls floated back to the material world which they thought about.
In this way, they left their astral world and they returned to the atmosphere of the earth.
Returned to earth, initially they did not see the material life.
The material light and the earthly seeing was closed off to them, they no longer had a material body.
Their spiritual eyes did not perceive any material light, they only saw what they felt, and their life of feeling still did not know any spiritual light.
However, because they thought intensely of the physical life on earth, they were attracted by the human being on earth who possessed a material body.
They could sense the material human being, because just like that human being they were attuned to the material experiencing of the earthly life.
Like a wild animal, they mounted the material body that they felt.

Connection with the earthly human being

In this way, the first souls reached oneness with the material human being.
They attached themselves to the material life aura.
By means of this oneness from feeling to feeling, they could finally experience again what they used to feel on earth.
This was what they had yearned for for hundreds of years and had to live without all that time.
When they had completely descended into the material human being, as an astral personality they forced the material human being to eat and to drink, so that their astral torture dissolved.
Finally, they had a body again in order to quench their hunger and thirst, finally they could find food again.
Since they became completely one in feeling with the earthly human being, they could finally also behold the wonderful sunlight again through the material eyes of this human being.
The eternal night had now finally dissolved for them, they had found the daylight again, they could see again!
The material human being did not even feel this oneness, because the feeling that entered him by means of the astral personality was the same to him as his own feeling.
Only, now there was more feeling, more hunger, and more will to experience everything of the material life.

Spread the word

By means of this experience, the first souls realized that a material and a spiritual world existed!
Without this material oneness, they lived in a spiritual dark world where there was little to be experienced.
By means of this material body, everything of the material life could be achieved on earth again.
The first souls shared their findings with the other souls which had not yet experienced this.
As a result, the other souls could also experience the pleasure of living on earth again and seeing the material light again.
For all the souls in the hereafter, it was the only possibility of getting back what they had lost as a result of dying.
By means of the oneness with a material human being, hunger and darkness were past tense.
On earth, the astral personalities now experienced plenty of food, drink and sunlight again.
And when mating, as a result of the oneness with the material body, they now finally felt the physical feelings again.


As a result, it became very important for the astral personality to maintain the connection with the earthly human being.
However, there was one event which kept throwing a spanner in the works again.
When the earthly human being died, the astral personality had to search for another human being in order to get back the material connection.
Those earthly human beings became scarcer, because more and more astral personalities came which wanted to connect themselves.
The first souls applied themselves to retaining their material connection by ensuring that the material human being did not die prematurely as a result of for instance a fight with an animal.
They started to protect the material human being, with whom they were connected, against this danger.
During that protection, the astral human beings felt a spiritual warmth entering their inner self, a remarkable feeling that they had not felt before.
In order to experience this warmth more, they started to apply themselves to the protecting.
That was not always easy, because the material human being fought on a regular basis with other human beings or animals.

There is no death

The first souls which were connected as an astral personality with the material human being repeatedly experienced the dying of the human being.
When the astral personality was killed for instance by a wild animal, the first souls saw how the astral personality of that human being was hurled from the dead body.
They could follow that personality and thus understood that they themselves once died on earth in the same way.
They shared this with each other, as a result of which they felt and studied these transitions from the material to the spiritual world even more keenly.
As a result, the first souls started to realize: there is no death!
Dying is the passing on to the astral world, or to the world of the unconscious in order to reincarnate.
However, no end can be experienced, the soul always lives on.

Spiritually perceiving

As a result of the material connection with the earthly human being, the first souls got to know thousands of phenomena, which gave them inner awakening.
As a result, they now also started to perceive outside of the material eye.
They now saw the life on earth from their own obtained consciousness, they no longer needed a material human being for this purpose.
The first souls started to explore the life.
They learned to move themselves spiritually by means of their concentration.
They inspired the material human being and saw that their thoughts were picked up.
They experienced that they were capable of helping the human being.
They also started to see that it is the soul which sets the body in motion.
They understood that they now already knew much more than the earthly human being, because he still did not know his own soul.
The first souls experienced that their consciousness darkened when they attuned themselves in order to experience the material oneness with the material human being.
They wanted to get to know that better and they started to research that.
When they helped the human being for the good, they received more light and then they were able to see the material world better.
They started to feel that these actions brought them to a new and higher feeling and thinking.
About ten first souls now left the familiar area and started to explore the other life on earth.
They got to know all the material grades of life.
During this exploration, they helped the material human being, as a result of which their grade of feeling increased to the twilight at spiritual attunement.
While doing this exploring, they noticed that they no longer had any hunger and thirst.
They understood that those feelings belonged to the material human being, and that they no longer needed to feel them themselves.
In this way, they learned to make a distinction between feelings which belonged to the material body on earth, and feelings from themselves which belonged to their spiritual existence.

Pursuing the sun

They now focused their gaze upwards and released themselves from the earth.
They soared upwards and saw that they could transcend the earth.
They now looked from the universe to the earth, and saw that they could always look in the universe at the source of the light, which would later be called ‘sun’.
In the universe there was no sun which ‘set’ and disappeared.
They often went up and down to the earth in order to check this.
They now understood how the earth made night by revolving itself.
In this way, as the first researchers of the universe, they transcended the earthly, human, physical consciousness and brought themselves to spatial awakening.

To the moon

The researchers now also wanted to explore the other celestial bodies.
They felt attracted by the moon and to their amazement also found life there.
They followed the material grades of life of the soul on the moon, because the first planet was then still in full working.
By means of all these discoveries, they felt that they possessed an infinite life.
The first human tears of happiness flowed, and interpreted the joy of the feeling of the own cosmic depth.

The first teacher

There was one researcher who felt more than the others.
It was the soul which was the first to experience the embryonic life on the first planet.
He felt that they had all begun on the first planet, that they had lived there.
He became their first teacher.
Along with the other researchers, he followed their first lives as cell on the first planet.
At that time, spiritual science was born.
The first researchers determined the origin of human life spiritually-scientifically.
The life itself convinced them of the grades of life which they discovered under their own power.

The All-Soul

The first researchers now attuned themselves to the origin of the universe, and they saw the ages for the cosmic splitting.
They experienced the basic powers of the All-Soul, the growing and the condensing.
And finally they returned to the darkness from before creation.
Then they followed the cosmic grades of life until they came back to the earth.
There they saw that the material human being had meanwhile not changed in any way and still knew nothing about these grades of life.
The researchers understood that they could now help that material human being in an even better way and a wonderful plan awakened.

The birth of their own light

The researchers wanted to take the human being on earth and in the hereafter to the consciousness that they had acquired themselves.
They told other souls where they had been and what they had experienced.
And they took them with them to the All-Soul in order to let them experience the reality of their own cosmic journey.
The researchers now experienced what great task awaited them, and what that did to their inner self.
They felt that it became luminous within them, because they started to serve the other life.
They now knew that light was starting to enter the astral world.
They were that light.
The spheres of light lived in themselves.
The light in the astral human being came forward as life, love, harmony, joy and happiness.
The researchers felt that becoming conscious taking shape within them, as a result of which their astral world became luminous.
They saw the first sphere of light being born in and around themselves by serving the other life and loving universally.
They felt luminous and floating, nothing could disturb their certainty if they continued to serve.
They also noticed that their world became lighter the more souls reached awakening.
They now consciously felt the basic powers of the All-Source within themselves.
In this way, they could grow and condense spiritually, so that their sphere of light reached condensing.
They now knew how they as a conscious personality could use the power of their soul and could condense it to luminous worlds by loving all the life in a subservient way.
When they realized how they could expand themselves spiritually, they started to give more inspiration to luminous feelings, thoughts and actions, as a result of which one sphere of light after the other was born.
They started to see that every thought became a world, and they started to give that world more feeling, more power, more harmony and more becoming conscious.
They now experienced the reality as everything originated, and they were in harmony with that spiritual reality at the level of their own light sphere.
As a result of every serving deed, more light came into and around their astral personality.
They saw that they themselves were the creator of this light.
One light sphere after the other awakened as a result of their subservient work.

The University of Christ

The first souls set up the ‘University of Christ’ in order to assist every soul in the universe on the way to the spiritual consciousness.
They understood that every soul will reach the first light sphere after conquering the darkness in the own life of feeling.
They support each soul in this process by means of inspiration and becoming conscious.
The University of Christ brought the human being on earth to the human thinking and feeling.
By means of inspiration, the human being on earth received inventions, such as for instance the use of fire.
As a result of this, cities, technical wonders and material development emerged, which gave the human being joy of living and human happiness.
By means of inspiration, spiritual development also came, so that on earth people already began to work on the radiance of their own spiritual light.
The University of Christ works on its grand plan to make mankind already aware on earth of how it can become a creator of light.

Sources and deepening