Jozef Rulof about the Holocaust

What is written in the books by Jozef Rulof about the genocide of the Jews and other groups of people during World War II?
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

The court case

In 2003, in Belgium legal action was taken against the publisher of the books by Jozef Rulof.
The prosecutors claimed that passages occur in these books which violate the Belgian Holocaust denial law.
This is the ‘Act of 23 March 1995 criminalising the denial, minimising, justifying or approving of the genocide which was committed during World War II by the German national socialist regime’.
The court case lasted four years.
On 3 April 2007, the court of Dendermonde acquitted the publisher of all charges.
In their ruling, the three judges wrote:
‘The court has taken the trouble to go through the book “The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side”.
From this book it appears clear that the genocide is not denied, is not minimalised, is not justified and is not approved of.
The court limits itself to quoting from a passage from the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side’ presented to the correctional clerk.
It concerns the publication 2001 (the first print appeared in 1946).
The quoted text can be found on pages 168 and 169:
The children of (the House of) Israel amongst his people shiver at everything which they get to see and to hear.
The Jews are declared enemies of the German people and treated as such.
Hitler also shows himself to be an enemy of the churches.
They receive a slap in the face from him.
What Hitler gathers around him, are people haters, brutes and sadists.
They live out their passions at the expense of thousands.
The emotional being flees from Germany and meanwhile Hitler and his people continue to bring death and horror amongst the Jews.
They have become crazy, all of this is bestial, but it becomes even worse.
The horrors pile up, the tortures become more and more horrific.
Adolf Hitler has now already become the enemy of mankind.
Now that Hitler has surrendered to his feelings, he completely dissolves in evil; the past in him reveals itself to the day conscious self, which must now make way completely for his bad personality.
Evil has made itself master of this life, the devils of hell create an own world as a result of him and his type and live it up in the sphere of the Earth.
And Adolf Hitler can no longer stop the evil which he has evoked.
Every one of his followers lives it up, they exceed each other in cruelty.
Adolf Hitler is inspired by hells and heavens, he serves the plans of two worlds.
Hitler thinks that it is Providence which helps him.
He motivates all his deeds by putting Providence behind them.
On its authority he places the sweep over the Jews and he keeps whipping away mercilessly.
He sterilises the life of God in order to get a healthy people.
Providence wants it!
He sullies marriage and makes a manure pit out of it.
The child belongs to the state.
Providence wants it!
He lives with his people in the prehistoric age.
He feels the new, the coming through evil and wrong, but what comes from his hands, is contaminated with animal-like poison.
And yet does this man have a task to fulfil for the Other Side?
And he is ordered to do this task by the Age of Christ?
What lives in this human being?
Why does he hate the Jews?
Why does he attack the churches?
Was he really sent by God or is he Satan himself?
In Germany itself people see him as a God.
God and Christ are pushed aside for this.
The peoples of the Earth are powerless, because in his own country the Fuhrer can do what he sees fit.
Millions of souls pray to God and beg him to take this demon away from the Earth.
However, the peoples see the opposite happen, Hitler’s power grows by the hour.
Will it soon not destroy all of mankind?
People cling to the predictions of male and female clairvoyants, who are particularly frank with this and see Hitler dying all kinds of deaths.
However, Adolf Hitler does not die and is not murdered either.
Has God turned away from mankind?
God appears to curse all his life, God must hate mankind.
The terrible thing happens, Hitler begins the war and the suffering which he vents upon millions is unbearable.
And he is still not satiated, the animal continues and where he puts his footsteps, blood flows, houses change into rubble and people are tortured.
Yet he will lose himself in the violence unleashed by him and his people, you will experience it.
He will start to doubt his Providence, speak nonsense now and again and wage a terrible battle inside himself, since he no longer knows then, what he is doing correctly or wrongly.
The writers of history will record all of this, I will not go into it further, I will follow the spiritual path further.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
(The court): Jozef Rulof leaves the historiography up to other people.
Rulof then continues to ‘philosophise’
He claims that he must show that Adolf Hitler is the instrument on which this century plays and he specifies:
You had certainly not thought that it is Golgotha, the ‘Kingdom of God’ and mankind, who need him as an instrument.
It is exclusively and only as a result of his past that Adolf Hitler could become that instrument.
I must now take you into that past, if you wish to understand everything.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
(The court): From this ‘philosophising’ by Rulof it appears nowhere that he denies, approves of, grossly minimises or attempts to justify the genocide, and nor does he have any intention of doing so.
The court no longer quotes on the matter, but refers for this purpose to the contents of the book “Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side” (2001) as a whole.’
And furthermore, the judges write:
‘The books attributed to Rulof must also be seen in the spirit of the times in which they were written.’

The philosophy of Jozef Rulof

When Jozef Rulof later looks back on World War II, he repeatedly discusses the enormous suffering which took place then.
For instance, during a contact evening in 1952, he points out that the people in the concentration camps suffered more than Christ on the cross:
And then you start to understand Our Lord a bit sometime, why He was beaten more, because He could not reach mankind - He also knew that for that matter - then (by means of) that whole crucifixion.
Because the human being in the concentration camps has suffered more than the Christ.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
In the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side’, in the human terminology that was used at that time, it is described what the so-called ‘task’ of Hitler was.
This means what role he fulfilled during World War II.
The book explains this role ‘seen by the Other Side’, so from the perspective of the inhabitants of the hereafter.
This is why Hitler is also called an ‘instrument’.
The inhabitants of the Other Side who are called the masters in this book, used Hitler as an instrument in order to ensure that he lost the war, because otherwise the misery for mankind would have lasted much longer and taken greater forms.
The article ‘Hitler’ describes how the masters influenced him in order to get him to lose.
He thought he was being led by ‘Providence’ which he heard as an astral voice.
He did not realise that as a result of this the masters let him take precisely those steps, as a result of which his large army could be conquered.
However, the concentration camps never belonged to the ‘task’ of Hitler.
The articles ‘Jewish people’ and ‘Hitler’ explain that Hitler had Jews tortured and gassed from a personal hatred which he had formed in his past lives.
As described in the quotation that the judges quoted, Hitler dissolved in the pre-animal-like anger which he evoked during the war.
As a result, he built up a new and immensely large karma, as a result of which he will have to work for many millions of years in order to reach harmony again with life.

Explanation at soul level

Many words in the books by Jozef Rulof must not only be seen in the spirit of the times in which they were written, but also in the light of the terminology that was used then.
This is why in the books it is written about ‘the task of Hitler’, ‘the evil’, ‘the devils of hell’, ‘Satan’, ‘Providence’, ‘the Other Side’, ‘the Kingdom of God’, ‘the Jews’, ‘the German people’, etc.
The article ‘explanation at soul level’ attributes this terminology to the ‘earthly thinking’.
In the books, these terms are used in order to connect at word level with the reader from that time.
Gradually, the masters build up a higher explanation level, in which they describe the reality at their own perception level.
The soul is the main focus in this.
When the masters give an explanation at soul level, that sounds very different.
Then they say for instance that no one died during World War II:
My child, millions of people perished during the war; and not one of them died.
Not one.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
The soul as our eternal core essence does not die, after the earthly life it passes onto the hereafter or reincarnates in a next earthly life.
During a war too, no soul can perish or be murdered, because the life of the soul cannot be destroyed, only its body.
If in the books by Jozef Rulof an explanation is given at soul level, for the human thinking it can seem as if the Holocaust and the suffering of the Jewish people was minimalised.
However, the writers of these books, the masters, do not take part in human historiography at that moment, but in expressing the eternal reality at soul level which they got to know.
At soul level, no ‘task of Hitler’ exists, because a soul can never have the task to murder other people or to begin a war.
As a personality, Hitler gave himself the task to shape the world according to his pre-animal-like inner life.
He did not know that in this way he gave his soul a tremendously large karma, otherwise he would not have let the atrocious actions be carried out.
The masters say that as a result of these tremendous atrocities, mankind realised the danger of too much power for one person.
All of mankind has learned this life lesson: Never again may so much power be given to one soul on Earth!
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941