Loved ones from past lives

can be felt

If we suddenly get the feeling that we know a stranger from somewhere, the connection from a past life can speak.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘She felt inspired to help Jozef with this second part of the trilogy ‘A View into the Hereafter’.’

Where do I know you from?

Because we have experienced many past lives, the possibility always exists that we will meet a loved one from a past life.
It can have been a mother of ours, a father, a child or another loved one.
Of the inner bond from then a []feelings|feeling]] can suddenly come up in us when we meet that soul again, even if we do not recognize the new body, because in that past life he or she looked very different of course.
Yet he or she does not come across as strange, it feels somehow familiar.
For these people we feel something special, and that feeling can be picked up again and continued.
We can become good friends, because a ‘connection of feeling’ is already active.
We can feel the driving force to do something special for each other.
For instance, Jozef Rulof told how he was able to help many loved ones from his past lives.
For instance, he met a woman on the street, about whom he knew that she had been his mother in a past life in Finland, that certainty was given to him by his spiritual leader Alcar.
He felt so attracted to his past mother that he wanted to embrace and kiss her, but he realized of course that she and other people would find this very strange, so he left it.
Fortunately, he could get rid of his feeling by giving her money, because she badly needed it during the war years.
It is not always necessary and often not easy to continue that feeling from then in this life, because the present life circumstances are very different.
These recognitions can sometimes also lead to problems, because the marriage partner from this life is not always pleased with this remarkable friendship which apparently just appears from nowhere, and as a result of which the present relationship can suddenly be overshadowed, certainly when the people concerned do not realize that this new feeling stems from a past life and does not necessarily need to be continued in the present.
What was once experienced belongs to that past life where that relationship was important, but when other relationships are now central in this life, it is not the intention that those old feelings will throw us off the track of our current existence.

His mother from France

In the biography of Jozef Rulof another example is described of a recognition from past lives which could fit within the present life.
It concerned a past life of Jozef in France when he was called André.
At a certain moment Jozef received the message from master Alcar that his past mother from France was going to finance the publication of his second book.
Jozef wrote the words of Alcar in a letter as proof for later, and he got the letter ready for the day that she was to come to him.
Three months later she was at the door.
When she entered his house, she said that, that night in a vision, she had seen Anthony van Dyck, who told her: ‘Go to Jozef Rulof, he is André, your child from France.
I am Anthony van Dyck, his master.
You must help him.
He needs your help in order to be able to publish his second book ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
Will you help him, in the name of the masters, in the name of Christ?
Then go to him.
A sum of two thousand guilders is required!’
Everything was exactly right, the letter from Jozef contained exactly the same information, as a result of which master Alcar provided the woman with the proof that her paths were also led.
She felt inspired to help Jozef with this second part of the trilogy ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
Master Alcar knew that after this such a thing would no longer be necessary, because then the sales of these books would supply enough money to keep on printing the next book.

For seven long years

However, Jozef was given nothing in his life for free!
Although at that moment it suited him perfectly that he could publish his second book, master Alcar had already thought how Jozef could compensate her for that.
He set aside every Wednesday afternoon for her, then she came for tea, and she was allowed to ask all the questions that occurred to her.
In this way, she could learn first hand which journeys Jozef made in the hereafter with his leader, and what spiritual knowledge he brought from those journeys.
For seven long years she came exactly on time, and then Jozef and his wife Anna had to be ‘submissive’, give so much to this life so that she could truly say that she felt spiritually supported by Jozef and the masters of the light.
For Jozef this was a serious assignment, because he would much rather work day and night, but his leader had calculated this too, then the medium had a rest at least one afternoon a week.

Beloved guide

The connection of feeling with our loved ones conquers death.
People can still do something special from the hereafter for the people with whom this connection is felt.
The article ‘spirits on earth’ describes how many ‘guardian angels’ help their loved ones on earth.
They do not necessarily always have to be loved ones from their last life on earth, they can also be loved ones from past lives.
The books by Jozef Rulof include numerous examples of people who assist their loved ones from past lives, from the hereafter.
For instance, master Alcar was the father of Jozef from a past life, this is why Alcar often calls him ‘my son’ in ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
In the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, Lantos as a spiritual guide also has a father from a past life, Emschor.
In ‘Between Life and Death’, Venry is also helped by his father from a past life.
And in ‘Through the Grebbe line to Eternal Life’, Theo is helped by his deceased father from his present life.
Also when we pass on to the hereafter, it are our former loved ones there who assist us in our new spiritual life.
In ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’, master Zelanus describes that in the hereafter he has taken precisely those souls to the spiritual awakening whom he had known during his earthly lives.
When these people looked back into those past lives and felt the love of Zelanus as father or mother from that past life, they could entrust themselves to his leadership.
At a contact evening Jozef told that we will be very grateful if we may meet a loved one as a guide in our hereafter, even if we were very independent on earth.
He gave this answer in reply to a question from a woman who went through life alone on earth, and believed that she had therefore built up an advantage in relation to the people who leaned spiritually on their partner on earth.
Because, she reasoned, she had already learned on earth to be independent, and would no longer need to let go of any earthly relationships when she left this life.
However, Jozef showed this woman that her independence on earth is only material.
In society, she can work for her possession, on earth she can buy food and take care of herself materially.
However, she will only be spiritually independent when all her character traits are in harmony with the spheres of light.
In order to come there, in the hereafter there is always a loved one ready to show us the way and to go some of the way with us.
That can be a father or a mother from a past life, but also a friend or a brother or a sister.
Finally, all these connections of feeling are absorbed in a universal love, and we continue our infinite evolution in close unity with our eternal love from past lives, our twin soul.

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